It might be a cliché, but she was absorbing the techniques like a sponge. Strictly speaking, her body was already prepared for everything. As if it had waited and prepared for this, she began to swing her dagger in a trance.

‘ What . . . is this . . . ‘

Her hand dexterity wasn’t ordinary. Even Mev was quite surprised. I had originally thought she was somewhat decent; she was truly strong. Even a three-year-old child would be able to see that she was getting stronger.

The Green Goblin’s dagger techniques were based on strong wrists and ‘ strength in the fingers ‘. Though I did not properly learn everything, I had understood up to this point. Changing the course of the dagger with your fingers. Or throw the dagger suddenly in the midst of jabbing. They were configured to provide the option of giving the opponent a critical injury.

To be more precise, the weapon can be utilized to this extent if the body is developed to some extent.

After analyzing everything, there was only one answer.

It seems that Choi Seulgi has evolved quite a bit. If I recall, the last class Choi Seulgi had changed to was an Intermediate Thief.

If today’s event did not transpire, Choi Seulgi would definitely had been a famed thief in the continent.

Soon, after a few hours, Choi Seulgi let down the Bloodsoaked Dagger and opened her mouth towards me.

” Thank you.  I’m not sure why you’re like this to me . . . ”

I plainly nodded to Choi Seulgi’s words. Hearing her words as she stared at me, my face automatically reddened. Seeing me like this, she spoke again.

” Haha. Have you fallen for me? Is that why you’re being so nice to me? ”

To be honest, that was the perfect answer. But to say it like that somewhat harmed my pride.

” No. I’m already taken . . . ”

Hearing such an unexpected answer, my eyes reddened. I definitely never heard that she had a man in the past. Not sure if that guy was someone she was meeting on Earth, or a guy she began seeing once she entered the continent, I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t help myself but get angry.

” Kereeeeeeuk. ”

Steam exuded from my nose as if I was a bit agitated. Choi Seulgi laughed as she continued to speak. It seems that she was totally assured after receiving the Bloodsoaked Dagger and learning the Green Goblin dagger techniques.

” Hahaha it’s a joke. A joke. Aren’t the fairy and Green Flower next to you, your girlfriends? You’re quite insidious, aren’t you? ”

Not sure about Mev, but Jung Hayeon was definitely someone you could call my girlfriend. Seeing Jung Hayeon attentively listen to my conversation, and due to the previous accident I felt sorry for, I roughly, vaguely nodded my head. Even if you say Jung Hayeon wasn’t my girlfriend, there was no instance of Choi Seulgi looking at me. To nod vaguely like that without any affirmation or refutation, Jung Hayeon’s face reddened, causing Choi Seulgi to grab her stomach and laugh.

” Hahahaha. You guys are extremely interesting. So when can I go? ”

Though I was a bit worried of sending her alone, I cautiously nodded my head. Of course, I didn’t forget of extending my hand and raising four fingers.

” What? ”

She wasn’t able to understand at first, but as I continually roared ” Kereeeeuk ” while raising four fingers, soon Choi Seulgi understood.

” Four days later? ”

I nodded my head, and finally saw Choi Seulgi smiling.

” Alright. So you’re going to teach me till then? ”

Nodding once again, her face brightened a bit. Funny enough, I thought of working even harder in my hunts in order to provide better equipment for Choi Seulgi. AS such, I nodded my head. Since we were in the deep forest, I brought Choi Seulgi to a forest close to the forest and parted after the following pledge.

Four days passed. Worried whether something had happened to Choi Seulgi in those four days, differently, she appeared fine. Because of the previous experience, it seems that she avoided leaving together with other guys. To be honest, her face looked extremely fine.

Currently, the ‘ Holy Order ‘ was quite thorough with security so the city should be quite safe.

Frankly, in those four days, I worked my a.s.s off capturing humans. Realizing that the beginner adventurers were no longer effective for my growth, I searched for guys around my level even if their numbers were small. Quality over quantity. It was all to provide Choi Seulgi with useful equipment. Of course, there was also the objective of growing the Blood Dagger Clan as well.

I also did not forget to continue learning from the Green Goblin on the dagger. I had told Green Golbin that I wanted to firmly learn the foundation and basics of the dagger since I use so many weapons, but in truth, it was to teach Choi Seulgi. Thus, I fought the Green Goblin with only one dagger, and I was able to increase my proficiency thanks to the Green Goblin giving out hints here and there.

” Today as well? ”

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

As such, one week passed.

” We’re going to hunt evil beasts today? ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

Another week passed. As a thief, the information was burnt into her mind, I began to teach her through Mev on how to hide and walk. At first, I had thought that it would be difficult for her to learn, but beyond my expectations, she was able to gradually, completely acquire those techniques. I couldn’t help but think seeing Choi Seulgi like this that if she had met a proper ‘ Teacher ‘ she would have been must stronger.

Three months passed. Choi Seulgi frequently stared at the far mountains. I’m not too sure, but it seems that she wants to move to a different city. I also thought that if she were to live as a human, it would be best to select a different location than live in the Western City Aia.

The environment may be a bit harsh, but perhaps the north, where the Queen of the North is situated, is best. Since she was growing quickly, with her current ability, I had thought that she wouldn’t resort to selling her body like she had before, but I was still worried. The Queen of the North that cherishes talent will probably utilize Choi Seulgi well.

Choi Seulgi, as talented as she was, was diligent, and every time we met, she would practice what she had learned as much as possible.

At this time, I felt that my humanity was slowly returning. Though there was a lot of training, there were equally as many breaks together.

The most enjoyable time was when I would lean on the tree, Choi Seulgi would place her head on top of my lap.

” This is quite comfortable. ”

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

I felt that we could communicate despite not speaking, and occasionally when my old habits come back and my hand subconsciously climb on her body, she would swat it away and speak.

” I told you. I’m taken. ”

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

” What? It wasn’t a joke? Well . . . what do you think? ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

To be honest, the best times were when she would wash by the river after training. I would stare absentmindedly, but as if noticing my lewd stare, she would sprinkle water on me and tell me to turn away.

The longer we spent together and the stronger Choi Seulgi became, the more I could sense that we would soon part. My chest became stuffy, and my face became worse.

As such, time flowed by a bit longer.

” Organize all the missing and bring the relevant documents over. ”

The Red Clan Master, Lee Youngdon, angrily kicked the office as he ordered his secretary.

” Yes. Master. ”

” f.u.c.k . . . is it possible to even conjure the frequent appearance patterns of these monsters just from organizing the missing and dead in the city? Is Holy Order everything? Can you capture the Weapon Merchant or Green Flower by being of the Holy Order? If they’re so confident, do something about Green Goblin will you? f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s . . . when it’s annoying, they send everything over here. Just because they’re a superior clan, they think it’s alright to order us around like this . . . f.u.c.k. “Due to the angriness of Lee Youngdon, the rest of the administration team became busier. It wasn’t hard to organize the number of deaths and missing people since he was managing the city entrance, but he was displeased more than anyone else when being given a command.

” Hoooo . . . f.u.c.k . . . roughly bring over the largest recent case. No no. Bring that over. The incident that happened in the Land of the Undead a few months ago. ”

” Yes. Master. ”

Lee Youngdon sat on the comfortable chair and slowly read the deaths and missing people. To be honest, this action wasn’t too meaningful. He wanted to know how ‘ Park Youngwhan ‘ and ‘ Kim Pansuk ‘ had died. It was due to boredom, and also his belated curiosity that emerged for these rather useful guys. He had turned away his attention after being rejected by ‘ Choi Seulgi ‘ due to the recently admitted concubine, but he was curious what had transpired.

” Park Youngwhan, this bastared really died a miserable death. Wew . . . this Weapon Merchant b.a.s.t.a.r.d is truly vicious. Kim Pansuk died pitifully as well . . . . Lee Daejoon is missing? Is this even missing f.u.c.k . . . right? He’s probably missing inside the Weapon Merchant’s stomach . . . Haha. ”

Thinking that his own jokes were somewhat witty, Lee Youngdon continued to read the incident. The description of the body being gruesomely shredded, and his groin cut by a large greatsword caused chills to run down his spine. He continued to read about the victims, and soon he reached Choi Seulgi.

[ Choi Seulgi – Missing ]

” Puhahaha. I knew this would happen. ”

Lee Youngdon laughed pleasantly, forgetting that he had been angry moments ago. It was obvious that Choi Seulgi was taken by the monsters. Being eaten by them would be a relief. If she had not been eaten, it would have been happier for her to rather live as a prostitute with a ruined body he thought.

” So you should have listened to my advice in the beginning. Right? Both the mind and body would be comfortable. To be idiotic enough . . . this is why b.i.t.c.h.e.s with strong pride won’t work. Stupid b.i.t.c.h. Puhahaha. ”

Lee Youngdon who refreshingly laughed soon opened his mouth towards a clan member closest to him.

” Hey . . . ”

” Yes. ”

” What was the name of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who asked us to let him into our clan everyday? Shin . . . something was it I think . . . that friend came with a few people. ”

Lee Youngdon slowly pondered, but he couldn’t remember the name that well. The reason for searching that guy was simple. He needed another to naturally take care of his ‘ dirty work ‘ after the deaths of Park Youngwhan, Kim Pansuk, Kim Changshik, and Lee Daejoon. It would definitely be wasteful in letting him into the clan, so by giving money like this, they were guys that could be used as consumables whenever.

” Ah. You mean Shin Duk-ho. ”

” That’s right. Yeah. Does that guy come over these days? ”

” No . . . no sir. Not sure what has happened, but a few months ago, we have not seen him. We began to not see him before Park Youngwhan had entered the Land of the Undead and died. ”

” Sigh . . . lately, these b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s have no spirit. Disposition . . . if he had continued come by, who knows what opportunity could knock? ”

Once again, a clan member brought over a pile of documents, as Lee Youngdon read a bit of the files before throwing them by the sofa. The thrown files, one by one, fell onto the ground under the sofa as if not a coincidence, but Lee Youngdon briefly seeing this, turned his head as if he didn’t care too much about it.

[ Western City ‘ Aia ‘ Event Log. April 16 ]

[ 5th Class Summoned Shin Duk-ho, 5th Class Summoned Choi Seulgi, 5th Class Kim Duksoo, 5th Class Summoned Joo Giyoung ]

[ Western Forest, Exact Location not uncovered. From the assault of Weapon Merchant and Green Flower, excluding Choi Seulgi, Shin Duk-ho, Kim Duksoo, Joo Giyoung. All missing. Incident under confirmation process. ]

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