Green Skin Chapter 39

Choi Seulgi slowly moved her body. There was about three days left until she had to meet the the Weapon Merchant, but she had some things to do. She was a bit dissatisfied that she had to show this kind of appearance; as she was very sorry to Kim Taesung, but she changed into exposing, tattered clothes as Choi Seulgi headed out of the cave.

As you don’t know what will happen in the future, make the most of what you currently have.

” Sorry Taesung . . . but I can’t help it. ”

She originally intended to leave the Western City after finishing up with Park Youngwhan and Kim Pansuk, but after meeting the Weapon Merchant, she had no choice but to adjust her plans. After already experiencing this world once, she knew that there were ‘ the Strong ‘ in the continent, and so she did her best trying to grow during the Tutorial.

Though it wasn’t as much as she expected, she had grown a lot by killing many of the goblins. And the monsters’ dagger proficiency was well suitable for her growth. She could feel herself growing quickly. Not sure what on Earth the orc was raising her for, but she was being trained. It had even given her an item as a present.

The ‘ Bloodsoaked Dagger ‘ and the ‘ Winged Boots ‘ that she currently wore were gifted by the orc, these items were not obtainable in the human item store. The items probably came out from the humans he had hunted . . . or maybe the source of these were from a dungeon? Naturally learning other skills and miscellaneous subtle techniques from the monsters excluding dagger proficiency caused me to endure a bit longer, and be more readily prepared for my next target.

Choi Seulgi’s greatest target was definitely obtaining revenge against the Saint Sword. She didn’t care whether she had malice or not. However, just the fact alone that she had miserably betrayed Kim Taesung’s expectations was sufficiently enough for her to die, she thought.

She had trouble settling her killing intent after occasionally seeing her joyfully laugh as she walked in the city.

But she will endure. For that day to come.

‘ That death-deserving b.i.t.c.h. ‘

Funny as it may be, the fact that Kim Taesung had shown favor towards her, though small, still remained in her mind.

However this wasn’t a mission that could be completed at the moment.

The Saint Sword was Strong. No question needed to be asked of the Holy Knights protecting her. They were levels different from her. Though she can’t fully recollect, but in a bit, the Western City Aia will wage in war with another city.

The best choice was for her to find Kim Taesung. That was only one of her worries though.

‘ Maybe . . . if Kim Taesung hadn’t arrived here yet . . . or maybe he experienced an accident in the Tutorial . . . ‘

She definitely remembered that Kim Taesung was first summoned in the Western City Aia. It was obvious that she had already searched everywhere including the Education Center here and there.

You can’t imagine just how discouraged she was in being unable to discover him.

Her personality was a bit twisted, so it was probably why she was thinking like this.

” He’s here . . . He’s definitely here somewhere. There’s no mistake he’s alive. He’s definitely alive. ”

That voice came out before she knew it.

Closing her mouth once more, she began to search for her prey. She wasn’t hunting any evil beasts or monsters. Rather what she was hunting were humans. And it was a raid mainly for beginners.

In front of her was a party configured of three men. She felt no guilt. She thought of the Western City that deserted both her and Kim Taesung miserably as a great enemy, and above all, this was an inevitable decision that she had to make in order to lure out her second goal, the Red Cross Clan Master Lee Youngdon.

Let’s step back a little. She was able to see the appearances of those guys hunting evil beasts. Regrettably, one of them was quite fine in level. The magic he was using was quite fine. He was probably a safeguard to protect novices due to the recent noisy events in the forest. But, it didn’t really matter.

Choi Seulgi put on her mask. It didn’t literally mean that she put on a mask. It was just that she was acting differently than her usual self. Choi Seulgi rushed out and shouted.

” Hey ! Hey ! Please help. Due to the Weapon Merchant and the goblins . . . the party has . . . ”

To be honest, there were no injuries on her body. But if a girl with messy hair ran in torn clothes with blood, anyone would believe it to be true. Especially the parties that were hunting here that is.

” Fu . . . f.u.c.k I’ve heard that it was quiet lately . . . ”

” Is it nearby? ”

” Chang . . . Changsoo, what should we do? ”

Though the beginners believed my words, the Magician as expected looked on suspiciously.

” You, state your identity. ”

” Fifth . . . I am Fifth Class Summoned Choi Heeyoung. I live in the back alleys of the slums . . . but an Oppa I knew asked me to hunt with him . . .

The person that lived in the back alleys of the slums, was her previous self that lived as a prostitute. He probably knew what kind of Oppa she was referring to roughly.

As expected, after the Magician briefly pondered, he opened his mouth.

” We will quickly return to the city. While trying to rescue the party, we will die as well. Take the girl. We will immediately go back to Aia. ”

” Ah ! Alright. ”

Choi Seulgi, as if she was exhausted, sat down on the floor. Seeing the two men with reddened faces approach to help support her, she withdrew more strength from her body. The guys who grabbed her arms from both sides began to slowly move her towards the magician, as he began to investigate her appearance from top to bottom.

” I haven’t seen a face like yours yet . . . ”

” Ah ! Well . . . I have been recently admitted. ”

” Later, I will look for you then. ”

” Yes. ”

As soon as the magician turned his back

Choi Seulgi pushed away the arms on both sides and immediately threw a dagger at the magician.

The dagger that pierced through the wind. With both warriors being caught off guard at my side, there was no way for him to protect himself. Hearing the screeching wind, he desperately turned back, but.

” Fu . . . what . . . shi ! ”


The dagger pierced through his forehead. Without being able to scream, he died. He didn’t even have the time to chant a spell. He had an alarmed expression, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at Choi Seulgi.

” You . . . what are you . . . ”

Seeing this event, the other guys were staring agape, wondering what was exactly happening.

After throwing a second dagger at another guy, the last one became aware of the situation and screamed while trying to flee. She quickly chased him from behind and plunged the dagger into his throat.

” Puk ” sound entered her ear.


Perfectly using the method that the goblins under the Weapon Merchant used. Then, Choi Seulgi began to cut the corpses into a mess. Whether it was piercing the dagger here or there. Or fabricating the same injury that the ‘ greatsword ‘ carried by the Weapon Merchant would make. After cutting the corpses into a mess for a while, the situation was concluded.

Afterwards, she had to retrieve the weapons.

Like how the Weapon Merchant had retrieved weapons, she also followed the same method. Soon, Choi Seulgi entered her hideout ‘ cave, ‘ with a heap of weapons greeting her. The work in the meantime was quite difficult, but there was definitely some value to it. She began to feel prideful of the stacked weapons piled in front of her.

Choi Seulgi headed out once again. This time, she headed in the opposite direction. While stealthily moving her body, soon she found other prey.

This time, she executed her method similarly again.

After telling them to rescue her, she would act exhausted in front of the strongest guy, and after he totally dropped his guard, she would plunge the dagger into his neck. If necessary, she wouldn’t hesitate to flirt using her beauty. After easily finishing up these other guys as well, she continued to repeat her work.

The work of fabricating this incident as if it was done by the Weapon Merchant and those despicable goblins. This was what she had been working on for the last three months. To be precise, it was what she had worked on after encountering the Weapon Merchant.

The dagger techniques that she learnt, and the injuries that the greatsword inflicted while he occasionally fought with Evil Beasts.

Selecting the path of a ‘ Thief, ‘ her observation skills were more advanced than others. Although not perfect, she could similarly ‘ mimic ‘ like the Weapon Merchant and the other goblins.

The goal was definitely making repeated, frequent patterns.

If it was a really high level Ranger or Archer, or maybe a Thief, they would be able to recognize that these traces were fabricated, but those high level people in the Holy Order already had their hands full keeping in check the Green Goblin Clan.

They couldn’t let the Green Goblin Clan do as they please just because the Beginner and Intermediate Adventurers asked them to hunt down the Weapon Merchant.

If so, then the work would definitely be allotted to an affiliated clan.

The possibility of entrusting this matter to the Red Cross Clan that managed the Western Forest Entrance was extremely high. The Clan Master that was rumored to be lazy wouldn’t be able to work properly – especially, Lee Youngdon; who was not comfortable even when he chews, was one that extremely abhorred troublesome work.

The Rangers and Archers that come to investigate and write the incident logs would roughly determine it as the work of the Weapon Merchant, and soon they will dispatch personnel to hunt the Weapon Merchant. Choi Seulgi nodded.

She will use whatever means to kill all of them.

Though she hadn’t meant to use the ‘ Weapon Merchant ‘ that cherished her, but seeing those foolish eyes, memories of Kim Taesung emerged within her, causing her to not be able to move on. But, the Weapon Merchant has to clash against the Red Cross Clan. Choi Seulgi knew that the odds of this side were rising.

As such, a few days passed, and the day had finally arrived for her to meet the Weapon Merchant.

” Good. ”

Choi Seulgi carefully began moving towards the designated checkpoint that she had chosen to meet. And, after arriving, she was able to discover some traces.

They were clearly the footprints of Rangers or Archers.

‘ They had come and gone. ‘

They had finally began dispatching personnel to resolve this accident that had a set pattern. They had no choice but to do so she thought.

On certain days, at nearly the same time, with a similar method, at a similar location, victims continued to appear here, so as long as the clan’s archers weren’t idiots, they would know that the ‘ Weapon Merchant ‘ would appear here at a similar time.

The day of the battle was not far. Choi Seulgi sincerely nodded her head as she walked towards the Weapon Merchant.

It was a good day, so she should accompany the guy a bit more she thought, as she smiled unconsciously.

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d.a.m.n. I must admit that’s pretty cool. She’s more of an assassin than a thief (well she does steal weapons). Can we say that she’s an assassin that evolved into a thief (Like Maplestory?!

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