Green Skin Chapter 40

“Ggirik. Ggirik. Your skills are improving so fast. So much so that you could’ve chosen the path of an assassin . . . ”

Green Goblin mumbled while looking at me.

” It is all due to Green Goblin. ”

To be honest, my dagger techniques were continually improving thanks to Green Goblin, but Choi Seulgi also played a role in it. To Choi Seulgi that was growing at an alarming rate every day, I had to also forcefully improve myself to catch up over here as well with as much effort. In about 4 months, Choi Seulgi had changed significantly.

If I didn’t have the compensation of that Improved Weapon Proficiency from the Gladiator class and Ancient Orc species, it would have been beyond my ability to continue teaching at the same pace.

Just like my previous life, I really didn’t have talent in this one as well. If you look at it, it was due to the virtue of the system that I was growing quickly. It was continually providing me the opportunistic circumstances to grow with classes and species. I slowly put down my dagger. Green Goblin then spoke to me.

” So how is it? Is it enjoyable with that human girl? ”

” Kereeeeeuk. ”

It would have been strange if this news hadn’t spread in the village; considering I was continuously meeting up with Choi Seulgi for a few months. The fact that I had a strange fetish spread in an instant. The female goblins of the Green Goblin Clan sighed a lot while staring at me, and thus, Mev’s pride became that much bolder.

Though it seemed at first as if she had regretted a lot evolving into a fairy, but seeing me cling myself to Choi Seulgi, she was able to confirm that her decision was definitely not wrong.

The amusing part was that Mev was not jealous. She was curious whether I just liked her, or whether she was a mating target. But, seeing that I was willing to give anything away, whether it was a liver or a bladder, she determined that Seulgi was not a mating target.

Though I’m not precisely sure, I think that relationships between Green Skins are a bit different from humans.

On the other hand, Jung Hayeon who was originally a human did not find Choi Seulgi helpful at all. No, it seems that her resentment towards human girls had become much larger. Though it didn’t seem like she had regretted evolving into an Alraune, but her hatred towards humans was real. The murders that she had committed to live before was now just an amusing hobby.

Seeing her kill human women brutally by coiling them up with her roots was grotesque even for me. Of course, thanks to that, her approval rating was going up among the other goblins. I couldn’t help but laugh imagining those goblins cheering while shouting Ggirik as the blood splattered into the air.

I had went off track from Green Goblin’s words I think. I looked back at him again and spoke.

” Well . . . it is so. ”

Not sure what was so funny, he was laughing pleasingly. Probably the fact that Blood Dagger was meeting with a human female was funny to him. If Goff had seen Green Goblin’s current appearance, I couldn’t help but think that he would laugh aloud while clapping his hands along with him as well.

In their standards, it was ridiculous that a lion was courting a deer. Whenever he made that expression, I was embarrassed.

So, I roughly fared a short farewell and parted. Come to think of it now, selecting the Green Goblin Clan was an extremely lucky case. In a long while, I visited my Giant Wolf ‘ Abar ‘ and stroked his head once before leaving.

” Kereeeeeeeung. ”

As if she was pleased, she voiced a kereeung before being unable to contain herself and follow towards my side. It’s not bad to ride on top of her after a long time. Immediately after I went on her back, a “Kereung” could be heard.

Where we were headed was towards the Blood Dagger Clan.

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

Those guys screamed as they saw me. It wasn’t just me that had definitely grown. Although there were none that had significantly got stronger by attaining a Unique Ability or Race Evolution, but they were quickly growing bit by bit. They had learned how to move the body as well as the dagger, it weren’t just assassins, but warriors and swordsmen that had learned ‘ Stealth Walking ‘, as if they had equipped a Unique Ability.

Especially the first and second swordsmen that had wanted to be an assassin despite being swordsmen were truly running around like assassins. They were growing as if their potential had burst. In order to not be caught up by them, I had worked even harder as well.

The clan was becoming a little stronger like that.

” Kereeeeeeuk. ”

I did not say anything towards them as I sat down together with Wolf Abar. It seems that everyone were carrying out their individual responsibilities after seeing me. To be honest, there wasn’t much work to be done. For goblins, they were throwing around and playing with the gold coins, while others were raising their items high into the skies to brag.

At this time, I thought those guys were cute like children. Lately, these guys were deeply engrossed in Skipping Stones. The look of those guys’ faces were unforgettable when I had once thrown stones at a nearby river. Seeing the stones skip continually across the water, they were truly marvelling that mystical scene.

‘ Truly, For Blood Dagger ! ‘

‘ Ggirik . . . Ggirik ! ! Blood Bl . . . For Blood Dagger ! ‘

‘ The st . . stones are jumping on the river ! For Blood Dagger ! ‘

They tried to mimic me and attempted to throw stones, but they were throwing the stones with brute strength, so of course they wouldn’t bounce. In the end, after revealing some tips where they were able to perform this mystical experiment.

As a result, there were many cases where minor disputes and conflicts were resolved through a game of ‘ Skipping Stones ‘. After waiting a bit, Mev and Jung Hayeon quietly sat beside me.

Granting that Jung Hayeon was not, Mev was continually holding the position of Mistress of the Clan, so at first she was a bit burdened by it, but in the end, it resulted with the clan operating better.

To be honest, why I was spending time with these guys was due to Mev’s advice.

‘ I’m not nitpicking on you playing with the human girl, but you need to be together with the clan as the Chief. ‘

The decisive movement of the clan’s direction was all handed over to me, but there were many cases where I had grouped several of them into one, and given advice to the Green Skins during their training.

They definitely wouldn’t know, but it seems that they were relieved to have me monitor them like this. Hunting together, being together, eating together. All of these were what they wanted. Of course, it would be natural for my image to rise as the Chief. As such, I slowly began to think of the Item Shop in my head.

I could feel my body suddenly being transported, but my actual body would probably be still with Jung Hayeon and Mev. Unlike the Tutorial, it was only my mind that had transported. Soon, I could hear a voice.

[ This place is the Item Shop. Please purchase the necessary items. ]

[ Ancient Orc Gladiator, points of Blood Dagger will be confirmed. ]

[ 15,000 Points have been settled to Blood Dagger. ]

I had thought that I had earned quite a bit, but that wasn’t the case. The amount of humans I had killed, as well as my level should have been much more than in the Tutorial, but it seems that there were a lot more bonus points provided in the Tutorial as expected. But, the points were sufficient enough to buy the weapons I wanted.

When I was a human, there were those that had stockpiled points, but they are earned regardless anyways. If you kill a strong opponent, more points would be received, so I thought it was an advantage personally to invest the points I keep earning.

I slowly stared at the Goblin in the Store.

As expected, in that small Item Shop was an irritated goblin.

” I’m busy so hurry up and choose. ”

Whether he wanted to sell or not, the way he addressed the customer was ridiculous. Whether this or that, he’s the owner.

[ Weapon Store ]

[ Cheap Greatsword – 10 Points ]..[ Ogre’s Tendon Bow – 5000 ]..[ Weapon-Breaking Longsword – 10,000 Points ].[ An Honorable Orc’s Blood Axe – 15,000 Points ]The one I had targeted was the ‘ Sword Breaker ‘, which was the ‘ Weapon-Breaking Longsword. ‘ Until now, since I had wielded the Bloodsoaked Dagger as well as the Greatsword that is too large to be a sword, I was really not fond of the Cheap Longsword I was using.

Although I had originally intended to steal and use one from the humans, since I was hunting beginners and some that were a bit more useful, of course there would be none that were nice. Especially with those nonsensical rumours that if you had good equipment, you would be attacked by the Weapon Merchant, I wasn’t able to see any useful weapons at all.

Amongst the weapons, the one that caught my eye was this one.

[ Weapon-Breaking Longsword ]

[ A longsword that breaks weapons very well. High durability. The chance of destroying the opponent’s weapon will rise. ]

The outer appearance was extremely simple. A normal looking longsword with the hole of a sawblade was everything. It was noteworthy though that the ‘ hole ‘ was extremely deep. After placing the blade of the opponent into the hole, by pulling it with strength, one could break that weapon.

As much as I can wield a lot of weapons, it was best for me to use good weapons like these that are as much versatile as possible.

I began to swing the sword once. I had even considered thinking that I should carry more weapons that had the feature of breaking a sword rather than simply blocking one. As such, I continued to search through the items.

I was going to buy an item that would increase Choi Seulgi’s specifications. Of course, I only had 5000 Points left, so I couldn’t really buy a very useful one, but I think I could purchase a nice armor or accessory at least.

[ Armor Shop ]

[ Dirty Leather Armor – 10 Points ]..[ Rugged Long-Tooth Tiger Leather Armor – 4000 Points ]……[ Black Dragon Scale Armor – 5500000 Points ]

To be honest, I really wanted to buy that Black Dragon Scale Armor . . . but in order to accumulate this many points, I either had to enter an extremely, high-level dungeon or be the war hero of a large-scale war I think. I lowered my standards and decided to shop for a suitable option.

[Rugged Long-Tooth Tiger Leather Armor ]

[ A strongly made leather armor made out of Long-Tooth Tiger Leather. Could possibly block an arrow from extremely far away . . . warmth is its trait. ]

Since I could catch on that Choi Seulgi wants to move to a different city, I think that this is the right one. But, the most important thing when buying an armor was size. I opened my mouth to the Goblin Merchant.

” Are there perhaps any sizes that fit human girls? ”

” What a strange orc. Of course we do. Have you finished selecting? ”

Although this store doesn’t reveal the secrets of this continent, at least the guy replies concerning the items. I nodded my head and decided to buy them.

[ You have purchased the Weapon-Breaking Longsword for 10000 Points.]

[ You have purchased the Rugged Long-Tooth for 4000 Points. ]

” Thank you for using it, friend. Come again. ”

As such, my sight changed.

TL Afterword

Finally, back to the clan. Mev has matured, and is really becoming more likable. Probably my most favorite female character in the story. (Not Waifu yet, but we will see soon enough.) But, that Black Dragon Scale Armor (*drools) Even I want to purchase one LOL.

P.S.’ The st . . stones are jumping on the river ! For Blood Dagger ! ‘

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