The Western City ‘ Aia ‘ was  managed by the Holy Order normally. Usually, a small group of people grouped together is called a Clan, while those with substantial numbers are called a Guild.

The Holy Order, which was sizeable in magnitude with countless strong members, was a ‘ Guild ‘ that had countless subsidiary clans, and the Red Cross Clan was one of them. Like how the Green Goblin Clan was protecting us, the Holy Order protected and helped the Red Cross Clan.

I was able to understand why Choi Seulgi was doing these toilsome ‘ work. ‘

It was because the Red Cross Clan was managing the entrance of the Western Forest, the hunting grounds for Beginners.

‘ F.u.c.k.i.n.g B.a.s.t.a.r.d. ‘

Red Cross Clan Master, Lee Youngdon. Though I only heard rumours that he was nasty, but who would’ve thought that the f.u.c.k.i.n.g bastard was the primary instigator of all of this.

It was even Lee Youngdon that had executed Park Youngwhan for his crimes in my previous life. I remember watching that scene together with Choi Seulgi. In case he might get caught by the Holy Order, or be incriminating of himself, it seems that he had taken care of all this personally.

I slowly began to think once more concerning Choi Seulgi.

The fact that these guys were walking around here somewhere . . . the possibility of Choi Seulgi being around here was high as well. No, she’s definitely waiting for her opportunity somewhere.

Not sure where exactly, but she was definitely aiming for Lee Youngdon.

It was impossible to penetrate through countless clan elites and kill Lee Youngdon. No matter how strong we had gotten, the opponent was still the Clan Master. Choi Seulgi who, firstly, has provoked them must’ve had some way, but it won’t be easy.

To be easily dealt with and eaten was this side. But, this wasn’t a battle without victory. In the past, this Red Cross Clan was an existence far from me. It was definitely so.


Don’t we have the Green Goblin Clan’s Assassins protecting us from the side? They must’ve judged that there were no Strong within our side. They believe that they can sufficiently win against our Blood Dagger Clan. It has been a short while, but our Blood Dagger Clan has grown stronger. Our subordinates are clever and wise, waiting for opponents to test their mettle.

I quickly called for the Blood Dagger Clan. Though it may be just a simple pivot, I was able to organize my thoughts. There was no time to be discomposed.

” Everyone. Quiet. Prepare for Battle. ”

” Victory. For Victory Only. Ggirik Ggirik. ”

They quietly chanted as their voices resonated in the woods. Expectation and excitement swirled around all of their eyes. As if somewhat anxious, everyone felt that this battle wasn’t going to be as easy as before. I could see the faces of orcs on my side with reddened eyes and their noses flaring.

” Kereeuk ”

” Ggirik . . . ”

The Red Cross Clan was configured of Warriors, Paladins, a small group of Priests and Magicians. It was a well-balanced clan. Especially, Lee Youngdon who had changed classes into a Special Class. Despite his pig-like appearance, I had heard countless rumors of how strong he was.

Compared to us which was mainly composed of Swordsmen, Archers and Assassins, they had the advantage.


The Blood Dagger Clan will never engage in a losing battle.

Victory. For Victory Only. As such, we began to slowly hide our bodies.

Why have the Goblins, Hobgoblins and Orcs stayed with me all this time? It was because I was recognized by a few goblins for my method of throwing daggers in the first battle from afar. The initial reason why the Blood Dagger Clan was created, was because I was the first to evolve, but also because they found my battle style impressive.

‘ We are the Despicable Blood Dagger Clan ! ‘

‘ We are Despicable ! We are the Despicable Blood Dagger Clan. ‘

‘ Our Captain is Despicable ! ‘

The Blood Dagger Clan’s identity was literally despicable and cowardly. It was a way of thinking that didn’t match with the Green Skins that valued honor in the first place. The Blood Dagger Clan camouflages, and doesn’t hesitate to retreat as well. If the enemy is one that we can’t win, we will turn back, but if it is an opponent that we can contend with, then we will chase them to the end. We hunt. There is only one thing I demand of my subordinates when we leave for a hunt.

‘ Come back alive. ‘

Of course it wasn’t like our clan did not think of honor as important. They were still belligerent Green Skins that valued honor. When I had lost my honor by losing to the Queen of the North, they had cried for me, and screamed of helping me regain my honor together. They admitted their losses when they suffered defeat under the Patriarch’s flag, and respected one another.

Which was why I couldn’t understand them even more.

Why are these cute guys so passionate and enthusiastic towards me? As someone who is weak and despicable, that wouldn’t hesitate to do dirty actions or retreat. There was a time when I asked Mev the reason why.

‘ That is, well. It’s obvious. All of the Clan members including me are weak. ‘

Of course there were no one that was weak in the present clan.

The First and Second had changed classes into impressive Orc Warriors, and whenever they entered a battle, they would display impressive performances, incomparable to the most up-and-coming assassins lately. It was the same for the Three Female Goblin Siblings as well. You can’t exclude the archers led by Mev as well.

But despite all this, the Blood Dagger Clan always think in terms of the weak. A weak species amongst the goblins. Where they had gathered was the Blood Dagger Clan.

Battling was fun. But, winning was even more fun. Our Chief always makes us win. Those guys thought like that.

” Ggirik. For Blood Dagger. ”

” For Blood Dagger. ”

As such, we engaged against the red-armored enemy in front. The speed of us attacking them from the shadows was immediate. They were divided into ‘ several squads ‘ inside the ‘ forest ‘ searching for the Weapon Merchant. With them like this, of course we had the upper hand. Our objective was to attack all of them before they could inform anyone that they had engaged the enemy.


” Fu . . . F.u.c.k it’s the Weapon Merchant ! Weapon Merchant ! Location ! Inform the location ! ”

” Green Flower . . . even Green Flower is here ! ”

The number wasn’t small. But with them acting in separate squads. We were able to sufficiently devour them whole. I rushed in with my large greatsword. Instantaneously, Flame Magic was rising towards the sky. It was probably a signal flare that tried to reveal the Weapon Merchant had been discovered here.

But, of course we wouldn’t allow them to simply reveal our location.

Mev shot her magic arrow into the sky, completely scattering the Flame Magic.

‘ Nice. ‘


I swung my large sword intending to split them in half. Seeing that greatsword coming towards them, evolved Warriors with shields rushed me covering up to block it. They were trying to buy enough time by hindering me. It seems that my greatsword was lacking in cutting through those shields fully covered in mana.

However . . .

” Kereeeeung ”

I used the side of my greatsword to clear away their shields.

” Sh . . . s.h.i.t ! ”

Naturally, their bodies tilted towards the opposite direction of their shields. And the arrows and daggers of the Archers and Assassins rained down upon them. In a split second, their bodies became riddled with holes like a beehive.



As they were Warriors with High Health, they were still alive. Sensing the Priests healing them from afar, I quickly split the guys who had lost their balance in half.

” Kwajijik. ”

The sound reverberated as blood and their brains splattered across my face. Unknowingly, I began to shout at the Blood Dagger Clan with reddened eyes.

” Kill the humans spreading bright light first ! Kill the humans spreading bright light ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

The brave First was the one to reply to my orders first. And the three Goblin Siblings emerged from stealth and attacked the rear. They did not penetrate through the Warriors and Paladins protecting the front, but rushed around towards the priests. Since they had high dexterity, this was quite dangerous. In the end, the Paladins and Warriors began dividing their forces towards them, which meant it would be soon easier for our Orc Swordsmen to easily penetrate their defensive lines.

The First was blocking the attacks of the Paladins while approaching the priests. The Second was also displaying a similar fine performance as well.

” Kereeeeung ! ”

We had the upper hand in terms of numbers, and with the way our classes were structured, we were stronger. If the vanguard had not completely collapsed, this might be a different story, but those in the front lines couldn’t endure at all. Although the Paladins advanced out of haste towards the front, the levels were dimensions apart from Warriors, to try and protect the front lines. With Assassins relentlessly appearing and attacking with their daggers, the Swordsmen retreated back to try and create space with their swords. Of course, Mev’s arrows supported the two Orc Swordsmen from the rear.

The arrows rained upon the enemies at the right place at the right time, as it rescued the two from danger.



” AHHHK ! My . . . My eye ! ”

Thanks to this, screams constantly reverberated along the human lines.

And not long after, the first order was completed as the First perfectly killed off all the humans that were spreading light. Watching him instantaneously penetrate through the lines and grab the throat of a female Priest was so impressive that I had thought that he was too talented to serve under me. As if he was excited from the battle, he began to shout loudly.

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

And just like that, his sword split the priest’s skull into two.

” Kwajik ! ”

” Kereeeuk. ”

Seeing this, I couldn’t help but laugh out of satisfaction. The first battle was a complete victory.

The problem was that our location was somewhat revealed. Although we were able to block the ball of fire rising into the sky, we couldn’t block the screams leaking out.

I began to slowly stare at Jung Hayeon. Jung Hayeon began to nod and spoke.

The reason I did not use Jung Hayeon in this first battle.

It was because ‘ Victory or Defeat ‘ laid in Jung Hayeon’s two hands.

” Yes . . . Yes ! ”

Soon, Jung Hayeon spread green light from her staff before opening her mouth.

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

Simultaneously, the tree roots began to move slowly, very slowly. Though I was not certain, I could tell that the terrain of this side was slowly changing.

The roots continued to stretch out along the ground. Some roots stopped in the middle, while others began climbing on other trees, slowly bending them down. It was the same for the vines. It even began to move the trees towards the ground. The best part was seeing those immovable trees that were standing there slowly move.

Since she was spending an extreme amount of mana, Jung Hayeon’s expression wasn’t so good, but with this much, we could win. With the purpose of complementing her, I stroked her hair. Her face immediately brightened. In the battle, Jung Hayeon won’t use her other magic skills.

Rather, she will very slowly change the terrain after an attack. Eventually, the Blood Dagger Clan will invite them to an Ant Tunnel.

I raised my hand, causing my Clan to begin chanting in all directions.

” Victory ! For Victory Only ! ”

” For Blood Dagger ! ”

As such, the battle that our Blood Dagger Clan wanted began.

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