Green Skin Chapter 44

Kim Younghee was an Archer that had recently joined the Red Cross Clan. Frankly, her level or standard wasn’t that high, but she had been admitted due to a special case of finding favor in the eyes of Clan Master, Lee Youngdon.

‘ f.u.c.k.i.n.g pig-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d. ‘

Though her body was safe, considering what she had to endure, she couldn’t help but swear. Thankfully, he wasn’t interested in much else of her. Though it ended with just once, it was still a displeasing memory.

But, she was truly ecstatic of being in a ‘ group ‘ after that day. Especially if it was the Red Cross Clan that received protection from the Holy Order, which was dimensions apart from those other noncommittal clans.

While those losers were busy begging, she could walk confidently with her comrades in her stride and eat delicious food three meals a day, and accumulate a lot of experience by hunting with her clan members.

As someone that was properly pursuing her dream of having her own clan, Kim Younghee, for the first time, began to regret entering the Red Cross Clan. No, to be precise, she was regretting it.

‘ Where am I? ‘

Though it was hard to understand in common sense, there were screams constantly being heard, but it was difficult to find the right path.

” Hey, what are you doing?! ”

” A bit . . . bit . . .  Please wait a bit. Something is wrong . . . ”

She felt something was wrong after the first scream. It feels that after discovering the movement patterns of the Weapon Merchant, the campaign of hunting this monster down had somewhat gone wrong.

The Holy Order guild is expecting a lot out of this plan, even asking Lee Youngdon directly to act in this campaign.

‘ s.h.i.t . . . ‘

Kim Younghee swore inside. Although she, including a few other Archers, had received quite a reward after analyzing traces, but that was before she had entered this forest. If things go wrong, she might be kicked out of the clan and lose everything.

” Are you saying that an Archer can’t even find the way that we recently came from? ”

” No . . . that’s not it. ”

Hearing her comrades scolding, wanting to cover her ears, she inspected her surroundings once again.

From her memories, this ‘ path ‘ was definitely not it. Although the forest was wide, there were a lot of Red Cross Clan members as well. They had intentionally departed to join up with the other forces, but she couldn’t find the path no matter how hard she tried. As if she was seeing this path for the first time. The marks that she had collaborated with other Archers to confirm each other’s location had either completely disappeared or changed. There was only one conclusion.

‘ d.a.m.n . . . is the forest moving . . . ? ‘

Even she thought that it was a ridiculous theory. But the forest was really moving. With a serious look, she began to inspect here and there as she heard the frustrated party members of hers complaining.

” Sigh . . . f.u.c.k, I knew ever since you were specially hired, but what was our Clan Master thinking bringing this kind of stupid b.i.t.c.h here . . . sigh . . . for an Archer to be lost . . . ”

” What did you just say? ”

She was angry. Though the words were correct, but still she felt extremely bad. Kim Younghee, unknowingly, glared at the man, who finally continued saying sullenly.

” Okay . Okay. ”

The group leader as such ignored Kim Younghee and continued his work.

” Magicians. Try sending out some Flame Magic. Until the main forces arrive, we will wait here. If we wait for a bit, they should be able to find us. Tch. To not have a useful Archer, for things to become this difficult. ”

Kim Younghee couldn’t help but bite her lips. Being ignored was just the start, but having everyone glare at her was extremely unpleasant. After this event, she imagined being kicked out of the clan as her future darkened. Having to beg Lee Youngdon to let her stay in the clan caused her to nauseate from the thought.

In the end, Kim Younghee couldn’t help but speak out.

” Just . . . just wait a bit please. I can find it. ”

” How long will it take? Huh? It’ll be easier waiting like this. ”

” So you’re saying we should send out the flame magic then? Are you crazy? What are you going to do if the Weapon Merchant finds us before the main forces? Especially when there are footstep trails around here and there . . . ”

To be honest, there were none. But they were convincing words. The Archer had quite a large influence in the party along with the commander.

For a party leader to act recklessly would lead them to their inevitable deaths. By not listening to the advice of an Archer, there weren’t just one or two parties that were completely massacred, so the weight of the advice was much heavier.

” s.h.i.t . . . find it in 10 minutes. We can’t wait any longer than that. ”

Seeing that she convinced him, she wholly nodded and began tracking. Whatever happens afterwards, finding the path was a priority. There was no way the forest was actually moving. Reporting that these were the actions of monsters was uncanny.

The monsters of the continent were stupid and reckless. Although the Green Goblin Clan of the West were a bit better, but the way ogres and those other creatures fought were truly reckless. The Weapon Merchant was indeed an orc . . . though she couldn’t admit it, she thought that she might have entered the wrong path. This was definitely not the correct path. But, with the pressure amounting towards her, she opened her mouth before she knew it.

” It’s this way. ”

If they enter a bit closer, they will definitely meet someone. Hearing Kim Younghee’s voice, the rest were a bit relieved. The party leader was satisfied it seems.

” See see. You could do it. Everyone, we will advance a bit further inside. ”

As such, Kim Younghee led the way first. It was then.

” Ggirik. ”

” Ggirik. Ggirik. ”

It was that particular voice of a goblin scoffing. Although they were extremely surprised for a moment, the party quickly responded with countermeasures. The leader that was rude to her up to a moment ago quickly moved up, grabbed her by the collar, and threw her behind. Kim Younghee’s body flew backwards as she felt herself rising in the air.

It seems that he had roughly understood what was going on. Those ‘ guys ‘ were attacking. The party leader had probably flung her back in order to protect her. The leader, who was rude-looking before, looked a bit cool.

” Prepare for battle ! Prepare for battle ”

‘ Should I ask him out on a date . . . ‘

In the midst of a battle, she was having a useless thought.

” Everyone prepare for batt . . . . . . . . . . Gereeeuk . . . ”

But, that useless thought crumbled in an instant. Pierced by a dagger, the warrior collapsed backwards as he stared eyes wide-open at her. As if he was resenting her. The fallen Kim Younghee, seeing that, took four steps back.

It wasn’t just her. Many of the others were a bit shocked as well.

” Sh . . . s.h.i.t Weapon . . Merchant. It’s the Weapon Merchant ! Send the magic signal to the sky ! Inform the location ! ”

A few magicians began casting ‘ Shield ‘ to endure, while the others began preparing to send flame magic into the sky. Soon, a Magician shouted ” Fireball ” as he extended his hand to the sky, but the Magician swiftly had an arrow pierce his forehead from somewhere.

” Kuk ! ”

In a split second, the casting was cancelled. Although the other magicians continued to try to cast flame magic, but which ever one that tried was in most danger, causing them to be wary of one another. Instead of simply just trying to re-cast the flame signal, they were all casting Shield in order to live.

‘ d.a.m.n . . . . . ‘

In this kind of situation, Kim Younghee began to look around her. She definitely couldn’t see anyone. But there were arrows and daggers constantly piercing through her party members.

” AHHHHHHHHH ! ! ! ”

‘ I’m going to die. ‘

‘ I will die. ‘

Kim Younghee walked towards the magicians that were maintaining their Shields as she screamed. The warriors were losing their lives in a split second. In order to live, she had to move inside the shield anyway possible.

” Please . . . Please save me. Save me. ”

Though Kim Younghee screamed like that, there was no one that would readily release their completed shields to receive her. Rather the magicians began to rebuke her.

” Can’t you go away? d.a.m.n, hurry up and go call reinforcements ! ”

There was no way she could call them. It was because she didn’t know where this place was. Feeling desperate, she began to scream.

” Hurry up and open ! Hurry ! You f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.a.s.t.a.r.ds ! Are you going to live by yourself? ”

Amongst this quarrel, screams could constantly be heard here and there. The Warriors and Paladins that could be said to be the pillars of the clan were dying. Stricken with fear, she had no thought of even drawing her bow. No, she was trembling so much that she couldn’t see her bow.



Kim Younghee subconsciously turned her head towards those voices that were on the verge of tears.

” Kereeeung  . . . . ”

An Orc wielding a large sword was slowly walking over. In his vicinity, there were Warriors’ and Paladins’ body parts rolling around. Seeing this, she couldn’t help but mutter.

” Weapon Merchant . . . ”

That thick green skin and those muscles that were about to burst. Compared to the other orcs, his molar was larger. The beast like sounds, and those red eyes were enough to strike fear into Kim Younghee.

” Ahhhhhhh . . . ”

She let out a lamentation. Whether he paid attention to her or not, he closely walked over and swung his greatsword.

That slicing sound cutting through the air, as if it could destroy anything in its way leaked out, causing her to instinctively close her eyes and bend down. Soon, screams could be heard behind her.

” Kwang ! ”

The Shield that the magicians maintained together shattered.

And then.

The Magician that she was arguing with just before tumbled around the ground in two halves. Her whole body was soaked in blood.

Kim Younghee who was covered in intestines and blood began to scream.


‘ I’m going to die. ‘

‘ I’m going to diee . . . ‘

Her body automatically began to tremble. And seeing the landscape slowly beginning to change, and those tree roots relentlessly moving, she was finally able to realize that the ‘ path ‘ she knew had changed.

‘ Green Flower. ‘

She was able to finally realize it now. They, and the whole Red Cross Clan had completely been caught in a trap. Against her will, she found her body being sucked down.

She could feel those roots wrapping around her. It was getting harder to breathe.

Those continuously moving plants soon entered in her mouth.

Though she wanted to turn her head away, her wrapped body didn’t allow her to resist at all.

” Weeeeeeeeek ”

She tried her best to spit them out, but those things kept entering. She could feel that appalling pain inside her stomach.

‘ Save me . . . . ‘

‘ Save . . . . . . ‘

It was excruciatingly painful as if she was being seared. Due to the immense pain, her mind became even more clear. Though she wanted to squirm, she couldn’t. The tree roots continued to enter her esophagus as she attempted to vomit them out forcefully, but those tree roots that continued to invade her body began to delve in further.

Her intestines were wounded, causing blood to flow out of her mouth.

‘ Save me . . . . . . . . . ‘


And then . . .

She could suddenly feel her body burst!

As Kim Younghee closed her eyes in the midst of the pain.

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What a beautiful, lovely death scene. Stunning art. I see that she can’t help herself in killing human women.

P.S. Changing the forest into a maze? Wow. Hayeon is one OP plant magician.

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“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!”


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