Green Skin Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Two Weapon Merchants (4)

“ Kereeeuk. So what time is this? ”

“ It’s the fourth. ”

Jung Hayeon replied to my question. Though I had told her not to uselessly squander her mana, it seems that she wanted to see blood as she consumed that last human girl. Since she was changing the landscape slowly, I didn’t say much.

Due to our fourth attack, through constant changes, the forest was like a maze.

If we had not changed the landscape proactively, Mev would have lost her ‘ way. ’ Since we knew everything about the forest originally and how it was changed, our sneak attacks were showing quite effective results.

“ Can you feel the rest of those guys? ”

“ Yes. ”

Whenever enemies enter the area where her roots were, she could grasp the location of the humans, so she will definitely be first in terms of achievements today. And with Mev and her rangers spreading out to gather information, we were able to synchronize them to create a useful report on the opposition.

“ The ones we recently caught were minnow-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s. Captain. The real, strong guys are elsewhere. ”

“ Kereeeuk. ”

I had known about this fact as well. Although their forces were divided into many, Lee Youngdon’s force would definitely be the greatest. Not sure how much, but I thought that it would be greater in number than our Blood Dagger Clan.

“ First, let’s clean up the other remaining search parties first. ”

As such, we began to clean up the rest of the Red Cross Clan. No matter how ‘ difficult ’ Jung Hayeon and Mev were making it to find their intended path, if we were to fight their main force and the following reinforcements to come, the situation would be greatly uncertain.

We continued to move within the forest.

Sometimes, we would hide and ambush parties just using arrows, other times we would release a few goblins as bait to lure them in before killing them.



Here and there, screams could be heard sporadically. I split up my clan’s fighting force and rejoined them constantly to make it impossible for them to determine our numbers.

Obviously, it wasn’t like I originally had tactics and strategies. All I knew was from reading books. If they had a useful commander, they would probably be able to estimate our numbers, but it seems that the Red Cross Clan didn’t have such important individuals.

Since he had filled his key circle with his harem, no wonder the clan wasn’t operating properly.

And the most important thing.

The fact that they consider us as stupid monsters.

Since they were a bit famous as a clan, of course they wouldn’t even consider us as a worthy foe.

It would have been better if the Red Cross Clan had decided to move together, but they separated their forces and decided to check each other’s locations by sending Fireballs into the air. But, by doing this we were able to determine how many of their group numbers were left and where their locations were. There were approximately five flames that were sent into the air. Including the main force, so there were only four left.

We slowly began to conceal ourselves in preparation for the next ambush.

Of course we hadn’t concealed ourselves in a particular location.

We had hidden our bodies completely; in-between the two Fireballs that were recently shot up to confirm each other’s locations by the trail. We seemed to be in a better position than I thought, as we concealed ourselves behind the roots of Jung Hayeon.

After waiting a bit, the human groups’ archers began to confer with each other. At this rate, the chances of us being found out was high. I gradually raised my hand, as Mev and the Hobgoblin archers began to slowly draw their bows simultaneously.

Judging that they were within distance, I extended my hand down as arrows rained down.

“ It’s the Weapon Merchant ! ”

“ Weapon Merchant ! ”

Instantly, various fire arrows began to rain down on the archers. The night sky soon became like fireworks as the sky was brightly lit up briefly.

Once again, we blended into the darkness of the large forest. Compared to them, we clearly knew what was the ‘map’ of our terrain.

The basic rule was to grasp the terrain first.

The human archers that were wondering what unknown place they stumbled into were desperately trying to complete a map in their heads, but they couldn’t compare to the information that we had.

We began to climb ‘ up. ’ Normally, this kind of terrain couldn’t be found nearby. Jung Hayeon who was lacking mana, will recover it during battle. At this time, I couldn’t help but feel just how valuable Jung Hayeon was to this clan. In short, she was a rolling lottery ticket. After the battle, I should spend a bit more time with her I thought.

Of course, that would come later.

By climbing up the hill, we were able to see a second squad running below us, which made them easy targets, I smiled at the good timing. It seems that they were hurriedly trying to join up with the others after seeing that brief rain of arrows.

“ Fire. ”

“ Ggirik ! Ggirik ! ”

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

Due to my command, those green skin archers were firing their arrows with all their strength. The arrows rained down, as it pierced through their eyes, foreheads, noses, and even their mouths.


“ AHHHK ! ”

“ Prieeeeest ! ! Priest ! ”

The first targets were the priests, and the second were the group’s archers.

If things go right, we take care of the warriors in advance. Since our general objective was to completely slaughter them. We’re going to steadily clean up all of them. We won’t attack the magicians yet. They need to constantly fire up flares so that more confusion could be created out of this chaos.

“ Kereeeeuk. ”

Looking up into the sky, I was able to see fireballs flying up from another place. The group of the Five Siblings that I had split up prior, were attacking as well.

Avoid fights that can’t be won.

Go in when you can win.

To engage in battle when one has more numbers.

Flee before dying.

These guys were surprisingly loyal and had completely mastered this task.

“ Fo . . . For Blood Dagger ! ”

Those screams over there could be heard all the way from here. It seems they wanted the enemy to know where they were. They probably will retreat before the other reinforcement group arrives.

Anyhow, I rushed out and slashed the first guy with my greatsword. Unknowingly, I also began to roar in an uplifting tone.

“ Victory ! For Victory Only ! ”

“ For Victory Only ! For Blood Dagger ! ”

When our archers begin to draw their arrows, then we will attack them. The Hobgoblin warriors raised their shields while I rushed forward in between them with my greatsword in front.

Although those spearmen attempted to extend their spears, they were but bothersome. As if they knew what I had felt, arrows rained upon them as they screamed, letting go of their spears.

And then I slashed and hacked at the warriors with my greatsword.

“ Kwajiiiiiiiiik ! ”

Their shields were broken as their bodies were penetrated together. Blood splattered past their broken shields and onto my hands.


Although I had to be more proactive with the absence of the Loyal Five Siblings, but it wasn’t like I couldn’t decimate this squad without them.

“ Priest . . . ! Priests ! ”

“ AHHHHHHK ! ! ! ”

Although they were looking for priests, it had been quite a while since they had crossed over. At that time, I crushed their faces with my feet and plunged my sword. It was a great feeling hearing the Kwajik sound circulating around my feet. After Jung Hayeon changed the terrain once more, we disappeared within the forest.

It has been a short time, but in that period, we were displaying all the techniques and methods we learned from Green Goblin on how to Walk, Hide, and use our weapons.

Of course if we had engaged the Red Cross Clan upfront, we might not have won. No, if it really was like two armies facing each other, we would have definitely lost.

But, we were in the forest.

Those human forces that couldn’t precisely confirm one another’s location. And the main force which was slow due to that man’s large body.

After killing off our enemies, we relentlessly moved our bodies. As if they weren’t able to fully kill their enemies, the Five Loyal Siblings rejoined us with rough, heaving breaths. With our relentless Guerrilla Warfare tactics, we were able to reduce the number of priests and archers they possessed.

“ Kereeeuk. ”

It seems that only a small minority were able to rejoin with their main squad. It wasn’t a perfect result.

But I laughed.

Since Lee Youngdon was continually leading his ‘ squad ’ deeper into the forest.

“ Kereeeuk. ”

I quietly killed my breathing. The others also followed. And suddenly, I could hear the voices of the single main force inside the forest.

“ d.a.m.n . . . what the h.e.l.l happened? Hey, you still haven’t discovered our location yet? ”

“ I’m . . . I’m sorry, sir. ”

“ f.u.c.k.i.n.g useless b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s . . . I fed you and gave you a bed, but you can’t do s.h.i.t . . . ”

Lee Youngdon was complaining with his heavy armor on. It would be strange if he wasn’t frustrated. To be honest, he was armed up to his bones. To say it plainly, he had no brains. Despite loving girls and fighting, he valued his own body over anything. When searching for honor, he was more of a Green Skin than others.

I decided to monitor them a bit more. I was anticipating them entering our dug out ‘ Ant Tunnel. ’

“ d.a.m.n . . . d.a.m.n ! You still can’t find the other squads? f.u.c.k . . . once I return back to the city after this campaign, I’m going to call all of them and kill them, so make sure to tell them . . . useless b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s . . . ”

“ I’m sorry, sir. ”

“ For our clan to lack on so many levels . . . we won’t be able to attain any achievements, d.a.m.n it. I should’ve requested aid from the other clans . . . ”

Their troop numbers were definitely not small. The culprit for them continually heading deeper into the forest was because of that guy’s confidence.

However . . .

We were also prepared. The terrain was constantly being changed to make them baffled, but it was more aimed towards weakening the ground of certain areas by moving the roots.

Everything was planned for this one moment.

“ Kereeeeeuk. ”

I looked over at Jung Hayeon. She raised her staff, causing the ground that those guys were stepping on to slowly tremble before immediately collapsing.

“ Koong . . . ”

“ KWAAAAAAAANG ! ! ! ! ”

The ground collapsed in an instant. I raised my greatsword.

“ Victory ! For Victory Only ! ”

The clan began to shout.

“ For Blood Dagger ! ! ”

The terrain in which we stepped on was completely advantageous compared to them trapped below.

“ Fu . . . f.u.c.k what the h.e.l.l ! ”

“ You f.u.c.k.i.n.g Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s. ”


“ AHHHK ! ”

With the trees tilting down, there were countless casualties and the injury toll began to rise. But, there was no time to spare. By sparing our clans fighting force, this event wasn’t enough to finish off their troops.

Arrows continually fired into the pit as the goblins began to charge ahead from afar. We definitely couldn’t see the objective. Mev began to fire three arrows at once. Although the Red Cross Clan were trying their best to endure with magic and shields, it would be irrational if there were no casualties. Jung Hayeon, who didn’t have to preserve her mana now, began to move her roots towards the pit.


I could hear screams and something bursting from far away.

Since the distance was barely reachable by arrows, I wasn’t able to precisely determine the casualties of the opposition, but we continued to run. If we were to have attempted an ambush too closely, we could have been discovered, so this was an unavoidable situation. But, hearing the oncoming screams, I was able to slightly deduce their casualty situation a bit.

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

I quickly charged down. And then I encountered Lee Youngdon who was trying to escape out of this pit. Automatically, strength entered me. By raising my greatsword, I recklessly swung out. With a chance to split him in half with one blow, I rushed at him.


“ Dirty Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! How dareeeeee you ! ! ”

Lee Youngdon who had barely regained his balance with the others raised his large b.a.s.t.a.r.d Sword and clashed against me in the middle of the Western Forest.


“ Kwang ! ”

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