Green Skin Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Two Weapon Merchants (5)

I could feel that the dense strength through my hands. To exaggerate a bit, I could feel the impact running inside me.

‘ d.a.m.n. ’

Fitting of the title of Clan Master, the guy was certainly strong. I had simply thought that he was just a pig b.a.s.t.a.r.d that enjoyed girls, but it seems there were countless things hidden in his body. While he rotted away in this continent for quite a long time, he must have a Unique Ability. This was an unfavorable fight.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d was fully armored with a wide b.a.s.t.a.r.d Sword. The fact that the weapon was made to allow one to pierce to the end was quite impressive. But seeing how it was slightly shorter than a normal longsword, it seems that it was not a normal weapon.

“ You d.a.m.n.e.d Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d. How dare you. How dare you. ”

He was furious towards me. But, I was also burning in rage as well. Instantaneously, my eyes reddened as strength entered my muscles. But, after I pushed my sword harder, my greatsword began to deflect back. I thought I wouldn’t lose in terms of strength in a battle as an Ancient Orc, but it seems he is living up to his large frame.

“ Die ! ”

In an instant, his thick sword flew towards me. It was as if I was facing a monster in my human period. To be a monster in this situation was a bit ironic.

“ Kereeeuk ”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

The guy that will help me know just how strong I’ve become. That person was Lee Youngdon before my eyes. Before, Lee Youngdon was evaluated as exactly Intermediate in the city. Of course that was a very high ceiling then, but now, it was a wall where I believe that I could overcome.

The sword that was coming towards me. I blocked it. The reach of my greatsword was longer. Currently, I was the Queen of the North. And that guy was me.

Instantly, I began to make distance.

All the blows that came my way, as if I was handling a boar, I deflected his sword away.

The clashing of swords continued to echo in the battlefield.

‘ Strong. ’

But it didn’t mean that I had no room to breathe. Of course the battle against him was important, but the other clan members were the same. I looked around and began to shout to my subordinates.

“ Kill all of the humans that are climbing out ! ”

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

“ Victory ! Only ! For Victory ! ”

He definitely couldn’t understand what I said. But he’ll roughly know what it meant. I couldn’t spare any more attention to my subordinates. Since I was busy as well.

“ Kereeeeuk.”

“ You Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d b.i.t.c.h ! ! ”

Every step I took back, he would follow the same. The impact on my hands as if they were going to burst from his strength.

It felt like I’ll release my sword. Rather, this was quite enjoyable.

The battle against the Queen of the North.

It’s just like then.

Battling against the Strong was enjoyable.

I swung my greatsword down from above. Cutting through the air, the blade approached towards him. Seeing this, he bent down and swung his sword up.

“ Clang ! ”

My greatsword deflected back up into the sky. I knew that the guy would use this moment to attack. I let my greatsword go as it flew into the sky. Then, I quickly withdrew the ‘ Weapon-Breaking Longsword ’ that I had recently purchased, and blocked his sword with all my might.

This time, he was the Queen of the North. Unlike before, he recklessly attacked and rushed in. It seems that he was confident as a swordsman in close combat.


I threw the dagger I had towards him. He withdrew back and blocked it with his sword, which allowed me to retrieve my greatsword.

I had changed weapons for a brief second.

“ Kereeeeeung . . . ”

He was finally able to recognize it as well.

That the Weapon Merchant wasn’t some pushover.

“ f.u.c.k . . . ”

Foul language leaked from his mouth. While we were in this confrontation, the humans that hadn’t escaped the pit yet were continually screaming.


“ AHHHHK ! ”

The warriors that came together with Lee Youngdon were being blocked by the Five Goblin Siblings along with the other Orc Warriors.

As time went on, the one that was more desperate was definitely him.

As his forces haven’t completely climbed up yet, right now, I was the one with more advantage.


Not realizing, I began screaming as I rushed at him. I slashed the ground with my greatsword, causing a cloud of dust to scatter at him. But he wouldn’t be hit with such a sly attack as he slightly side-stepped and rushed at me. While trying to make the preemptive strike, it seems that it had caused an opposite effect. From the rush, I raised my greatsword.

“ Whoooooooooooong. ”

The slashing of the wind could be heard.

“ Kwang ! ”

I was able to block the guy’s sword, in which I released my sword immediately.

I will never miss a day.



The repeated actions were very natural. Releasing my greatsword, I simultaneously withdrew the Weapon Breaking Longsword. Then, half-twisting my body, I stabbed towards his neck.

With my other hand, I grabbed the released greatsword.

“ Kwang ! ”

The sword was blocked again.

Then, I instantly raised my greatsword and again stabbed towards his waist.

But it was blocked as well.

‘ Pig-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . ’

Time continued to flow. The Red Cross Clan Members in the pit had finished configuring their formation as they began to climb out of the pit. Although the Loyal Five Siblings were putting on a fine display, it seems that we were a bit desperate.

I swung my sword as I concurrently injected mana into my Weapon Breaking Longsword and clashed against his sword.

The sword precisely entered into the hole.

“ Kwang ! ”

Since I knew that he was superior in strength and mana, if things go wrong, my sword could be the one that could get broken, so I didn’t think of attempting to break it..


‘ At least I could restrict his movements. ’

Although he frustratingly moved his sword here and there, I also used all of my strength to not be apart from him. While he was restricted, I immediately grabbed my greatsword with one hand and swung down towards his head.

I was a bit agitated in anticipation of a pleasing Kwajik sound.

“ Kwang ! ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ? ”

But, my greatsword deflected out in that moment. I was sure that I swung my greatsword down. But, the fact that it flung out towards this side. It was a situation I couldn’t understand. The guy, seeing my alarmed expression, began to sickeningly laugh as he began to move his body. Soon, he separated from the Weapon Breaking Longsword.

“ Puk ! ”

“ Kereeeuk ! ”

Immense pain bursted from my stomach.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . Unique Ability ’

Anyone could see why he didn’t carry a shield as a tanker. Since his body was as solid as a shield, there was no need for one.


I screamed loud, but the damage was still done. The guy, seeing me like this, magnanimously laughed.

“ Puhahahahahaha. Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d b.i.t.c.h. Look at your expression. ”

Though I wasn’t certain, it was an ability that solidified one’s body. It was hard to determine the exact toughness of the ability. But I expected that it wasn’t as tough as one could imagine. Since if it was tough that even I couldn’t penetrate, then he wouldn’t have been satisfied being a subsidiary clan of the Holy Order.

Whether his ability was a duration skill or an active ability was the problem. But I was too impatient to test my theory one after the other. It wasn’t like I couldn’t move, but the problem lied with the internal bleeding. There was already blood flowing out of my stomach, and seeing that blood-red wound in my stomach, it meant that I had received a critical hit.

“ Kereeeeuk ”

I can still move. I surged towards him once again. Raising my greatsword, I swung down once more, but he blocked it completely with his body. It seems that since he had already deceived me, there was no more need to conceal his ability.

I began to closely inspect his skin. Whenever I swung, I could feel that his skin was changing a bit.

In other words, it wasn’t a passive skill.

Of course, being injured, I couldn’t completely block the guy’s attack. The damage in my body continued to accumulate. In comparison, how his body had no wounds was quite unfair.

‘ f.u.c.k. ’

Unique Ability.

A talented physical body, senses, lastly equipment and Unique Ability decided who the Strong were in this continent. These were the aspects that I did not possess just yet. What it means is that Lee Youngdon who is currently my opponent could be called Strong.

His body, class, and his Unique Ability were all quite secure.

Blood continued to flow out, but it didn’t stop me from swinging my sword. Of course, I had sufficiently reduced his forces, so we could retreat and pledge to fight them again in the future. But, I did not want to retreat.

I wanted to test my limits.

In the past, I can’t remember properly putting in effort. To be honest, I put on a ‘ pretense ’ of trying. However, I was extremely busy in this life.

It was like how I felt against the Queen of the North.

‘ I don’t want to lose. ’

I didn’t want to lose. That combative spirit which I did not possess in the past fixated my feet down.


If you consider his strength, it was a relief that my body was not already cut in half. To confirm that all the effort was not for naught, I began to walk uniquely, using whatever means to avoid and deflect his attacks. His annoying sword, his annoying ability. With the intention of destroying everything, I continued to swing my sword.

No matter how much I frowned and focused, the pain continued to vibrate within me.


Destroy. I will destroy everything. The speed at which I swung my sword began to hasten. I continuously changed from greatsword to longsword as I moved, with blood flowing out of my body onto the ground.

My other subordinates did not help me. Normally, they might have shot an arrow or two. But, I could feel them glancing towards this intense battle. They knew the fact that I was swinging my sword with the desire to win. It would be rude as a Green Skin to interfere in this kind of battle. Of course there were those that couldn’t leave the scene as they worried for my sake.


‘ How enjoyable. ’

My hands started to get faster. I continued to pressure him with greatsword, longsword, and even the dagger I had thrown earlier. As if his Unique Ability had a limit, his expression started to worsen. He was uncomfortable, considering how he was fighting an orc that looked to be on the verge of collapse, but did not let up in energy.

But despite all of this, I continued to swing my sword. After a while of mindlessly swinging my sword in pure delirium,

[ Unique Ability has been awakened. ]

I had finally finished my preparations of ranking up into a ‘ real ’ Strong.

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