Green Skin Chapter 47

Green Skin – Chapter 47: Two Weapon Merchants (6)

[ Unique Ability has been Awakened ]

The news was welcoming, but there was no time to analyze the ability. While I was busy clashing swords with him, the information began spilling into my brain.

[ Weapon Switch ]

[ Switches the weapon you currently have. Using the switched weapon increases critical rate for a set period of time. ]

Good. Bad. I’ll judge it afterwards. For now, I continued to wield my sword.

“ Just die you orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d! ”

It was as if Lee Youngdon had become desperate, he was continually cursing. As if I was going to fulfill his wish. But, I was the one that was being pressured back in our duel. The wound in my stomach continued to widen, while he, on the other hand, didn’t have a single scratch.

But for him to be growing desperate.

I was able to somewhat guess why he was acting desperate as we clashed our swords repeatedly.

The longer the fight.

The longer this fight continues.

I am gradually becoming stronger.

I’m now growing stronger.

Because of that, it was truly enjoyable. To be honest, I didn’t want this fight to end. Despite the wound widening on my end, the one that was becoming uneasy was Lee Youngdon.


With my Unique Ability ‘ Weapon Switch, ’ it was definitely somewhat lacking to face against the elites with. But this is just the start. As time passes by, I will grow, develop and evolve.

Just like how he invited me into his trap, I too invited him into mine. Once more, I swung my greatsword at him. Then, swapping out my greatsword, I took out my Weapon-breaking longsword and began to aim for his b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword.

Probably because of the bothersome situation he was in, he hurriedly changed the path of his sword, but I followed up immediately.

“ Kwang ! ”

I could feel the dense strength from him. But, I had caught his sword the way I intended to.

Then I immediately kicked out my other leg. Although I wasn’t able to reach the Queen of the North, I could definitely hit him.

“ Clank ! ”

Though my low kick had struck him in the calf, it wasn’t effective. Because of his Unique Ability, my leg rather trembled from the impact. I couldn’t feel the damage, probably due to my exhilaration. I continued to strike his leg while I chopped down my Weapon-breaking longsword.

Responding to my movement, he flung his body towards me as he rammed his head into mine.

‘ Pig b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ’

“ Kwang ! ”

It was the sound of thumping metals. The skull of an orc was extremely solid. Of course he would have reduced the damage with his Unique Ability, but it was still like trying to penetrate through a boulder. I was able to determine that his body was now showing some cracks.

“ AHHHK ! ”

The guy screamed painfully as he stumbled back.

I activated Weapon Switch.

The action was instantaneous. Even though switching from the greatsword to the longsword was very smooth initially for me. However, seeing this switch triggered from my Unique Ability, I was able to understand why this insignificant-looking ability was indeed a Unique Ability.

Before my brain was able to lay down a command, the weapon in my hand switched. The speed was unimaginable as the greatsword too large to be called a sword immediately switched locations with the Weapon-breaking longsword. The moment I thought I should activate my Unique Ability, every muscle in my body began to move in a series of simple repetitive actions.

Switching swords; what I aimed for was his weapon, as I waited for him to attack me with his sword and in doing so the b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword became stuck in my Weapon-breaking longsword. I then used Weapon Switch to disarm him while striking back with a slash in the very same movement. The result was more impressive than I imagined. I might have failed if I hadn’t kicked at him with my foot, or if we hadn’t headbutted. But now, I had the advantage.

“ Kereeeeuk ”

With a satisfying laugh, I continued to swing my greatsword.

“ Shiiiiiiiing! ”

The shrilling shrieks of slicing wind continued to screech as blood started to burst from the one whom could not be wounded; Lee Youngdon. Though the slash wasn’t deep, it was truly satisfying.

‘ Critical hit. ’

My attacks alone shouldn’t have been able to penetrate his Unique Ability. The recent strike must have been a critical one. Though I wasn’t able to discover just how much the strike rating was, seeing a critical strike from this slash, I couldn’t help but feel ecstatic.

The pale face of the weapon-less man. Though he had relied on his unbreakable body, he was now shocked at the blood coming out of his own wound.


I switched once again from my greatsword to his b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword. I could feel a bit of mana leaking out from me, it wasn’t too bothersome now that I had the upper hand. With his weapon, this time, I attacked his arm.

“ Kwang ! ”

‘ No critical hit this time? ’

Anyhow. There is still a lot of time.

I continued to swing my newly acquired b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword. There were instances when wounds emerged from his body, and other times when there wasn’t. Anyhow, blood continued to splatter up into the sky. With the prolonged agitation, at the time where I felt that my head was about to explode.



The guy that couldn’t endure it anymore, turned his back and began to flee.


I was extremely flustered when he suddenly turned his back on me while fighting for so long. It seems that he was crawling back into the pit that he came out from.

I immediately followed him towards the pit.

“ Fu . . . f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! Stop it ! Stop it ! Stop that b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ”

Screaming at the other Summoned to save his own a.s.s was truly shameless. In the surroundings, my subordinates, thinking I have won the honorable duel, began to loudly roar.

“ Blood Dagger has attained victory ! ”

“ Blood Dagger has won ! ”

Although they didn’t necessarily have to follow him, all of the Five Loyal Siblings including the First jumped into the pit. Although it was difficult to exactly determine what the current situation was, it seems that they had turned their battles around and already defeated all of their opponents.

I continued to swing at the flies that were buzzing around me. It seemed he was intent on saving his own life, as he continued to throw his clansmen at me while running away, which was truly unsightly.

“ Kereeeeung ”

Every time I swung my sword, blood and intestines continued to splash onto my body. The breaking of bones and relentless screams assaulted my ears as blood mixed in with sweat soaked my entire body.

It hasn’t ended yet. The party has just started . . . was what I thought before I could feel myself falling over. The First that was beside me was extremely surprised as he steadied me.

‘ d.a.m.n. ’

“ It was an honorable battle. Captain. ”

Not sure if he were consoling or cheering for me, he began to stare at me with concerned reddened eyes. It seemed he had recognized that I had lost too much blood. Those eyes implied that I shouldn’t participate in the battlefield any longer.

I began to relax in an instant. Finally, it was as if strength fully seeped away from my body. I couldn’t help but bite my lips in vexation.

Despite Lee Youngdon being the one that inflicted a lot of injuries onto me, he was truly cowardly. Although it could have been a relief if we were to have fought a duel to the death, it might have been me that would be lying on the ground.

Things started to blur. I quickly looked around me. Although it wasn’t as if there were no casualties, but it seems that we were predominantly controlling the battlefield. Seeing Mev’s arrows and Jung Hayeon’s roots spreading out were truly impressive.

‘ Can I declare that we won? ’

We definitely won. But I truly felt ill at ease. Receiving the support of the First, I began to look for him. Lee Youngdon who had already fled to the other side of the pit and was gaining more distance. With my current vitality, it was impossible to catch him now. Even considering, if I deployed my other subordinates, we might be able to capture him, but I didn’t want to imagine the number of casualties that would result from giving that order.

As if they knew that they couldn’t let Lee Youngdon escape, Jung Hayeon’s vines and Mev’s arrows continued to chase after them, but his clansmen that followed – unknowingly interfered and blocked the way as they continued fleeing.

‘ s.h.i.t . . . s.h.i.t . . . ’

The Warriors and Paladins, as if they knew who were the priorities, allowed the Magicians and Priests to lead the party, but there were only a few survivors.

At this time, my sight became even more blurry. The First entrusted my exhausted state to the Three Goblin Siblings as he began to display a grand performance within the remaining battlefield.

I want to fight.

But my body won’t listen to me. I spoke to the Three Goblin Siblings.

“ We won’t chase after the runaways. Finish off the ones here and return to the encampment. Receive your next orders from Mev. ”

The Three Goblin Siblings, with cute faces, nodded as they flicked away the arrows fired at them.

What should I do with Lee Young that had fled? Speculating where Choi Seulgi was around here, I was very curious, but my body had reached its limit. Although my eyes were still fiery with spirit, the Three Goblin Siblings knew that even I was exhausted as sweat rolled down my face.

If these guys were this difficult despite how fast we had grown, how much more challenging would the others be? Unable to hide my vexation, I closed my eyes.

“ s.h.i.t . . . s.h.i.t ! ! s.h.i.t ! ! How dare that Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . How dare he !”

Lee Youngdon was desperately running away. His unique ability, “Steel Skin,” which he thought was impossible to penetrate, was broken as he was riddled full of wounds, and the sword he had obtained from a past dungeon excursion was also taken. It would be strange in this instance if he was not enraged by the loss.

Although he wasn’t fully sure, but the vast majority of his clan was wiped out, and what they had achieved over the years vanished with that one mistake.

A small number, including himself, managed to escape the ambush. He prayed that the exhausted orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d would not send out a pursuit team, as he continued to clear away the branches as he fled.

“ f.u.c.k. .”

Although he couldn’t precisely find the way out within the unfamiliar terrain, but if he continued to head outwards, the city should appear.

Assuming so, Lee Youngdon continued running. He had already shown a cowardly appearance in front of his clansmen, as they stared at him uncomfortably. There should be no other reason for them to look at him other than that.

His authority had crumbled into the ground. Thinking that the commanding existence of the Red Cross Clan, unlike before, would change, he could feel a bitter taste lingering in his mouth, but he couldn’t express this. Rather, he was extremely embarrassed and enraged as he began to shout loudly.

“ Useless b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s ! Can’t you run faster? Faster ! What are you doing, Archers ! ”

As expected, he couldn’t hear any response. Anticipating that he would receive a scolding from the Holy Order once again, he became more depressed.

It was then.


The scream was heard from the far rear.

“f.u.c.k . . . d.a.m.n ! ! ! ”

It definitely seems that they had sent a pursuit team. And it probably included the Weapon Merchant as well. He continued to swear as he thought of an alternative plan. If they were to fight them, they could attain victory, but anyone not a warrior would have a high chance of dying, so he ignored those screams and continued to run.

“ AHHHHHHHHHK ! Master ! Master ! ”

The guys, one by one, screamed his name as they disappeared into the shadows, but he wouldn’t help them. He was already busy preserving his own life.

After running for some time, he was the only one alive. Lee Youngdon, exhausted, breathing heavily.

“ Haaaa . . . . Haaa . . . ”

A little bit more and the city would appear. He had lost everything, but he can regain it all again. If he started back from the basics, he could restore his previous stature, he thought as he breathed out. Suddenly, a dagger flew towards his throat.


With the dagger piercing his throat, he could feel an immense pain. But, he had survived. He took out the dagger and continued running. To be precise, the dagger flew at him in angle differently from when it was initially thrown. Continuing to run, he looked back to see a young woman. Normally, he would be full of suspicion, but after overcoming a horrifying life and death ordeal, he had lost his common sense as his mind did not permit him from thinking clearly.

“ d.a.m.n . . . d.a.m.n, help me. Over here ! Do you have a potion . . . If you help me return to the city, I will definitely reward you. ”

He continued to speak painfully, but the woman did not reply as she approached. Lee Youngdon, feeling something was not right, stepped back before hearing a voice.

“ Long time no see. ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ? ”

Lee Youngdon couldn’t help but doubt his eyes. Although her name was flickering in his mind, he couldn’t forget her voice and face. When he first saw her, he had determined that he would use whatever means necessary to take her in as his concubine.

‘ Choi Seulgi. ’

Why is the missing Choi Seulgi here, why was she currently holding a dagger, and how come she was approaching him, it was hard to understand. To explain it simply, he felt hostility from her. The murderous aura around her stabbed at his skin.

“ This crazy b.i.t.c.h . . . ”

No matter how much of a critical state he was in, he was enraged that he would be neglected by a girl like her in this situation.

Well, it’s all good.

He needed someone to relieve his stress anyways. After knocking her out half-unconsciously, he’ll take her to the city. Once there, he’ll eat her from head to toe.

“ Dirty eyes. ”

“ What? ”

Choi Seulgi instantly rushed him, as he realized then; that things were messed up.

“ Fu . . . Fu . . . f.u.c.k ! ”

Although he tried his best to stop her with his bare body, however, the vanishing Choi Seulgi soon appeared behind him.

He tried his best to activate ‘ Steel Skin, ’ but he had expended too much mana, so he was worried about its effectiveness. But it should still be able to block it. Was what he initially thought as he activated his Unique Ability.


The dagger was heading straight for his eyes. Though he hurriedly raised his arms, the dagger as if it was a snake swerved at his eyes, ripped his eyelid and pierced through his eyeball.

“ Puuuuuuuuuuk ”


He screamed in agony before he knew it. It was as if his eye was on fire. No, he could feel that his eye was completely destroyed.

“ Puhahahahahahahaha! ”

Seeing him rolling around in pain, Choi Seulgi was ridiculing him. Before Lee Youngdon could move again, the dagger pierced him again. Though he blocked some of it with his Steel Skin, by aiming for his weak spots, the dagger still continued to plunge into his body.

“ Puhahahahaha! ”

“ Sp . . . Spare me. Sp . . . Spare me please . . . If you spare me, I’ll do anything. Please . . . ”

Though he was rolling on the ground holding one eye, Choi Seulgi’s abrupt response was cold.

“ No. ”

Once more, the dagger flew towards his other eye. Although he stretched his arm out to push her away, he couldn’t block the dagger that was bending and curving towards him like a snake. As if he had spent all his mana, his Unique Ability wasn’t activating anymore.



His sight was completely gone.

“ Ughhhhhh . . . ”

He could feel a long weapon as if it was a skewer plunging into his ears.


He may have screamed, but his eardrums were already destroyed as he couldn’t hear his own screams properly. Nose, mouth, and even the intestines in the stomach. Pain filled his body as he was about to go crazy from the agonising intensity, before a potion entered his mouth.

‘ Kill me . . . . please . . . . ’

That was the last and sole thought Lee Youngdon thought of.

“ Tch. Hey, have you heard the story as well? ”

“ What story? ”

“ The rumors that the Red Cross Clan from the Western City of ‘Aia’ was completely annihilated? The Weapon Merchant or something Orc killed that Lee Youngdon guy brutally, his body had been grinded into mincemeat . . . also, towards the jungle side, there’s a d.a.m.n.e.d half-ogre that’s creating trouble lately. . . the world is coming to an end. An end. ”

“ Ah ah . . . I don’t know about those rumors that well. Although, I just know that it has been noisy lately, but it seems that the appearances of Named Monsters have been rising frequently. ”

The Coachman that was conducting a business service providing Summoned comfortable trips from city to city, nodded his head as they began to look around inside the carriage. This carriage only moved from city to city on a secure ‘road,’ but with the recent troubles of monsters, there wasn’t too much work. But it was a customer that had returned after a long while. Although there were quite a lot of people, there weren’t that many as beautiful as the two women within.

One looked like a Thief that utilized a dagger, while the other one held a long spear. Especially the one holding the spear, seeing that there were others escorting her, it seems that she was an extremely important individual. As if she had created a small clan. To be able to move in this period of turmoil, it seems that her abilities were better than average, so he wasn’t too worried.

But the Coachman soon stopped worrying completely. You only have to focus own your work. Since he had received gold coins in advance, after completing this journey, he thought that he should rest for a bit until the monsters quiet down, as he closed his mouth and started to move.

At that time, voices could be heard inside the carriage. Although he didn’t purposely try to listen, he couldn’t help but satiate his curiosity as he bent his head back, pointing his ears towards them. Soon, he could hear a beautiful, sweet voice. Indeed, he turned his head to look.

“ Where did you come from? ”

“ West. Not ‘Aia.’ A small city that’s a bit away from there. How about you? ”

“ Haha. I’m from that vicinity . . . how coincidental. This can be fate, so should we exchange names? I am called Choi Seulgi. ”

It seems that the Choi Seulgi was quite affable. Although the ones that were guarding her suddenly moved in front as precaution, the one holding the spear muttered: “ It’s alright, ” causing the others to release their cautionary stances.

‘ She’s definitely above average. ’

The Coachman thought like that as he continued to drive the wagon.

“ It’s Han Sohye. ”

“ Ahah . . . what a pretty name. Perhaps . . . where are you going? ”

The Coachman, who had been asked in advance the destination, already knew where Han Sohye was going. But he didn’t reply for her. It seemed rude to interrupt their conversation. Briefly, after a while Han Sohye replied to her question. There seemed to be some hesitation, but before long, a voiced filled with conviction spread throughout the carriage.

“ North. ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

“ Oh my. How ‘ coincidental. ’ I’m heading ‘North’ as well. ”

That was the last of their conversation, so the Coachman completely turned away his attention from the inside carriage. It was obvious that he was taking them to the ‘ Entrance ’ of the Northern Mountains, but to recklessly interfere in their conversation was quite impolite of him. In this strangely quiet road, the Coachman muttered to himself without knowing.

“ The world is coming to an end . . . an end. ”

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