Green Skin Chapter 48

Green Skin – Chapter 48: To the Dungeon (1)

I slowly began to open my eyes. I had returned back to the Green Goblin Clan’s Village after the battle. Beside me was Jung Hayeon sleeping with a rather pleased face.

It has been three days since the battle in the pit. Despite that, the aftermath of that fight still lingered on my body. I was able to hear soon after awakening how the battle had unfolded. I started to materialize that memory in my mind.

“ The fat human that the Captain fought died. It was the girl that probably killed her. Since other humans were dealing with the corpses, I couldn’t approach any further. ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

“ You gave so much to her, and yet she ran away just like that. You definitely can’t trust humans. Be careful. The girl that you’re mating with was originally a human as well. ”

Even though she spoke that last sentence in a whisper, there was no way Jung Hayeon wasn’t able to hear that. Jung Hayeon glared at Mev, who shrugged her shoulders as if she spoke what she had to say. With a natural expression, I left the tent.

Although Mev initially didn’t have much animosity towards Choi Seulgi, it seems that she harbored some dislike after this event. Rather than jealousy, it was a feeling as if the animal she raised ran away without being able to recognize the grace of the owner.

However, it wasn’t like I did not understand why she left. Choi Seulgi, who was unaware whether I had reincarnated or not, might have relocated to a different city for a different purpose, but I did not imagine she would not even spare the thought of saying goodbye to us.

Come to think of it, it seems that Choi Seulgi was solely believing in the Blood Dagger Clan. As for the Green Skins that loved to fight, gifting us this opportunity wasn’t bad from our perspective, but it was no different from Choi Seulgi setting up a trap for us to clash against the Red Cross Clan.

I wasn’t sure that the battle was provoked with her calling us over to this cave, but I think that about half was based on luck. If she truly wanted us to ensnare us into a trap, she would’ve revealed our exact location to those guys. It seems that she was waiting for them to ‘ discover ’ us.

‘ Smart. ’

She’s just like in the past. Still smart.

Her ultimate goal is probably the Saint Sword. With the nationwide wars that will occur across the continent in a few years, it wouldn’t be easy to anticipate a guess where she would move, but she would probably settle in the North.

Since the one that inflicted the largest harm against the Saint Sword was the ‘ North ’ after all.

I stopped worrying about Choi Seulgi. Of course it wasn’t like I wouldn’t think of her at times, but I could meet her anytime as long as I put my mind into it. Since both our objectives were perfectly matched. She must grow more among the humans, while I must become stronger amongst the monsters. Choi Seulgi may be important, but I was also desperate.

‘ I must be stronger. ’

For Choi Seulgi, myself, and to help all of my clan members, I need to become much stronger. I haven’t lost to Lee Youngdon. It would be proper to say that I had won, but despite that, the fact that he had escaped in the midst of the battle will never disappear.

He nearly killed everyone including me.

If I had failed to awaken my Unique Ability, Lee Youngdon may not have fled and won the battle.

‘ I still lack power. ’

With these useless thoughts roaming around my mind, my body began to heat up again. Rising up from the bed and slightly pushing the sleeping Jung Hayeon to the side, she suddenly began to rub her eyes. While waking up, I had unintentionally woken her up.

“ Mm . . . . Mm . . . you’re awake. ”

“ Sleep a bit more. ”

“ No, it’s fine. ”

After confirming that Choi Seulgi had completely departed from this place, she was extremely bright. As if she was truly a thorn in her eyes. Even if she were to know that Choi Seulgi had reincarnated, I wouldn’t attempt to block Jung Hayeon since the relationship between Seulgi and I was rather simple, but also because after this battle, I knew just how indispensable Jung Hayeon was to our clan.

She depended and relied on me. Seeing the growth potential in her, I have to take care of her. She is definitely a person of importance for my goals, and with her current magic ability, her power is extremely valuable.

I laid Jung Hayeon back down into bed again, as it would be more bothersome for her to be awakened right now.

Carrying my ‘ Large Greatsword too large to be called a sword, ’ also the ‘ Weapon-breaking Longsword, ’ as well as the weapon that Lee Youngdon used, I headed outside.

With my body heating up, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to swing the sword for a bit.

After heading outside, I moved to a quiet location. I withdrew the weapon and began to confirm it.

[ Mana Wide-bladed Longsword ]

[  It is a Mana Longsword that naturally injects mana. It is a supply weapon provided to Ancient Warriors, but it boasts excellent capabilities unlike regular supply weapons. ]

[ Mana +1 ]

“ Nice. ”

My astonished voice escaped me before I even knew it. Weapons with added stats was uncommon. I was finally able to understand how Lee Youngdon was able to sustain his Unique Ability for so long now. With a weapon like this that infused +1 mana, the effectiveness of this weapon was significant.

It was a perfect item for a large, strength warrior.

He probably worked his a.s.s off gathering points in order to buy this.

I began to swing this sword around. It was lighter than a Greatsword and felt very comfortable. Above all, the weight was balanced between a regular longsword and a greatsword. It seems that this sword specialized in providing a greater blow considering it’s shorter reach. With how easy it was to inject mana into it, it was certain that a greater blow could be struck with it.

If the greatsword was used to oppress the opponent’s long-distance, then this one would be responsible for middle-distance range.

And the last thing I could not overlook was precisely the Unique Ability.

[ Weapon Switch ]

[ Switches the weapon you currently have. Using the switched weapon increases critical rate for a set period of time. ]

“ Ughh . . . ”

At first glance, it didn’t look bad, however it was as if something was sorely lacking. Whether it was changing shiny objects into a flashbang or if it was completely ignoring the defense of the opposition. Or if not that, the ability to continuously wield divine power like the Saint Sword – the fact that it wasn’t as grand as these Unique Abilities was extremely disheartening.

Among the countless Unique Abilities, if this were to be evaluated, it would be precisely ‘ Medium ’ or even ‘ Lower ’ in grade. However, this critical rate was extremely useful. I still couldn’t forget the attacks that penetrated his Unique Ability at that time. Reminiscing back to that scene, I felt power re-energizing my body. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that I swung my sword just to feel that critical hit.

‘ Anyhow, let’s use it. ’

For Unique Abilities, you can evolve it or gather points and purchase one from the Item Shop. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that by obtaining an irregular Unique Ability one can hinder your growth. So I nodded my head and began to swing my sword as the morning sun gradually rose high.

As soon as morning arrived, Green Goblin came to find me. He always came to check to see my progress in training.

“ Blood Dagger. ”

“ Green Goblin. ”

“ Ggirik. I have already heard that you have attained victory in an honorable battle. Even our Hobgoblins expected for you to lose, but you are indeed impressive Blood Dagger. Ggirik. Ggirik. ”

“ It was just a fluke. ”

It was just as I said. I was extremely lucky. A battle that could only be explained with that term.

“ Luck is also a skill. Blood Dagger. It hasn’t even been three years, and you have immediately obtained an ability. There are still goblins within our clans that still haven’t awakened one yet. ”

“ Is that so . . . Kereeeeuk. ”

It felt good, but it was a situation where I couldn’t really laugh, I began to explain to him about my newly-obtained ability. His expression to that was so-so. Rather, he had an amusing expression as he listened on.

“ Good. ”

“ . . . . . . . . . ? ”

“ Is it not a good ability? The fact that you obtained an ability that relies on your physical prowess to fight. ”

It seems that this was the usual mindset of the Green Skins. When I decided that I wouldn’t talk to him any longer, he opened his mouth once again.

“ It’s not just that. Blood Dagger. Ggirik. This dagger that I’m currently holding. Can you look at it for a moment? ”

From his words, I slowly began to inspect the dagger.

[ Rusted Ancient Dagger ]

[ Legendary Goblin assassin’s dagger. This was the dagger used by Greech. Surprisingly, although it is rusty, it did not lose its sharpness. Increases the rate of poisoning the enemy. Also increases the rate of inflicting an illness to the enemy. ]

[ Mana +1, Vitality +1 , Dexterity +5 ]

‘ What the fu . . . ’

To be honest, it was impressive. Of course it was incomparable to the sword possessed by the Saint Sword, but with these capabilities, this item was definitely of the elite. Especially the Dexterity +5 stat which was truly overwhelming. I had never seen an item raise a stat this much in my life.

With Green Goblin’s original speed along with this dagger, it was a situation that was hard to imagine just how agile and fast Green Goblin was. But seeing this item, I couldn’t help but understand and realize why my Unique Ability was good.

‘ Reliance of Items. ’

Funny as it may sound, it meant to arm oneself with items. Green Goblin, seeing my expression, began to quietly laugh.

“ It is a dagger I purchased from the store prepared by the G.o.d of the Battlefield. Ggirik. Ggirik. Do you understand what I’m saying? ”

I silently nodded my head. Although I wasn’t sure if his thoughts and mine exactly matched, but it seems that he was telling me to arm myself with good items.

For example, the Queen of the North and Green Goblin would find it ‘uncomfortable’ to carry these items on one’s back while fighting. It would rather hinder their movement. It would definitely be uncomfortable to carry weapons that raise one’s stats that one would not use.

Of course, increased stats were important, but what was more significant is the battle itself. But their circumstances compared to mine were a bit different.

As one’s fighting style relied on a variety of weapons to fight, having more weapons was necessary. Especially having more special weapons

It’s not like I was fighting with the same sword. I wasn’t swinging the sword with the same style as well. But with this Unique Ability, the fact that I could control the distance against my opponents was extremely advantageous, making this a very good Unique Ability.

Greatswords, longswords, daggers, and other weapons that will be added in the future. Every one of those items will be unique in their own way. And like this dagger, which could inflict poison and illnesses, by gathering these kind of items, I could add more confusion.

Using these weapons with added stats as much as possible.

Funny enough, the nickname ‘ Weapon Merchant ’ that the humans came up with matched perfectly with my fighting style, as well as my growth method.

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