Green Skin Chapter 55

Chapter 55Green Skin – Chapter 55: Porter (2)

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“ Captain. How many do you think died? ”

“ Kereeuk. ”

As soon as we woke up this morning, we continued through the tomb, and not long after, we were able to discover their traces. A torrent scene of a battle and the scattered remains of an encampment.

Just like what Mev had reported, we were able see corpses abandoned behind the collapsed undead. There was a girl’s body torn to pieces in an unrecognizable state. Although she was of a very small stature, she wasn’t able to even close her eyes, as if she found this extremely unfair.

Roughly estimating, it appears they were in the midst of dinner, but due to the sudden assault of the undead, they weren’t able to properly construct a formation.

Of course, as veterans, they were able to defend their position, but it seemed that the Porters weren’t able to escape. Although luckily one had seemed to have survived, the other however had become like this. Meg started to fly over here and explain.

“ This woman died from magic. That wind Magician killed her. ”

“ I see . . . ”

“ I think she was caught in the AOE magic attack along with the other undead. Definitely along with that large undead over there. The human warrior beside it was also killed by that large undead it seems. ”

Looking to the side, one of the warriors had his head detached and broken, which now was sitting beside a rock. There was only one casualty. Although they must have not cared about the Porter, they should have come to a conclusion that they had no choice but to sacrifice the warrior.

In the end, only five of them will survive to clear this dungeon. It would be advantageous for them to have as many people survive as possible till the end, but it was a painful loss losing one of the Porters. If the other Porter did not survive until the end, I thought that it would be cause for a greatly embarrassing situation on our side.

“ Kereeeeuk. ”

As such, after looking at the corpses for quite a while, I looked at Mev, who was flying across the battle scene explaining.

It seems that the humans didn’t just fight. Just from hearing the explanation, the Green Skins began to raise both their hands in agitation.

“ I think that human died here. I think his head is cracked. ”

“ Do you see any other traces? ”

“ Mmm . . . it seems that there are large amounts of mating done here . . . after the battle. They sure did a lot. ”

“ Is that so. ”

From the spot Mev pointed at, I began to wonder whether they had installed a tent there. Even though there were casualties after, it seems that there was no stopping the men relieving their s.e.x.u.a.l desires at all. Probably from the smell of humans, Mev appallingly turned her head back in disgust, as I began to lose myself in thought once again.

I have seen countless trash in the 10 years I had lived in the Continent, but these guys were really human trash.

‘ Tch. ’

I clicked my tongue, in which Black Spear nodded and spoke.

“ If humans are mating so much, then it’s a welcoming matter for us. ”

“ Kereeeeuk ”

As someone of the second generation, from Black Spear’s alarming remark, I did not retort back. If it was previously, Black Spear’s village would have fallen. Having such useless thoughts, the human party seems to have continued on their march.

It was a shame that the items possessed by the dead warrior were all carefully looted clean by the party, but thinking of the items that we could attain in the end, I decided not to think of it too much.

And, as we headed further on, we saw more traces of battles.

Just like the title of Ancient Warrior’s Tomb, there were no traps. However, this dungeon compared to others had even stronger undead, clear evidence of this was revealed by the large amounts of blood spilt on the ground, making myself wonder how intense the fight was.

Fortunately, there was no corpse of the other Porter. I looked at Mev and spoke.

“ Mev. ”

“ Yes Captain. ”

“ Do you see any tracks of her? ”

Staring at me in a puzzled expression, I began explaining.

“ The other remaining person carrying the large bags. The weakest female among these guys. ”

“ Ahah. You were talking about her? One second . . . ”

It wouldn’t be easy to search around so much battle traces to find signs of her, but it seemed that wasn’t the case with how Mev replied, causing me to nod.

Since she was weaker than the others, there would be a lot of traces of her as well. Soon, after Mev quickly looked around, she gradually declared.

“ I see it. ”

Slowly walking over, she began to point to a spot.

“ Hmm . . . she was a bit hurt . . . there wasn’t a serious injury, but it seems that her body wasn’t so good. Probably because she mated too much. Just like last time, she ran back once the battle started . . . but her speed decreased a bit it seems. ”

After running ahead, she soon touched a pillar and spoke once again.

“ And she hid behind this pillar. Until the battle ended, she hid here. ”

“ After that? ”

“ I think she loitered around here after the battle. Until the rest of the team finished up. There’s something written here. No, they may be scratches. I’m not sure what it means? ”

From Mev’s words, I slowly moved towards her. Hearing that something was written, Hayeon too followed behind me and soon we were able to see what was scratched on the pillar with a dagger.

[ I will kill them. I will kill them. ]

What I saw was ‘ Korean. ’

I thought I was mistaken, so I looked back at Hayeon, but she too nodded.

And so I thought that maybe things turned out for the better. It seems that the Porter was not in her right mind due to her comrade dying. For her to hide what she wrote and be obsessed in staying alive, it seems that there’s no need to worry, but in case something might happen before we attack at them, I began to worry.

I slowly rolled my head.

While I was thinking, our party began trailing behind them at a set distance, and soon, we naturally found countless traces.

“ Captain. This time, over here. ”

“ Mmm . . . ”

“ She was hiding here. It seems that she was scratching the wall with her dagger the whole time. ”

‘ She must be insane. ’

Was what I thought as I stared at the walls. Although the scratches were very small, I could somewhat estimate what the current mentality of this girl was heading towards. With Mev discovering traces of mating here, it wasn’t just the girl. The whole clan was crazy and out of their minds.

It was the same for the room where the middle boss was. One of the Named Monsters; ‘ Corrupted Archer ’ was famous for possessing a very nice bow, but it was much too large for Mev to use from what I remember. As expected, there were a few more dead here, aligning to the level of the middle boss here.

There was one that had an arrow penetrated through his shield and chest. I don’t think it was the Wind Magician, but there was a female magician that also had an arrow through her body.

“ A total of three dead? ”

“ Yes. The moment they entered the entrance, the boss fired its arrows. That was how the first warrior died. The person to die afterwards was this Magician. How interesting. Do you believe the undead can think? ”

“ I’m not sure, but I have heard rumours that it is indeed possible? ”

“ Mm . . .anyhow, the last to die was an archer. ”

The moment the enemy entered its sight, it seems the ‘ Corrupted Archer ’ fired his arrows, gifting the warrior, magician and archer an arrow each. What was quite impressive was what was determined to be the Clan Master’s ability. Before his comrades were targeted again, he succeeded in rushing towards it as fast as possible and immobilizing him.

The Porter as well. Despite the monster being a ranged attacker, she was able to understand the situation and quickly hid her body. Not sure, but it seems that she tried her utmost not be a target by sticking herself to the walls.

“ What great will. ”

“ Huh? ”

“ The will to survive. ”

From Mev’s words, I naturally looked at Hayeon. Embarrassingly, she lowered her head, but this girl was a bit different from Hayeon in terms of will. In Hayeon’s situation, she just blindly wanted ‘ to live, ’ but in the Porter’s case, I could feel immense hatred. If you need to compare it to someone, it was similar to Seulgi’s. It seems that she was intent on surviving and repaying them back.

A lot of time had passed and we had traversed about halfway through the dungeon. No, to be honest, we had gone a bit past halfway considering how the party had discovered the ‘ Corrupted Archer, ’ meaning that we had advanced quite a bit.

As we continued discovering traces of battles, both Black Spear and our Blood Dagger Clan were gradually becoming more excited, as I thought of how dissatisfied they were being unable to fight for the past few days.

The Blood Dagger Clan was able to contain themselves as they were used to these kinds of things, but for Black Spear, I could see that he was truly restless.

Anyhow, I called for Gark over. It was to explain to him the plan that I had come up with. But of course, what I needed to confirm beforehand was his ability. To be precise, it was an experiment.

“ Gark. ”

“ Blood . . . For Blood Dagger. ”

“ I have a task for you. ”

I began slowly explaining the situation to Gark. Although he was naïve, he wasn’t stupid. After a while, he nodded and soon spoke.

“ I will reward Blood Dagger’s faith ! Kereeeuk. ”

“ I’m counting on you, Gark. Everything is on your shoulders. ”

“ Wo . . . woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

Although he wanted to scream, due to the circumstances, he was quietly expressing his joy. The other three Goblin Siblings began looking, as if envious. I already knew of it, but they were probably furious that I was trusting this task to Gark over them. Seeing those cute faces, I stroked their heads, and with a happy expression, they clenched their fists.

Gark too came over and pushed his head towards my side. Although I didn’t need to, in order for the experiment to succeed, I stroked his head, and soon with a happy face, he began hiding his body.

First, I was testing to see if he could avoid our eyes.

In a moment, his presence began to disappear. With him walking in the Stealth Walk skill that he learnt from Green Goblin, soon, it was extremely difficult to find out where he was. Black Spear, who might be in a similar position if not advanced, began shaking his head.

“ I cannot properly feel his presence. Since he is close, I know for now, but if he distances himself a bit more, it will be difficult to grasp where he is. You have a great warrior under you Blood Dagger. ”

“ Kereeeeeuk. Thank you, Black Spear. ”

The experiment was a grand success.

Since Gark had to use his mana more efficiently than before, I handed over the stolen longsword I had obtained from Lee Youngdon. The longsword that had helped Lee Youngdon maintain his Unique Ability for so long. This would be of great help to Gark on his mission. Soon, understanding my intentions, he appeared and accepted my longsword.

“ For Blood Dagger. ”

He grabbed the longsword as if he was truly honored. It was understandable that I couldn’t determine where he was, but what was more alarming was even hearing that Black Spear couldn’t determine where he was. Of course his ability will be released once he attacks, but Gark’s current ability was more than enough.

I nodded, causing Gark to hide his body once again, and soon completely disappeared as he embarked on his mission.

For now, the problem was to bring that Porter over to us. No, we can have her come to us on her own accord. That’s the first priority.

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