Green Skin Chapter 54

Green Skin – Chapter 54: Porter (1)

The distance between us were not so close. But the problem was that if we could notice them, then indeed, they would in turn notice us. If one of them was an archer like Mev, the possibility of them noticing us was very high.

I quietly raised my hand, and soon absolute stillness soon entered the group. We had to hide our presence as much as possible. Everyone I had brought specialized in killing their presences, as all of them began to hide in their own disposition. With a slightly worried face, I looked at Black Spear, and he too began to kill his breathing.

He hadn’t trained for it personally, but it seems that at least he knows basic stealth. Since it was a very quiet dungeon, soon voices began to resound through the passage. There were two sounds of footsteps. Although we weren’t able to determine who they were, but listening to the shaking armor, thankfully it wasn’t an archer.

‘ Perhaps a warrior . . . ’

“ Hehehe . . ”

The voice of a person laughing like an idiot began to resonate. Mev had definitely said that they were quite far away, so it seems highly likely that they had separated from the main group to investigate the area.

But, this task is usually assigned to an archer, so I began to wonder why a warrior had appeared. But, that curiosity soon disappeared.

At first, nothing could be heard, but as time went by, the moaning and groaning of a woman had largely filled the dungeon. Not sure if that was fortunate or not, but it seems that the man was wholly focused on the woman. It’s definite that the person that accompanied him was a Porter.

‘ Crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d. ’

“ Ahhhb . . . Eub . . . Ahk . . . . Ahk ! ”

“ Whew . . . . . . . Be quiet. ”

The only thing that we could hear was guttural. Although I had expected it, Porters were really treated less than a human, even causing me to be a bit bitter as well. It was because I had remembered the time between Choi Seulgi and I.

Even after we had killed our presence, we continued to hear their voices. However, after some time had passed, the screams slowly began to drift away.

‘ Tch . . . ’

No matter how much the path in the dungeon was one way, for him to be this far apart from the group and committing this kind of act, I couldn’t help but think that the nerves of this guy was great. Maybe he assumed that there was not much danger since they had already traversed this path. Or rather he was confident in his ability. Anyhow, seeing that, I was able to obtain some more information.

I wasn’t sure up to where they had reached, but it seems that they were resting after a battle. They were probably regenerating their mana while having supper. And this guy, unable to endure his s.e.x.u.a.l desire, dragged the Porter out.

When I was a human, there was always that kind of guy. The type of b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s that look for the opposite s.e.x after a battle. The fear and excitement of near death would rather increase s.e.x.u.a.l desire. As they gradually went away, we too began to withdraw.

The guy could be sensitive after finishing and might confirm our location. However, thankfully that kind of event did not happen.

Mev now stared at me nodding that she could not feel their presence any longer, allowing me to slightly lower my hand. The anxiety of the party had started to ease.

So after we continued to wait in the dungeon, a bit later, Mev spoke.

“ Mating is done so quick between them. Are mating among humans always this fast? ”

“ Mmm . . . . . . ”

Not sure what kind of response she anticipated, but I did not bother tackling the question. It was definitely short, but it was that thought had never crossed my mind. But seeing the goblins lower their heads from Mev’s remark, it seems that there were a few of them that were on the level of that human.

Fortunately, I was relieved that I was not among them, but due to that, I thought it was best to rest today.

“ We are going to rest here today. ”

“ Understood. Ggirik. ”

“ Alright, Blood Dagger. ”

We did not put up tents, because if they suddenly return, then we would have to quickly withdraw them. After quietly finishing our meal, after some time, silence filled the dungeon. Of course, we had decided on having a night watch.

Just like when we had traveled to the North, I signaled for the trembling Hayeon, who quickly clung onto me after thanking me.

She kept wrapping her thighs around my thing as if she wanted to arouse it, but we could never do it. She herself knew that she shouldn’t be doing this, but it seems that it was hard for her to contain her l.u.s.t. In the end, I resolved this situation by having Hayeon and Mev together.

Mev with a drowsy expression and Hayeon being embarrassed. I knew that the relationship between the two wasn’t so good, but it was quite amusing to see.

If it wasn’t the Captain’s order, she certainly would have rejected my offer.

“ Huh. Be honored. Because of Captain, I’m doing this. ”

“ Yes . . . Thank you very much. ”

After a while, seeing the two closely together with one another, a smile subconsciously appeared on my face. As such, the night passed in the dungeon.

“ Hey, was there anything unusual? ”

“ No, you think there was? Just in case, I swept away everything from the start. ”

Hana, hearing a voice from somewhere, slowly turned her head. The clan was having supper. She was worried for Ahyeon who had suddenly been taken away by a warrior.

Hana was a warrior, and Ahyeon was a Summoned that wished to be a magician. As someone that could only simply call for water and raise a fire, preparing dinner was much more difficult, but what Hana was more focused on was her safety.

Thankfully, it seemed like nothing serious had happened. She held her chest in relief. Even though she knew that after all the tents were set up, he would come bother Ahyeon, but for him to directly take her out like that, his thing in the middle must be truly large. She quietly moved towards Ahyeon to check on her.

“ Are you okay? ”

“ Yes. Unni, nothing much happened. Hehe . . . ”

It seems to be a relief, seems to be fine.

But seeing the emotionless Ahyeon, Hana couldn’t help but bite her lips. It was because they did not want to admit that they were being raped by this group.

She quickly thought about something else, the h.e.l.l that would come to her after they finished supper and reluctantly began having dinner. It would be nice if someone could kill all of these b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s and save the two of them. Was what she thought daily, but her wish was never fulfilled.

Soon, even after supper was all prepared and in the midst of eating, they still had to be wary and cautious.

She was very uneasy of when the Wind Magician Mina might explode, especially with her current sour expression. Just like she had expected, she spat out the food onto the ground and shouted.

“ Tch. f.u.c.k . . . It’s so salty. You think you can get married with this? Well . . . you’re not in the situation to even get a groom . . . hoho. ”

“ Unni  . . . you’re right, but aren’t they pitiful? Puhaha. ”

“ How pitiful? If I were them, I’d rather commit suicide than live. ”

‘ That f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.i.t.c.h . . . ’

She continued to swear internally being forced to listen to Mina’s rant. There was never a time when she overlooked something. Of course she was scared, but even she wouldn’t touch her this time due to tonight’s ‘ task ’.  Whether she should be happy or sad, she couldn’t really figure it out.

Even though they were of the same gender, for the clan women to not understand their situation, to quietly watch and look down on them like thorns that were a nuisance in their eyes.

‘ These inhumane b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s . . . ’

Their laughter continued to resound in the dungeon. Hana and Ahyeon were totally alienated from the party.

While they were slowly finishing up supper, it was then.

“ Prepare for battle. It’s the undead. ”

With the party’s archer speaking, everyone began to rise in the midst of supper. Hana, hearing the cry that a battle was about to transpire, quickly grabbed Ahyeon’s hand and began to withdraw from the spot.

If a battle were to happen, they would not protect them. Even though they say that they were the clan’s wealth, they were just consumables. She had to protect both herself and Ahyeon. They definitely had to enter inside the formation that the warriors had created.

“ Unni! ”

“ What are you dazing for? Hurry up and run. Hurry! ”

“ Yes . . Yes! ”

Hana ran together with Ahyeon as she looked back. The monsters were larger than the undead that they had first encountered. There were many undead warriors that surrounded a tall undead with an axe on hand. Thankfully, there were none that could attack from range. Although there were not as many, from the previous battle, she realized that this wasn’t some easy dungeon. Especially the Named Monster-looking one that was in front was the most intimidating. The warriors withdrew their weapons and began rushing at it. It was to keep them as far as possible from reaching the party’s magician.


Screams rang, but it didn’t matter to them. The battle had already started without any concern for them.

It was then.

Ahyeon suddenly let go of her hand as she suddenly fell down. There was no mistake that it was an aftereffect from the time when she had left before supper.

“ Ah . . . Ahyeon! ”

“ Ahhk . . . Unni! ”

‘ d.a.m.n . . . s.h.i.t . . . ’

The formation was penetrated. The warriors will definitely help them. It wasn’t only them that were in danger, but also the magicians and priests. Although the situation was very urgent, in that short time, she waited for the warriors to come help them.


What arrived here were not the warriors, but Wind Magician Mina’s magic. A sudden storm collided against them, as wind blades began to surge out all around. Unfortunately, the range was wide. She definitely couldn’t have escaped that area of effect (AOE) attack.

“ NO!!! ”

A large voice could be heard after the resounding eruption.

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