Green Skin Chapter 57

Green Skin – Chapter 57: Revenge (2)

“ Captain! Did we succeed with this? ”

“ Well . . . Half of it . . . ”

We had definitely conveyed the message over. While our enemies were fighting, Gark had superbly done his job by leading the woman out of the group, and with Hayeon’s alluring fragrance, we were able to make her enter a hallucinatory state.

I never had expected Hayeon to be able to control her magic to this extent, clearly showing her progress in skills.

Although, I was a bit taken aback with all of the Savior talk, she probably made an image out of me as a person to lean on.

Not sure what had exactly happened over there, but there was no question that her desire to kill them exists for real.

It was when I was first saw her writings, why I had thought that she would someday attack her party. Of course, whether the attack will succeed or not is unknown, but it was funny imagining her trying to attack from behind. A crazy attempt in a formation with only priests and magicians.

She will send a signal to us using whatever means possible, when she reaches the end of the dungeon. For us to just match her signal and enter was a very favorable situation. Of course, on our side it would be Gark that would receive that signal.

Nodding my head, I patted Gark’s shoulder as a means of encouragement.

Soon, Gark’s face became brighter as we increased the distance between them and us. It was due to meeting Ahyeon, that we were closer than we wanted to be. As we were moving, Black Spear asked me.

“ Blood Dagger, can you speak the language of the humans? ”

I had expected this question already, but it wasn’t a difficult question. I nodded and replied.

“ A little bit . . . not too much. Black Spear, it is best to learn when you can. ”

“ I see . . . for a warrior that has just entered the continent, you have learned a lot. You, are a wise warrior. ”

I could feel a look of admiration coming from him. For some reason, I thought that I had misunderstood his eyes to be similar to that of Gark’s. It was a look of utmost reverence.

Anyhow, we began to move again. With the seed planted, it won’t be long before the seed has budded and yields fruit for the harvesting. Watching my subordinates follow the battle traces for the past few days caused my heart to ache.

Time was flowing, and the guys were moving faster than before.

What was amusing was that there were no longer any casualties. The circumstances were definitely becoming more exciting. The fact that there were just five survivors in this dungeon was strange. Of course, one could think that all of them were swept aside by the Dungeon Master, but despite that, there being only five survivors was definitely strange.

It might be just a personal thought, but in the original past, I think that Ahyeon might have attacked them in this last boss room. If I recall the memory in the past, I didn’t see the high level Wind Magician in the survivor list I think. I blamed my head for not remembering these exact details.

‘ Tch . . . You reap what you sow. ’

Perhaps as soon as the boss battle began, there was a high possibility that Ahyeon had leapt after the Wind Magician to avenge her comrade. Of course she would have failed, but that sudden time span would have caused the party to be in great danger. Although the dungeon clear was a success, the clan suffered greatly as a result.

And that was all due to a Porter who they all treated as a pig.

Joyfully, I began to move.

As such, after some time had passed.

I was looking down upon a very large group of undead. Regrettably, there were no casualties in this fight as well. This guy was also categorized among the Named monsters as well

. It seems that the party was growing and adapting to the dungeon. But . . .

“ It seems that they had rested a day before leaving? They didn’t have too much mating here as well . . . ”

There is no reason for them to be tired. It seems they are anticipating the end of the dungeon as well, and probably used this day to reorganize and equip themselves. If I can recall, it shouldn’t be far from here before the Dungeon Master’s room.

Seeing the interior of the tomb became more magnificent, even those without knowledge of dungeons would feel it.

‘ The end is near. ’

To say it plainly, these grand undeads were the last protecting the Dungeon Master.

“ Raise your weapons. Kereeeeeuk. It’s time for battle. ”

The guys who were stressed out day after day, hearing my command, they were extremely elated. It was the same for Black Spear. I could even see Hayeon and Mev’s eyes glow reddish.

The battle starts from now.

The fatigue has piled up, and the end has arrived. We couldn’t exactly pinpoint the location of the boss, but definitely . . . they were fighting it. Before they started fighting, there was not much left from them.

I slowly moved closer. I tried to hold firm and resolute before the battle, but there was a limit to what I can do with the body of a Green Skin. However, I maintained my fortitude to complete my objective.

I looked over to Gark.

“ For Blood Dagger. ”

Gark with his red eyes disappeared, and I could sense his presence becoming vague.

First, Gark will arrive there and prevent Ahyeon from acting recklessly, while also judging the exact situation for us.

The second was to check whether they were fighting the Dungeon Master or not.

And thirdly, we would attack those guys.

We killed our breathing and began to approach them. Until the signal comes, we will wait. With Gark’s senses, he will definitely know when it is most ideal for us to advance. As time went by, my muscles tingled in anticipation and my breathing became rougher from the thought of seeing blood.

“ Kereeeeeuk. ”

The beastly sounds continued to emerge from my mouth subconsciously.

It was the same for the rest.

As such, much time passed.

So much so, that it was difficult for me to contain myself, it was then.

Very timely.

I began to hear the voice of Gark bellowing from the front.

“ For Victory ! ! ! ! ”

It was no question that we responded to the war cry. Ironically, I was the first one to react to the voice.

“ For Victory ! ! ! ”

“ Victory! For Victory Only! ”

“ For Blood Dagger! ”

“ For Blood Dagger ! ! ! ”

I ran with my greatsword. A green wave filled the dungeon. It has been truly too long since my desire for battle surged like this. I couldn’t help but think that we were like the Goff Clan.

“ Kwaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

“ Woaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! ”

“ Ggirik ”

The goblins were running wildly in glee with their weapons, as Black Spear was already thinking of throwing his black spear from the excitement.

I tried to control my state, but my eyes were red and I could feel the rough breathing escape me. These guys were truly strong. But the Blood Dagger Clan will never lose. We never fight a losing battle.

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

Advancing through, the first people we saw were Gark and Ahyeon. It seems that Gark was successful in preventing Ahyeon from attacking. With my red eyes, I stared at Ahyeon. Although I quickly moved by her, I definitely heard her voice.

“ Savior . . . Savior ! ”

Amusing enough, whether I should feel good for being praised like that, or whether it doesn’t matter to her if I’m an orc, I couldn’t help but be curious. However, I didn’t have any spare time to concern myself with that.

I couldn’t control myself while fighting the enemies before me.

“ Fu . . . f.u.c.k. Monsters ! ”

“ Bl . . . Black Spear, how come . . . . ”

“ Orcs. Youngsoo! Orcs ! ”

It definitely seems that rumors of me had yet to spread to Legius. Although, beginners might recognize me; the elites would not know of the Weapon Merchant at all.

“ Ahhhhhhhk! ”

While they turned their focus towards us. The Dungeon Master, ‘ Ancient Warrior ’ swung his sword. The Ancient Warrior’s size wasn’t that enormous. However, surrounded by the undead soldiers protecting him, while also attacking the party, they could not withdraw their formation. The moment they disperse their formation, their clan would be totally slaughtered.

Despite knowing that we were coming, they could not retreat.

I quickly monitored the female magician’s state. Not too sure, but it seems she had already casted a grand spell. Seeing the undead soldiers and broken armors that were swept away, I was almost certain. Blocked both from the front and back.

There was no place for them to run away.

It was then the party leader spoke.

“ Other than the three warriors and the priests, the rest of us will concentrate our firepower on the back. I will deal with the Dungeon Master. Mina, please. ”

“ f.u.c.k . . . we have no luck. I get it, so worry about your own. ”

Once again, she began casting. Judging from that, we were thought to be weaker than the undead, it seems they wanted to attack us first. Unfortunately, the troll who came with us thought otherwise. Rather, the group that we came with would bring a greater disaster to the enemy magician.

“ Kereeeeeuk ”

“ For Victory ! ! ”

With Black Spear holding his black spear, I ran beside him. His slender looking arms flaunted its muscles in an instant. Worried that she would die because of the attack, I quickly opened my mouth. It was because we had to prepare something else for her.

“ Her life . . . ”

As if he understand, the spear slashed through the wind as if it was ripping apart the air, as it penetrated through towards that side.

“ Ggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. ”

A bone-chilling tearing sound, as if a ghost was crying, but I didn’t have time to spectate the result of that spear’s path. The enemies were right in front of my nose. All that I’ve endured, it was time to be liberated.

“ Victory ! For Victory Only ! ”

“ For Victory Only! ”

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

As such, one by one, the Blood Dagger Clan began leaping onto the opponents.

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