Green Skin Chapter 58

Green Skin – Chapter 58: Revenge (3)

“ Help . . . Help ! ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhk ! ”

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhk ! AHHHHHHK ! Priest . . . Priests! ”

Screams could be heard somewhere before we had charged in. The black spear had directly penetrated through the wind magician. Immediately, before we clashed with the enemies, I raised my head and saw her dangling on the ground with the black spear impaling her.

If Black Spear had thrown his spear a bit lower, it would have been amusing to see the Wind Magician be stuck there like a skewer.

Just one blow.

He had erased the enemy’s most powerful magician with that one throw.

In a room not too large or small, were three groups. The Ancient Warrior with it’s undead, the humans, and along with Black Spear were my Blood Dagger Clan. It would have been more convenient to have gone in when the human numbers decreased a little, but due to my fear of Ahyeon dying. I had to proceed with the plan earlier than expected.

To be honest, the greater catalyst was the experience. If it weren’t for Black Spear, then I would have not been so bold as to order the attack as early as I did.

Both the undead and humans, they will be the footstool to our road to growth.

“ Victory! For Victory Only! ”

I swung my large greatsword at the warriors in front of me. Sadly, I had lent the sword I had retrieved from Youngdon to Gark. So, I was fighting my enemies with just three weapons.

My attack was blocked, but I wasn’t too concerned.

The reason is because we were extremely used to these kinds of situations. Although all of us were attacking them like blood-crazed animals, our bodies had already adjusted to the fighting methods we previously learnt.

To say it plainly, the Ancient Warrior and the undead were tankers, while we are the thieves that were aiming for the backline. This is the most used strategy that we have employed alongside our fights with the Goff Clan.

“ Plant Tile! ”

Instantly, roots emerged from the floor, as Hayeon was determined to hold them in place with an advanced spell, much stronger than the regular Entangle spell that she normally casts.

Those tree size roots had begun to quickly fill the room in at such a short period of time.

Separating the two groups and making an advantageous landscape for us. Our clan that consisted of a lot of assassins, these kinds of environment are beneficial for them. No, what was more advantageous was that it forcefully split the human party up.

“ Bang! ”

The warrior’s shield had blocked my strike once again. I had expected the shield to be cut in half, but it withstood the strong blow. Roughly estimating, they were on a similar level to that of Youngdon. With the man swinging his sword, I quickly hid my body amongst the roots.

The guy tried to follow me, however, Hayeon in the back of the room was controlling the roots as she blocked his vision of sight.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh! f.u.c.k.i.n.g Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s! ”

They weren’t in imminent danger as of yet, but they were clearly frustrated. Although he could deflect them by blows, the roots in his way was truly becoming a nuisance. Thanks to that, he was isolated from his group.

“ For Blood Dagger! ”

In that instant, a sword was slicing towards him from the back. Gark, had snuck behind him with his Unique Ability.

“ s.h.i.t ! ”

What good timing. With the man quickly turning his head and frantically blocking the sword towards the First, I rushed back at him and cut off his arm with my long greatsword.

As I had anticipated, my sword had completely sliced off his arm. No, I had completely crushed it.

“ Crack! ”

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhk! ”

That pleasant scream. Although the guy was encircled with holy power, it was only temporary. With the priests having limited visibility, they couldn’t focus their healing onto a specific target and were forced to sprinkle holy power onto the whole area.

“ Kereeeeeuk ”

I swung my sword once again at the arm that was holding the shield, as Gark simultaneously crushed his head with his sword. Blood spurted from his face.

“ Ughhhhhhh . . . ”

“ Kwajik! ”

“ For Blood Daggerrrrrrrrr! ”

The lamentable death accompanied Gark’s loud chant. His techniques were quite useful, but since he had spent so much energy here already, it seems he was in an exhausted state. I patted his shoulders and asked.

“ The others? ”

“ Kereeuk ”

He disappeared again in reply. Although he looked tired from the excessive use of his mana, he was also extremely pleased. With that kind of face, there shouldn’t be any problems. With Gark disappearing, I quickly began to look around me. I could hear sporadic screams from here and there. Amongst them, I could hear very high-toned goblin noises near me.

“ Ggirik ! Ggirik! ”

“ There ! There ! ”

“ Wow, this human is really strong ! ”

Running towards the source of the sound, I discovered the three goblin sisters from the Loyal Five. They were fighting a human together and had him surrounded. Although he was using skills to try and escape from the terrain, the very nimble three sisters were blocking all of his attacks.

“ Kwaaaaaaaa! ”

Raising my voice, I ran towards the guy.

“ It’s the Captain ! ”

“ Fight with the Captain ! Let’s Go ! Ggirik Ggirik! ”

The Goblin Sisters approached the man as soon as I closed in.

“ d.a.m.n it. These f.u.c.k.i.n.g crazy goblins ! ”

With me running at him, he tried his best to escape to the other side, but the goblin sister with the shield cut him off. By using whatever means possible, they were shortening the circle and range around him. Since they were circling around him as they drew closer, it was extremely tricky for him to escape.

Thankfully, when I swung my greatsword at him, he was in a bound state.

“ For Victory! ”

Those high-toned voices continued to resonate around me. In response, he swung his sword at me in order to block it, but it was a very welcoming matter for me.

‘ Weapon Switch. ’

I immediately triggered my Unique Ability, allowing me to switch to my Weapon-Breaking Longsword as I secured a hold of his sword. “ Kwang! ” With a dumbfounded expression, he saw his sword become entangled in mine.

And soon, the screams followed.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhk! ”

While I was holding him at bay, the goblin sister with the hammer began smashing into him.

“ Nice ! Nice! ”

With one of his legs broken, his fate was sealed. Before I was able to cut his head off, the goblin with the longsword began thrusting hers into him, as the goblin sister with the shield broke his balance.

“ One blow ! One Blow ! ”

“ Kwajik ! ”

What was waiting for him as he tripped was a hammer.

“ Ahhhhhhhk ! ”

He might have not died, but he was incapable of battle. His face was completely smashed in and all of his teeth were broken. I spoke to the goblin sisters.

“ Break his arms and legs, and send him to the back. ”

“ Understood, Captain! Hee hee ! ”

“ Ahhhhhhhk ! ”

They were extremely happy, and enjoyed the battles immensely, so much so that even chills ran down me. Soon, I could hear ripping sounds from their weapons
smashing into the man’s arms and legs. I ignored the sounds and moved further away. Hopefully, closer to the objective with the largest chunks of experience. Along the way, I was able to see Mev’s arrows and Black Spear’s spears riddled randomly across the roots, but each of us were busy enough with our own tasks at hand. Going closer, for some odd reason, I began to feel ‘ heat. ’ Specifically, it was the weapon that the Ancient Warrior was holding.

‘ Ancient Flame. ’

With the structure of a two-handed medieval Flambe from the human world, the sword had a thick coat of flames flaring. Amusing enough, the sword had features of being able to generate heat and ignite flames. Even in the achievement log, there was no mention of how much exactly the sword raised one’s stats.

Although the item wasn’t of the best grade, it was definitely at least of a ‘ Rare ’ level. No to be honest, it could be considered at barely being a Unique grade. Although it may be of a common element, it was a weapon near unmatched in efficiency of that kind.

There was only one simple reason why I could feel this heat. The Clan Master and the Dungeon Boss are clashing their swords against one another, and I was near. While I continued to head towards the source, I began to hear voices.

“ Haaaaaa . . . . Haa . . . . how’s the situation? ”

“ Haaa . . . . I don’t know . . . f.u.c.k, all these roots have covered up our line of sight . . . ”

“ d.a.m.n . . . First, we have to take care of this Undead b.a.s.t.a.r.d first. ”

Seeing that they were conversing while battling, it seems they had the Ancient Warrior surrounded. But the Named Monster lived up to his name as the Ancient Warrior and wasn’t an easy opponent. With that burning heat, I could hear the Ancient Warrior’s sword clashing and exchanging blows.

“ Clang ! ”

“ Clang ! ! ! ”

“ Ahhhhhhhhhk ! ”

Even the roots in the surroundings were melting due to the intense heat. Although, it may not seem much at first, for those that were facing the Ancient Warrior, it must be dreadful since that heat was draining away their health.

Assuming that they didn’t have the time to be concerned of this side, I began to slowly watch them.

It was precisely a three versus one scenario. Quite a neck-in-neck battle. At this rate, even they should realize that the sword that the Ancient Warrior was wielding was quite dangerous. Even if they were to win this battle, with their current health, they would stand no chance against Black Spear. As if they had read my mind, I began to see a surge of desperation from their attacking movements.

Due to their desperation, one of them was sacrificed in the end.

“ Pukkk! ”

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhk ! ”

Accompanying the plunging sound was the Ancient Flame penetrating one of the guys.

“ Changsoo ! ! ”

“ You f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ”

The Clan Master looked at the guy, as if agitated from seeing his comrade stabbed through, rushed at Ancient Warrior aiming for his arm with his sword bent. Anyone could see that it was an alien movement. The Ancient Warrior, realizing that the human was aiming for its arm, tried to withdraw his sword, but the Clan Master’s sword continued to trail it.

‘ Unique Ability. ’

The Sword had enormous mana surrounding it. Not sure what the ability was exactly, but it felt like the sword’s speed had increased drastically. It wasn’t just that, it was as if the targeting of the arm was allowing the sword to be sucked towards that direction.

It seemed like an ability that will allow one’s attack to reach it’s targeted location. Quite similar to the archer’s particular ‘ Guiding Arrows. ’ As his sword reached the Ancient Warrior’s arm, its arm went flying in the air shockingly.

I began watching the arm flying up in the air. It had let go of Ancient Flame… This was the most opportune chance. Although the Clan Master was reaching for the sword with a bright face, of course I was much faster at intercepting weapons.

I raised my body reflexively and rushed towards them.

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