Green Skin Chapter 63

Green Skin – Chapter 63: Subordinate (2)

“ Impressive . . . ”

Black Spear muttered as he gazed at the captured humans.

Obvious enough, but this was a plan that was bound to succeed. Once news traveled that a new dungeon was found. It would quickly reach the other cities, scholars and mages that desired knowledge would rush over. While others had flocked over for the items, for the opportunities to become strong.

City of Legius had not only gained reputation from this ordeal, but had also increased in population as well. In other words, it had fattened too much. All of this had transpired exactly 18 days after Ahyeon had reported it to the guild.

Recalling back to the past, it seemed that the city was more crowded than before. It must be the advertisement campaign of the ‘ Sky Dragon Guild, ’ which ran into over drive. The management in Legius promoting the findings of this dungeon were being rewarded well. There was a major difference between a clan that made a logbook and publishing it to that of a large guild.

Thanks to that, Black Spear was staring at me with astonished eyes. As if he was looking at a sage, he watched me with his mouth agape.

“ Did I not clearly say this would happen? ”

“ Indeed. You did. However, it is unbelievable to see even with the naked eye. You are truly a wise Green Skin, oh Blood Dagger who has lost his honor. ”

Interestingly enough, Black Spear now had a strong affinity towards me. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was stronger than I, and that he was not leading the Black Spear Clan. It felt like he would’ve wanted to join my clan that instant watching his expression.

In the end, after measured glances at me for about 10 days, he finally gathered his confidence and spoke up.

“ Is it possible for this troll, that lacks much to become a brother of the Blood Dagger Clan? Blood Dagger, the warrior who has lost honor. ”

In fact, I was aware that he would broach this topic after we had left the dungeon that day. It was because the gaze that he often gave me was very similar to that of Goff’s before we had separated.

Originally, Green Skins stick with each other, but in the case of brother clans, that link is closer. Just like how Goff and I decided to move together three years from then, Black Spear also wished to join.

“ Of course, not right now. When you truly become independent and raise your flag. I wish to fight alongside you. ”

I nodded thankfully from his proposal.

“ For you to request of me this kind of proposal. Too flattering . . . Kereeeuk. ”

After he finished speaking, as if he was somewhat nervous, he was watching intently at me as sweat rolled down his brow. In order to transmit my message to him clearly, I spoke once more.

“ I’ll thankfully accept your offer, my brother. For Power, Wisdom and Honor. ”

“ Thank you, Brother. For Power, Wisdom and Honor. ”

He looked pleased. It seemed that he felt like that by being with us, he can develop the clan safely and become stronger. However, the clan that benefited more was Blood Dagger. After our independence, we would attain a strong and valuable ally.

While Legius was fattening at the time, I had also not wasted my time by lazily wandering around. I had begun to learn the Black Spear Javelin technique. Of course, it was difficult to imitate the graceful and flexible throwing technique of Black Spear with his long arms. However, with the proficiency of the Ancient Orc skill, I was able to become quite familiar with it.

It was completely different from that of throwing a dagger. The form, to the movements of the body. It wasn’t just me that was training though, as the members of the Blood Dagger Clan were busily working as well. They were all learning how to throw a spear, which I had commanded them to do, since there was no harm despite the difficulty of it.

Thanks to that, our clan’s collective power had increased a bit in that timespan.

It wasn’t just us that had changed, but funny enough, another had awakened his Unique Ability. It wasn’t Mev or Hayeon that had awakened it, but the Second that stayed behind to lead in my stead at the Green Goblin Clan’s encampment.

For one that was supposed to remain with the Green Goblins, he had instead showed up here in front of us. Although I was initially concerned that he had come after disobeying my orders, but after listening to him speak, I thought for sure that it was never like that.

I began to recall the recent conversation that we had.

‘ Woaaaaaaaaaa! For Blood Dagger ! ’

Seeing that I didn’t have a bemused expression, he quickly settled down and bowed.

‘ Where are the subordinates that were with you at the Green Goblin village, Hark?! ’

Following my words, the First was even more of a sight to behold.

‘ Hark had rebelled against Blood Dagger’s order! Hark must be punished. Please suspend him from hunting ! I will definitely fill the vacant seat left by Hark, Gark promises ! Captain ! ’

At this time, Gark was menacingly staring down at Hark, as if he was standing on top of the heavens. It was similar from the three Goblin Siblings as they started throwing stones at their older brother.

‘ Blood Dagger doesn’t need a dirty subordinate that defies orders. Ggirik! ’

‘ I will cut family ties with Hark! I will cut it ! Ggirik Ggirik ! ’

‘ It’s unbelievable how we had came out from the same stomach! Ggirik ! Ugly Hark, bow down immediately and plead for forgiveness! ’

Hark being attacked by stones was resisting, and soon quickly opened his mouth to me.

‘ It is not so. How would I ever defy the words of Blood Dagger. This . . . this is a new Hark. New Hark! ’

Hark who would never defy me had apparently dreamt of hunting with me and Gark joyfully every night. He had also witnessed humans hunting together, as they shared the brotherly love. Although he had really wanted to go, since he could not disobey Blood Dagger’s given responsibility, he wasn’t able to leave his spot.

While he was fighting against himself internally of his desire to be with Blood Dagger, his Unique Ability had suddenly awakened like that.

[ Mirror Image. ]

Funny enough, that was the title of his ability. Like Gark, it seems that he was also a prodigy. I couldn’t help but think how monstrous these two really were. I had never heard of such an ability. Although the First had an ability that was understandable and somewhat common, but this one was beyond my imagination. To summarize, it was simply another version of himself. So whoever fights Hark will have to experience a 2 vs 1 situation.

Of course it wasn’t like there were any disadvantages. Although the duration was extremely long, considering how he had found us here. The clone however, was incomparably weak compared to his original self in attack power, and when the new Hark is inflicted damage, the original body will also suffer as well. Considering this, it was a critical disadvantage.

However, it was quite clear that this ability will reveal its true value as it grows and develops. If this ability were to reveal its full potential, then it would take opponents by surprise and make them extremely flustered. Anyhow, since we did not have to move around sneakily any longer, I invited him in as all of the Blood Dagger Clan gathered together.

Through the Covenant Ring, I was able to see that Ahyeon was enjoying her secret life as she trained, and with all the strong members present, the situation was quite nice.

If there was a problem in our clan . . .

‘ The number of subordinates. ’

When we had passed the Warrior’s exam, we were 65 strong, but after many battles, we had about 45 remaining. Only 20 had passed away after those countless battles, but considering the ratio, this was a very problematic issue.

After I was absentmindedly pondering for some time, Black Spear noticed my expression and queried.

“ What are you thinking, Blood Dagger? ”

Normally, he would ask me questions if he was curious. Quite a mature guy. From what I had heard, nearly all of his subordinates had failed the Warrior’s exam, so I was curious of the strategy as to how he could lead such an excellent tribe after that ordeal.

“ Black Spear, how were you able to increase the number of subordinates so much? ”

Hearing me, he looked at me with his eyes wide open. Rather than an expression of admiration, it was a bemusing one.

“ That is through mating of course, Blood Dagger. ”

Now I was able to realize why he was staring at me like that. There shouldn’t have been any other alternative.

“ The majority of the Green Skins in the tribe are my children. ”

I knew roughly that the breeding power of the Green Skins were different from the humans, but for them to flourish to these kinds of numbers within three years was truly astonishing. So much so that, I had even thought why we couldn’t flourish like this as well. Nevertheless, after pausing to think, the cause was quite simple. Before I could even think about it, Black Spear continued.

“ Come to think of it, it seems that your clan lacks female Green Skins. ”

“ That . . . that is so. ”

“ Hmm . . . ”

A perfect answer. Though I had not cared for much about the s.e.x ratio between females and males, but our clan had an abnormally high number of males. Thinking of the females, the only ones that come into mind would be Mev and the three goblin sisters, but the other Green Skins began to avoid them ever since they wanted to be my wives.

For the three goblin sisters, they didn’t pursue the matter as much (maybe it was due to the green skin they had on) but for Mev, that was a different story. Although I had thought that there was relative freedom between the s.e.x.e.s among the Green Skins, but that wasn’t the case. It seemed that the tribal females began shooing away the males, as they pursued their grand dreams, causing a great restriction to the clan.

Of course we were also busy as we battled incessantly without much rest, but this imbalance was perilous. Individual growth was important, but the growth of the tribe as a whole was equally critical as well. I couldn’t help but fall under a great dilemma.

To be honest, the solution was simple. If I were to become the king of breeding, this would solve everything, but just like how I could not abandon my human mind completely as a Green Skin, I did not want to have children in this matter.

“ Grunt . . . ”

In this situation, I began to ponder and brainstorm. If this could not be done from the inside, then I must supplement the numbers from the outside. Normally, Green Skins would be with their clans, but from my memory, I could recall seeing goblins that were maintaining their tribes without having a clan. There were even goblins that wandered around without a village.

Curious, I asked Black Spear concerning the situation.

“ What are the Green Skins that do not have a clan flag, if I may ask Black Spear? ”

After pondering for some time, deciding that this wasn’t too much of a distressful matter, he slowly began to speak.

“ You are asking of the Green Skins that do form groups? ”

“ That is so. ”

Expecting that reply, after a brief wait, an answer I did not expect flowed out of his mouth.

“ It is not all, but most of them are Green Skins that have fled the Warrior’s Exam. ”

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