Green Skin Chapter 64

Green Skin – Chapter 64: New Subordinate (1)

Compared to other Green Skins, Mev was quite intelligible. Especially after evolving to a fairy, she had become much smarter. Although, compared to her original Green Skin self, she had regretted evolving to a fairy, but after thinking how strange he was, she thought that she did extremely well.

In comparison to that plant woman named Choi Seulgi, and even to the human girl named Ahyeon whom the Chief had shown interest to, she was able to see Blood Dagger’s self.

‘ He definitely has a fetish. ’

If she were to have not realized this, she might have regretted evolving into a fairy for the rest of her life. Entering her test, she began to take out her secret weapon that was hidden in the corner.

Milk obtained from the females of Evil Beasts.

The reason why she was so obsessed with this while liquid was because of the Chief.

‘ Captain. Mating . . . . ’

That magical sentence that would block her s.e.x.u.a.l desire.

‘ You’re too small. ’

He definitely said that. She was too small in comparison to the Chief Blood Dagger’s body. If he had the body of a goblin like he did in the past, it wouldn’t have mattered, but now he was a dignified orc. Though she wasn’t able to figure out whether he was blocking her because he was worried or if it didn’t match to his tastes, but this was a very concerning situation. It wasn’t like he disliked her, but she couldn’t help but ponder.

If it was because he disliked her, this was extremely despairing. He does take care and value her at times, but whether she received this as a loyal subordinate or a dignified female, she began to question herself regarding this matter.

She might be ugly, but for her s.e.x.u.a.l.i.t.y to be rock bottom. There was nothing more disheartening than that. As thoughts clouded her, she raised her secret weapon up.

While she was drinking milk, in that instant, she could sense the three goblin sisters loitering outside. She quickly hid it away and spoke to them. It seems that the day has finally arrived.

“ Come in ! ”

“ Ggirik ! Understood. ”

“ Unni ! Ggirik ! ”

The three goblin sisters had decided to follow her recently, of course these three were greatly changing to that of a human appearance. In other words, they wanted to be the wives of the Chief as well. However, with those small goblin bodies, she knew it was impossible for them to receive Blood Dagger’s seed.

It was obvious the reason as to why they sought her out. It was to gather information concerning Blood Dagger. While they were chattering for a while, they began to ask Mev senseless questions.

“ Mev. Have you mated with Blood Dagger? Ggirik ! Is it that amazing? ”

To be honest, there was no instance of her having mated. But, with the position of the Chief’s wife, she was forced to lie.

“ It’s . . . it’s really amazing. Blood Dagger is a great Green Skin. Strong in the day and in the night. Once you have a taste of his strength, you can never part from him. ”

Flustered, a resounding exclamation exploded from them.

“ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

“ As expected from the Chief ! Blood Dagger is different. Ggirik ! Compared to the stupid Hark and Gark, he is a completely different Orc ! ”

“ After Mev is pregnant, will it be our turn? Ggirik ! It’s our turn right? Ggirik ! ”

There was probably no hope for these three sisters that were smaller than her. But, her mind had already blanked out as she spoke.

“ Um . . . um . . . to be honest, Blood Dagger and I do not have plans on having a child. ”

“ Why . . . How come ?! ”

“ I have heard that he wants to focus more on his subordinates at this time. ”

This wasn’t a lie. In reality, Blood Dagger thought a great deal for his other subordinates. He was always looking for ways to advance, and develop his tribe in his movements. Finishing, the three sisters nodded in understanding.

“ I understand the feelings of Blood Dagger. Ggirik ! ”

“ But he is the Chief ! He needs to do his utmost to breed ! Ggirik. That is the Chief’s duty ! ”

“ Mev needs to completely change Blood Dagger’s thoughts. Mev can do it ! ”

But Mev had already expected this kind of reply. Seeing those fiery eyes, her confidence slowly faltered from their strong stances in this matter.

Why would she not want to breed herself? However, Blood Dagger does not want it. He definitely had no thought of changing his belief on the matter.

“ I . . . I’ll try. ”

In the end, this kind of conversation had appeared. From someone that hadn’t even sprayed his seed, how could she possibly try and convince him? Her thoughts were all jumbled up, but she couldn’t help it.

“ In Mev we trust. Ggirik Ggirik ! ”

“ You must not lose to that plant woman, never ! Ggirik ! ”

She was completely losing the battle at the moment. Soon, after achieving their objective, the goblins soon left and Mev couldn’t help but hold her head. She had lied for the first time in her life. It felt like her heart was about to burst.

Mev began to recall the possibility of success. Evaluating the current situation of the tribe, for some reason, she was gaining confidence that she could do it. Although they had initially departed with a lot of numbers, the clan had decreased in size slowly. The smart, no the really intelligent Blood Dagger would definitely realize what the current situation the clan was in.

Mating and breeding was becoming more and more essential for the well-being of the tribe. With how much the Blood Dagger was lacking in females, as the leader and host, he must set an example first.

Of course the plant woman was already receiving Blood Dagger’s seed, but seeing how she was not pregnant, there was definitely some sort of problem. That was exactly why she didn’t concern herself much with the plant woman. For a human with her lower half being that of a plant, it should be impossible for her to be pregnant. He must move for the revival of the clan.

Mev, thus, nodded to herself.

It was then.

“ Mev . . . the Captain calls. He told me to tell you to come to his tent as soon as possible. ”

Those electrifying words woke Mev up as her hands began to tremble with expectation and excitement. The Blood Dagger was currently having a break after those countless battles.

Of course the wise and intelligent Chief would notice this. He was definitely worried about the current state of the tribe and the number of subordinates.

‘ As expected, that plant woman can’t have babies. There’s no mistake. ’

Was what she was thinking.

For a female plant to not even have babies was quite pitiable, but that meant that she would soon have a great opportunity. Blood Dagger will eventually turn his eye somewhere else. Mev decided to re-measure how much she had grown.

Raising herself up, she felt that she had grown, no she was certain. It seems that the milk she drank daily was effective and efficacious.

“ Nice ! ”

Subconsciously, an exclamation escaped her mouth as she slowly entered Blood Dagger’s tent.

“ You’re here. ”

“ Yes, Captain . . . ”

It was difficult for her to control her shy body. She didn’t see the plant woman in the tent, which meant that the plant woman was completely thrown away for. With the affirmation that she was the one and only mistress of the the Blood Dagger, she straightened her back upright with confidence.

The tent of Blood Dagger became more visible to her, and the blanket that Blood Dagger slept in entered her line of sight. It was natural that she was drooling. For someone like her who had fell in love with him from the days of Blood Dagger as a goblin, of course her eyes would automatically scan the place.

She wondered what sweet words he’ll say. ‘ For the revival of the tribe, I need your help. ’ Or maybe ‘ Have my children ’ as countless sentences wandered around her head, but what she wanted most was the reply ‘ Mev . . . I want you. ’ With her heart pounding, Mev looked up to Blood Dagger.


The words that flowed from Blood Dagger were completely different from what she had anticipated.

“ Mev, could you find the Green Skins that are without a clan in the vicinity? I’ve been thinking that we need to recruit some new subordinates. You know just as well that our numbers are scarce as of late. I need to bring in some female Green Skins to reinvigorate the tribe. Even better if new subordinates were to join us.”

After his soliloquy, it felt like the whole world was collapsing down onto her. She had never imagined that he would supplement the scarce numbers of the tribe through external sources. However, the Chief’s command was absolute. Mev, without energy, nodded.

“ Mm . . . yeah . . . ”

‘ It definitely seems that she needs to grow more. Must she grow as much as a palm? ’

As if worried seeing her slumped shoulders, she began to hear Blood Dagger’s voice.

“ It seems you’re not feeling too well. Mev. ”

“ Yeah. A bit . . . ”

Even if she were to urge him to mate, she knew it wouldn’t work. It was because she had already grasped the strict and difficult behavior of Blood Dagger. But is he worrying about her because she said she wasn’t feeling well? She could feel a hand extend over to her.

“ I trust you the most, Mev. It’ll be troublesome if you were to get hurt or not feel well. If there’s anything you need at any time, I want you to tell me. ”

Soon, Blood Dagger’s large hand began stroking her hair down, as she closed her eyes in comfort.

It may be a misconception, but she felt Blood Dagger’s heart. That it wasn’t that he disliked her, but that he valued her extremely. His warm hands were sharing her that kind of story.

Afterwards, once they finished sharing and talking regarding to the plans and future of the tribe, Mev was able to quietly leave the tent. Although she couldn’t achieve her goal, but it was quite a pleasant and enjoyable time. As soon as she came out, the Three Goblin Sisters approached her.

“ How was it, Mev? ”

“ Does . . . does the Captain still not want to have a child? Ggirik Ggirik. ”

Anxiously, they asked Mev.

“ Yeah. But it won’t be long I think. If we wait a little, it should be fine. ”

“As expected from Mev ! ”

“ Blood Dagger is strong in the day and in the night ! Ggirik ! ”

Although it wasn’t long, Mev recalled the back to when his hand stroked her as she laughed pleasantly.

‘ He definitely has feelings for me. It’s just my body that’s the problem! ’

Consequently, Mev threw herself into the forest to fulfill Blood Dagger’s command.

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