Green Skin Chapter 70

[Sa…Savior… Savior-nim. Can…can I come with you?]

From Ahyeon’s words, I had to consider for a moment. In this test, there was no purpose to kill the humans, however, if she was the only one from the Sky Dragon Guild to return alive, then they might consider it strange.

With how he was to proceed with the two tests for Hakajin and the female troll’s group, it was more so. But I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to see her face to face, so I granted her wish.

[It wouldn’t be bad to see you once.]

An immediate reply. She was extremely excited as I heard her voice.

[Th-thank you! Savior-nim. Thank you!]

After listening to her, I disconnected the call.

There was a high chance that she would start spreading the information immediately after our conversation. Words like, ‘There’s a village somewhere here.’ As those rumors would reveal themselves over time within the city, it will eventually lead the cattle of the village towards us. Anyhow, first priority was the city. As long as things proceeded under my expectations, they wouldn’t show an unfamiliar reaction to this rumor.

As I was listing the order of what needed to happen, I injected mana back into the ring. And soon I heard Ahyeon’s voice again.

[Haaaaa….Savior-nim…..Thank you……Haaaaaa…….Ahhhhhhhh]

It hasn’t been long since I had disconnected the line, but it seems she had returned to her original game. At this time, I was curious of this woman’s personal life.

[Baek Ahyeon]

[….sa…savior-nim. Wa…wait…AHHH! AHHHHHHH ahhh..]

[Wa…Wa…..Ahh…AHH…Sa…Savio……AH! Th…is…This is…Ahhh..]

[Sob……So…I’m sorry….Sob……..Please….Please kill me…….Sob….]


Nothing consoling of the sort came into my mind. In the end…

[It’s alright.]

I said this, which caused the girl to despair even more.


[No, it truly is okay. Everyone has s.e.x.u.a.l desires.]

After saying this much, it seemed that the girl finally settled down and we were able to continue our conversation naturally. After I briefly explained my plan to her, Ahyeon’s voice came into my mind.

[So we are entering the first phase of the plan.]

[That is so.]

[Okay. I understand. Everything will be done for Savior-nim.]

As such, after a prolonged conversation, I disconnected the line. Even I hadn’t thought that this unexpected event would occur, as even I felt a little embarrassed. Funny enough, even I experienced a bit of s.e.x.u.a.l arousal.

In the end, Hayeon, who was able to sense and smell this kind of s.e.x.u.a.l desire extremely well, entered my tent as I momentarily enjoyed a pleasant time with her. As if her pride was truly upset by the female troll, she clung onto me tighter, but since the difference between our species was great, I did not have to worry much.

As such, time squirted by.

During that time, I continued to alternately visit the first and second villages. By showing my appearance to them, I thought that it would help them lower their discomfort before the advent of the test. Of course, I didn’t forget visiting Broken Bow as well at times.

As much as I frequented the various groups, Hakajin became increasingly worried, but he was slowly becoming less cautious around me, as the female troll was full of anticipation in merging with the Blood Dagger Clan.

Of course, whenever I had left for the female troll’s village, Mev and the Three Goblin Sisters were not pleased at all. After each visit and returning with the our fighting force, these women would hover near me while smelling to determine if I had shared my seed with the troll Chief or not.

‘Of course the Captain won’t be seduced by her!’

‘I was right!’

Seeing the Three Goblin Sisters were pleased, I was a bit taken aback, but after soon seeing Mev’s satisfied face, they started to settle down.

I had naturally assumed that the Green Skin females would not harbour feelings of jealousy, but looking back at it again, it seemed their feelings were closer to infatuation than anything else. Of course, they probably were expressing it more so because of their discontent with the female troll, but I didn’t necessarily dislike it; so it was fine.

This was not the only change in the village. At some point in time, Mev and the Three Goblin Sisters were having increased intimacy in conversing with Hayeon.

Although Hayeon was in an ambiguous situation where she was neither a Green Skin or a human, she still would always play a critical role in our battles. There was the fact that many could not approach her due to her past as a human, but there were still some clan members that praised her for the contributions in battles. Nevertheless, even that was to an extent where the clan did not try and accost her.

Even though they were still not as accepting as the other males in the village, Mev and the Three Sister Goblins decided to look fairly upon Hayeon. The source of this was probably due to her idea of the, ‘Blood Dagger Test.’

The fact that they might merge with the female troll’s village, was like a thunderous calamity that would rain down on them from the sky. As such, in order to oppose against this enemy, they had united as one.

Even at this time, I did not cut communications with Ahyeon as I continued to listen regarding the news over there.

They had discovered a village of weak goblins inside the forest. In addition, a ranger’s squad had taken a bite of his trap, and in the end discovered the location of a village without the help of any magicians. Whether or not Hakajin knew of this, I did not know, however, his village was currently a hot potato in the city of Legius.

Of course it wasn’t like there was a treasure, or even an opportunity to gain high experience for the Elites, but that was rather a welcoming matter for us. Just from the Summoned who were willing to get stronger, even they were enough to make the village feel a huge state of crisis. I was starting to anticipate how they’ll react to this.

As such, time had passed once more.

Even now, I continued to frequent their villages. Though I wasn’t visiting everyday, but whenever I entered their villages, for some reason, I felt good.

It was due to being recognized accordingly. In my human days, it was a kind of feeling that I had never experienced before. Of course, I was recognized in my tribe, but those looks of admiration aimed at me was the catharsis of all this.

This was especially so when I was together with the female troll.

There was a time when she directly tried to seduce me when I had come alone without the Three Goblin Sisters and Mev, but after expressing my displeasure at her temptation, she would lightly flirt with me instead.

I had never expected to be in the centre of such temptation, but it felt good honestly. Whether she lightly rubbed her body against mine, or wear revealing clothes that emphasized her thighs, chest and even her a.s.s. It was close to that.

Rather than a sign of, ‘I want to sleep with you,’ I felt a greater sense of, ‘I want to have a baby with a strong Green Skin like you,’ from her, but it did not matter. What was present was the revealing clothes that she was wearing. It was ambiguous to say her body was full of muscles, but she appeared truly strong.

Her green skin looked closer to an azure color. Although that bust of hers was comparable to that of Hayeon’s, her robust muscles and abs were here and there. Looking at her body broadly, her robust body came into mind, and even made me consider sleeping with her at times, but with the women back in the village, I could not move so easily.

“So… have you decided?”

“Hmm…roughly… you could say I have but…”

“If you are worried of the fairy and the goblins, then do not worry as I have advice to offer. This is a problem that should solely be decided by the Chief. Of course, the opinions of subordinates are important, but because of my mistake back then, it seems that they are dissatisfied with me…”

“Your words are not necessarily wrong. The women definitely hold an unfavorable impression of you.”

“I…see. It’s not an exaggeration. From…from what I had seen, I was worried about the, ‘mating’, problem in the Blood Dagger Clan, which was why I broached the subject… but it seems that I have said something useless. Of…of course I am regretting it presently.”

“You are correct. Because of that, Mev bears a deep wound.”

“I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart. However, for the future of the clan, you need to be decisive in your choices. Of course, that selection does not purport to us. Yet, Blood Dagger needs to make a wise decision so that he will not regret it later.”

After talking with her for quite some time, it seemed that she was slowly trying to manipulate me covertly. Those were words that basically suggested I shouldn’t listen to the opinions of the fairy and goblins, but that her advice alone was enough for me.

By using the words, ‘my choice’, she was bonding herself closer to me.

If it was Hark or Gark instead of me in this position, they would have 100% fallen under her trap. No doubts about it. Even being aware of this truth, I wanted to heed her advice.

This woman is truly intelligent. Although she did indeed grow in a misguided way, she was basically a basket of sweets. As long as she does not raise an inner rebellion, she can become a valuable contribution to the development of the clan.

Although her advice was truly cheeky, my evaluation of her had risen even further.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Ragia.”

She was truly pleased, as she was smiling brightly. Since I was a bit drunk, I grabbed her chin and pulled her to my side. She wore a shy expression, but I knew that it was all for show. I smiled to her as I continued.

“Do not disappoint me.”

She probably doesn’t know what this means. But seeing her nod excitedly, I dismissed her expectations by stroking her face. It wasn’t like I was planning to end our conversation, but I had done this since I had felt someone coming this way from outside.

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