Green Skin Chapter 71

Usually, when Ragia and I were together in one tent, the other village members would be placed furthest from our location. As such, the ones that would be rushing over here were definitely those of the Blood Dagger Clan. Since it was not my tent, it may be a bit rude in behavior, but I called for the person outside.

“Come in.”

Even Ragia was not in an uncomfortable position, since she had already decided to give her body and mind to me in the end, and follow me wholly. Rather, she was pleased that I did not wait for her, as if she was delighted at me standing above her.

The unexpected Mev entered the tent from my order.

Seeing me close to Ragia, her eyes flared, but she did not say much since she noticed that I had not done anything yet. Despite that, she was displeased as she had an unhappy expression.

Whenever I come to the second village, I had negotiated that I would not bring any clan females with me, but seeing Mev arrive here, it seemed that the time had come.

I nodded my head in which Mev spoke to me.


“I know.”

It seems that it was slowly time to start germinating the seeds of Hayeon. Of course, the objective wasn’t this place. Thanks to that, I rose up from my seat and spoke to Ragia.

“It seems that we must part as something sudden has happened back in the village.”

“Please do as you please.”

Although she was slightly disappointed, Ragia bowed her head to me. Funnily enough, Mev was smiling, as if the momentum of victory was leaning to her side. Of course, Mev was first for me.

After stroking Mev’s hair, I left Ragia’s tent.

Once we were some distance away from the village, Mev spoke to me.

“Humans. It seems that they are heading towards the first village…I do not know the exact destination, but I am almost sure.”

“Where are they now?”

“At the entrance of the forest.”

“How many?”

“Around 50 people.”

Ahyeon should be included amongst those 50 people. Although there was a low chance that her guild had sent out troops, but Ahyeon must have participated in this expedition as a mercenary. Injecting some mana into the Covenant Ring, I began to hear Ahyeon’s voice.


[Are you coming now?]

[Yes…yes. That is so. Savior-nim…]

[The levels?]

[The majority are 5th Grade Summoned with some 4th Grade Summoned.]

They were definitely heading to the first village along with Ahyeon. Hearing that, I immediately disconnected the line and made preparations as I quickly headed back to the village. Those that would head over to the village would be just Hark, Mev and I. The rest would all be on standby for battle. With Gark hiding his body, he followed behind us.

This amount of force should be enough, as I told Hark’s clone to wait here until a signal was relayed to them.

With how much the distance was from Hakajin’s village to the human city, we could afford some time, but I quickly told them to go and standby for battle. Though everything was perfect, there was one problem. It definitely had no influence to the current plan we were proceeding with, but I still felt somewhat bothered by it.

Due to Mev’s wrinkled expression, the rest of the Loyal Five Siblings and Hark was cautious around me.



“Are you gonna have a child with that troll?”

An unexpected fastball. To ask such a useless question in this situation was not Mev-like, but after seeing that recent scene, it seemed that she was straightforward with me. Despite being briefly close to her physically, seeing her like this, I realized just how much she cared for me. Though a bit different, her response was a bit refreshing, as if she was human.

Despite talking with me, her eyes were a bit teary. In order to relieve Mev, I continued.

“I have no intention of having a child.”

She had a subtle, but relieved look.

“If I were to have a heir, the first one will likely be yours.”

With that decision, Mev’s face brightened greatly. If no miracle were to arise, then it would be difficult to have a child with her, but with the way the evolution system worked, it will help her grow the way she wanted. As long as she grew properly, I had thought it would be great to have a heir for the sake of the village.

Thus, after resolving this problem, we quickly headed towards Hakajin’s group. With Mev being happy, even Hark was feeling good as he continued to chuckle while running. It seemed that he was extremely pleased to be a supervisor of the Blood Dagger Test.

To be honest, there was no need to supervise. Our purpose was to just monitor from the side to see how they would react from this. Despite that, he continued to mutter to himself.

“It’s the Blood Dagger Test!”

“I am the scary supervisor, Hark!”

Though he was smiling mischievously, and he didn’t look like a scary supervisor, he was too pleased as he was greatly anticipating the result of this test.

Soon, we arrived and slowly began to approach the village. As expected, he had come out to greet me, remembering my words before that he didn’t have to withdraw into the forest.

“Welcome, honorable warrior, Blood Dagger. I will guide you inside.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

A somewhat undesirable guest had come to the village, one in which was the Chief of a clan with a flag, so the guy did whatever he could to please me.

To be honest, in his perspective, it was natural that I was not wholly welcome. What he valued most above everything else was safety. Whether it was for the protection of his village and subordinates, I wasn’t sure, but he knew himself that he was weak.

As such, he did not overextend. He would only hunt the ones that could be hunted, and definitely would give up on those that could not be hunted. That was how he was able to maintain the village to this day. As such, as one that emphasized safety, he couldn’t send me away.

After my bitter disappointment in my first meeting with him and not suggesting recruiting them, he thought more so like that.

For Ragia, it was the opposite. Unlike Ragia’s village, what Hakajin wanted the most was for me to depart from his place.

“But… what business have you come here for…?”

As usual, he asked for my purpose. How could I admit that I came here to test them, and so I made a rough excuse.

“I don’t have one. I just came to have a drink with you.”

Obviously, these guys were fairly intelligent. Though not as intelligent as Ragia, they probably had a rough estimate of why I had come here, although the mood was still a bit unwelcoming.

As some time had passed while we were sharing a conversation, it was time. I injected mana into the Covenant Ring and heard Ahyeon’s voice.

[ Sa…savi…or nim. We have almost arrived.]

[Where are you?]

[Though it’s a bit blurred, we can see it.]

At this time, even Hakajin couldn’t have not noticed this. At this time, voices started out from the outside.

“Hakajin! Hakajin! Humans! Humans!”

Suddenly danger was sounded as the drumming was heard from outside. In that confusion, I turned over the table.

[They are running. Savior-nim… the Summoned are running.]

“It’s the humans! Hakajin!”

In the end, the mannerless goblin went by us and spoke to Hakajin. He looked back at me with a blank expression. As if his eyes relayed that he wanted us to fight together with him, but it seemed that he had something different in mind.


With a force of this size, he probably would have fled away this instant. Assuming, of course, that I wasn’t here. It seemed that he was cautious of what I would do.

“What would…Blood Dagger do….”

It seems he wanted us to answer for him. From his words, I began crying out how unfamiliar to how I usually was.

“We will fight until death! For honor!”

Normal Green Skins will definitely accept these words without hesitation. However, he was currently staring back at me as if I was crazy. Hark then unexpectedly began to act even more realistically. With a reddened face, he began screaming.

“Victory! For Victory Only! For Blood Dagger!”

From his look, it didn’t look like he was acting as if he truly believed in my words. Even Mev sighed before screaming loudly as well.

“For Blood Dagger!”

I could feel that Hakajin was flabbergasted. Outside, the fear-stricken goblins and Hobgoblins were screaming at him.

“What do we do, Hakajin!”

“The strong humans are rushing over!”

In the end…

Hakajin gritted his teeth and turned his head from us. As if he didn’t concerned himself with us, he rushed outside and began to scream at his subordinates.

“We are retreating! Everyone come inside the cave!”

With Hakajin’s cry, the village began to flee furiously. It seems that they were running towards the cave like last time. Seeing them retreat just like that, Hark, Mev, and I hid in that very moment.

“That guy is a failure! He left us and fled!”

Hark was spewing furiously, in which I raised my finger and pointed at him. Comprehending my intention, he soon quieted. Even I knew that this one was a failure. At least, if he had thought of helping me… was what I had thought, but soon I shook my head and sent a message to Hayeon.

[Sa….Savior-nim……no one…]

[Follow the road.]

[Yes. Yes.]

Since the humans were not stupid, they should be able to follow Hakajin’s group to the cave. To be honest, I did not care if I were to run away, but I thought it would be unfortunate if they were to be nearly annihilated because of my test and so I slowly headed for the cave.

[Follow at the back end. I do not want you to be in danger.]

[Yes….Yes! Thank you.]

Assuming that the monsters were weaker than them, they furiously rushed towards them as we quickly followed behind. After some time, they had entered the cave where Hakajin and his group was hiding… was what I thought. Then I heard a desperate plea from Ahyeon.


Simultaneously, screams begun to be heard.



Those sounds were, no doubt, not from the Green Skins, but the voices of the humans.

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