Green Skin Chapter 76

Green Skin – Chapter 76: Ragia (3)

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Of course, safety is important in this operation. Although things ended a bit unexpectedly with the matter of Hakajin, but I had ensured that the traces of the humans approaching were erased, and I could not find any evidence that could lead Ragia to believe a test would soon follow.

Even though the Hobgoblin archers of Hakajin’s group were under Mev’s orders, all they saw in the outskirts were Broken Bow’s hunting party. Even they were not too
much concerned about the disappearing goblins. Funny enough, we could not even find a shadow of Ragia’s group.

It was strange when I thought about it. Usually, Green Skins did not care what the other tribes did. All they prioritized was the autonomy of their own group. That was the unspoken rule. Even if Hakajin’s group were to have been wiped out by the assault of the humans, he wouldn’t have requested help from Ragia, as it was their own matter. It wasn’t something that Ragia should be involved it.

Of course, since Green Skins were animals who lived in a society-like basis, many of the stories, legends, and rumors were revered for it. But, those stories did not involve the tribes of others, as it was done within the group. It might be different in our case, as Black Spear as a brother clan, but because of that, I did not expect that Ragia would care for Hakajin.

What I overlooked was how she was greatly interested in the current events and circumstances within her surroundings. She was much more intelligent than I had thought.

Despite knowing that something intentionally had happened to Hakajin’s group, she had not revealed it herself. Of course, she might not have known. Like Black Spear and Broken Bow, they would not care much for their surroundings, and would definitely not have realized this.

But she was greedy. Unlike Hakajin, she knew my purpose for reaching out to her tribe, and even guessed why I had ventured here. I began to recall the first conversation we shared back then.

‘Surely . . . you asked if I knew the reason, as to why your Blood Dagger clan visited us?’

‘That is so.’

‘Isn’t it to reinvigorate your clan that is short on bodies? With the countless brave and honorable battles you continue to engage in, the numbers of your clansmen are decreasing gradually. The high proportions of loss, you cannot recuperate those numbers from just breeding. Is this the reason as to why you have come to see us?’

‘That is exactly so.’

Ridiculous enough, she had known precisely the internal circumstances of our clan. Rather than judging how she had known of this by looking at our subordinates, I should have asked about the roots and sources she had used in realizing this fact. She did not only have much interest on her surroundings, but she was one that thought it was pivotal in handling information.

For that kind of woman…

To not reveal herself in the matter of Hakajin’s tribe was much stranger. How could I not be curious?

‘Such an intelligent woman.’

I began to tighten my grip more.


Now she was desperately rolling her head. What kind of answer would be the correct one. To be honest, what reply she put forth, I was already finished with preparations mentally.

“I……..knew….I knew.”

An impressive choice. With this much, I was confident that she wasn’t lying.

“You are an intelligent woman. A wise Green Skin, Ragia. You must know why I am grabbing your throat?”

In order to have her speak comfortably, I loosened my grip. She immediately crumbled onto the ground, frantically gasping for air, however, I did not find this appearance pitiful.

“It was…deceit. To dare try and manipulate the Blood Dagger clan. Despite knowing that this was the only opportunity to regain one’s honor, I attempted to gain personal benefits. By…excluding the other faction, I was trying to take those only who follow me.”

“Do you take me for a fool?”


She did not answer. Knowing that my remark was right, she could not reply. To be honest, there was no reason why I was pressuring her like this. Whether she knew of the test or not, it did not matter. Rather, knowing of the test proved it to me that she was capable.

However, Ragia…

‘Tried to stand on top of me.’

From the perspective of the Green Skins, she was utilizing the honorable test to preserve her individual benefits. In the standpoint of a clan, there was a problem with how she was trying to overtake the position of Chief. Despite knowing what I wanted, she decisively abandoned her subordinates, making this a serious problem.

I wanted to applaud her for passing the test through such dishonest practices. However, aside from that, you could not really state whether she had passed.

If I was really foolish or had not discovered her true identity, I would have eventually been playing into the palm of her hands. There was a high possibility that, while I was the one thinking of controlling her as I held hands with Ragia, when in truth it was vice versa.

Ragia had exquisitely used me. By having me in her hand, she moved me as such. Before things had gone awry, she was definitely in the advantage. I lowered my head and spoke to her.

“What do you think I will do to you? As the one that deceived me, and devised a strategy to gain personal benefits in this honorable test…”

From my words, Ragia slightly raised her head before soon speaking.

“You…will receive us.”

This snake-like b.i.t.c.h. Truly interesting.

“The reason?”

“You…you need me. If not, you would have already killed me at this spot, and would definitely not have asked me these kind of questions.”

I did not answer. Seeing her uneasy expression, finding all of this too amusing, I laughed.

Her words were correct. If I really had any thoughts of not leaving her alive, I would’ve already killed her on the spot. I wouldn’t have necessarily interrogated her and demanded answers. So, in retrospect, this was a second test specifically for her. An unfair test in which I had to be fond of her, in order for her to live.

“Your words are right. Then why do you think I’m asking these questions?”

“That is…”


“To grasp…the subject…”

Before her answer was finished, I took one of the daggers that my clan members held and pierced it down onto her hand. That dagger pierced through her flesh causing a shrilling cry to echo.



Withdrawing the dagger from her hand, I continued.

“Whenever you live as a member of our clan, do not forget this pain. What I want from you is to stand on top of your enemies, not the Blood Dagger clan.”

Her eyes stricken with fear. But, as if she soon realized something, she nodded her head. I thought that even with this much, I wouldn’t be able to fully control her. Whether it’s human or Green Skin, one cannot hide their innate nature. One day, she will harbour some other thoughts, so I have done this so when she would recall this moment, as I stared at her. Then, Ragia began to speak.

“I will remember… and remember again.”

At the same time, her body began to change.

‘Was it a quest…’

The condition was probably to join the Blood Dagger clan. Ridiculous enough, but that was what I assumed as she completed the quest. For her to receive a quest to join the Blood Dagger clan, it was a relief to understand just how much she wanted to be with us, but that feeling too was a bit subtle.

Soon, her body finished changing. She was a monster who was of the special class like the Alruane. A species that excelled in moving secretly while dealing with poison. An extremely great choice as an assassin.

After she finished evolving, I began to stare at her in a strange expression. Flesh-like skin and long black hair with snake-like eyes and tongue. To be honest, her appearance itself was enough to make me drool. That beautiful, flawless skin and high nose along with those double eyelids were extremely alluring.

“It seems that you have received the Warrior Exam. A beautiful appearance…”

Subconsciously, I had said something useless. With her changed body, her clothes began to flow down as her large breasts came into my view, similar in size to Hayeon’s. The problem was that the lower half was completely that of a snake, but even that looked very attractive. As if she had heard me, Ragia lowered her head.

“Thank you for your praise. I will devote my loyalty to you with all I can, until the day my life ceases to be.”

She slice her hand, pressing down on the flowing blood as she bowed to me. With Ragia pledging her life to me, the others also began to pledge as well. Seeing that confident expression of Ragia, I had thought that maybe she was already aware of this second test as well, but I soon erased those thoughts.

Whether she knew or not, it did not matter. She displayed her compliance to me, and I have already decided to accept her. There were no further problems which were important anymore. This might not be an appropriate analogy, but it reminded me of an anecdote of Cao Cao and Yang Xiu of the Three Kingdoms. It might not have produced the same results, but thinking of it positively, I extended my hand to her. She grabbed it and stood up.

As long as she was an aid to the clan, I will not heed what she does. What’s important is that she understands where she stands.

I signaled over to Hakajin, and he quickly ran over, healing Ragia with the healing totem, and the prolonged situation finally came to an end.

As everyone focused on the conversation between Ragia and I, they were speechless while they stared at me. Gark and Hark were completely baffled, and Hakajin nodded his head slightly. It meant that my decision was not bad.

“I will also allow Ragia into the clan. Although her method may have been foolish, but she has passed the tests. She has shown the competence, and intelligence of a Green Skin, thus, the new addition will lead our clan to a fresh revival.”

From those few words, the Green Skins began to cheer loudly. They did not have any hints of complaining.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Mev and the Three Goblins had subtle expressions. Seeing the more beautiful Ragia, Mev looked a bit nervous, but believing my words that day, she nodded her head.

“For Blood Dagger!”

From that call out, the Three Goblin Sisters also raised their voices.

“For Blood Dagger!”

It has been quite a while since I had Summoned over into the Continent, but it now felt like I have finally built the foundations of the clan. Hearing their cheering bellows, I slowly walked ahead.

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