Green Skin Chapter 79

Green Skin – Chapter 79: Righteous Knight (1)

The day after Nicole was born, I drank too much due to the excitement of the day, and I had even woken up late. There were no other plans for that day except talking with Hakajin, but despite that, ‘Laziness is the bane of life,’ was something I had learned in my previous life, so I was already regretting. Looking beside me, it seems that Hayeon had already left, as she wasn’t here.

Breakfast was already served on the dining table. What came into my eyes were the eggs of Evil Beasts, and herbs cooked in a nice soup base. If it were other goblins, they would have roughly prepared me either fruits or meat, but this part of Hayeon is what I liked about her.

I moved the pot over to the fireplace, and soon heard it begin to boil, as the scent began to fill the room.

I was now accustomed to waking up in the morning and hearing a report from the situation in the city by Ahyeon, so, as if a semblance to reading my morning newspaper, I contacted Ahyeon.

[Baek Ahyeon.]

[Yes… Yes! Savior-nim. I was waiting.]

Her voice didn’t sound so well. She would normally sound very joyful, but something was amiss. I had initially thought that, maybe, I could feel these kinds of things as well from the Covenant Ring, but I decided to wait for the news and decided to solve the original problem from the source outward.

[Was there any news from the North?]

[Yes…Yes! Savior-nim. There is. Though it is impossible to precisely investigate…but if it’s a little…]


[It was hard to locate the individual named Choi Seulgi, but lately a girl named Han Sohye is accumulating a great mass of reputation. There is currently an officer called the Cold Spear, a skilled thief who joined her clan as an officer. I couldn’t find out her name, but by matching the appearance and your description, I have concluded that she is the woman named Choi Seulgi which Savior-nim is looking for…]

[You did very well.]

[Thank you! Savior-nim.]

I had somewhat expected her to polish her strengths under the Queen of the North, but Choi Seulgi is training quite well herself. She is probably lying in wait for her opportunity of vengeance during the war which will happen between the Queen of the North and the Saint Sword in a few years time.

I didn’t worry too much about Choi Seulgi, but hearing her news, I was more relieved.


[Ah… the news from the swamps was just as Savior-nim had predicted. For several years, there has been a Half-Ogre who has been running rampant. There were not a lot of survivors, so it was difficult to precisely hear more than that…]

To be honest, this much was enough. This was the limit of information that could be sufficiently investigated on this side, but lately, Ragia has been quite busy, so he had no choice but to request Ahyeon for these matters. In reality, he had not expected much, but she provided great results. Not only Ahyeon, but there was no denying the strength which she was wielding from the ‘Followers’.

[Competent. I’m always thankful to you.]

[It…it is an honor! An honor! Savior-nim.]

[If there is anything else that arises, report to me.]

[Yes. Savior-nim. To be ho…nest, I have something to say.]


[Thanks to Sa…savior-nim, I have awakened my Unique Ability.]

Very interesting. It was quite impressive that she continued her blind faith towards me and persists with her growth, awakening her Unique Ability just one year after changing classes. Even in our clan, other than Gark, Hark, and I, there was no one else who had awakened their abilities yet.


[The ability is called, ‘Martyrdom.’ It is a Unique Ability that allows me to detonate the followers of Savior-nim, and gives me greater power the larger the belief and numbers of the followers are. All of the believers are ready to give up their lives whenever for Savior-nim.] (PR: I asked, and that is a literal explosion, not a exploding the number of followers.)

Though I had a bemused expression, the function of this ability was not so great.

Although he had expected quite a bit from Ahyeon’s explanation, but basically she created a suicide bombing squad. How ridiculous. To be honest, he had never thought of not throwing Ahyeon away after using her, but this story was completely different. Now, he had to take care of her with all his power.

Thanks to that, he decided to ask a more personal question.

[It’s an ability fitting of your belief. But…]


[Your condition doesn’t seem too well. What are you troubled with?]

[Yes? We..well… it’s not a great enough of a deal to report.]


[La… lately, there’s been a human that’s been continuing to flirt with me. Whenever he’s around… just seeing his face makes me feel as if I’m sinning to Savior-nim…]

It was an unexpected remark. Of course she wasn’t as pretty as Ragia or Hayeon, but she had a beautiful face regardless. Ahyeon’s heightened self of security with that small frame, her actions normally would be sufficient enough to be accounted for.

If they were official guild members of the Sky Dragon Guild, then the one flirting with her would definitely be strong himself. If that wasn’t the case, then, with Ahyeon’s temper, she wouldn’t have left him alone.

[Kereeeeeeeeeeeeuk. What’s his name.]

[He’s a guy from Aia city. A human named Jung Euichang… I have heard that among the people in Legius, that he was one of the officers of the Holy Knights who have come to aid in the management of Legius.]

Jung Euichang. I thought I had heard this name somewhere, so recollecting my memories, I was able to quickly realize who he was.

‘Righteous Knight.’

Among the humans in the continent, he was one of those who had quite a good reputation. As one which attained the special class of Righteous Knight, his personality was greatly just and righteous. He would always support the poor and weak, and always fought in the frontlines, sacrificing himself.

From such a corrupted guild, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the only clean and just human. The problem was, that he had sworn allegiance to the Sword Saint. A talented individual who was the right hand of the Sword Saint until his death.

The Righteous Knight being infatuated with Ahyeon, was a kind the of feeling that resulted in him biting the bait, which wasn’t even thrown out to begin with.

I began to contemplate this event. After entering the West, I had always thought of wanting to land a blow to the Sword Saint, but it seems that the opportunity had come earlier than expected.

[How long will it take for you to become close with him?]


A cold probing voice unfitting of what Ahyeon was accustomed to hearing. Seeing that she was imagining something useless, I spoke once more.

[I did not say to have intercourse with him. If you are smart, you would know what I mean.]

[Ah! Th…thank you. Savior-nim. Thank you.]

In other words, the next sacrifice. His body was becoming rusty as a matter of fact, so it was great to find a truly fine prey.

[Report his every move, habit, and even his intentions. I believe that you can do it.]

[Yes…Yes! Please leave it to me.]

The Righteous Knight, named Jung Euichang, was a Holy Knight that was quite reputable in the Continent. He was a great talent that was immediately scouted the moment he arrived into the Continent. Of course, he wasn’t as strong as the last time I had seen him, but I thought that he would be sufficiently powerful. He’s probably among the elites in terms of strength.

Hearing the overjoyed Ahyeon’s voice, I disconnected the line. I now had to discuss this recent news with Hakajin. I had originally planned on holding a meeting, so I couldn’t leave out any facts like these at all. Recently, the person I discussed with most was neither Hayeon nor Mev, but Hakajin. I asked for Hakajin’s opinion for nearly everything.

As such, other than the fact that he had become invaluable, he had become someone that knows quite a lot about everything.

I am not a perfect man (PR: Well, duh, you are an Orc). If I were to make the wrong choices, or take the wrong path, I needed someone to correct me, and that was why I recruited Hakajin. So far, there have been no problems.

The Blood Dagger Clan enjoyed hunting the Strong extremely. With a joyful heart, I headed for Hakajin’s tent.

While walking over, I could hear quite a boisterous noise from Mev’s tent, and I assumed that she was mentally training the female tribal members. I chuckled as I spoke in front of Hakajin’s tent.

“I’m coming in, Hakajin.”


It was not a request for permission, but a notice. But, he wasn’t uncomfortable. As the Clan Chief, I could leave and enter whichever tent freely. Seeing Hakajin’s tent, he was busily writing something on his table. It might be administrative work or a military order, I did not know, but he quickly cleared the table and shifted his priority onto me.

Sitting on the chair Hakajin was originally sitting on, I opened my mouth.

“I have brought two interesting news.”

“Have you decided on the next destination by any chance?”

“It’s similar.”

Lately, the greatest interest of the Blood Dagger Clan was their next destination. Whether they would head to a dungeon, or enter a, ‘War zone,’ where they would infiltrate and hunt humans, or even hunt Evil Beasts, or tried taming Evil Beasts, stockpiling more food.

Hakajin and I ceaselessly discussed and exchanged opinions. With the Blood Dagger seeds beginning to display its roots of growth now, we couldn’t help but feel cautious of our decisions presently.

Amidst this situation, he’ll definitely find the situation with the Righteous Knight very interesting, so I began to share the news.

Firstly, I revealed to him the information of Ahyeon’s new awakened Unique Ability. Secondly, I described the authorities, who were dispatched in the city Ahyeon resided in…

As I continued to divulge, Hakajin’s face became more pleased and excited, having a similar response to what I had.

“I think we can try. If what that woman says is true, then we can use her. Since there are Green Skins who have lost their honor falling for women here as well…”

I thought it was b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t before, but the old saying that, ‘Men ruled the world, but it was women who ruled over the men,’ seemed to be true. To be precise, we could invite the Righteous Knight into our perfectly planned party. Of course, it isn’t like there is no chance of failure, but imagining his face after being backstabbed by Ahyeon was truly remarkable to visualize.

“Especially, what leaves a lasting impression is that woman’s ability. I think we need to know about it a bit more in detail. If that ability could also influence our subordinates, then we might hold a bomb that cannot be bore.”

To be honest, I haven’t thought of that. It wasn’t just the followers of Ahyeon that had a lot of faith. It included the tribal members of Blood Dagger as well. Whether the effects of her ability influenced only to those she preached, or if she can activate her ability without limits to anyone, he definitely had to confirm.

Of course there was no reason for that happening, but if Ahyeon were to betray him, then, just like what Hakajin had mentioned, the existence of Ahyeon could be a ticking bomb.

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