Green Skin Chapter 80

Green Skin – Chapter 80: Righteous Knight (2)

Ahyeon was active as an official guild member of the Sky Dragon Guild. Looking inside, a splendid room was seen. An extremely large, spacious room, with high-quality furniture and a large bed.

Compared to the place she lived in before, she almost felt apologetic. No, in the beginning, the room she lived in before couldn’t even be called a place to live as it was incomparable. A life that she had only dreamt of, Ahyeon was currently living that life. Despite being in a small city, she was an official guild member of the largest guild in the city, and she wasn’t weak like before, and instead had a bright future ahead.

Just by having the insignia of the Sky Dragon Guild, people from small to medium clans would all bow their heads, as nearly the entire authority of the city was gathered into one guild.

Despite living the life that she dreamt of, Hayeon miserably laid on the bed, feeling empty.

She definitely knew the reason why.


Since what she really wanted was far away.

Then, Ahyeon went down on her knees beside the bed and gathered her hands to pray. It was because she felt that she would commit an act that she should not do.

It was then.

“Is Ahyeon here by any chance?”

Then, she heard knocking outside her door.

‘Persistent man.’

Ahyeon mercilessly frowned, being accosted in her valuable time. Though she had already reported to Savior-nim regarding this matter, the recent attentions from this man called Righteous Spear, were extremely annoying for her lately, this constant need to search for her. Despite already having expressed a stern, ‘Do not come close to me,’ this fact appears to have been ignored, as he incessantly came in search of her, causing her to become even more angry.

It was extremely burdensome, as she also had the Sky Dragon Guild Master trying to match her up with Jung Euichang. Despite hearing how beneficial it was to nurture a good relationship with that man for her own sake, in truth, she didn’t even want to make eye contact with him.

However, she could not ignore the words of the Savior.

This man is a sacrifice. A sacrifice for Savior-nim. Remembering his order of reporting his every move and action, Ahyeon cautiously opened the door.

“What have you come here for today?”

In spite of that, her chilly tone did not change. After opening the door, she began to stare at the man looking at her.

He was tall with a good-looking face. In the standards of Earth, it can be said that he was handsome. But, it was extremely uncomfortable for Ahyeon to look at that face. That look of worry, look of wanting to cherish – all of it caused her to remember her dead, ‘Unni.’

‘ How dare you…’

That caused her befuddled emotions to rise, as she had a strange expression. Although she couldn’t discover the source of this feeling, this rising emotion didn’t feel good for her.

“I was wondering if we can have a meal together. Do you have time?”

“ …………………………………. ”

Speechlessly looking at him was enough to show the irritation which she felt towards him. But, she suppressed the rising anger inside of her. She must not become angry like usual. The command of Savior-nim is absolute. So, she thought that hanging out with him momentarily was inevitable, since all of today’s work would be compensated back to her in the future.

“It’ll be fine.”

Nodding, the guy began to smile foolishly. Ahyeon, judging the person in front of her as foolish, held in the nauseous vomit rising within her and began walking.

“The sun was rising from the west. For some reason, I felt good, so I came to see you… it was good of me to come.”

“Yes. I was hungry anyways.”

“I have found a decent restaurant nearby.”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it.”

The place Euichang brought her to was the largest restaurant in the city, reserved only for the elites and high-ranking officials. Before, even with money, you couldn’t enter this restaurant. However, Ahyeon walked into the restaurant just like that. Now, she wasn’t even surprised.

Entering the restaurant, the restaurant manager appeared and began to guide Ahyeon and Righteous Spear, as they soon sat in a reserved seating area.

So the fact that he came and asked her out for a meal by chance was all a bluff. Ahyeon was flabbergasted that there was already a reservation in check, but Ahyeon expressionlessly drank water.

“So… what do you normally do in your spare time?”

Then a very uncertain voice drizzled down. For a citizen of a large city, he looked quite rattled. Ahyeon looked at Righteous Spear as she replied.

“I pray.”

“Ah. Yes of course. Prayer is most important when you’re a priest. If…I may ask, what G.o.d do you follow?”

“The G.o.d.d.e.s.s of Abundance.”

It was obvious, but there were quite a lot of G.o.d.s within the Continent. As such, the G.o.d.s who each priest believed in had some differences. Whenever she was asked this question, she would reply with the G.o.d.d.e.s.s of Abundance. Of course, the person she truly followed was Savior-nim, but she thought it was best not to cause any unnecessary disasters. Thanks to this kind of question, Ahyeon did not really like this man.

“So it was the G.o.d.d.e.s.s of Abundance. I have heard that there are not a lot of followers for the G.o.d.d.e.s.s of Abundance. How impressive indeed. Lately, the Sky Dragon Guild have been accumulating some reputation, I wonder how they were hiding a hidden gem like this until now.”

“Haha. Thank you for the compliment.”

Though she slightly laughed, she almost stood up and left after hearing that. Since she was in h.e.l.l at the time, of course that man wouldn’t know someone like her.


If she was still a Porter, then he wouldn’t have treated her like this, and his initial response to her would be extremely negative. She thought that he wouldn’t be any different from those beast-like trash.

All false and hypocritical. All the people here were wearing masks. She started to feel the nausea and vomit rising from within her once again. Subconsciously, she grabbed the ring inside her glove tightly and prayed.

‘Savior-nim… Savior-nim…’

“Are you not feeling well?”

It was then that she heard the voice once again so she shook her head lightly.

“No. Rather. What do you do normally?”

“Well, I don’t really do much… hmm… well if you’re an official guild member of the Sky Dragon Guild, then it shouldn’t matter if I tell you. To be honest, I’ve been looking for some murderers recently.”


In this city, there have been a large group of murderers active in the area. Whether it’s Weapon Merchant or Blood Dagger, I don’t know, but since it’s being quiet, it’s the perfect time to root them out I suppose.

With the mentioning of Blood Dagger from Euichang’s mouth, Ahyeon momentarily bit her lips, but recollected herself, as she focused on the conversation once again. It was because she thought the current information will be quite helpful to Savior.

“How interesting. I want to hear a bit more in detail… would that be alright?”


“If it’s alright, I would like to participate in the next expedition.”

“Of course you can. Whenever you hear news of murderers, I have heard that you have never missed participating in an expedition, but it seems that those rumors are true.”

“Since I know better than anyone else just how elated the G.o.d.d.e.s.s of Abundance will be with the burning of justice.”

In Ahyeon’s perspective, she was trying hard to lower the killing intent , but in the eyes of others, it did not look like that. Of course, it was plausible. Since the murderers in the vicinity of Legius city would usually target beginners the majority of the time. So much so that the strong guilds and clans were joking about finding the best way to avoid these murderers. Sadly, that joke was the perfect answer.

They too, can think. Unless it’s a particular exception, you don’t poke at competent elites. In the city’s point of view, the beginners, whom the city did not really care much about, were always the prey. As such, despite being an official Sky Dragon official guild member, the fact that Ahyeon would always go on expeditions together with smaller clans in hunting these murderers was quite famous in the city.

Ahyeon did not necessarily reply to Euichang’s words. What was important was whether she could participate in the expedition or not. That fact alone was the most critical.

“Is it alright for me to participate?”

“Of course we would welcome you, but on a personal level, I do not necessarily recommend this. Umm… the reason why our guild is being dispatched this time is because the opponents we’re facing are not easy to deal with.”

“To be honest, the reason why I came to this city from Aia, was not to help the management, but locate the tail end of these murderous clans. It will… be a bit dangerous.”

Ahyeon slightly laughed from Euichang’s words.

“With the Holy Order by my side, what do I need to worry of. Especially with Euichang here with me.”

Ahyeon’s last words caused Euichang’s face to lighten. He wasn’t showing it, but he looked extremely happy. In the end, Euichang slowly began to speak.

“Yes. I was planning on receiving help from the other clans anyway. There’s no greater joy than having a talented priest help us. It might be a bit difficult, but I will take responsibility in protecting you.”

“Yes. I truly thank you.”

It was great news. This piece of information would definitely make Savior-nim happy. Perhaps he was hearing this conversation somewhere right now, as Ahyeon smiled.

“It’s the first time I’m seeing it.”


“Seeing you smile like this with me together.”

Not knowing what to say to this, Ahyeon’s expression was slowly hardening, causing Euichang to quickly continue.

“As expected, Ahyeon seems to enjoy helping others. Whether it’s always helping in the hunt for murderers… and distributing food for the poor and weak… to be honest, in this world, although people say what good is there to help others, I truly support your actions.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“If… it’s… alright, I could also… volunteer together with you.”


Ahyeon was briefly lost in thought. The reason she was helping those in poverty was to save them from this world and preach the will of the Savior. Obviously, Ahyeon did not want this man to interfere within her sacred realm.

“That alone is enough for me.”

“Ah… you are uncomfortable.”

He was extremely depressed. Ahyeon began to observe this man’s expression. A powerful authority like him was currently depressed from one sentence of hers. What an unexpected pleasure. To be precise, it wasn’t pleasure deriving from the manipulation of this man. Rather, it was the face of his, which relayed that he’d made a mistake. He was currently regretting, as he looked anxious and depressed. A strange feeling arose from Ahyeon due to that kind of face.

She wasn’t completely sure, but after the end of this work, she thought that she would be able to eat a very sweet fruit.



“I would be open to eating with you occasionally.”

“That…that means.”

“Yes. Rather than working together, if you can provide support in other ways… I wouldn’t be wasting your time… and above all, you would be doing a great job, rather than me in rescuing the poor.”

“Ah…yes! If I can help in that way, I will do all I can…. Thank you.”

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