Green Skin Chapter 88

Green Skin : Chapter 88: Evolution

[Impressive. You have won the battle against a very strong Human. A special class is open. New special species has opened especially for you! You have received a Rank Up. Please select from the following:]

[ 1. Ancient Orc High Gladiator ][ 2. Minotaurus Intermediate Gladiator ][ 3. Half Ogre Intermediate Gladiator][ 4. Lesser Asmodian Intermediate Gladiator ][ Special 1. Ancient Orc Archaic Warrior ][ Special 2. Ancient Twin Headed Orc Intermediate Gladiator ]

‘Why is there so many…’

There were too many choices. Though I had initially speculated there would be a lot of fine choices in the start, I had never imagined that there would be six of them, no less the number of species who had been made available. Not only that, there were two special classes, including a shocking three species which could clearly be deemed as upper tier races, far above the current ones.

Discovering the Half-Ogre class, I could definitely deduce that Goff had evolved faster than me, and note that there was no choice of a Troll or other special races, it seemed that the System had decided that it did not fit me.

I had to decide carefully.

For now, I decided to listen to the explanation of what an Archaic Warrior entailed. Perhaps a condition of opening this option is to defeat a Superior opponent wielding the Ancient Flame sword. Since I had not utilized my Unique Ability much, I’m sure this reason is why such a class opened.

[ Special 1. Ancient Orc Archaic Warrior. ]

[Archaic Warriors will never retreat from battle. He may be a Human, but values honor and righteousness more than anyone, as he always fights in the forefront of every battlefield, always ready to jump in with his lifetime companion. Sword proficiency will greatly increase.]

As expected, it seemed likely that Ancient Flame will become a lifetime companion for him. The fact that Swordsmanship Proficiency would be greatly enhanced was also beneficial, but despite that he could not gain an increase in proficiency for other weapons, which was rather quite… Unfortunate.


Once I returned back to the list, I recalled the description of the other special species; the Ancient Twin Headed Orc.

[ Special 2. Ancient Twin Headed Orc Intermediate Gladiator ]

[Among the Ancient Orcs, the Twin Headed Orc is considered as one of the rarest species. A species born once every few billion years. Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, are several times more superior than a regular Ancient Orc… His field of view is wide as well as adept in all weapons, also all weapon proficiency is increased.]

This guy was truly perfect. A flawless species which needed no words. If I were to evolve into this guy, then perhaps I would achieve the most efficiency out of it, but the problem was


It has two heads. I had no way of knowing if the spirit would be separated or that a new personality would be planted, but I did not want to commit to a big gamble of evolving into this species. I have certainly heard stories where there were monsters who had twin heads, but they were all guys who could not be labelled normal.

Nevertheless, it didn’t change the fact that it was extremely unfortunate. If I had evolved into this guy, I could sense that Choi Seulgi and Baek Ahyeon will abandon all trust or hope for me while leaving me in the dust.

This then left me with only the High Gladiator, Minotaurus, Half Ogre, or the Lesser Asmodian.

Just like the previous reason, he had no desire of having a cow head – so it also was an unconditional skip. For one, obtaining a larger frame may be advantageous in battle, but it is not always the big guy who necessarily achieved victory in battle.

Rather, it would be more advantageous to have a small body for the way I fight.

The size of a Half Ogre is a little bigger than that of an Ogre, but if I were to jump into the line of the Half Ogre strain, then it would be a bit ambiguous in evolving into an Ogre later.

In conclusion, I had to decide between the High Gladiator and the Lesser Asmodian, one of these two.

If I were to Change Class into a High Gladiator, I would definitely become stronger. My strength and dexterity will definitely increase along with my weapon proficiencies.

I slowly recollected the information concerning the Lesser Asmodian.

[ 4. Lesser Asmodian Intermediate Gladiator. ]

[The Asmodians are born and raised within a cursed land. Though it is true that a cursed human has become a Green Skin, there is still a veil on how the Asmodians have appeared in the cursed land. Though their Vitality and Strength is a bit less, they are more specialized in dealing with mana. They do not wield weapons very well, and due to their lack of physical strength, they hold a medium physical ability in comparison to other Green Skins.]

Iffy. This choice was truly ambiguous. The best option may be to maintain the species of an Ancient Orc, but the differences are that there is still room for growth.

He was doing better than before, but he could feel the limitations of his talents now. If he trains as an Ancient Orc, he will definitely become stronger. Just looking at the goblins like Green Goblin and the orcs like the Patriarch, it was clearly obvious.

However, there was also the problem of not taking advantage of Evolution. Just looking at the choice of Lesser Asmodian, you could truly evolve into an Intermediate towards a Higher species unlike the Ancient Orc. If there were more species that I could evolve into as an Orc, then this would be a different story, but he was forced to decline such choices of evolving into a Twin Headed Orc.


Grabbing my head, Ahyeon looked at me worried. My strength and vitality was dropping, but I could clearly recover these through training, considering how there were humans who have greater strength than me.

Seeing how I needed a lot more mana for Ancient Flame, I thought that this should be the right choice.

The other choices were extremely unfortunate, but I considered that having a body similar to my past build would certainly reduce the discomforts.

Moreover, I began to feel the compression of my muscles. It was hinting the drastic change that was to come for my body.


Since the difference of species existed, it was a painful time, especially with the wounds I had acquired. The headache increased as my whole body was overwhelmed in such torturous pain.

Then, a completely different body compared to my previous one… Slowly began to emerge within my view.

“Sa… Savior-nim…..”

Surprised, Ahyeon was blankly staring at me.

“So… This is the true appearance of Savior-nim…..”

I was extremely curious of what I now resembled. Seeing Ahyeon’s reaction, thankfully it wasn’t a bad choice at all. Looking down, I could see the changes occurring with my arms and legs. With the pain resonating on my forehead, I grabbed it while feeling two horns slowly spouting out. As a Lesser Asmodian, the horns weren’t that big, but they were not without impression. Also, the canines of my teeth had become much smaller, as it felt quite nice having smaller teeth in regards to my orc life.

Though my green skin remained intact, the tone of my skin had become much darker. Grabbing Ancient Flame sword and swinging it around, fortunately as a higher species, I did not lose that much physical strength. Though the robust feeling of my muscles were no longer there, I became much more agile. I could also feel a great increase of mana within my body.

I slowly looked around, looking for the greatsword that I had thrown. There was still quite a distance away from the weapon. In the past, I could barely switch weapons when I was right beside it, but for some reason, I thought that it was possible to switch the greatsword with the Ancient Flame in my hand.

I gently reached out injecting mana to activate my Unique Ability.

I felt a different kind of energy, and suddenly the sword I was holding and the greatsword embedded on the ground began to change positions.

[Unique Ability Weapon Switch will Rank Up.]

[Weapon Switch.]

[The range in which you can switch your weapon has increased. Using the switched weapon increases critical rate for a set period of time.]

Perfect. I could definitely feel myself becoming stronger. It was just that it was not as visible to the naked eye. With the empowered range by the System, my Unique Ability had become stronger.


“Kereeeuk. Thank you.”

At this time, I was curious.

“Do you perchance have a mirror with you?”

After asking, Ahyeon went over to her backpack and rummaged through it before taking out a mirror. I had asked since she was a woman, but for some reason, I had a funny idea she was carrying one due to wanting to look good in front of me.

I reactivated my Unique Ability once more, switching the location of the weapons as I ignited a small flame. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the previous Kim Taesung of the past. That familiar green skin blended well with the atmosphere strangely.

It was then that I knew why Ahyeon had reddened after seeing me.

“Not bad.”

But from the viewpoint of the Goblins, it was a bit disappointing. As expected, the Goblin who Draws Maps along with the assassins screamed when they saw me.

“Ggirik! Blood Dagger’s majestic face has disappeared. His handsome face is gone!”

“Now hold on… He’s still handsome!”

“He changed so wonderfully. I want to become like Blood Dagger too! I want to have horns on my forehead!”

The words pertaining to my ‘still’ handsome looks was most likely flattery. But if those words were actually true, then I really couldn’t understand the criteria for what was handsome from their view as Green Skins. Anyhow, because my face had changed didn’t damage my authority, I moved together with Ahyeon.

We will return to the care of the clan.

“Sa…Savior-nim. What…should I do…”

“It’s better for you to look for the surviving Humans. There should still be survivors if you head towards the entrance. My disciple, you must return together with them to the city.”

“Yes…..I..I understand. Savior-nim.”

“Do not lament. I also want to have you by my side. But you have a job to do, have you not?”

“Yes…YEs! That is so, Savior-nim.”

Seeing the lamenting Ahyeon, I added a sentence of consolement which caused her to regain her spirit. With this extremely large cave, I suspected that there would definitely be survivors. There was a high chance that a rescue squad was already working from above. If she were to return back alive alone, it would definitely bring a lot of suspicion, so I had to send her back together with the other Humans.

As such, Ahyeon and I started to search for our clansmen first. I thought it was best to look for survivors after leaving this place.

After walking back to the path I came from for quite some time, I began to feel the presence of others. Soon, I began to hear voices.

“The Captain is surely nearby! I have followed his trail!”

“Blood Dagger will surely not die! He’s an immortal warrior!”

Everyone was following the way I had traversed through. Smiling, I quickly ran ahead first, wanting to see my clansmen after a long time.

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