Green Skin Chapter 87

[TL Note: There is some s.e.x.u.a.l.i.t.y depicted.]


The first sound I could hear was his excruciating scream. I tried to chop his body in two with one blow, but he raised his arm to block the blow at the last second, causing it to fly off. Though he had survived, I wanted to tell him that it was a foolish decision. It was because living on would become greater torture for him.


The sound of the burning of flesh sizzled. Then I slashed off his legs and his other arm as he continued to scream from every blow.


Eventually I gazed down at Euichang who had completely lost his ability to fight. There’s something about having a strong foe crushed before you, which felt empowering causing a mighty roar to erupt out with all my strength.


That dense voice echoed throughout the cave, causing the Goblins above to also join in.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“Our Chief is strong! A true warrior does not know fear!”

Hearing their screams, I settled down a bit. It was then that I suddenly felt my body wobbling. It was definitely due to the penetrating effect of his Unique Ability. Looking down, I saw a large hole penetrating through my body. But I could not allow myself to fall down. Grabbing onto my sword strongly, which was firmly fixed into the ground to regain my balance.

Ahyeon rushed over here in tears. Seeing that, Jung Euichang shouted out in a dying voice.

“Ah…Ahyeon quickly he….heal me… please.”

But where Ahyeon ran to was of course to my side. She didn’t even give Euichang a glance as she hurried over to me. Due to her tears and runny nose, her distraught face was not normal.

“Savior-nim…sniff…Savior-nim! I’m really sorry that I wasn’t of any help. Savior-nim…”


Trembling like a cute child, the sacred power emanating out of her hands pushed towards me. Subconsciously, I reached out my hand and stroked her head . She had grown a lot during this time as my wounds started to slowly, but surely heal. I couldn’t help but feel pleased. I could sense my body becoming energized. The burning sensation of my flesh did not feel so great, but certainly the effects of Ahyeon’s spell was as effective as her Unique Ability which was devoted to me.

But what was more impressive was how her love and devotion for me flowed out of her body. I could feel just how much she clearly wanted to be with me. Thanks to that, I reevaluated her once more.

“I am fine. My disciple. Are you okay?”

“Yes… I was almost dirtied, but thanks to the coming of Savior-nim, I was able to protect my body.”

Seeing only her loving gaze towards me, I could feel somewhat warmth from it.

But Jung Euichang was so flabbergasted by this scene as his face crinkled from it.

“Fu…cking…f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.i.t.c.h…. No wonder it was strange. You conspired with that monster…”

“Sh…shut up! How…how dare…”

From such an insult, Ahyeon screamed. It seemed that calling me a monster caused her to be uncomfortable. Euichang was about to die anyways. Unaffected, I grabbed Ahyeon’s chin and turned her my way. In reply, Ahyeon blushed and looked down from embarrassment.

“You suffered through a lot of hardships. The day we meet. I told you that you can receive what you want. Now tell me what you desire.”

To be honest, I roughly felt what she desired. With how many hints she sent over to me, I would be no less than a fool if I had not noticed. To be honest, there was no reason to hug her, but there is a need to do so.

She was a combination of both competent and dangerous. To put it shortly, it was rewarding to hold her by the collar. Of course, there needs to be a lot of work done prior to s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse, but I had to turn the fire off first of all.

I quietly looked at Ahyeon, causing her to redden. It was an expression which couldn’t differentiate, if whether this was a dream or reality. Seeing her extremely embarrassed made her look really cute.

“I…I could not even! How…how could I.”

“I told you to say it. Do not make me ask twice.”

With a blank face, she looked at me. After pondering for quite some time, she finally began to open her mouth with her eyes closed tightly.

“Th….th….then please hug me. If…if that’s uncomfortable, I’m very sorry.”

“It is not unpleasant at all, my disciple. What you desire is what you shall receive.”

Since my treatment was over, I raised my sword once more. It was to end the life of the guy who was still alive. He already knew that he will die as he bitterly continued to curse us. It was then that Ahyeon looked up to me and asked.

“If…If you do not mind…can we kill him after everything is over?”

She said it so indifferently, that I began to notice the desire in her eyes. I knew what she wanted. Funny enough, she wanted to show herself in front of Jung Euichang. I did not know exactly what state of mind she was currently in, but I assumed that she was relatively trying to exact some sort of revenge in her own way.

Since there was no change in killing him afterwards, after a quick glance at the ceiling, the quick-witted goblins disappeared. With her clothes almost nonexistent, it became easy to do it.

A small body, but it wasn’t one without volume. Slowly touching her upper body with my hands, Ahyeon’s body soon trembled.


I did not know exactly what she was apologizing for, but her nice reaction excited me as well.

After undressing her lower body, I could tell that she was extremely wet. Seeing her naked, trembling body, I was extremely aroused, but I did not tell her this. It was because; aside from teasing her, since she had worked hard with love for me from the bottom of her heart, I also thought that I should do my best for her.

I bit her b.r.e.a.s.t.s lightly as I slowly licked my way across her chest, causing her body to tremble. Whenever my molar had poked the center of her body, her whole body from head to toe would shiver, which was really cute.

“Haaaaaa. Sa…Savior-nim….Ahhh…”

I was touching her waist with my rugged hands, as she continued hugging me tightly since she could barely hold it in. Of course, I was on the verge of exploding as well. Since my thing was a bit bigger than a Human’s, perks as an Ancient Orc, I was initially worried, but since there was a lot of water, I was a little bit relieved.


She did not necessarily specify what she wanted, but I knew what she meant. With her constantly pushing those hips into mine, I really couldn’t believe it that this was the woman who currently had a trauma.

In order to meet her needs, I pushed my hips forward as I slowly began to melt the resentments of her heart away. In the meantime, there was loud noises coming from the corner, as Euichang ranting out in foul language with a very furious face.

“f.u.c.k.i.n.g…f.u.c.k.i.n.g btich… prostitute-like b.i.t.c.h. I was foolish to like you a bit. Dirty b.i.t.c.h. Fall to h.e.l.l, b.i.t.c.h.”

Despite on the verge of dying, he wasn’t the slightest bit hesitant of resting his mouth. Since it was not my fetish to do it while someone was watching, so I was thinking of ending his life with my dagger, but after seeing Ahyeon’s expression, I decided to continue.

After I slowly thrust my waist forward, she was extremely surprised as her small body received my thing.


As soon as I entered Ahyeon, her head flung high into the air, as I could clearly tell that she could feel me wholly.


In concern for her, I stopped for a second, but interestingly enough, her waist was continuing to move.

Whenever a moan emerged from her mouth, an insult would also arise from Jung Euichang, as he felt repulsed at what he was forced to watch. It felt extremely awkward holding the woman that the guy had once liked, but it aroused my nerves strangely. Above all, Ahyeon was staring at me only as I returned back to the pleasure.


After a bit more time had passed, Ahyeon had fallen for me even more as she continued to call for me.

“Savior-nim….Haaaa… I … I …”

She had already o.r.g.a.s.m.e.d several times I think, but it seems that she was still not satisfied. With her tightly grabbing onto my thing, it was as if I was seeing a baby cat holding onto me tightly.

After a bit more time, exhaustion slowly began to overwhelm me. In the end, I ignored all of my surroundings and began to only concentrate on Ahyeon, as Jung Euichang’s voice nor the cave were no longer visible to my naked eyes and ears.

As if she was extremely pleased, she had closed her eyes as I could even see tears trickle down her cheeks. From that, I couldn’t help but stroke her hair back once, which caused her to open her eyes in shock.

Instantly, she blushed as she clung her arms around my throat. She was looking up to me, implying that she needed a kiss. I too extended my lips forward. The structure of my mouth was a little different so it was a bit hard, but we were able to entangle our tongues in the end.

With her small mouth, I spread her mouth as wide as possible and sucked her tongue as I tried my best.

Thanks to that, Ahyeon’s hips raised once more as her whole body was trembling from the aftershocks.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…”

I could definitely feel that she was slowly climaxing. I too was on the verge of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. Since I was concerned of impregnating her, I was trying to withdraw, but Ahyeon executed a leg lock onto me as she did not let me go.

I couldn’t tell if she knew what she was doing, but I continued to try and pull back while she was squeezing me with her legs for dear life.

“Savior-nim! Ahhhhhhhh!”

In the end, I accepted my mistake as I could feel sperm burst out into her while she hung her body in the air exhausted.

Ahyeon had not told me, but it seemed she was already beyond her limits. Recognizing my mistake, I brought out my water bottle and began to provide her some water, as her eyes slowly opened.

“Thank you. Sniff… Savior-nim. Thank you.”

It was an expression that couldn’t differentiate between reality and dream once again. In her eyes, it was as if she was in the bosom of G.o.d according to her thoughts.

Then I looked at the corner of the room and saw Jung Euichang screaming as he was slowly dying. Due to the immense blood loss, he had lost a lot of energy in his voice.

After roughly finishing, I began to slowly approach him.

“Bi…tch….Me too…….”

Ridiculously enough, I saw him in an erect state. Having enough of this, after seeing Ahyeon’s sparkling eyes at me, I raised my sword and struck down directly.


I began to hear a voice I have not heard in a long time.

Not too precise, but it was a voice I had not heard in approximately one year. Due to enough accumulated experience, I had obtained the opportunity of evolving into a new species or changing classes into a Special Class.

After soon checking the list, I was forced into a dilemma.

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