Green Skin Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Green Skin – Unexpected Benefit (1)

One could smell rot in the air, but it wasn’t that bad. The slushy ground, on the other hand, was a bit of a hassle and made me feel like I was walking through rice paddies.

The whole landscape here looked a bit dreary. There were rotten, twisted trees, worms and bugs eating through corpses, both beast and human, and all matched the rumors that I had heard in my previous life.

Though there were a few disturbing elements here, I liked the atmosphere. I liked this smell of danger, it was pervasive and constantly stimulated my nerves. Based on their expressions, Black Spear, Gark, and Hark must have had similar thoughts, especially Black Spear who looked as if he had come home.

“So you’ve finally returned.”

“Yes, Blood Dagger. This is the entrance of the swamp. Though there are not a lot of dangerous beasts here, be wary of the ground. I do not recommend walking around here alone.”

I had also heard of this story before: of how the ground can suddenly collapse and eat you whole. Therefore, it was recommended to travel with Magicians and Archers together in case you didn’t know the terrain here well.  (EN: Mages and archers can ward off or kill incoming mobs from inside a formation, allowing the party to stay on safe ground.)

“I once heard of a Minotaur who bragged about his bravery and ventured proudly forth to hunt lizards in the swamp before sinking to his death on his return.” (Black Spear)

I thought that it was extremely dangerous for a body like a Minotaur to traverse this terrain. Especially if the monster had a weapon, it would be quite natural to sink. On the flip side of the body-type coin, Mev flitted through the air from one side of the column to the other.

The environment was surely a place that wasn’t easy to live.

Whether you were a Human, building near the swamp but at a distance, or a Green Skin living together with nature, site location was crucial. It seems that we would be quite uncomfortable if I were not able to find a suitable place to stay.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Blood Dagger)

Black Spear nodded and soon we headed for Storm Shadow’s village. I expected a warm welcome once we arrived, not a grand one like Big Ogre had given us, but warm all the same.

I didn’t know how long our journey would take from the entrance of the swamp to there, but we began to slowly follow behind Black Spear.

A while later, we began to feel a presence from somewhere. In a split instant, all of the clansmen became quiet, yet a problem arose.

“Ggirik! Ahk…I’m..I’m sorry.”

In this new situation, Little Finger wasn’t able to grasp the mood and alerted loudly. Black Spear and I glared at Little Finger, causing her to lower her head. It was a great mistake for the chief of a clan to expose their position.  (EN: She’s had two months of travel through a jungle in which to develop field discipline and yet…Instructor error.)

Thanks to her, we had completely revealed our location to the enemy. I figured that they would run away.

“It’s a Goblin.” (Human voice)


Contrary to my expectations, the sound of a Goblin did not dissuade them and they continued their approach. In the west, the moment a Goblin was heard, the Humans would immediately scatter because the Green Goblin Clan made enemies wary.

But this was the East, and the Goblins here were good prey for these slavers. They think we’re newbies who’ve escaped from the Exam. Look who’s coming to dinner… I began to slowly smile.

These fellas might just prove useful. I nodded to Black Spear with an inquiring look, he nodded back,  implying that I can do what I want.

Soon, we heard the Humans begin their charge, and with a signal, our Green Skins all hid within the grass.

The Humans arrived.


As soon as they saw me, they began to stare, dumbfounded.


I had Gargantua on my back, Cursed Voice hanging from my harness on the right and Ancient Flame on the left.  These were all of my currently armed weapons.

“I have never seen a Demon in the vicinity…”

“How much is a Demon worth?”

“I don’t know such a thing. I don’t think a Demon has been ever sold in the city before?”

The enemy numbered seven people, and their reaction was new to me. In the West, Humans would either immediately engage or flee the moment contact was made, but these looked confident in their skills. Or they were careless, I wasn’t sure, but their reactions were certainly strange.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a guy around here… he’s possibly not from Storm Shadow?”

“That Troll won’t come to this kind of place. Anyhow, let’s prepare for battle. The objective is to definitely capture him alive. I had thought it was a Goblin, but our search has born unexpected fruit.”

The Warriors raised their swords while the Magicians began to incant.

I revealed my teeth at the guys preparing for battle and laughed.

“So you’re from Somorah.”



There was no need to speak further. I immediately threw a dagger at the Magician, then drew Gargantua and injected mana into it.

They scoffed at my dagger’s threat, but the mage cast a defensive spell for security’s sake.


A vague, translucent shield of magic appeared, but the instant Gargantua and the dagger switched places upon activation of my Unique Ability, a deafening crash was heard.


The shield mana ground against my mana-infused weapon.

The shield, that would have deflected the dagger easily, was instead torn asunder by the greatsword, piercing the chest of the magician.


“Fu…f.u.c.k, what is this?”

“F.u.c.k….. It’s a Named Monster.”

A pretty flashy debut. I did not give them the time to adapt and threw a dagger at them once again, causing them to scatter.

It was a simple action, but it shattered their formation in an instant. It was preferable to take care of these guys one at a time. Then, I unsheathed both Cursed Voice and Ancient Flame simultaneously.

I charged at the physically weak Priest, causing the Warriors to rush out, but I greeted them with Ancient Flame’s furious blaze.

The intense heat overwhelmed them, igniting them in its veil. The Priest paled, stupefied by the sudden change from slave hunt to boss fight.

I swung my sword and cut off the Priest’s arms and legs in an instant.


The priest’s scream of pain echoed through the swamp as his flesh sizzled, but I did not mind it. My flaming blade had cauterized the wounds, so he wouldn’t die. Then, I saw a Warrior penetrate through the flames. Entirely aflame he charged, despite his incapacitated Priest.

“S.h.i.t!!! Damn Demon b.a.s.t.a.r.d….”

I stepped back and began to swing the Cursed Voice at him. Though this blade would not reach him, he was within range of my attack.

The guy gave me a strange look as my sword swung through the air.

“Stupid guy.”

I switched the location of Cursed Voice with Gargantua and cut off his arm. I could have chopped his head off, but I had decided to take him in alive.

Blood bloomed like a fountain and he screamed, music to my ear. It took some time to explain, but three people were incapacitated in an instant. At this time, realizing the obvious patterns of my attacks, they began to scatter all around.

“Run away!!”

“Where the f.u.c.k did this monster come from?”

I signaled the clansmen with a look and they flooded out as Black Spear’s weapon ripped through the air.


The air was torn as its trajectory began to bend strangely. In a split instant, two people were skewered by that black spear and spiraled into a rotten tree with immense force.

The rest of the guys also met the same fate. One of them had their legs and arms completely cut off as Gark was running over with him caught in the air.  (EN: Either Gark’s target was levitated by a mage and chopped to pieces, or Gark knocked him airborne and the blade went snickety snack. I can’t tell the specifics from the translation.)

On the other hand, Mev had penetrated the armor of the last guy with her arrows and Spirits. It was only a moment before they became incapable of fighting.

“Hmm… not bad.”

They were a pretty skilled group, but this overwhelmingly one-sided battle showed that our growth and training were not bad. The only fatality was the Magician at the start, but the rest were alive if mostly unconscious; the one whose arm I cut off was looking at me heatedly.

“Fu……what is this…..”

They had engaged after hearing the sound of a Goblin, but had instead encountered a Demon, so their shock was understandable. And not my problem.

“It won’t be bad as a gift…”

After Black Spear nodded in agreement that we had obtained a nice present, we arrived at the Storm Shadow village. Its atmosphere was much different than the Ogre village, very sullen compared to the Ogres’ vitality. Someone knew we were coming and opened the village gate, but no one came out to meet us.

Just like the Black Spear Clan, this village, too, decorated with Human skulls and bones, giving this place a very different feel.

We had entered the village, and still no one came to greet us.

I looked over at Black Spear with suspicion, and he replied with a reassuring expression.

“It’s normally like this here.”

“I see…”

Soon after arriving at the largest tent in the village, Storm Shadow emerged from within.

“It’s been a while. Black Spear….and…. Blood Dagger….”

His voice was as sullen as before and he looked exactly the same, too, with quite an impressive tusk– the gloomy Troll, Storm Shadow.

EN:  The author calls BD’s greatsword “The sword that is too large to be called a sword” or some such rubbish, and as I’m planning on editing this while series (and that title appears with some frequency) I’m calling it Gargantua.  Please forgive my impertinence.

Edited for Asian Hobbyist by Fenring

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