Green Skin Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Green Skin – Unexpected Benefit (2)

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor…”

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

Storm Shadow looked over with a joyful manner and as if he was truly delighted, the corners of his lips raised slightly.

The first time Goff and I had met him, I recognized that he didn’t respond well with any sort of expression. He definitely is one of those kinds of Green Skin who didn’t express his emotions so well. But hearing his slightly high-toned voice, there was no mistake that he was delighted by our arrival.

“What business do you have in the East, Blood Dagger and Black Spear?”

Though he asked, it felt like he already was aware of everything. If so, I felt that it would be prudent to satisfy him with what he wanted.

“I wish to settle in the East.”

“That is welcome news, Blood Dagger. How about it? Did you obtain what you wanted through Green Goblin?”


“Many Green Skins are reluctant to come towards the East. But, this place is also quite a nice location to live in.”

“Is that so…”

Though those words felt a bit untrustworthy, I decided to respond to it. Actually, I had no thought of living here for all of my lifetime, but noticing his expression, I felt that it was best not to add anything unnecessary.

The guy who continued to talk then shifted his gaze over to the six captured Humans. Feeling the gaze of Storm Shadow, I spoke up.

“It’s a gift. We caught these Humans along the way here. Please take these three people, we will take the other three.”

“Very good. Very good…”

He was extremely delighted as the Humans who had now regained consciousness were completely silent. It was certain that they would be flabbergasted at being dragged to the village of Storm Shadow after leaving for a simple Goblin hunt. Their lips and body were trembling uncontrollably, but of course, we had no compassion for them. They were just trophies at best after all.

“Anyhow, it is proper to welcome the guests.”

Our second banquet since leaving the west began. After receiving the welcome of the Big Ogre Clan, I had some expectations of this banquet, but Storm Shadow Clan’s party was extremely boring.



Everyone engaged in low whispers while feasting, but few conversations arose. Gark and Hark were quietly talking with one another, and even Mev, with her lively personality, was wiping away cold sweat. Storm Shadow nodded and began to relate some ordinary stories. Mentally, I had wished for this banquet to end as quickly as possible, and fortunately, my wish was granted.

We had decided to reside in the small sector of the village provided by Storm Shadow, so we set up our flags and quickly built up our tents.

Once the tents were up, instead of asking for Hayeon’s assistance, Ragia accompanied me, bringing forth the three captured Humans. She threw them roughly to the ground in front of me and their questioning began.


The moment I spoke, they immediately replied.

“Ho…how do you know our language…”

“You do not need to be concerned with that.”

I beckoned to Ragia, who slowly began to approach. We hadn’t known each other long, but in this short time, I had realized that Ragia’s torture was quite effective. No, rather than effective, she got results like a professional. I wasn’t sure exactly what position these men held in Somorah, but knowing even such trivial information is as important, as that could become a great weapon; I was determined to extract every single detail.

“Can we start?”

I nodded to Ragia’s question. The reason why she was able to deal with such matters effectively was because she did not become agitated. Hark, Gark, and Hayeon, all quickly killed their subjects, but Ragia knew how to coldly execute her role. It was simple at first, she started slowly. Then, not long after, screams burst out. On the remaining arm of one of them, she would stab a nail-like dagger, causing him to scream horrifyingly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhk! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhk!”

I found the sound painful and frowned, so Ragia immediately put a cloth in his mouth and continued her work.

After a bit more time, he was shedding tears. It was then that I finally realized that I had made a mistake.

I had wasted my time.

These guys had no sense of belonging or justice. Rather, they were guys that moved solely for their own benefit. Even if I hadn’t tortured them, they would have answered all of my questions.

I raised my hand and soon Ragia removed the cloth from his mouth and allowed us to start our conversation.


“Lee…Lee Wanyong.”


“Thirty-eight… I am thirty-eight years old…”

“Do you belong to a guild or a clan?”

“Yes…yes. Bl…black Thorn Guild.”

How lucky. Though I had thought that I would be able to capture one since the guild was quite large, I hadn’t imagined that I would succeed the moment I arrived within the swamps.

“What good luck.”


“I was looking for you…”

Once I finished, the face of the guy brightened as he began to think that there might be a way to secure his life.

“From this moment forth, I will not direct what you say. I want you to speak about everything, about the city, the state of affairs in the East, and lastly… news regarding the slaves, … Literally everything.”


The reason why I told him I wouldn’t mind what he said was because I didn’t want him reluctant to speak about the slaves to me. I knew the truth that Orcs and Goblins were enslaved by Somorah city, but it would be difficult to evaluate the current situation if he were to hide some details due to fear.

A strangely curious expression flashed across his face when I mentioned the slaves. If he was as quick-witted as Hayeon, he would soon realize that I was originally Human, but he knew his place and did not inquire further.

“Ugh…where to start…”

“Talk comfortably. It’s alright to start with you and go on from there.”

Since the night was long, there was lots of time. I looked over Ragia, and she quickly moved over to my side.

“I…I was summoned here about… twelve years ago…or…originally…. I was summoned in the West. It has been four years since I moved into Somorah.”

“I see…”

“As soon as I moved here, I was accepted into the Black Thorn Guild officially, but it was then…sl…sl..slave hunt… it was not my intention. I had no choice….”

He was trembling, but I roughly knew this would happen. Since our races were different, he wouldn’t have a sliver or remorse or conscience, but he was being wary of my presence as much as possible. My nature as a monster prompted his caution, so I had no choice but to speak out.

“I think I told you not to speak of any useless facts. Tell the truth as it is. This is the last warning.”


Understanding what I wanted, he began to talk without hesitation. From what he reported, the majority of the Humans that resided in Somorah were official guild members, and mostly did business with outsiders.

It wasn’t legitimate business, as the majority that did come came to buy slaves illegally, or to use the Black Market, or even request assassinations. There was even a show in which monsters killed humans for visitors to watch. Indeed, they also run monster brothels and prostitutes. I couldn’t help but conclude that Somorah was rotten to the core.

“But what’s more serious is that…there are a limited number of people that can work. Though on the outside, it looks like a city that is more developed for the night life…but most transactions and business happen underground. I…I’m still a low rank, so I don’t know in detail…”

In other words, on the outside it was a nightlife and slave city.

“Where and how do you obtain your slaves?”

“In the case of mon…monsters, we target Goblins and Orcs who have strayed away from the groups. For humans… we capture civilians without any combat ability or those from small clans. Usually, the people of the cities that have lost in war against us would all be captured and made into slaves. In truth, the majority of Human slaves are civilians… and there are a few that are Murderers as well.”

The more I heard, the more flabbergasted I was, because the parts familiar to me were so few compared to what the internal state of the city actually was.

Not only that, like I had suspected, all of the authorities of the cities in the East all had some sort of relationship with the Black Thorn Guild and it’s master, Yoon Jungsoo. He even mentioned how some people came from the desert cities of the South to meet Yoon.

In other words, Somorah was a trash can for people to come and expose all of their desires. For those that tried to appear clean, it was a much needed trash can. Grasping the situation of Somorah a bit, I asked another question.

“Do you know anything about Spider and Hound clan?”

After pondering a bit, he replied, “If you’re inquiring about the Murderer Clans…that…that aspect, I know nothing. Though guild members suspected about that relationship, but it’s just a minor speculation… I…”

“Is there anyone here that knows more than you?”

“There…is none here.”

I then glanced over and saw the two who were trembling. As expected, the guy in front of me had the highest position amongst them. The ones in the back seemed like they wanted to show some usefulness like Lee Wanyong, but realizing that it wasn’t the atmosphere to speak out, they remained silent.

“I’m also curious if the executives go out from time to time…”

“Yes…Yes. Of course. The guild executives move directly when they travel to deliver slaves to the larger cities.”

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