Chapter 184 A Welcome Reunion


His voice seemed purely curious about why Ragia was here, and that was why she replied despite herself.


“I was organizing the tent…”

“Thank you.”


He seemed truly grateful and spoke before Ragia could say anything.


“I had something to say to you, so let’s sit.”

“Of course.”


Ragia nodded, and while she hoped that Blood Dagger would talk about the map, she thought not. He would have said something to her already had that been the case.


“I need you to manage the tribe for a few months.”

“I will be absent from a month to three if necessary, so please manage the clan well. Finish the Information Room after discussing it with Hakajin. Also, create books with other humans after speaking with Lee Wanyong.”

“I understand.”

“Also, take those training to the Eastern Forest and start training them for beast hunts. Open the path to the mines, and you can request help from Goff and Black Spear. If there are emergencies, I will come by every few days, so report then.”

“You will?”

“I will come often, so don’t worry about that.”


Ragia nodded. While Blood Dagger had been absent often, she had known why in the past because he had told her. However, him not mentioning anything about the Spider meant that he was going to do that alone.


‘Am I not trusted?’


That was not the case, as managing the tribe was just as important. Ragia shook her head to rid unnecessary thoughts that kept popping up.


“You seem to be troubled.”


“Is there a problem?”

There were none, and it seemed that Ragia had been unable to control her expression. She did want to ask him about the Spider but could not find her voice on that subject. Instead, she asked Blood Dagger a simpler question.


“May I ask you a question?”


“Why did you choose me as the tribe’s subleader?”


Ragia stared at Blood Dagger, who touched his horn in surprise at her question.


“Are you strained?”

“It’s not that… I am just curious.”

“First, you are much more efficient than you realize. Hakajin is efficient in his own right, but you differ from him. You know what will be good and bad for the tribe and can objectively oversee the entire village. I had thought so from that incident and decided that you would make logical decisions suited to the position.”




Ragia gulped as Blood Dagger continued to speak.


“I thought you resembled me the most.”


She trembled as her tail curled. This was an answer she could have never guessed.


“You and I seem to share similar traits, and that is why I gave you that position.”


Blood Dagger clearly overestimated her, but Ragia’s chest filled. She was truly happy.


“I am grateful.”


Her voice shook, and she saw Blood Dagger nodding at her.


“Do not rush things. You are doing much better than you think.”

“You will not be disappointed.”


Ragia felt like a burden was lifted off her chest. She went straight to Gark’s tent after leaving Blood Dagger’s. She did not know how long it would take as she was still weak. Therefore, she had to continue moving and thinking to be helpful to the clan and him. Ragia lifted her dagger.



I had said the truth to Ragia, as she was much more efficient and had potential than she realized. Her face had been troubled lately, and she seemed better after going out of the tent. I felt relieved.

We did resemble each other, as she was more calculating than me and followed orders correctly. She thought of the tribe first and always went after profit.

Ragia could act as my proxy and support me, and I thought she would do well this time again. I called Jang Ye Ri to talk about what I had found in today’s scouting. Since she was tediously on the road to the meeting, I thought she would welcome my call.


[Jang Ye Ri.]

[Why do you call, mate? Do you want to see me already?]

[I wanted to hear your voice and confirm a few things.]

[Well, well.]


She would know the call was mainly for the latter but seemed happy at my words.


[Of course, it’s about Park Hyeri, isn’t it?]


[I do not like talking about other women with you, but I will tell you what I know. I thought I had written enough on the map, but you seemed to have visited the southern parts of the East.]


I did not consider Park Hyeri a woman, but she was right about the latter.


[Yes, I went there today. I saw a few humans hunting…]

[While your village or my city had the land to build on, the southern parts are mostly swampland, which meant there are no buildings or tents. Clans and guilds coming out to hunt would be all. That is not where Park Hyeri’s hiding, but data on the places she had made an appearance.]


[I have no way to contact the Spider Clan directly now.]


I spoke to her as she seemed apologetic. Jang Ye Ri had done more than enough already.


[I am already grateful for any information and seeing recent battle traces today had helped.]


I knew a bit more about Park Hyeri today, and she seemed to be her old self in her fighting habits. She had gotten stronger from the marks left on the boulders and the trees. I could now think more about Park Hyeri’s ability. I asked Jang Ye Ri a question.


[Do humans of the East go hunting in the swamps often?]

[While my city has hunting grounds, small cities near the swamps are a different matter. Those who are pushed away hunt there, and while Jang Gi Young did not care about the Spider, she has not made an appearance after I became Queen.]

[Do you expect that Park Hyeri will move to a different area?]

[There’s a chance, as she definitely has a connection in the city. She may consider this her last chance, as I am also building a plan to take care of the murderers hiding in the East.]


The reason Park Hyeri and others had come to the East was that the cities were rotten. I thought Jang Ye Ri would not know about the connection. They would have to go into hiding if a large city went after them, and this would be my chance.



[I think you know Park Hyeri well and believe you can find her.]

[You are right.]


I thought I could trace Park Hyeri’s habits as I had also hunted humans before. I knew Park Hyeri would move if she found humans she thought worthy of hunting. Following large clans or small guilds may work. I spoke as I fisted my hands.


[How is your trip?]

[It’s slow, but everything else is fine. I think I will arrive at the meeting when you find the Spider. I will tell you what happened at the meeting, so do not worry.]

[Thank you, I will see you after things wrap up.]

[Stay safe.]


I smiled as I ended communication because I had no intention of being wounded.

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