Chapter 312 Xiao Mo


The girl who received the convincing answer smiled more lovely and brilliantly. Her two thin eyebrows gently bent like a crescent moon, and her cheerful smile bloomed like a flower, making people’s mood better. She smiled and said with joy, “Big brother still remembers me, I’m so happy. That time, it was big brother who saved me. I have always wanted to see the big brother again. This time, it’s my daddy and mommy who took me out to play…”

“Xiao Mo, who is he?” Next to the little girl, stood a pair of man and woman who were around their thirties. The woman looked at Ye Wuchen in the wheelchair and asked coldly. There was neither surprise nor curiosity in her expression. There was no expression at all. It was the same for the man next to her. His eyes looked like a pair of dead human eyes, which could make people feel very uncomfortable if someone touched him.

“Daddy, mommy, he was the big brother who saved me that year.” The girl named Xiao Mo said in a tender voice. Her bright and flawless smiling face had a sharp contrast between the two stiff faces. The girl was surprisingly the little girl who sprained a foot that Ye Wuchen rescued on his way to Tian Feng City three years ago. What made Ye Wuchen could not help but be surprised was that nothing about her had changed, except her clothes… Her age and that tender face compared to three years ago…were exactly the same! Just like Ningxue and Tong Xin, who seemed to never grow up.

After getting an answer, the woman gave a simple “Oh,” and without even looking at Ye Wuchen, she said coldly, “Let’s go.”

“Ah, alright.” The little girl seemed to have become accustomed to her mother’s indifference, her immature face was still smiling, and she diligently agreed. She spoke to Ye Wuchen with her small face up, “Then, big brother…I’ll go first… by the way, big brother, what’s your name?”

“My name is Wuchen, and you are Xiao Mo, right?” Ye Wuchen said with a smile.

“Yeah! Brother Wuchen, I’ll remember your name… Ah, goodbye, Brother Wuchen.”

Her parents did not give her any more time as they turned and left by themselves. Xiao Mo hurriedly said goodbye to Ye Wuchen and hurriedly followed. But after running a few steps forward, she returned again, putting her little hand on Ye Wuchen’s palm, “Brother Wuchen, this is for you to eat.”

After placing a small object in Ye Wuchen’s hand, the little girl ran back in a hurry, and followed the weird parents’ tail. Before the petite figure was submerged into the crowd, she turned around and gave him a sweet smile.

When she disappeared from his sight, Ye Wuchen turned around, his slightly smiling face sank slowly, and his eyes slowly narrowed. He raised his right hand, on his palm lied a very delicately-wrapped soft candy, which was a gift that Xiao Mo gave him to repay his kindness.

That feeling just now was…

Ye Wuchen’s frowned even more. When the girl’s hand touched his palm just now, he felt a momentary icy coldness that could pierce his bone marrow. That coldness did not come from the sense of touch, but from the sudden turbulence of the power from his soul. If he was just an ordinary person, he would not be aware of it at all.

Tong Xin quietly moved her body closer to him, her eyes were already filled with uncontrollable obsession. Ye Wuchen clenched the soft candy in his hand, took a breath, and smiled, “Let’s go, to the front.”

There was nothing unusual with Tong Xin… Did she notice nothing just now?

It seemed that things were much more interesting than what I know.


Meng Yan Tower.

After arriving there three years later, everything in front of him, as well as the thick taste of vulgar powder, was the same as before. Ye Wuchen did not care about the surprised gaze of the people around him, and walked straight to the gate of Meng Yan Tower. When he approached, he whispered to the stiff-faced woman at the gate, “I’m here to meet Shui Mengchan.”

After a while, the door of the elegant room on the top floor was pushed open, and Shui Ling’er said in Shui Mengchan’s ear, “Princess, Ye Wuchen wants to meet you. He is below right now.”

“Meet me?” Shui Mengchan was surprised. After testing Ye Wuchen that night but returning with defeat, she never took the initiative to contact him again. But during that period of time, her mind was disturbed by Ye Wuchen’s last words. Even if she tried hard not to think about it, it was of no avail, just like a thorn stuck in her throat. Shui Ling’er, who was with her day and night, kept observing those changes.

She could not figure out Ye Wuchen’s intention, but she was certain that the reason would not be about the “deal” that night. With his wisdom and temperament, he would not be the first to lose his breath in that matter.

“Let him come up… forget it, he’s already here.”

The door was pushed open at that moment, and Ye Wuchen, who was still sitting in a wheelchair, was carefully pushed in by Tong Xin. Naturally, she could not push him directly from the first floor to the top floor, so she simply brought him up directly with a high jump.

Every time she saw the faint smile on Ye Wuchen’s face as if he did not bother to care about anything or everything like they were under control, Shui Mengchan would feel a sense of powerlessness growing from the depths of her heart. She sat down behind the gauze tent and spoke slowly, “Young Master Ye, long time no see.”

“Oh? We spent a wonderful night in the same room not long ago. What is the answer to this phrase ‘Long time no see’?” Ye Wuchen raised his eyebrows and said with a look of nostalgia.

Although Shui Ling’er next to Shui Mengchan tried her best to endure it, she still showed a slight surprise. When Shui Mengchan entered Ye Wuchen’s bedroom at night, she did not share that to anyone, including Shui Ling’er. Shui Mengchan did not seem to care, avoided the topic and said, “Young Master Ye visited in person today, what would be that important thing you wanted Mengchan to know?”

“Oh, if I said I came to you to talk about my feelings, would you believe it?” He glanced at Shui Ling’er, and continued, “As your status as the Southern Emperor Sect princess, there must be a number of people hiding around here. What I wanted to say was only a secret that the two of us could talk about alone. It’s not good to be known by others.”

After he finished speaking with an ambiguous expression, he stopped.

Shui Mengchan did not hesitate, and said, “Retreat, all of you. Before Young Master Ye leaves, no one is allowed to come near here. Ling’er, you should also retreat.”

“But…” Shui Ling’er’s heart tightened and her eyes were full of complications. After taking a look at the petite person behind Ye Wuchen, she swallowed the second half of the sentence as she gently moved out of the room and silently closed the door. If Ye Wuchen really wanted to cause harm to Shui Mengchan, with the terrifying strength of the Woman of the Divine Wrath beside him, even if they were by his side, it would be no different if something really happened nothing.

Of course, the Master of the Southern Emperor Sect would not allow Shui Mengchan to move Ye Wuchen because of the Southern Emperor’s Sword. Firstly, the Master was afraid that it would be like what he said, which was to never know the true location of the sword. Secondly, the Master would initiate an act to win his heart. But now that the transaction that year had been cancelled, the possibility that the Southern Emperor Sect had obtained the Southern Emperor’s Sword was also firmly in Ye Wuchen’s hands. Facing Ye Wuchen, whose body was half-paralyzed, the Southern Emperor Sect still did not dare to touch a single hair of him… However now, the most important reason was because they knew of the existence of Tong Xin, who was the Woman of the Divine Wrath.

She was just a very little girl, but she had the strength that could rival the four God-tier powerhouses. Such terrible enemies must not be provoked unless they were a last resort, even if they were the Southern Emperor Sect.

As she left, several hidden shadows quietly retreated.

When they left, Ye Wuchen finally put away the dubious look on his face, and said seriously, “Today, neither will I negotiate with you, nor do I want to trick anything from you, I just want to tell you a hidden truth… However, you might have to confirm the truth yourself. I’m just telling you about what I know and what I guess.”

“Oh? May I know what is the truth that Young Master Ye wants to share with Mengchan?” Shui Mengchan said quietly. The voice was calm, but there was a sudden rise of her heartbeat. The truth…Those two words reminded her of the last few words he said that night.

The truth…what was the truth?

Ye Wuchen was not in a hurry, and slowly spoke, “In fact, it is not really a truth. Previously, I have a question to ask… I accidentally got an interesting news a few days ago. It seems that twenty years ago, there has been a lunatic in a secret room inside your Southern Emperor Sect. That lunatic would often let out a howling, like a ghost, no matter day or night. It lasted for twenty years. May I know if this actually happened?”

Shui Mengchan’s eyebrows twitched slightly. She answered, “There is indeed such a thing.”

“Then, have you ever been in the place where this madman was? No one else is allowed to approach the person.” Ye Wuchen asked with interest.

“It was a traitor from the Southern Emperor Sect from a certain year who was imprisoned there. Because he was close with my father, so he did not kill him, but imprisoned him instead. Unexpectedly, his mentality worsened and he soon became mad, day and night.” Shui Mengchan did not hide that fact and told everything she knew because that incident was not a secret in the Southern Emperor Sect either, not even a small matter. She wondered why Ye Wuchen would mention that person.

She was even more puzzled about how exactly did Ye Wuchen knew that person.

“Heh…” Ye Wuchen narrowed his eyes and smiled comfortably, “Your answer makes me feel more relieved. If you answer ‘no’, then this truth doesn’t exist. Since you never seen that madman, then find him, he may tell you a truth that will subvert your life.”

The dumb words casted a mist in Shui Mengchan’s heart. She frowned and thought hard, but she suddenly got up and suddenly asked, “Young Master Ye, what do you actually want to say to me?”

“Since you have already guessed it, why did you ask for more about what I expressed?”

“Impossible… I was never forbidden to go there, but that place was extremely messy and dirty, not mention, that crazy person…”

“Whatever the reason, I just need to know that you haven’t met him.” Ye Wuchen interrupted her casually, “Besides, it’s your business, I’m just spending my leisure time and showing you mercy. You are not a stupid woman. Although I haven’t been in Tian Long City for three years, I can still smell the silent changes you made in these three years, manipulating the chess game. Someone like you, should understand a moral like this: Sometimes, the matters that are the most natural, the easiest to ignore, and the least care needed, are what hides the greatest mystery.”

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