Chapter 313 Conspiracy


Ye Wuchen was seen in outsiders’ eyes that he would only stay at home all day long and seldom went out and move around. However, he got a lot of information in his hands from all directions every day. The info he got involved all aspects, both large and small, and they were extremely detailed. Ye Wuchen actually did rely on that information to watch the world without leaving his house. pattern. The lunatic imprisoned in the Southern Emperor Sect was merely an incident that was casually brought up by two people in the Southern Emperor Sect who had nothing to do and it was heard by someone from the Evil Sect by accident. In the daily collection of huge and small info, although that kind of useless information was so small that it could be completely ignored, Ye Wuchen still scanned and read it over again and again. One by one, bold conjectures were pieced together in his mind with an astonishing speed.

“Are you trying to say that he…”

Ye Wuchen raised his hand and interrupted her, “Oh! You’d better not say it out. This is just a random guess when I got bored. Just casually listen to it. If the truth I guessed was just a joke, wouldn’t it be a laughing matter? Just treat me as if I was talking nonsense in front of you today, hahahaha.”

Shui Mengchan sat down slowly. Through a layer of pink gauze tent, her trembling watery eyes stared at the man on the opposite side of the gauze tent. There was no evidence, yet, just by relying on a piece of news that seemed to be completely irrelevant to others, he gave her such an astonishing hint. However, he just talked about it so calmly and steadily as if he was accompanied with great self-confidence. She was unsure where his confidence came from.

She adjusted her somewhat chaotic breathing for a while, and whispered quietly, “Young Master Ye, your schemes are out of this world that Mengchan simply cannot resist. I hope, all your guesses are fake. To be frank, Young Master Ye, the person Mengchan admires most in this life is none other than you. You are also the only person I am afraid of.”

Throughout the ages, there have been an endless stream of schemes that were out of the world in various battles. Once successful, the enemy’s vitality could be greatly hurt without a single soldier. But when Ye Wuchen arrived, he had set up a scheme that could tear their relationship apart without any covers. However, Shui Mengchan was willing to enter that trap.

Conspiracies were hard to prevent. But in this case, the conspiracy had directly destroyed her defensive heart.

“Oh? Then, don’t understand this. As you can see, I’m just a useless person. I have no affiliation with your Southern Emperor Sect. We don’t have grudges against each other either, so it can be said that it is too late for me to avoid. How would I dare use an out-of-this-world scheme against you?” Ye Wuchen said innocently.

“If you are a useless person, there will be no useful person in the whole world. I did not see your desire three years ago. Now, I see it. Aside from the Woman of Divine Wrath, what else are you hiding? I will not know. But just relying on you to get information about my Southern Emperor Sect, at least, you still hide an intelligence network that I don’t know. And a month ago, I knew that it was your friend, Leng Ya, who created the scandal between Lin Xiao and Lin Xiu. After that, the subsequent series of Lin Family disasters were really weird. It’s a pity that I haven’t found any clues about the mystery in it. I can only say that what you did is really seamless. Just by concealing yourself from my eyes, what you have on the surface is far more than something simple.” Shui Mengchan said slowly and her soft eyes were shining sharply, “Now, even my Southern Emperor Sect is already turning into one of your goals.”

“Oh, you praised me too much. If you are not at ease, I can swear to you now… Unless your Southern Emperor Sect takes the initiative to provoke me, I, Ye Wuchen will never offend your Southern Emperor Sect. Phew, I’m afraid even you, the Southern Emperor princess, does not know how powerful the Southern Emperor Sect is either. Even if this sickly grass like me is really intentional, it’s still impossible to shake a heavenly giant tree like you.” He smiled casually.

Shui Mengchan’s eyes were stained with surprise, and he was surprised that Ye Wuchen could say such a thing. However, she still did not think her guts was wrong… After a short silence, she asked, “Young Master Ye, what do you think of the Evil Sect?”

Ye Wuchen hesitated a while, then raised his head and said, “A force that was ready to cover the skies.”

That unpredictable answer did not make Shui Mengchan’s face move an inch. The arrogant words of the Evil Emperor at the Heavenly Star Demonic Martial Arts Conference that day had spread all over the world, and few people knew it. His few words had fully expressed his intention. The shadow casted by the Evil Sect on the entire Heavenly Star Continent was also getting bigger.

“In that case, how should my Southern Emperor Sect do?” Shui Mengchan asked. After the Heavenly Star Demonic Martial Arts Conference, the Evil Sect, who showed their powerful fangs, gave her extremely high stress, and she was eager for Ye Wuchen’s answer. When in contact with him, she vaguely experienced a subtle sense of “omnipotence”.

“Are you scared?” Ye Wuchen did not answer immediately, but smiled playfully.

“…For thousands of years, nothing has been able to pose enough threats to us. The Evil Sect has only appeared for a year, yet it had been widely rumoured that there were forces on par with us. About where they come from, where are they, where their powerful source is from, who is the evil emperor… It was unbelievable that we can’t find any traces, even if I am not afraid, I can’t help but worry.” Shui Mengchan said frankly.

“I think Southern Emperor Sect spent a lot of effort on the Evil Sect, but got nothing, right? In that case, why not be prepared and quietly wait for them to appear by themselves.”

Shui Mengchan did not answer, but suddenly asked: “… Then may I know what the relationship between Young Master Ye and the Evil Sect is?”

“My relationship with Evil Sect? I don’t understand these words.” Ye Wuchen raised his eyebrows slightly.

The princess spoke softly, “At the Heavenly Star Demonic Martial Arts Conference that day, Leng Ya addressed the Evil Emperor as ‘Master’. Even Chu Jingtian, the Descendant of the Sword God, also has a special relationship with the Evil Sect. Both of your friends have an extraordinary relationship with the Evil Sect so Mengchan can’t help but think more deeply about this.”

“Hahahaha…” Ye Wuchen seemed to have heard the most ridiculous thing. He raised his head and laughed, “My lady, if it’s according to you, won’t hu Jingtian’s grandfather Chu Cangming be closely related to the Evil Sect? Heh… Evil Sect? I, Ye Wuchen, am already too used to freedom. I don’t want to be controlled by anyone. If I want to enter the Evil Sect, I won’t. Unless I become the Evil Sect’s emperor.

Shui Mengchan’s little suspicions that had been lingering around disappeared immediately. She believed that Ye Wuchen was definitely not a person who was willing to be under and obey others. Nonetheless, everyone in the Evil Sect was a servant of the Evil Emperor, how could he be willing to be a servant.

However, even if she was asked to think about it for ten days and nights, she would not think that Ye Wuchen was the Evil Emperor. Regardless of other matters, based on the occurrence of Prince Feng’s wedding and the appearance of the Evil Emperor at the Heavenly Star Demonic Martial Arts Conference, Ye Wuchen was staying at the Ye family leisurely during those times, so how could they be the same person?

“Everything I wanted to say is done. As for how you manage this, it’s your freedom. Oh, yes, I babbled a few words about your father’s death that night… I withdrew those words.” With a mysterious smile, Ye Wuchen went out with Tong Xin’s support. The wooden wheel ran on the sandalwood floor, making a soothing frictional sound.

“On the surface, you have everything that an ordinary woman dreams of. As a perfect woman, you shouldn’t play with a tragic life. Put aside the matters in your hands and live for yourself just once.” Pushing open the door, Ye Wuchen turned his head and left a few words before leaving Shui Mengchan’s sight.

In the silence, Shui Mengchan’s heart was in a mess.

“Ling’er!” Shui Mengchan stood up and shouted.

“Princess.” Shui Ling’er walked in from the outside and replied respectfully.

“Tonight, is the night of the full moon. It’s been a long time since I got together with my parents.” She sighed.

“…I’ll make preparations now.” Shui Ling’er immediately knew that she wanted to go back to the Southern Emperor Sect, and stepped back.

Shui Mengchan was in a daze, and her eyes were turbulent like ripples on clear water. “Ye Wuchen, are we enemies or friends? What do you actually want…”



At the same time, at an unknown corner of the Tian Long Kingdom,

in the quiet and elegant study, the only sound was the uniform sound of the brush rubbing against the paper. A tall, pale-faced man stood there quietly, holding a brush in one hand and on placing the other on his back as he painted slowly on a piece of drawing paper hung on the wall. His tall figure stood straight, not smiling. His calm eyes like still water were attentive, seeming to look closely at the traces of his brush. He looked like he could penetrate the walls in front of him as he looked further ahead.

The brush in his hand moved to the right, and then left the surface of the paper. The eyes of the middle-aged man also froze. What he wrote was a big Chinese character, “Water(水).” He must write that character every few days, and it had been the same for decades.

Knock knock…

Behind him, there were two light knocks on the door. The middle-aged man did not look back, but his eyes moved slightly. He spoke casually with a low voice, “Come in.”

The door was opened, and a slightly older middle-aged man walked in, making no sound when his feet stepped on the ground. His gaze fell on the character that had just been written, and he was suddenly filled with admiration, “Great! It turns like a circle, and it seems weak and soft. It is clear that you have reached the ninth level of the Art of Water Jade… Sect Master, I didn’t expect you to have another breakthrough in less than ten years!”

“Hahahaha.” The middle-aged man smiled and turned around, “Yunpo, I don’t seem to be the only one who has made a breakthrough today.”

Shui Yunpo reported back with a faint smile, “My level is still far behind the Sect Master.” Staring at the big “Water” character on the wall, he frowned, and his voice turned as he spoke slowly, “Sect Master, it’s been twenty-three years, when the big event just happened, an Evil Sect appeared.”

“Evil Sect?” Shui Yuntian’s face froze. Then, he returned to normal again, and said casually, “The Evil Sect is not enough to be afraid of. The Evil Sect holds the Northern Emperor’s bow that can break through the Luochen Cliff. Even if the Evil Sect does not provoke the Northern Emperor Sect, there will always be a day when the Northern Emperor Sect cannot stay put. If they fight against each other, the ending will be… that the Evil Sect is destroyed, and the vitality of the Northern Emperor Sect will be greatly harmed. The appearance of the Evil Sect is not a bad thing after all.”

“Even so, Yan Duanhun, that old man, is not a fuel-efficient lamp. He also thought about these. Otherwise, there would be some actions from him by now after he went there for so long. At the Heavenly Star Demonic Martial Arts Conference, the Evil Sect’s desire was undoubtedly exposed. If they take the initiative to provoke us, then the Northern Emperor Sect will certainly stand by and reap the benefits.” Shui Yunpo said.

Shui Yuntian’s calm eyes condensed the sharpness of an eagle, “With the enemy is in the dark, then I will also stay in the dark. The Evil Sect’s concealment skills are amazing, but it wants to find out the details of my Southern Emperor’s sect. If that Evil Emperor is not a rash person, then the person should know that if one can’t figure out the depths of the other party, the result will be who initiate the moves first and who will be attack first. They really think that the four God-tiers are qualified to challenge us? The silence of the Northern Emperor Sect and the Evil Sect are just a time to wait for an opportunity, so why are we not doing so?”

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