Heavenly Star

Chapter 314 “Shui Yuntian”


Who was Shui Yuntian? Just his name could shock the world. Emperors of various countries who met with that Southern Emperor Sect Master had to pay him respect, and he was the one most familiar with the power accumulated by his Southern Emperor Sect over the past tens of millions of years. The Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect were like two ancient trees that had grown for tens of thousands of years towering into the heavens. Heavy wind and rain might shake them, but they could never uproot them… However, although the Evil Sect was powerful enough to be considered as a big tree in a year, its foundation was by no means comparable to them.

He also clearly witnessed the changes in the pattern brought about by the appearance of the Evil Sect. He was neither surprise, nor in chaos.

Shui Yuntian continued, “Compared to the Evil Sect, I am more wary about this Ye Wuchen of Tianlong City. I never had direct contact with him before, but three years ago, I ordered some people to keep track of his every move. After he came back, I also paid attention to him every day. Time went by, but my doubts for this person increased instead. I simply can’t figure him out. Mengchan also mentioned that this is an extremely tricky and dangerous person. Even if he becomes useless, we still have to be cautious.”

Shui Yunpo was slightly unconvinced, “You have talked about this person to me many times. I still think that the matter about Southern Emperor’s Sword is too important. If we can’t convince him with anything, then we can just force our questions on him. Why are you wasting so much thought and time for him?”

“You see, some things are not as simple as they seem. At the beginning, he took the initiative to meet Mengchan and confessed that he knew the location of the Southern Emperor’s Sword. With his wisdom, how could he not have expected the possibility of his family being threatened? In that case, since he dared to take the initiative, he must have his own method that could make us feel horrified in the end. For the Southern Emperor’s Sword, we certainly have to be cautious and make the three-year agreement years ago. Even if he was just bluffing, we can’t take any risks. After all, the Southern Emperor’s Sword is just too important. If we lose any further news about it due to being too unscrupulous, wouldn’t we be left with nothing but regret? At that time, even if the Ye Family was destroyed, what use would that be? You already know about the devastating power of the Northern Emperor’s Bow, so it definitely has something similar with the Southern Emperor’s Sword. Now, both of them had exposed their presence and location to us. If the Northern Emperor Sect gets the Northern Emperor’s Bow first, it’ll be at our disadvantage.” Shui Yuntian explained.

Shui Yunpo’s face showed hesitation, and gave a sudden question, “Is there a possibility that the Southern Emperor’s Sword… is actually in Ye Wuchen’s hands?”


Shui Yuntian chuckled softly, “Of course, it’s not impossible. According to our people that were snuck in the Feng Army, Ye Wuchen’s strength was strong at that time, but he wasn’t Feng Chaoyang’s match. However, in the end, he suddenly unleashed an overwhelmingly powerful slash with an astonishing sword, directly splitting Feng Chaoyang, who was famous for his amazing defense, into two halves. The ground was also left with a pit over a hundred meters long. The ability to make its user attack so powerfully is far from something that a heavenly weapon can do. The most suspicious thing was that the sword in his hand had been wrapped in flames. Under such a life threatening situation, he still wanted to hide the appearance of the sword, heh heh, how weird. Therefore, this possibility that he yields the sword is not a small possibility. It’s not only at his side, but there’s a high probability that it might have recognized him as its master by now. ”

“What? Then…” Shui Yunpo was suddenly startled.

Shui Yuntian raised a hand, and said, “This is only a possibility. I also don’t think that the Southern Emperor’s Sword would recognize a useless person as its master. We just have to be patient. Till the day I lose my patience, it’s still possible to be unscrupulous towards him.” After that, he turned his eyes to the direction of the door and said, “Regarding this matter about the Evil Sect, let’s just wait and see what actions they would take.”

Shui Yuntian opened the door and walked out.

Walking past a flowerbed of colorful flowers, he stepped into a pavilion and continued walking until he was in front of a closed wooden door. Shui Yuntian stopped, and after a short silence, pushed the door open.

In the room, there was only one middle-aged beautiful woman in light-colored clothes. She just glanced at him before ignoring him. She was around in her fifties with a slightly pale face, but her silhouette and the noble temperament that reflected through her guts show that she must have been a stunning beauty when she was young.

“Fu’er, I have finally reached the ninth level of the Art of Water Jade, are you not happy for me?” Shui Yuntian walked in front of the middle-aged woman, and said pleasantly.

The middle-aged woman’s eyelids drooped and her eyes stared at him with hostility, “Your Art of Water Jade has been tainted with fame, fortune, and breaths of violence. Getting more powerful will only bring greater disasters to the world, so why should I be happy about it?”

Shui Yuntian had long since been accustomed to her tone, and did not care about it. He said with a straight face, “A man should strive to be at the top of the world. Even if he is defeated, he will not need to live in vain and spend the rest of his life with shame because of a vague rumor. Fu’er, why can’t you understand? This is not just my choice alone, but also the hope of the whole family.”

The middle-aged woman did not reply, but raised her head silently. Her cold gaze seemed to piercing directly into Shui Yuntian’s heart. In the silence, a mocking laugh showed at the corner of her mouth.

That was a silent laugh, but Shui Yuntian could sense the ridicule within, which was sent deep into his heart. He regretted starting that topic with her again and turned around with a long sigh while saying in a harmonious voice, “Go out and take more walks outside. You stay in the room all the time. It isn’t good for your health.”

Walking out of the room, the familiar depression and resentment appeared in his heart again. Only the middle-aged woman named Shui Fu’er just now could make the Southern Emperor’s Sect Master lose his foresight and calmness that he should have. That woman was his wife and the Mistress of the Southern Emperor’s Sect.

At least, it was superficially.

Shui Yuntian walked down along the pavilion and involuntarily stepped in another direction. Whenever he was depressed because of Shui Fu’er, he would always go there habitually. Only by going there would he be able to balance his mental state and improve his mood at the fastest rate.

In a gloomy underground prison, there was where a lunatic was locked up. According to what was said by others, that lunatic often acted completely insane, making other prisoners in the dungeon unable to sleep. He was detained in solitary confinement for more than twenty years. For more than two decades, the lunatic who had rebelled against the Southern Emperor Sect was imprisoned in the same place. Over time, that single underground cell had gradually become a comfort zone for all kinds of bugs and rats. Anyone who got close to it would smell a pungent stench that could force one’s vomit out. Therefore, that underground prison was not guarded, because no one was willing to stay close to such a place, let alone guarding someone who never had a chance of escaping. However, giving the lunatic inside a meal every day to prevent him from starving to death was also a well-known difficult task.

Apart from other things, just facing that lunatic once was enough to make one have nightmares all night.

Shui Yuntian walked for a long time and stopped at an area full of weeds. On the ground in front, there was a hole less than one square meter, and the weeds extending around covered the hole by half. With a tap of Shui Yuntian’s feet, his body bounced up, and then fell straight into the hollow pit.

The pit was more than three meters deep, and below the pit was a passage about ten meters long. It was pitch black in front of him, and the foul-smelling mud was scattered under his feet. As he walked, more than a dozen rats at his feet fled. Shui Yuntian stepped forward and walked inwards, step by step.

The rats’ chaotic sound awakened the sleeping lunatic. In the darkness, a pair of eyes suddenly opened. A hoarse beast-like roar came from the end of the passage, which seemed especially piercing and terrifying in that small enclosed dark area.

“Ahh!! Uh… Hahahaha, ugha!! Hehehehe, ohha, ohha… Hahahaha…”

The strange screams, laughs, and roars could be heard faraway, but the Southern Sect members passing by had long been used to that. In the darkness, the candle of a lamp was ignited, lighting up the walls of the ordinary dungeon.

Rather than being called a dungeon, that place was more like a roughly dug underground cave.

With the faint light from the fire, at the end of the cave, a man who looked like a demonic ghost appeared. His clothes were torn into rough strips of cloth, miserably covering his bare body. His skin was so dirty that it was greyish. The messy hair on his head had grown so much that it was practically touching the ground. As he roared, the other end of his hair covered his face. Even if it was not covered, only a blackish face appeared. It was impossible to see his true face.

There were golden chains on his feet, hands, and neck. After more than twenty years, the golden chains were not dirty at all. Under the candlelight, they still reflected bright golden rays. Shui Yuntian stood there, silently watching the lunatic.

“Those who see the present you will only pity you, hate you, or avoid you out of fear. Even though you’ve become such a madman, Fu’er still misses someone like you. These years, if it weren’t for her, you would have died without a proper burial ground long ago. Even though I’m already a middle-aged man, I still have to say that the word ‘love’ is indeed very harmful.”

“Ahhhhhhhh!! Hehe… Ugrhah… Hahahaha… Woah…” The lunatic frantically waved his four limbs that were entangled with gold chains, as if wanting to grab Shui Yuntian and rip his body apart. The hoarse, ear-piercing and horrifying roar completely suppressed his voice. Shui Yuntian seemed unaware of it. Looking at the pathetic, yet miserable lunatic in front of him, he continued to complain.

“However, this is also good. With you living like this, I can still come visit your as good as dead look often.”

“Back then, I worked hard to be up to Fu’er’s standards, but she still chose you. I can never understand why… At that time, although you have higher talents, the skill of my Water Jade Art was far better than you, and it was the strongest amongst the younger generation in the sect. In terms of personality, you liked slacking off and never tried to make progress, yet I was working hard on studying civil matters and martial arts. I was calm and determined, and was always praised by all the elders. In terms of age, I was only three days apart from you. In terms of appearance… I was somehow shockingly the same as you, but she chose you. Why… Why… How, are you any better than me!!”

“From the day Fu’er married you, I no longer regarded you as a brother, but hated you to the bones instead. You wouldn’t know that then. Even though I talked to you calmly, I couldn’t wait to pierce your heart with a sword.”

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