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Chapter 315:  Who Are You


“Perhaps the heavens showed pity to me and gave me a chance.  This chance is also something that you personally handed me.  I finally took Fu’er back.  Even so, after all these years, although I managed to gain her body, I never held her heart for a single day.  I’ve never seen her smile, nor has she even spoken to me of her own initiative.  Even when she’s pregnant, she would personally destroy that child.  She hates me, just like how I hated you back then…”


“Coughaaa…  Ahhhh!!  Haha…  Hehe…  Hahahaha…”  Hair raising screams and roars like that of a demon filled the caverns without stop.


“They’re her children, so I won’t harm them.  Nor do I dare to harm them in the first place.  Her son is just like you when you were young.  I only get irritated when I see him.  Thus, he can go wherever he likes.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Her daughter’s much more obedience than you though.  She would never deny my will.  Having her marry someone older than us for the sake of the Southern Emperor Sect’s ambitions…  Perhaps, this too is a way of venting my hatred.  You might already be a madman now, but you still have children and you still have all of Fu’er’s heart.  I don’t know if I should pity you or to continue hating and envying you.  At the very least though, I can’t bear to kill you.  Death will only be a release for you.  You suffering a fate worse than death is what I really want to see the most.”


Cold and unfeeling words came out one after another.  Shui Yuntian’s expression was terrifyingly cold as he spoke those words, and he showed no reaction toward the lunatic figure before him.  He had repeated those words over and over throughout these past years.  When he faces this person that he hated and envied for all those years, whom he had then personally destroyed, the depression in his heart would always be relieved little by little by a sickening sense of joy.”


“I won’t let you die.  I’ll pray every day for you to not die too quickly.”


Shui Yuntian finally turned around.  A strange gust of wind blew when he turned, snuffing out the flickering candlelight and sinking the cavern back into darkness, leaving only that hellish screaming that continues to ring out.  Shui Yuntian stepped out and leaped out of this prison that no one would want to approach, returning it back to peace.






Days later, at the Southern Emperor Sect’s Startaker Pagoda.


Shui Yuntian stood tall.  His eyes were closed and his body stayed perfectly still to the point where not a single motion could be detected.  He has already maintained this state for a whole day and night now.


At this moment, he finally opened his eyes.  The sound of faint, but closing, footsteps were coming from the outside.  He guessed the identity of the person in question from its presence and raised an eyebrow slightly.


“Father, I’ve returned.”  Shui Mengchan was dressed in pink and wore a veil over her face is she is accustomed, giving off a natural, mystical aura.


“Did something major happen?”  Shui Yuntian asked, as he slowly took a seat on the nearby wooden chair.


Shui Mengchan shook her head as she sat down facing Shui Yuntian, “It’s already been far too long since I’ve last returned.  These couple of days happen to be the full moon, and I rather missed father and mother, so I couldn’t stop myself from returning.”


Shui Yuntian let out a laugh, “Since you are back now, make sure to keep your mother company some.  These past years really has been hard on you.”


Shui Mengchan lightly shook her head, “My own contributions are minor in comparison to all the efforts of the uncles.”  She then paused for a moent before asking, “Where’s Wuque?”


When he heard her asking after Shui Wuque, Shui Yuntian frowned and let out a cold humph, “Hmph, that unfilial son can go wherever he likes.  I don’t have such a son.”


Shui Wuque was Shui Mengchan’s younger brother by two and a half years.  He’s an irresponsible slacker who has nothing but his own enjoyment in mind.  Even though he’s the sect master’s lone son, he doesn’t fit in with the rest of the sect at all.  Thus, he’s often way from the sect.  Even so, his own sibling relationship with Shui Mengchan is very good.


Shui Mengchan gently tried to speak for him, “Please calm you anger, father.  Wuque is still young and still at that irresponsible age.  Just let him be.”


“Sigh.”  Shui Yuntian shook his head in disappointment as he sighed, “You’ve always covered for him like that before, but he’s already over 20 now, not a child anymore…  Whatever.  He’s never truly had me in his heart, so let him do as he want.  Sigh, I would be satisfied if he could be half as responsible as you.”


“I’ll go see mother.  Then, a bit later on, I’ll come again to tell father the recent situation of Tianlong City.”  Shui Mengchan stood up elegantly.


“Go ahead.  Accompany your mother some more.”  Shui Yuntian nodded.  After Shui Mengchan left, he once again closed his eyes and stilled his presence.


He was a true genius of martial arts.  Add in the fact that he works far harder than most others, his future potential is inestimable.


That night.


It was a pitch black night, with no moon, stars, or wind.  The full moon that should have illuminated the land was completely covered by pitch black clouds.  Within the darkness, a beautiful figure in pink moved with silent steps across the earth, heading toward the location in her memories.  She didn’t change to stealthy clothes and was instead dressed in her usual outfit.  This way, if she’s discovered, she’ll still be able to explain her way out.


As she got closer, she finally started hearing that bestial roaring.  That lunatic didn’t rest this night and his voice added a great deal to the heart-pounding, horrifying atmosphere of the night.


Shui Mengchan isn’t a normal girl though, so she was able to maintain her calm in this kind of horrifying atmosphere.  At the same time, she also raised her alertness to the maximum.  Just as expected though, there were no one on guard nearby, and her appearance here didn’t alert anymore.  This is because they weren’t worried about that lunatic escaping at all.


Given that it’s a person whose tongue was cut out and whose body and strength was chained down by the Devil Locking Chain that can even chain down the Woman of Divine Wrath, there’s no way he’d be able to escape no matter what kind of power he might have had.  Every night, people would generally avoid this place with all their might.  After all, no one really want to spend the night listening to such horrifying sounds.


As she stood in the pitch black night, before a cave covered up by weeds and shrubs, she hesitated and quietly stood there without moving forward.  Her mind was in such turmoil that the terrifying sounds and the stench of rot no longer even registered to her.


She craved the truth, but she was also deeply terrified that it really was the truth.  If everything really was true, then her entire life would be overturned, and she wouldn’t know where to proceed from anymore.


She wishes that everything was false, but she still came here without anyone knowing.  She already unconsciously believes those words that Ye Wuchen had said.  Although she had only met him a few times, she did quite respect him.  Thus, despite the absurdity of his claims, she still believed him.


She knew that Ye Wuchen went through a lot of effort to get his information, as well as just how much thought and calculation went into forming that hypothesis, so there’s no way it was as simple as Ye Wuchen made it out to be that day.  She isn’t naive enoug to believe that Ye Wuchen had gone through such efforts just for the sake of helping her.  On the contrary, not only was he not being charitable here, this is actually a no effort spared vicious scheme to cause chaos for her Southern Emperor Sect.  However…  This vicious scheme of Ye Wuchen’s is targeted at the base personality of the people involved, so despite knowing all this, she still had to walk right in of her own will.  No one would be willing to allow their whole life to be a cruel lie after all.


Thus, rather than the Evil Sect that she hasn’t even properly encountered yet, the one she fears more is instead Ye Wuchen.  Although the former has great powers, she can face them with caution but not fear.  Yet, the latter could stab on in the heart without getting a drop of blood on him using a blade that none can dodge.


“If his guess turns out to be the truth, then what should I do…”  Shui Mengchan muttered in her mind.  In that moment, she knew that she had to continue.  If she just stopped here, she might be able to avoid this terrifying truth, lie to herself, continue on with her life, bury everything deep down, and not think about it anymore.


However, she simply can’t do that.  The blood in her marrows have made it so that she can’t possibly be someone so cowardly.


She leaped forth like a butterfly dancing in the night and entered that prison that she has never approached before without a sound.  Within the darkness, what met her was a stench that makes her want to throw up, and that madman’s roars have also become many times louder in her ears.


The moment when she made this decision, her heart suddenly calmed.  There was no more hesitation or perturbation.  Although she still hopes that that Ye Wuchen’s hints were merely wild guesses or jokes, but if it isn’t, then she won’t try to escape from the truth either.  That’s because…


She slowly moved forward toward that voice that was getting closer and closer and becoming more and more terrifying.  Her right hand reached into her robes and took out a pearl the size of her fist that shone with a pure light.  In an instant, light filled the narrow prison, illuminating the surroundings like it’s day.  Shui Mengchan also clearly saw everything before her.  That lunatic was covered in rags.  His hair was unbound and messy, and he was even more terrifying then she had imagined.  When he, who hasn’t seen light for over 20 years, suddenly encountered such a strong light, he suddenly shut his eyes and wildly flailed and roared in pain, making the shining golden chains clang out.  The madman here could very well be described as an injured demon.


Shui Mengchan just stared dully at the madman before her, carefully examining every inch of him.  His hair covered his face, which, coupled with the fact that he, unaccustomed to the light, had lowered his head, made it so that she can’t clearly distinguish his appearance.  The pearl in her hand illuminated her figure, but didn’t reveal her face, but just that beautiful, dreamlike figure was unlike something that could exist in reality, creating a great contrast against the terrible environment around her.  Taking the lunatic before her into account, they made for quite a scene, of a calm divine maiden facing a maddened demon.


“Who are you?”  Shui Mengchan knew that he couldn’t answer her, but even so, she still asked without thinking.


What answered her was the continued and unchanged roars of that madman.  He wildly flailed about his pitch black hands, covered in long, sharp nails like the claws of a demon that was trying to tear apart anything that fell into its grasp.


“He said…  That you may be my real father…  The birth father who was destroyed by my current father.  Can you answer me…  Are you really?  All this, is it really real…  If it’s fake, then just who are you?  Is it all really like what they say, that you’re a friend of my father’s who grew up with him and was imprisoned here for over 20 years due to a treason attempt all those years ago…  If that’s true, then what is the truth of everything then…”


The lunatic’s roars continued without a moment of pause or rest.  However, Shui Mengchan noticed a faint direct gaze on her.  Her heart suddenly trembled and, as her emotions surged, she explained everything word by word.

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