Heavenly Star – Chapter 232 – Wheelchair


At night, Ye Wuchen was still sleeping with Ningxue, the only way to sleep peacefully for Ningxue was to be close to him. Here, although there was no real evening, there was still a differentiation of day and night. Daytime was the time of labor work, while “evening” meant a quiet break. Their sense of time relied on a huge hourglass. The upper and lower ends of it marked the day and night respectively.

The big bear that Gong Luo’s father had dragged into their place was chopped into hundreds of pieces, and it only took a day for more than three hundred people to finish all. Since the accessible area was too small, people here had strict restrictions on hunting, which was a way to maintain the number of animals. If hunting was too frequent, it would inevitably put the beasts of this area in the danger of extinction. One pity here was that there was no salt, so when Ye Wuchen took out a lot of legendary “salt” from the Sword deity’s ring, all of them were dancing with excitement. After the meat and soup were added with salt, they screamed out of the deliciousness of the food, it was so delicious that they even wanted to swallow their own tongues when eating it.

Because of the existence of the Sword deity’s ring, and because Wang Wenshu loved her son too much, before Ye Wuchen went to the Tian Mie Volcano, everything was prepared generously, even the salt was prepared as a whole sack. There was no way Ye Wuchen and Ningxue could finish it all in a year. But for the more than 300 people here, the food wouldn’t last for a few days. Although there was a limited amount, everyone was happy and satisfied, they did not realize what it meant of being greedy and unsatisfied. They didn’t thank Ye Wuchen specifically as they were already a family.

Every night, people who had worked for a whole day would surround Ye Wuchen and Ningxue and listen to them telling stories about the world outside. Whether they were adults or children, everyone paid so much attention. For them, Ye Wuchen and Ningxue were like a godsend, making their daily life more joyful.

Ye Wuchen also told them why he and Ningxue fell. From the moment when he grabbed Ye Shuiyao, to Ningxue was caught and was forced to fall in Duan Hun Yuan. He did not spare any details. When facing these people, concealing and deliberately hiding details of an incident would be a sin. His remarks made everyone feel surprised, nervous, and angry…They yelled that if they could go out one day, they would help them out for sure. For them, no matter which side was wrong, those “bad guys” had responsibilities to bear, because Ye Wuchen had become their “family”.

They were moved when Ye Wuchen swore to protect Ningxue and they admired him from the bottom of their heart. In turn, they also liked him and Ningxue more. Wherever they went, they would be warmly greeted by the people here. It can also be said that in just a few days, these two outsiders have become the “small celebrities” here. Everyone was thinking about how to help Ye Wuchen recover.

When everyone asked him why he had survived when he fell from such a high ground, he only shook his head and told them “the pity from heaven.”

Without realizing it, five days have passed.

During the five days, Gong Luo and his parents were busy with their routine work. Most of the things involving taking care of Ye Wuchen fell in the hands of the sister of Gong Luo, Er Ya and grandfather…that is, the person who was generally called the old man. Ye Wuchen’s body could not receive any Gong and could only be treated with various medicines. The tasks of boiling and delivering the medicines were all performed by Er Ya alone. After a few days of getting along, Er Ya finally summoned her courage to say a few words to them.

Another bowl of soup with a strange smell was brought by Er Ya. Ningxue reached out, smiled and said, “thank you, Sister Er Ya.”

Er Ya smiled, then secretly looked at Ye Wuchen and found that he was looking straight at her, she immediately turned her glance away in shock.

“Er Ya,” Ye Wuchen yelled and tried to stop her. He smiled, “you have been taking care of me all these times. It was really tough for you. I will give you a small gift. You have to accept it, okay?”

Er Ya turned around and found that his hand was holding a light yellow dress. The tulle was covered with crystal clear gemstones on the edges, and it was decorated with some delicate flowers. There was a gorgeous belt that flashed with a slight soft light. This was something Ye Wuchen bought on the way to Yanlong City. He was originally prepared to give this dress to Hua Shuirou, but he wouldn’t see her within a period of time, and Er Ya was much curvier than Hua Shuirou although their heights were similar. That’s why Ye Wuchen wanted to thank her with this. He knew that she could not refuse.

Indeed, Er Ya could not refuse. No matter when and where, there is a thirst for beauty for women and it’s an instinct from the bottom of their heart. This dress was exquisite and gorgeous even in Tianlong City. In this small space where only a few coarse cloths can be woven, it was dead attractive for a young girl like Er Ya.

Er Ya was deeply attracted. She had never seen such a beautiful dress in her life. She almost uncontrollably stretched out her hand, but then took it back with a lot of will power. She said with a red face, “it’s beautiful… is it real, that you’re giving this to me?”

Her voice was as soft and beautiful as her face, and Ye Wuchen smiled slightly, “of course it is. I am sure it will suit you well.”

“Sister Er Ya is so beautiful, she is supposed to wear beautiful clothes as well.” Ningxue said happily, and she already began to think about how pretty Er Ya would be to be in this dress.

Er Ya could no longer hold on to her restraint. She took the dress, kept it tightly with her and ran away with small steps. Feeling that she might be a little rude, she turned back and said, “I really like it.” Then she ran away as she usually would.

“Sister Er Ya seems to like brother.” After Er Ya went away, Ning Xue said with a smile.

Ye Wuchen stroked her hair, smiled and shook his head, “it cannot be.”

“It must be.” Ning Xue said with some discontent, “if she doesn’t like you, she wouldn’t be so happy even the dress was beautiful. And her face turned really red.”

There was suddenly a sound, and it was a sound of a door being pushed open, followed by a rushing voice, “Bro Wu Chen…Bro Wu Chen, we are bringing you some good stuff, come out and have a look.”

Ye Wuchen got out of bed and walked outside the house with the help of Ningxue. In the small courtyard, there was a wooden car, it had a wooden body, wooden wheels, and only the fixed parts were made of metal. From its appearance, one could tell that it was a wheelchair.

“Look, we have been busy for days, and it is finally finished, hehe.” The tanned and skinny boy who was pushing the wheelchair proudly smiled. He was the third son of Auntie Chun, and everyone here called him the third donkey. For the convenience of Ye Wuchen’s movement, he, his two older brothers, Wild Cow who lived nearby, Sweet Potato and Big Silly have not done anything else for a few days other than making this wheelchair. And it was successfully finished after a few failures. Although this was made of hard wood, it was infused with hard work that can be retained for a long time. It was hard as steel and would not be easily damaged in a short time.

Ye Wuchen walked over and sat on it. Its size, width and height of the handrails were all perfect. He said excitedly, “great, with this, I can go anywhere I want.” After that, he gave his thumbs up to the three guys.

To this kind of enthusiastic young men, a thank you would appear to be awkward.

Seeing that Ye Wuchen was so satisfied, the three guys suddenly felt that their hard work was not in vain. They said with amazement, “that’s awesome! We’re glad to be able to help Bro Wu Chen. If there is a problem, you must tell me. I can see that my craftsmanship has been slightly improved, hehe.”

He smiled innocently and chatted with Ye Wuchen for a while, then he left.

“Brother, this little car is a bit weird. But with this, can my brother…”

“Xueer, push me out for a walk.” Ye Wuchen changed a comfortable sitting position and said casually. He did not expect that he would also sit on a wheelchair one day.


It was Ningxue’s first time to see a wheelchair, it took her only one glance to realize what this thing was for. She walked behind the wheelchair and pushed it carefully. One has to say that although it was rough in appearance, its design was very delicate, and it was effortless for Ningxue to push it. She realized that the third donkey had considered the petite size of Ningxue and wanted to make it easier for her to handle the wheelchair.

“Let’s go to the south side.” Ye Wuchen glanced at the south. After dragging on for so many days, it was time to go there and have a look.

Ningxue pushed him out of the yard and headed south.

After going back to her house, Er Ya closed the door tightly, before reopening it worryingly so that she could look around for a little while. Then, she closed it again and approached to her bedside. She laid the dress very carefully on her bed, fearing that she might wrinkle or damage it.

When the dress was spread out, Er Ya’s face turned even redder. It turned out that this was not merely a long skirt, but also a soft coat, skirt pants… it came with even the same light yellow binder and body hugger, the binder was very light and soft, and the body hugger was more delicate. It was made with the finest silk – and it was translucent. One knew immediately how comfortable it would be to wear it when touching it.

Er Ya made a noise out of embarrassment. She fell on her bed and covered herself by her pillow. Although there was no one here, when the thought of a man giving her this dress came to her mind, the heartfelt embarrassment made her want to completely hide herself, it would even be better to just vanish.

However, no matter how deeply she felt this embarrassment, there was no less temptation of this dress for her. After a short while of struggling mentally, she kept her breath, and took off her rough layers of clothing piece by piece, her beautiful body was slowly exposed. The clothes that she was wearing could already be considered as the most beautiful type in this little town, but when compared to one that she was facing, the difference was tremendous.

Soon, she became naked. She was 25 years old and still unmarried. Her body has only been enjoyed by herself. And, out of some unknown reason, when she faced her own body today, her eyes were filled with affection and obsession. Her two hands, without control, started to hold up her pair of breasts that were perking proudly in the air. She was feeling their weight and softness.

Her mood of this moment was so complex that she could not even tell why. It was an inexplicable incitement that made her lust and confused.

She stretched out her pale, jade-like arm, and slowly took the light yellow binder…

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