Heavenly Star – Chapter 233 – We’re In Trouble!

“Oh, it’s Xiaochen. This is made by the third donkey and his peers, right? It looks lovely.”


“Yeah, they’ve helped me a lot.” Ye Wuchen responded with a smile.


“Oh, Xiaochen, are you feeling better? Where are you heading to?”


“Hello, big uncle, I feel much better. Fortunately, with this wheelchair, Xueer and I are ready to go around.”


“Bro Wuchen, will you feel comfortable? Sister, I will help you push for a while.” A little girl put down the small shovel in her hand and ran over to offer to help.


“Thank you, little Sis Xiaomao, I will let your sister Xueer push it. Come, I will give you a candy.” Ye Wuchen took out two candies from his Sword deity’s ring.

“Wow! Thank you, Bro Wuchen.” The little girl picked up the candies and ran away happily.

Wherever Ye Wuchen went, someone would come up and greet him with enthusiasm. People here were very familiar with each other, and they were even more enthusiastic with Ye Wuchen, they saw him as a special person who has just arrived and were worried about not serving him fast enough. Ningxue pushed Ye Wuchen to head south, and the farther away they went, the fewer people there were.


“Brother, I like it here more and more.” Ningxue said so from the bottom of her heart. She has already been pushing her brother for a long time, but she didn’t feel tired at all.


“I also like it here a lot.” Ye Wuchen said with a smile, he was looking at the front, and silently mumbled in his heart, “but it does not suit me here, and I will not belong here.”


“There are only good people here, there’s not even a single bad guy. That’s nice. If my brother can get well soon, I will be the happiest person in the world.” Ningxue said cheerfully.

It did not suit Ye Wuchen here, but perhaps there was nowhere in the world that was more suitable for Xueer. For a couple of times, he once thought about leaving everything behind and staying here with Ningxue forever. However, whenever this idea came to his mind, he would immediately be stopped by his inner struggle. His instincts told him firmly that he would not and could not stay here and wait to be rotten.


“Don’t you worry, I will be fine. I did not fall to my death from such a high place. This little setback will not destroy me.” He closed his eyes for a moment, then he looked at the side and said, “Xueer, let’s turn left.”


Ningxue didn’t ask much, she attempted to adjust the direction somewhat clumsily, and pushed the wheelchair to the left side.


Here, the forest was flourishing with trees, and insects were everywhere. The trees are mostly thick and old, they were growing straight into the sky. They walked for a little while before seeing two wolf-like animals which had terrible-looking teeth and seemed very ferocious. However, they didn’t even hesitate before they fled immediately and while they were running, they didn’t even look back for a second. Ye Wuchen did not feel surprised. It’s not that these animals were not brave enough. In this world, “people” were more terrifying. After a long time, these animals would instinctively run away whenever they saw a human being, exactly like a mouse seeing a cat.

There were some footsteps which sounded like ‘sasa’ ahead of them. A delicate young girl was coming toward them while holding her hair, she spotted Ye Wuchen out of expectation. She was shocked and was at loss of words.

“Sister Xiaohua.” Ningxue stopped by her and yelled.


“Sister Xiaohua, why are you here all by yourself?” Ye Wuchen looked at her and asked with a smile. The environment here was so good and there was hardly any pollution. Therefore, any young girl that you’d see here all grew up looking beautiful.

It took some time before Xiaohua started to react. She lowered her head halfway and blushed. She said, “brother Wuchen, and sister Xueer, where are you going?”


“I want to go there to hang around with my brother.” Ningxue pointed to the front.


The face of Xiaohua turned red, and she lowered her head deeply. She started to look like she wanted to run away, Ningxue didn’t understand this.


“Brother, did I say anything wrong?” Ningxue whispered slightly, she looked a bit worried.

“Of course not.”


“Then Sister Xiaohua, why was she…”

“It’s not because of you, it’s because of me.” Ye Wuchen smiled lightly and said, “her clothes were a little damp, her hair was not completely dry, her face was a bit red, she should have just taken a shower somewhere nearby. It should have been a small lake.”


When Ye Wuchen finished, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. He thought about it for a moment but couldn’t come up with anything concrete.

“Oh, I see. No wonder Sister Xiaohua was that shy. A small lake… Brother, I want to go there for a bath as well, can I?” Ningxue has not been in the water for a few days, she couldn’t wait to get in a cool lake immediately.

“Well, okay!”


On the other hand, Xiaohua who was nervous as hell ran for a while before she finally calmed down a little bit. She touched her blushed face and said to herself, “how come he was there? He almost saw it…damn, Sister Si Ya was there as well, what should I do, hmmm…”

Ye Wuchen and Ningxue carried on for a short while, then they vaguely saw a glimmer of water at their front. The land here was very damp and flat, and a small lake appeared in the middle of this dense forest. It was surrounded by all kinds of trees, thick or thin, tall or short, and it was almost impossible to discover the lake if you stood a bit farther away.

“Wow! I saw it, there’s really a small lake.” The smile of Ningxue pushed Ye Wuchen to move forward, and she couldn’t wait to jump in.

“Wait a minute.” Ye Wuchen quickly raised his hand and wanted to stop her, because he suddenly saw that a binder was hanging on a tree in front of him. He also heard a faint sound of someone tapping the surface of water.

However, Ye Wuchen was still a little late, and Ningxue pushed him forward for a while before being able to react. At this time, there were not too many trees in front, and a large part of the small lake appeared at their sight. Ye Wuchen also caught himself looking at a girl straight into her eyes.

“…I am in big trouble.” Ye Wuchen raised his head at once and looked at the leaves above him. If the girl only exposed her face, it was fine. However… he could even see clearly the two red spots on her chest.


Without surprise, a loud screaming face went straight into Ye Wuchen’s ears, then it was a “squeaky” sound before the girl sneaked into the water.

“You, you, you, you… who are you?!” The girl was obviously scared and stuttered. Her voice was very tender and pleasing to hear, it sounded like a bird singing and flying out from a valley. The fact that there was a man standing in front of her scared her enough, and she had never even seen this man before, she felt more than just scared.

“Xueer, let’s go back first.” Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and said helplessly.

Knowing that they had accidentally got into trouble, Ningxue quickly turned the direction. They heard the girl shouting, “I know, you are the so-called foreigners!”

“Sorry, little sister, Wuchen had no intention to offend. After we return, we will send you a proper apology.” Ye Wuchen shouted back at her helplessly. He finally understood the meaning of Xiaohua’s action. It’s supposed to be a bathing place for the ladies.
“Hey! Don’t you leave yet!” Seeing that he was leaving, the girl called even louder.

Ye Wuchen turned his head and said to the girl who stood up hurriedly in the water, “so what do you want me to do now?”

“Well, it’s blown…what a total disaster…” Ye Wuchen turned around and unfortunately he saw something that he wasn’t supposed to see again. He turned his head. At the same time, the girl screamed again, “ah, don’t… don’t look back…and don’t go either!”

Ye Wuchen sat there, trying to accept what had happened. Soon, he heard a sound of water, followed by the sound of someone putting on clothes quickly.

“Brother, what to do now? This little sister seems to be really angry.” Ningxue whispered in his ear worryingly.

“Indeed, she is angry. But I think she is more curious in me than feeling merely angry.” Ye Wuchen took her small hand while saying so hopelessly.


“What? Curious?”

“The world is too small, so small that everyone is able to know any other person and any other place very clearly within a short time. So, for the people here, the word ‘new’ means little for them. After we got here, it is inevitable that we would bring something different and exciting. I think that we must be the people who are discussed the most these days. Especially for some innocent, adventurous and curious girls…” Ye Wuchen paused, he concluded, feeling that there wasn’t much he could do, “in short, I am in trouble again.”

From the girl’s expressions, the change in her way of looking, her voice, as well as what she’d said, Ye Wuchen could probably figure out what kind of person she was. If it was an ordinary girl, she would immediately jump back into the water. And her first reaction would be to cover up herself and let the person leave far away. She would also feel wronged for what had happened. But this girl acted totally differently. Ye Wuchen thought that if this girl wanted to stir up troubles, it would be incredibly difficult to get rid of her.

“A big trouble? No, no, everyone here is so nice, she will forgive you, my brother.” Ningxue began to worry as well.

The “trouble” mentioned by Ye Wuchen was not the same as Ningxue thought. He replied, “she should be Si Ya, the sister of Er Ya.”

After finishing what he’d just said, something moved above the head of Ye Wuchen. A girl spinned with elegance in the air before falling on the ground in front of him. Her eyebrows slightly tilted and she said with a proud smile, “how did you know that I am Si Ya?”

Things at the small lake happened too fast and Ye Wuchen could not take a clear look of her. At this very moment, he could see her in full details. She had a tender, innocent face that made her very lovable. She seemed to be at the age of fifteen or sixteen, and her curviness was covered up by the big coat that she’d hurriedly put on. The half of her bare neck was pale and slender, and there was a hint of indescribable seductiveness. Her whole body was slightly wet, and he could still see water marks everywhere. Her wet, long hair was tied in a bundle and hanging on her left chest, the skin of her feet was so smooth and clear that it looked like crystal.

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