Heavenly Star – Chapter 234 – The Stunningly Gorgeous Si Ya

In terms of appearance, Si Ya was not much better than her sister Er Ya. Especially when she was under the water and her body could not be seen clearly. But now that she was standing in front of Ye Wuchen and Ningxue, her beauty definitely surprised them.

She had a slim body, and her two breasts were looking so innocent, they could just slightly prop up her clothes. But this girl, who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, had such a pair of long legs that were breathtakingly gorgeous, and her figure… even if Ye Wuchen stood up, he would be shorter than her.

Although she was tall, her lower half body was much longer than her upper half. Even with her amazing, eye-catching long legs, you wouldn’t find her body disproportionate. Thanks to her slim figure, you could see most part of her long legs through her wet rough skirt. Her legs were not merely thin and straight like they were boney, but they were with attractive curves, implied with agility and energy, at the same time full of softness and flexibility.

Her hip seemed to echo the beauty of her long legs, it didn’t look as innocent as her breasts, her hip line was round and very perky, and its side was as curvy as a small-necked vase. With her long, slender legs, one could not move his eyes away from her.

Her legs seem to be a masterpiece of God, not only their length, shape which were perfect, the skin was also very smooth. They also looked shiningly pale like they were coated with milk, this definitely meant a fatal attraction.

One could imagine that being on bed and wrapped by a pair of spectacular legs like hers, her body can be twisted into various angles at her wish.


Ye Wuchen became nervous and his rhythm of breath started to mess up. In terms of appearance, she looked fresh and pretty, but still not quite the same as his few confidantes. Nonetheless, her pair of legs made her a unique, bewitching beauty. When you see her, the first thing you notice would be her legs. With such attractiveness at this age, she will inevitably become a destructive beauty after a few years. Her killability will surpass her sister’s.

“Sister, you are so tall.” Ningxue raised her face, she was even going to tiptoe. In the past, Ye Shuiyao was the tallest woman she had ever seen, and Si Ya was probably even a little taller than Ye Shuiyao. With her slender figure and shockingly long legs, she seemed even taller.
The young girl seemed to be very satisfied with her height. When she heard the heartfelt words of Ningxue, she was proud to raise her snow-white neck even more. Then she opened her beautiful eyes widely and asked Ye Wuchen, “I am asking you, how did you know my name? Did you always ask about me?”

This was the first female with a slight temper that Ye Wuchen had ever seen in this place. He couldn’t help being interested and said, “I didn’t ask about you, I just could guess it. Here, I know everyone except you and Grandmother. You surely don’t look like Grandmother, then you must be Si Ya.

Si Ya tilted her mouth and was not happy with his answer. She put her hands on her waist and said angrily, “Hey! Then why did you peek when I was taking a bath?”

This action of hers revealed most of the curve of her waist. It was such a slim waist. Beneath it, her hip was looked so perky. The visual effect was attractive you wouldn’t be able to move away your eyes.

“Did I ever peek?” Ye Wuchen looked straightly forward and admired the beautiful scenery in front of him. He felt amazed and wondered what had nurtured this girl.


“You… you still said no!”

“Peeking means sneaking and watching secretly. Did I watch secretly?” Ye Wuchen smiled lightly and did a helpless facial expression. He felt indeed helpless, if it was not because of the loss of power that made him lose all his senses, he could have heard the sound of water from a long distance, and he would not have gotten so close.

“You are so arrogant, and you were just playing with your words! The place where your men bathe is over there. And we bathe over here. You men can’t get close to here, and you, you…”


“You know that I am a foreigner and I’m not familiar with a lot of rules. When you don’t know something, you can’t be blamed. How about just forgive me once?” Ye Wuchen said with a smile. He felt more and more that this girl was interesting. She seemed to be angry, but her eyes were flashing and blinking. He tried to figure out what she was actually thinking.

“Si Ya, what my brother said it was true. We really didn’t know that this is the place where girls bathe. Otherwise, we would not have come here.” Ningxue looked up and tried to explain for her brother.

“You… I don’t care whether you know that this is the place where girls bathe. Anyway, you have seen me naked, how am I supposed to find a husband in the future?” Ye Wuchen has been smiling all the time and did not show any sign of panic. This made Si Ya even angrier. Thinking that her whole body had been seen by him, she bit her lips, and simply didn’t know what to think or what to do.

“Then what do you want to do about me?” Ye Wuchen spread his hands and looked like he couldn’t care less what would happen next.

The girl bit her red lip and suddenly made a kick. She squeaked, then turned away and was lost in the blink of an eye. Her voice was still so clear, she said,” “You’re disgusting! I’ve remembered you! I will tell my grandmother what happened. I will go home this afternoon…I will not spare you, just wait and see!”

The beauty disappeared, Ye Wuchen could briefly determine the direction which she went to but did not see her figure. He could only sigh at his heart, “it is indeed true that no one is simple here.”

Ningxue looked around, she got close to Ye Wuchen and said worryingly, “brother, will she…”


“Rest assured, when a little girl said that she hates a person, it means that she is already in danger. And this danger will not be imposed on us.” Ye Wuchen said with nonchalance.

Ningxue tilted her head, she thought for a long time, but she didn’t get what he meant. She often heard from Ye Wuchen stuff that she could not understand, and she had gotten used to it.

Ye Wuchen frowned and pondered for a while, he stared at the southeast direction for a while. Then, he quietly closed his eyes again, seemingly trying hard to think or sense something. When Ningxue saw him with such a look, she did not dare to disturb him. She just quietly stood there without making a sound.

“Xueer, let’s go there.” Ye Wuchen pointed to the southeast. Ningxue immediately ran to the back of the wheelchair, pushed him around the small lake and headed to that direction.

The surrounding area of the sealed zone was a forest except the north. You could see all kinds of beasts everywhere but like the creatures that they’d seen before, they’d flee the moment they saw a human being. Even a beast which had a body several times larger than a human being would have no guts to try attacking. As for the north…Gong Luo once said to him seriously, it was a no-go zone.

Since this area could make a strong person like Gong Luo to say such a thing, Ye Wuchen could not help but feel interested. When he kept on asking, Gong Luo patted his head, “there is nothing in there, but you will get hurt instantly the moment you get close. And when you throw things over there, they will immediately be shattered. No one dares to go there, not even my grandfather.”

Therefore, Ye Wuchen remembered there.

After a long walk, Ningxue was tired and panting, but she was still pushing Ye Wuchen to the direction he pointed, and they were gradually approaching the southeastern edge of the mysterious barrier. Ye Wuchen kept his eyes closed, and occasionally opened them to guide the direction for Ningxue.

There were only beasts and no human beings. There were only a few people hunted every day. Others normally never stepped in. Even for the hunters, they never went far.


Ye Wuchen’s eyes suddenly opened. There was clearly nothing in front of him, but his legs suddenly hit a hard thing. Here, they have arrived the edge of the barrier.

“Brother.” Ningxue noticed something strange, she quickly turned around and ran toward his brother. Ye Wuchen opened his arms and let her lean over his lap. He said with pity, “Xueer, you have worked so hard.”

“No, brother. I am not tired at all.” Ningxue whispered. Then she asked, “brother, you must have discovered something, right?”

Ye Wuchen slightly nodded and raised the corner of his mouth, “I didn’t realize that they are the taboos of the same level. Even their way to hide themselves is exactly the same.” He stretched his hand and pressed it on a transparent wall, “this barrier can isolate the escape of everything, they are set to hide their themselves. However, in order for their owners to find them, they will allow entry of anything. Xueer, remember that the place which we first saw had such a transparent barrier as well?”

“I do. At that time, we did come close to the edge. Brother even dug out a good sword from the ground.” Ning Xue said with joy.


“Yeah…it’s same situation. I don’t know if it is a coincidence, or if it’s their inherent law of existence. Xueer, do you believe that there is also a very powerful weapon here?” Ye Wuchen smiled mysteriously.

“Ah?” Ningxue blinked and nodded, “I believe that there will be, if my brother says so.”

“Then we are going to dig it out, okay?” Ye Wuchen said with a smile, his thoughts moved, his eyebrows flashed, and the star-shaped sword appeared in the light, obliquely inserted on the ground. Now, as he was powerless, this job could only be done by Naner.


Naner had little power over the Star Sword, but she could still use it to dig open the ground. Ye Wuchen hugged Ningxue, the Star Sword automatically went up and then fell heavily on the ground.

There was a slight energy, burst with a slight roar, the flat ground was dug open, and a red light suddenly shot from the broken ground, accompanied by a shuddering momentum – the bloody killing!

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