Chapter 235 – The Bow of the Northern Emperor – Disaster!

With a golden light, the Star Sword was returned to the hands of Ye Wuchen. The voice of Naner, with both excitement and confusion, sounded in his head, “it is indeed the bow of the Northern Emperor…but why, why would the owner of its choice, and the owner of the sword of the Southern Emperor turn out to be the same person? No, it shouldn’t be like this…How could it be like this? The Star Sword and the Disaster Bow are enemies in nature…”

Since the moment Ye Wuchen stepped into this barrier, Naner had felt its existence. It was the same as imagined by Ye Wuchen, whether it was the sword of the Southern Emperor – the Star Sword, or the bow of the Northern Emperor – the Disaster Bow, they had the same purpose of setting the barrier. They could not get out –because they wanted to completely hide themselves. However, they could get in, and that’s because they allowed the chosen owners to enter.

Ye Wuchen walked down from the wheelchair and crouched down. He stretched his right hand to reach out to the dazzling red light. When he was touching it, a fierce air of killing was transmitted to his whole body, and his hand tightened. He tried to hold it firmly in his hand and pick it up slowly.


The earth suddenly began to tremble slightly, like an earthquake which suddenly broke out. There was also a continuous sound of broken glass coming from the sky. Behind Ye Wuchen, the original transparent space suddenly twisted, and began to form more finer cracks.

In the barrier, all the people stopped what they were working at. They all looked up at the sky. People in the house also ran out and were surprised by the vibration of the ground and the cracking sound of the sky. But these people were not the ordinary type, in just a few seconds, the sound of excitement broke out everywhere, “the mysterious barrier finally broke down itself!”

When people were feeling excited, an old man who was closing his eyes suddenly opened them and looked at the southeast direction. He whispered, “there is a strong atmosphere of killing!”

There was now suddenly a bloody giant bow in the hands of Ye Wuchen, and a clear name appeared in his mind – the bow of the Northern Emperor – Disaster!
Everything was so similar to the sword of the Southern Emperor that he got – the Star Sword. He was experiencing the same barrier, the same way of how things went, and he was, as usual, accompanied by Ningxue. This was a scary-looking bow. Its length was comparable to that of the Star Sword. It was hard but not smooth at all. It was full of holes. Its shape made Ye Wuchen think of the poisonous spider’s legs. The middle part of the bow…was actually a fist-sized skull. The bowstring was a thin one. If you didn’t look carefully, you could hardly see it.

Regardless of the body of the bow or the bowstring, the color was a fierce and bloody one, as if it has just been soaked in a blood pool.

Just as when he got the sword of the Southern Emperor, a glimpse of an ethereal voice echoed in the depth of his consciousness…

“At the beginning of the Heaven and the Earth, the two earliest living bodies were born in chaos. They were awakened at the same time, and by destiny, they were born as enemies. One person occupied the southern part of the chaos, another person occupied the northern part. They claimed themselves as the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor respectively. They have fought for many years but there has not been a result. The battles between them caused the chaos to break down. From then on, there were heaven, earth, people, gods, and devils…”

This was the broken memory of the Southern Emperor’s sword, and the bow of the Northern Emperor happened to be a fragment of the memory of the sword of the Southern Emperor, which told him more…

“…The rupture of chaos made the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor discover the mysterious living creature born from the center of the chaos. They named it the dragon fox. Both the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor wanted to take it for themselves when the dragon fox was not fully formed. The battle between the two thus became more intense, and the chaos was also getting more broken. After thousands of years, there was still no winning or losing party. However, the long battles have caused more and more resentment between the two. They have been released so many negative feelings for thousands of years. Greed and violence finally caused the outbreak of a disaster and formed into a horrible – ‘Devil’!


‘Devil’ was born by the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor. It was extremely powerful. The Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor were finally forced to join forces and to annihilate the Devil, the two almost exhausted themselves to death. However, in the end, the last hint of ‘Devil’ fled and no one knew where it went. There was also no more trace of the dragon fox, it was supposed to have been killed in the fierce battle with the ‘Devil’. The Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor repented, and they vowed not to fight anymore.”


“During the millions of years that followed, everything was peaceful. The Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor fought no more. The broken chaos have nurtured all kinds of life, the most proliferating was the God’s Continent and the Tianchen Continent. Millions of years after, there was suddenly the Devil Continent that was formed in the unknown chaotic space. The Devil Tribe launched a sudden attack on the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor.  The Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor joined forces to defeat the Devil Tribe. The other members of the tribe fled and hid themselves in an unknown space.


During their initial battle, the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor had lost most of their strength. After the battle with the Devil Tribe, they used up so much of their power that they almost went into complete nonexistence. They knew that these devils were formed from the ‘Devil’ that once fled in the past. If they did not get rid of them completely, more disasters would come after.”

“The dying Southern Emperor and Northern Emperor were not willing let their evil thoughts ruin the whole chaotic space, they tried to implement a strict order to the God’s Continent to trace and resist the sternness of the Devil Tribe. After their concerted efforts to seek solutions through the light of the soul, a word ‘human’ appeared at the same time in their hearts.”

“Then, the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor cast their own weapons, the Star Sword and the Disaster Bow, to the world. They let them find their own master. At the last moment, the two selected a group of humans and incorporated themselves into their bodies. Such an action granted them strength and a mission, and they were named as the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect and they were set to find the Star Sword and the Disaster Bow. This strength also would help them complete everything and would follow them eternally with no betrayal! From then on, the Southern Emperor and The Northern Emperor disappeared into the chaotic space, their blood and power were passed down from generation to generation.”
The voice in his mind stopped. It was like Ye Wuchen was listening to a myth. He looked at the bloody giant bow in his hand firmly, and he was repeating every word to himself. These are obviously the fragments of memory previously sealed by the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor. They were not merely voices, but they were words hard burnt in his mind.  It was impossible for him to forget a word.

It turned out that this is the origin of the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect. There has been a rumor that they are the descendants of the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor, and it’s not a false statement.

Then, the dragon fox that was born in the center of chaos and caused the greed of the Southern Emperor and North Emperor…would it be Xiangxiang? What about Naner? Who is she? Why is she inside the Star Sword?

None of these fragments in the memory were about Naner. Even Naner had no idea who she was, where she came from, and why she was in the sword.

The Disaster Bow in his hand was still shining with glaring blood, and the smell of blood was released continuously, it started to make people sick. Ningxue retracted her body behind Ye Wuchen and closed her eyes tightly. The shape and the smell of the Bow was indeed that disgusting.


“Is it you who’s calling me?” Ye Wuchen said to the Disaster Bow. It was completely different from the original relaxing feeling when he held Star Sword in his hand. The Disaster Bow trembled in his hands at this time, and its existence also affected him in a chaotic manner, making his weak body crumble. It had called him, and now it has been in his hands, but it seemed uneasy.

No one answered him, and the Disaster Bow began to tremble more fiercely in his hands.

“Master, there is no such thing as a ‘spirit’ in the Disaster Bow. In the beginning, the Star Sword and the Disaster Bow were created in chaos, along with the birth of the Southern Emperor. Both were very powerful and spiritual. At first, the Disaster Bow was not called the Disaster Bow, but the Bow of the Broken Heaven. Later, the Northern Emperor dripped his own blood on it, which greatly reduced its spirituality, but at the same time enhancing its lethality, turning it into a bow which can cause catastrophes. Therefore, its name is now Disaster Bow. Although it is not as spiritual as the Star Sword, it is truly more powerful. ”

Star Sword, Broken Heaven. The Broken Star is their combination!


“…So, the owner must feed his own blood, otherwise the Disaster Bow will be out of control from the master.”

The Star Sword was emitted, and it made a light stroke on the finger of Ye Wuchen. A drop of red blood with a hint of golden color dripped from his little finger and fell on the smashing bow. The blood was absorbed instantly by the bow.

There was a small sound, and the red light on the bow gradually dimmed. The terrifying atmosphere gradually disappeared, and the intensifying swaying also completely subsided. In the same way as the Star Sword, the Disaster Bow turned into a bloody light and shot into Ye Wuchen’s eyebrows.

The terrifying feeling disappeared. Ningxue poked his head out from Ye Wuchen and saw that the bow disappeared. She patted on her chest and said, “brother, the weapon that appeared just now looked really scary.”

Not only Ningxue, even Ye Wuchen’s was full of fear when he saw the Disaster Bow. Given its terrible shape, even calling it the Devil’s Bow would be underrated. He moved himself and sat back on the wheelchair. He gasped twice and smiled, “it doesn’t matter. It will belong to me in the future. It will only protect us and will not harm us. It is the others who should be afraid.”

“Yeah!” Ningxue nodded and smiled widely, “brother, do you want to go back now?”

Ye Wuchen looked up at the sky, and now the transparent barrier has disappeared because of the resurgence of the Disaster Bow. He didn’t know how people here would react. But even if the barrier disappeared, their lives should not have changed much. At most, their range of activities was doubled.

“Let’s go back. After so long, I think they’d start worrying about us. But let’s keep the bow secret at the moment.”

When Ye Wuchen returned to the residential area, there was a lot of discussion. The topic of discussion was the sudden rupture of the barrier. But they were not too excited or too out of control, and no one was going to walk around the area where they have not yet set foot. Although they thought of seeing the “outside”, but before that, they must first listen to what the old man would arrange.


The old man had the highest prestige and authority in this small space.

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