Heavenly Star – Chapter 236 – The Bad Guy!

Seeing them coming back, Gong Luo immediately went forward and greeted, “brother Wuchen, there is good news! That weird barrier has disappeared, we can go outside now.”


“I already knew about that.” Ye Wuchen replied.


Gong Luo laughed and said, “I had realized that you already knew. It is impossible for anyone not to notice such a big thing. But I just want to repeat a few more times. You’ve just arrived here, you would not understand much about how we feel. I have lived here for more than 20 years, and there is hardly a place which I am not familiar with. I really dreamed of exploring the world outside. Although it is impossible to go to the Duanhun Cliff, it’s still good to be able to look around.” He changed his tone and nodded, “well…this wheelchair that the Third Donkey and his friends made is not at all bad. We don’t have to worry anymore whenever you go out. And, by the way…” He leaned over and said with a smile, “brother Wuchen, did you give to my sister that set of clothes?”

This question did not require Ye Wuchen’s answer at all, as apart from him, there could be no one else. Gong Luo did not wait for him to nod before he exclaimed, “it is such a beautiful dress! So beautiful…! After my sister put it on, she looks just like a fairy. Look there!”

Gong Luo pointed to the direction behind him where there were many people. There were a large group of young men and women forming three circles, and they all looked so amazed, as if they were staring at the most beautiful thing in the world. And, that was exactly what they had seen.

“Sister Er Ya, did brother Wuchen give you this? My God, this is beautiful!


“It looks gorgeous, I really want to have one for myself too…”

“Sister Er Ya must be the fairy whom Grandpa mentioned…”

There were too many people around, and you wouldn’t see Er Ya who was surrounded in the middle. However, one could imagine the expression on her face. She would not be able to escape from this crowd surrounding her. Ye Wuchen smiled and returned to his house with Ningxue. Since he arrived here, the cottage that had originally lived by Gong Luo now belonged to him and Ningxue, and Gong Luo began to live with the old man.


Destiny was a sophisticated thing. If Ye Wuchen wasn’t forced to jump down the Duanhun Cliff and survived miraculously under the eyes of Ningxue, the Disaster Bow would never reappear. And after he fell, he received the call of the Disaster Bow surprisingly and even became the master of it.


Who can truly understand the wonder of fate? The Star Sword and the Disaster Bow were two of the three major forbidden weapons, and they all came to the “outsiders”. No one knew for sure the cause and effect of this. It also determined that Ye Wuchen had no reason to stay in the Duanhun Cliff to be isolated.


“Naner, why did the Star Sword recognize me as its master? And why did you call me at the beginning, was it merely because of how you were feeling?” Ye Wuchen asked with his eyes closed. When he found the Star Sword, it was the call of Naner. Now that he’s found the Disaster Bow, it was the Bow which had released a sigh of breath to him, guiding him to the right direction.


“It seems like a subtle feeling. When I first felt that my master was getting close, the Star Sword suddenly woke me up from sleep. I could feel that my master was coming close to me. I just didn’t know why, but I knew that you are my master. That feeling was very real, but I can’t express it in words. In short, it was a very wonderful, and a very amazing feeling.” Naner said. At the beginning, she could only answer the question of Ye Wuchen with “I don’t know.” When Ye Wuchen thought about it now, it seemed to be an extremely delicate connection between two souls.


“It’s just that…it’s so strange. why does the Northern Emperor’s Disaster Bow also recognize you as its master? It is so odd. The Star Sword and the Disaster Bow are just like the Southern Emperor and the Northern Emperor, they’re born to be enemies. However, this only shows how almighty their master is.” Naner said with a smile.


Almighty? Well, maybe. Ye Wuchen had already experienced the power of the forbidden weapon in the battle against Feng Chaoyang. At that time, he was losing his energy and he was having a serious injury, when he almost lost all his spirit, the three golden words “Tian Di Lie” (Split of the sky and the earth) suddenly appeared in his head.  While he was far less powerful than Feng Chaoyang, he made use of the weakest first type of “Nan Huang San” – “The Split of the sky and the earth”. And a sword cut through his hurricane knife and his body. Such a defensive ability even surpassed the attacking spirit of the God of War, and it was as fragile as a piece of tofu in front of the sword that cut open the earth.

Now that he had the possession of both the forbidden weapons, if he could exert all of their power, god knows how destructive they could be. Would they still have the ability to destroy the whole Tianchen Continent ?

Ka – the wooden door was pushed open quietly. A figure dressed in faint yellow colour was carrying a bowl of freshly prepared soup. She walked in with light steps, it was Er Ya. Her body was so much fuller than Hua Shuirou who appeared to be weaker. The light yellow dress with the jade crystal made her look slightly thin, but it clearly outlined her attractive curves. At this time, Er Ya looked completely different by just changing her outfit. However beautiful a woman is, she still needs to be dressed up to look attractive. Er Ya looked so much brighter than the day before when she was still wearing her rough clothes. It would not be exaggerated to say that she looked like a fairy.

Er Ya looked up discreetly and she met the warm gaze of Ye Wuchen. She could feel herself flushing. And her whole body was instantly filled with a strange but exciting feeling – that was all because she was wearing the clothes that he had given her. Not to mention, her rate of heartbeat also raised for many times. The body binder that was initially bought for Hua Shuirou had a soft texture, and Er Ya had to struggle a bit to fix it on her body since she was much curvier.

Before she put her bowl of soup down, Ye Wuchen was still looking at her emotionally, as if he had lost part of his soul. His obsessive way of look made her heart beat even faster, and her heart was filled with joy. She put her head down and did not dare to look back at him.

When Er Ya appeared in front of Ye Wuchen, his gaze stayed. This set of clothes should have been worn by Hua Shuirou. The way that she walked slowly, her shy face, and her hair…all these reminded him of Hua Shuirou. Suddenly, all his previous thoughts rushed back to him, and he felt as if his chest was blocked by something, he felt depressed.

My little Rou, are you still doing fine…have you been crying so much for me that all your tears have been dried up…


You are such a good girl, you deserve a perfect and happy life. Anyone who has the luck to be with you should pamper you and protect you from all possible harm. I was blessed to have met you but for you, it was a misfortune to be with me.

You are so delicate, yet you are so strong. I’ve alwas known that even if I die one day, you will think of me the rest of your life. If you can trade your life for mine, you will not hesitate to do so…at the beginning, it was your softness and your innocence that had conquered me completely…

Little Rou, you have to wait for me to go back…

The emotions were getting stronger and stronger. Ye Wuchen was feeling a bit shaky. He looked up and said softly to Er Ya, “can I kiss you?”

Ningxue opened her mouth and she looked surprised. Er Ya was shocked by what was said. She opened her eyes widely and didn’t know what to do.

Ye Wuchen reached out and grabbed one of her arms. Er Ya’s body suddenly stiffened, but she couldn’t refuse. She lowered her head more and more…his hand was touching her face and pulling her closer to him.

Er Ya seemed to have lost control over her body. She couldn’t do or say anything to refuse. She closed her eyes firmly and her shoulders were stiff. Ye Wuchen took her body and gently kissed her forehead, it was just a light kiss. It was not the smell of Hua Shuirou, but the image of her lingered in his head and wouldn’t fade away.

“Oh!! You, you, you… how dare you do this to my sister!”

A sweet voice came from the doorway. Er Ya was shocked and she pushed away Ye Wuchen instantly. She lowered her head and ran away without looking at Si Ya. Si Ya was very quick – after she disappeared in front of Ye Wuchen, she greeted her Grandma at the south side then went back to the residential area. Still, she was much earlier than Ye Wuchen. When he returned, she had been there for almost half a day.


Her sudden appearance did not surprise Ye Wuchen, but it was a pity for him since the good atmosphere was destroyed by Si Ya.


Making use of her beautiful long legs, Si Ya made a few steps quickly. She opened her gorgeous eyes widely and said angrily, ‘you were just bullying me and now you’re bullying my sister ! You are such a bad guy!’

“Well, yes, a bad guy is exactly what I am. It is therefore very normal to bully.” Ye Wuchen sat on the bed and said with a smile.
Si Ya couldn’t utter a word. Her breasts which were not yet fully grown were bouncing as if it was because she was too angry. After a long while, she finally came up with something to say, “you… bad guy! That’s what I am going to call you from now on!” She snorted, rubbed her feet, turned and left.

After just a few steps, she turned back and said,”the bad guy, did you give to my sister her clothes ?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“I want it too!”

“…No way.” Ye Wuchen raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t give it even if he wanted. Si Ya was so much taller than any other girls he’d ever seen. There was nothing that could fit her at his home.

“You… why not ?!” While feeling desperate, she just couldn’t help but ask a stupid question.


“Because I am a bad person.” Ye Wuchen said with a smile.


“I want ! I want ! If you don’t give one to me, I am going to announce to everyone that you were sneaking when I took a bath. ” Si Ya didn’t let go.

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