Heavenly Star – Chapter 237 – A Young Girl’s Heart

“Well…you just said that I’m a bad person, right? I won’t care about what you’re going to say.” Ye Wuchen put his hands behind his head and said nonchalantly. For Si Ya, even if she was begged to tell what happened, she would never do so. For women, their reputation is always more important than her own life.

“You…you’re just such a bad guy” Si Ya slammed her foot hard, then turned her eyes and immediately put on a smile. She sat down beside her bed and said to Ye Wuchen, begging “I want to take back what I’ve said…you’re such a nice brother, would you just give me a dress as well? Please…I really, really like it…”

When this young girl tried to say something nice and in a sweet manner, it not only gave you goosebumps, it also sent chills down your spine. It further made Ye Wuchen’s knees weaker, when his body was already weak. He said somewhat in a frustrated manner, “I told you no, there’s no use to beg. I am a bad guy and so I have no mercy to give.”

Si Ya put on a pitiful face. She grabbed the arm of Ye Wuchen and swayed it, “you’re such a good brother and not a bad guy at all. Why can’t you just give me a dress as beautiful as the one you gave to my sister…give it to me, give it to me, please…”

With her begging, Ye Wuchen couldn’t help but soften himself. Si Ya was really something and she almost got the best out of him. He pulled his arm out of hers without a trace, and looked helplessly, “well… tell me your name first.”

With his softened tone, she was filled with joy, but she instantly came up with a shy look, “my mother told me that a girl cannot tell a guy what her name is so easily.” But then she said clearly and loudly, “my name is…Gong Ruo.”


“And your sister?”

“She’s called Gong Yue.”


“What about your brother?”

“My brother is called Gong Luo.”

“…it seems that you didn’t lie.”


“Ha? Of course, I won’t lie! So, when are you going to give me a beautiful dress?”

“Oh?” Ye Wuchen looked surprised and innocent at the same time. “When did I say that I am going to give you a beautiful dress?”


“But I told you my name!”

“I didn’t say that after you told me your name, I would give you a beautiful dress.”

“You!” Si Ya got so angry that she almost jumped. She pointed at Ye Wuchen and she was getting furious. Ye Wuchen looked up and he was admiring her angry face, “Gong Ruo Sis was born to be such a beauty. You’d look gorgeous no matter what you wear. You don’t need a beautiful dress to look more beautiful.”

This compliment worked wonders. Si Ya was not angry anymore. Instead, she could not cover her happiness, “you’re such a bad guy…you must be lying again!”


Ye Wuchen shrugged his shoulders: “I didn’t lie to you. Everyone here must be telling you every day how beautiful you are, right? Xueer, do you agree with me?”

“Yes, sis Si Ya is a natural beauty. She looks great no matter what kind of clothes she’s wearing.” Ningxue didn’t forget to nod.


Si Ya had always been praised all her life and she had not felt anything special. However, she particularly felt that her face was slightly flushed this time. She was trying to say something, and yelled angrily again, “Ha! I know that, you’re trying to deceive me again! My sister is even more attractive than me. So why did you give her a dress and not to me?”

“That is because not only that your sister is pretty, she’s also a thoughtful lady. She boils medicine for me every single day and even delivers it to me personally. Of course, I have to thank her in some way. I even think that one dress is not enough to thank her.” Ye Wuchen said with a smile. It was as if he was saying, “didn’t we just know each other today?”

Si Ya couldn’t respond in a long while. She bit her lip, “boil medicine…I also can do that!” Then she turned and left in a hurry. Her beautiful long legs could be seen through her semi-transparent dress and it led to some imagination.

Ye Wuchen shook his head and smiled. Ningxue felt relieved, she handed the medicine to her brother, “brother, it’s time for medicine.”

Ye Wuchen had to drink at least one bowl of medicinal soup every day. The taste of each soup was completely different. Every time, after he finished the medicine, he would have a slight fever. And he would feel that his strength somehow increased a bit. However, it usually didn’t last long. He knew very clearly that his body could not be fully recovered this way. But he didn’t want to reject the old guy, and he was waiting for a miracle as well.

So where is this miracle?

The old man was right. There is nothing absolute in this world. He was hoping for a miracle and waiting for it to happen.

The barrier was broken. In the afternoon, the old man brought all the people together and divided them into dozens of groups to explore the “outside world.” Although the barrier was a surprise to them, it was not a big one. What was at the south side was a tall and hard mountain and it was surrounded by a luxurious forest. The west and the east were the same. What was at the end were the grassland and little river that Ye Wuchen and Ningxue spent two years in. What was at the north side was the forbidden land. When one tried to look closer, there was nothing special. The only advantage was that the moving area was two times bigger. Therefore, the areas for farming and hunting was twice as big also.  

After a brief excitement, life went on as usual and everyone was busy with their own work without getting affected. Although the barrier was broken, they were still living in an isolated space, there was no substantial difference.


The next day, Si Ya came in with a new bowl of medicine which had a disgusting taste. Ye Wuchen looked at her blankly…was he going to drink that?


‘See…I boiled this medicine on behalf of my sister. Come…drink it.’ Si Ya felt like she had achieved something great and said so excitedly. Ningxue was looking at the dark sticky thing floating in the bowl and said carefully, ‘sis Si Ya…you…seemed to have over boiled it.’


‘Over boiled? No no…no way, this is how medicine looks like!” Si Ya tried to argue and handed the bowl of medicine in front of Ye Wuchen, ‘here, let me feed you, okay?’


Most of the herbs that were chosen by the old man had a strong smell and it was impossible to drink the soup. Now that it’s even over boiled, one could imagine the strong and disgusting smell it had. Yu Wuchen couldn’t help but cover his nose. At this moment, someone came in the room in a hurry, it was Er Ya. When she found out what was going on, she instantly got close and snatched the bowl, she blamed Si Ya, ‘I told you that it’s over boiled. You should have thrown it away or you’d make him sick.’


Si Ya looked very unhappy. She lowered her head and explained, ‘but…it’s my first time doing it, I didn’t want to waste my effort…’

‘If you want to learn properly, I can teach you. Now, let me gather some other herbs.’ Just after Er Ya turned around, she met Wuchen’s gaze. She lowered her head again at once and whispered, ‘I…uh…my sister is sometimes hard to control. Please don’t mind…’ Then, she pulled away Si Ya who was unwilling to leave.


The two sisters were walking in the bush with a little basket on each of their back. Er Ya changed back to her rough clothing, as she didn’t want to damage her beautiful dress when walking outside.


‘Sister, have you fallen in love with him?’ Si Ya who was looking around, asked her sister suddenly.


Er Ya had not been herself these few days. And after suddenly being asked by her sister, she was caught off-guard. ‘No…no…he is still too young…’


Si Ya did not believe for one second. She pouted, ‘now even my sister is lying to me. I saw it myself yesterday, that he’d kissed you. Also, whenever you see him, you flush. I’m not as stupid as you think.’


Er Ya lowered her head and she felt very nervous.


‘Even if you claimed that you don’t like him, I still think that he’s very fond of you. Otherwise, why did he kiss you and give you such a beautiful dress? You know, I was asking him, begging him for a long time for the same but he just kept on refusing me!” Si Ya still sounded very angry when she said this. She had a quick glance of Er Ya’s facial expression and found out that she was already flushing. Si Ya continued, ‘my dear sister, you’re turning 25 tomorrow. Tell me, are you going to choose Ye Wuchen tomorrow night?’

‘What ? I…’


‘My sister…’ Before her sister responded, Si Ya stopped and whispered, ‘if you don’t like him, then I’ll pursue him, is that ok ?’


Er Ya was stunned and looked at her sister with surprise.


‘My sister is the most beautiful lady here. Every man here would want to marry my sister. And the bad guy…his body condition is too bad. Grandpa said he can at most live for 5 more years. He doesn’t deserve you and won’t be able to take care of you.’ Si Ya looked at her sister with bright eyes and she felt confused as well.


‘Si Ya, have you fallen in love with him?’ Er Ya asked softly.


Si Ya shook her head. Then, she bit her lip and nodded lightly, ‘I just don’t know why…maybe it’s because…he has seen me naked.’ Si Ya summoned her courage to tell her sister the truth.


‘When I was taking a bath in the lake one day, Ye Wuchen didn’t realize that it was a place for ladies to bathe. He went inside without notice. When I heard him, I initially thought that it was another sister and so I didn’t give it much thought. I didn’t expect that it was…him. Then…I found out…that he’s actually quite a nice guy. I’m thinking to get married with him.’ Si Ya was touching her reddened face uncontrollably.


Er Ya’s face was turned blank. Then, she shook her head and said, ‘Si Ya, you’re still too young…can you wait ten years? And can he wait ten years?’


Si Ya stood still and her lips trembled. She didn’t make any more noise. Slowly, her eyes turned red and was filled with tears.

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