Heavenly Star – Chapter 238 – Er Ya Chooses Her Husband

A night which held on to its luminosity.

Unlike the quietness of the past, there has been a lot of noise and laughter coming from outside, there has also been the sound of the burning firewood. Ye Wuchen, who was taking a rest, was woken up by the noise. He counted a bit of the time and reached out for Ningxue’s hand, “there might be an activity outside, let’s go and have a look.”

They went out of the door of their room, then the main door. The large open space which was not far away was filled with people. More than 300 people of all ages gathered, and they were chatting and laughing. Being very well-ordered, they formed a few circles. There were burning fires everywhere and people were having barbeque. The wooden plates on the ground were filled with fruits of different colors.

Was this a campfire?

After spotting Ye Wuchen, a dozen young boys went forward and surrounded him. Gong Luo said with a smile, “brother Wuchen, you finally woke up, if you slept further I could only call and awaken you myself.”

“This is…?” Yu Wuchen raised his eyes and asked.

“Haha, we call this ‘the husband choosing union’. We organize this occasionally. But today is a bit different, as our most beautiful Er Ya is going to choose her husband today. Wuchen bro, are you joining us?” The one talking was a young man with a sturdy body, and his name was Black Bear. Just like every ‘monster’ here, although he looked harmless, he was a very strong guy and for him, pulling up a hundred-year-old tree was as simple as pulling a cabbage. Thanks to his natural strength, the unnamed exercises that he practiced also led him to a fiercer route.

“Sister Er Ya is going to choose her husband? Then I have to go and see.” Ye Wuchen took the hand of Ningxue and walked to the crowd with the support of the Black Bear. On his way, people greeted him with enthusiasm.


These people looked quite casual and they were not in a fixed order. Black Bear took Ye Wuchen to the circle where he was sitting in before, and Gong Luo returned to his parents. Ye Wuchen glanced around and found that the circle that he was sitting in had a lot of people and they were all men under 30 years old. He couldn’t help but became a little worried.
“Come on! This is the bear’s paw we have reserved for you, and little sister, this one is yours.” Black Bear put the two skewers of roasted meat in the hands of Ye Wuchen and Ningxue, and then picked up a piece for his own enjoyment. He looked wild while eating. Ye Wuchen looked around and asked, “Isn’t Er Ya going to choose her husband? Where is she?”

Black Bear said with an evil smile, “you came at the right time. Er Ya sis is coming out soon.”


Ye Wuchen nodded and tasted the delicious bear’s paw with Ningxue. Thankfully, he and Ningxue never had to starve these days.


“Here is Er Ya, Er Ya!”


With a shout, the crowds became even more excited than before. Men, women, elderly and children all began to hoot. Er Ya was standing in front of her house and she walked slowly toward the crowd. She slightly lowered her head and her hands were tightly held together. As soon as she appeared, people were amazed by her unique beauty. The crowd was making more and more noise.

Er Ya looked so beautiful in her pale yellow dress, embroidered with phoenix ornaments. She was wearing different kinds of gorgeous jade and a pair of small embroidered shoes like a golden lotus. She was also wearing a pearl necklace, which she had inherited from her ancestors and it was the only luxury item brought to this world. Although she did not show a lot of her skin, every inch that was exposed looked so smooth and pale, it was almost as if you could look through her bones. With her slightly swaying chest, her slender legs, her elegant way of walking, the fullness of her body, it was impossible to move one’s eyes away from her.

Once Er Ya appeared, it was like the sun has just risen. Now that Er Ya was dressed up with glamourous clothes and accessories, she looked even more fascinating. People, no matter men or women, were all deeply attracted. The sound of applause went higher and higher.

Er Ya was a conservative girl who was used to sitting alone at home. For as long as she could remember, she spent a lot of time alone. And now, for the first time, she had become the center of attention, she couldn’t help feeling embarrassed. However, the shy look on her face made her even more alluring. The way that she was approaching slowly was just like a fairy. Every single step was making these young guys crazy.

She finally came close along with the noise. She was the protagonist today, and the most beautiful protagonist in this small world. She stopped in the middle of the open space and bowed slightly to the people around her. When she spot Ye Wuchen, she looked surprised. Then, she closed her eyes and started singing. Her voice was just so wonderful.

When she was singing, the noise nearby stopped completely. Her singing voice was as sweet as a nightingale. It was as natural as flowing water. The pure and soothing music made everyone indulge in it. It was carrying a lot of deep emotions.


Her breath was infused with her sweet singing voice. It infinitely strengthened the appeal of the song, and people was very concentrated. As she sang, she danced slowly. Her beautiful dress moved along with her elegantly, and the jade diamonds were sparkling with glamour. It was such a breathtakingly beautiful scene. And as she moved her hands, one could see her smooth skin so clearly. Er Ya’s dance moves were sophisticated, delicate and captivating. Her long fingers, when moving, made her a fairy. She caught everyone’s attention like a magnet.

It was the sound of heaven. With her elegant moves, everyone was captivated. This girl who was born shy was now showing off her beauty without reserve. She did this only for one particular person.

When the amazing singing and dancing stopped, people were still into it and they didn’t realize that it was over. Er Ya’s face was all red, and she glanced secretly at Ye Wuchen and quickly turned away before she could look more clearly. After a long moment of silence, there was suddenly a loud applause. What was following was a deafening loud clapping sound. Even Gong Luo and Si Ya were clapping. They were in awe – it was their sister, and she was incredibly beautiful today.

“Er Ya, catch this.” Er Ya’s father laughed and took out a garland made of flaming flowers. He threw it gently in the air and made a subtle arc. When it fell, it was hung in Er Ya’s neck at the right place. People became even more excited and everyone was looking at her.


“Brother, sister Er Ya is really gorgeous today.” Ningxue leaned on Wuchen and said excitedly. Her shining eyes were like stars. Today, it was her first time listening to such a sweet voice and such a wonderful face.

Ye Wuchen slightly nodded and looked at Er Ya with a smile. He was waiting for her to announce her choice. When Er Ya looked his way, he was sure that she was going to choose one of them in the group.


The other circles were all seated randomly, and there were more people in Ye Wuchen’s circle, they were all young men. It seemed that when a girl was going to choose her husband, all the men who were interested encircled themselves and waited for her to announce what her choice was. Therefore, the girl would naturally choose her desired man in this circle. Doing this would avoid the embarrassment of being rejected.


Ye Wuchen was sitting here just because he wanted to check what’s going on. But when he met the gaze of Er Ya, he was feeling uneasy. Then, when he went on thinking about what had been happening these days, he felt even more nervous and he couldn’t sit still.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Wuchen’s slight change immediately caught the attention of Ningxue. She turned her face and asked with doubt.

“This thing may turn bad…” Ye Wuchen whispered.

Er Ya walked toward him. All the young men were looking at her eagerly and conveying their admiration through their eyes. They waited anxiously. At this time, it would be too late for Ye Wuchen to quit, or he would ruin her reputation. As what had expected, Er Ya walked more and more closely to him. It was obvious that she was nervous. And who’s more nervous was Si Ya whose heart was beating rapidly.

Finally, and expectedly, Er Ya stopped at Ye Wuchen, she tried to resist her shyness and put the garland on his neck. She dared not know what his reaction would be, she turned around and ran away. Soon enough, she reached home and hid herself in the room.


It was the peak of that night. Everyone was looking at him and waited desperately for his reaction. Ye Wuchen smiled helplessly. He thought to himself, he should have discovered something long ago, but he somehow ignored it. Ye Wuchen didn’t know that Er Ya was going to choose him. After living for 25 years in that area, Er Ya would already have someone whom she admired. And he only arrived here a few days ago, with a body as weak as a baby, why the hell would she pick him…?


A girl’s mind cannot be understood with logic.

And it’s true when they say you cannot send gifts so easily.

Black Bear pat on Wuchen’s shoulder suddenly and laughed, “good job! Wuchen bro, it’s been just a few days and you’ve already won Er Ya’s heart.”


And the people around him came to congratulate him passionately. They said, “treat Er Ya as best as you can.” These guys, although not chosen by Er Ya, did not hold on to any resentment. Instead, they chose to send Ye Wuchen their genuine blessings. There would never be anyone who tried to object or felt that there’s anything wrong. A lot of respect was given to the one who made her own choice.

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