Heavenly Star – Chapter 239 – Tell Me This Isn’t For Real?

Shortly after they slept, a long, slim figure sneaked in and entered the room silently.

It was Si Ya, Gong Ruo.

Before she approached to the bed, she carefully removed Ningxue’s arm which was wrapping around Ye Wuchen, then she grabbed him, and took him out of the house quickly. When Ye Wuchen opened his eyes, the images in front of him were rewinding rapidly. When he was about to make a sound, his mouth was covered by a handkerchief.


“Shh! Make no sound!” Si Ya warned him.

Every household in this area remained their doors open at night, as they did not need protection, nor did they really have any sense of awareness. Even during their sleep, they were not worried of any potential danger, and they all slept very tightly. Now that even Si Ya was taking someone away, it did not alert anyone.

After just a short while, Si Ya had already taken him far away, all the way to the lakeside in the southeast until she put him down. Then she looked at him with much anger. It was right here when Ye Wuchen had seen her taking a bath.

Being already weak, Ye Wuchen became even more fragile after the wind all the way. He couldn’t stand up and he had to lean against the tree when sitting down. He said weakly, “I say, sis Si Ya, you took me to this place in the middle of the night. Are you planning to do anything bad to me?”

Ye Wuchen was just asking casually. When he finished, the face of Si Ya turned red instantly. She bit her lip and further confirmed how she felt, “Yes! That’s exactly what I am going to do! How are you going to reject me now?”


“Okay. Then do whatever you want to me.” Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and said indifferently. He wondered what the hell she wanted to do to him…did she just want a dress as beautiful as Er Ya’s? Maybe not…but now that he knew further this girl’s personality, that could very well be possible.

She licked her lips and her heart was beating crazily. When she thought about her purpose of coming here, she persisted. She took off her skirt and her underwear. Since the whole chain of action was so quick, it was obvious that she had rehearsed for many times before today. She revealed the most beautiful legs in the world to Ye Wuchen, showing him her forbidden area.

Ye Wuchen’s breathing stopped for a moment, and he was only able to respond after three seconds. He turned away, closing his eyes, “You…you tell me that this isn’t for real?”

Ye Wuchen’s breath was taken away by what he had just seen…the pair of slender, pale legs with smooth skin was seducing enough. What was in the middle of her legs was a pink area with no hair yet. It looked so innocent and pure. Even the word perfect is not enough to describe it. Even though Ye Wuchen was weak, he still could feel a surge of blood flooding it…something of him was enlarging.

Is this girl…crazy?

When Si Ya saw that Ye Wuchen turn his head, she was disappointed and sad. She bit her lip softly and whispered, “it’s ugly, isn’t it? I know that I’m different from the others…my sister, sis Xiaohua, and Sis Xiaofu, they’re all hairy down there and I still don’t have any…”


“Yes, it doesn’t look good at all, so you should put on your clothes quickly and don’t let me see it anymore.” When Ye Wuchen said this, he knew that his body was going through some changes that a normal man would. Si Ya didn’t know at all that her gesture now was killing him softly.

Si Ya almost cried. With much persistence, she shook her head, “no…even though it doesn’t look good. I…I want to…with you…”

She suddenly kneed down and took off Ye Wuchen’s clothes clumsily. Ye Wuchen grabbed her wrist and said coldly, “what are you doing? Stop it! Don’t mess around again.”

“I’m not messing around. It’s just…I really like you! And I want you to marry me!” Feeling that she’s being unfairly treated, she continued to take off his clothes rudely.

Ye Wuchen was stunned and he wanted to shove away her hand. However, he was so weak that he couldn’t even do so. His struggle was useless.

Any woman who is forced in situations like this would panic, the same goes for men.

There was no way for Ye Wuchen to keep calm under such circumstances, and he did panic. He tried to protect himself with both hands, but after resisting and struggling for some time, his coat was still taken off successfully by Si Ya. Speaking of panicking, Si Ya felt this more intensely than Ye Wuchen, as it was her first time striping off a man. The way she behaved was much more difficult to understand than any other women.

Ye Wuchen simply gave up struggling, he frowned and said, “you are still too young, and you don’t really know what love is. Don’t think that you’re left with no choice after I’ve seen you naked. If you keep messing around, you might even ruin your own life. And it’ll be useless to regret later!”

Ye Wuchen’s persuasion was counterproductive, it only made Si Ya even more determined, “young…too young, even my sister said that I’m too young. It only makes me…”


“You?” Ye Wuchen looked surprised.


“I don’t give a damn! If you get married with my sister, my life will really be ruined! I just like you, did you get that?”

Ye Wuchen was at loss for words for her confession. He was quiet for a while and suddenly asked, “don’t you have to be 25 years old to get married?”

All of a sudden, Si Ya tore off Ye Wuchen’s clothes into two. She stopped for a second, before covering her face and said with a lot of resentment, “I don’t want to wait until I’m 25…I don’t want you to marry my sister. Once I give you my body, my parents will agree that I get married to you. My mom told me, once a girl gives her body to a man, she will surely need to marry him!”

Once an immature girl gets determined, she will naturally want to achieve something “big”.

The last area of Ye Wuchen was exposed. He didn’t struggle or try to persuade anymore. He was just looking up at the leaves above his head. He wasn’t sure whether it was because there was nothing else to do or he had simply accepted his fate.

It was Si Ya’s first time to see a male body. Her heartbeat rapidly increased. At first, she didn’t know what to do. When she tried to think clearly about her purpose, she started to examine Ye Wuchen more carefully.


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