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Heavenly Star – Chapter 241 – The Northern Emperor


Her sister Er Ya instantly got pale. She came up and said worryingly, “I know that you like him. But you’re just 15 years old. How could you…”

“I don’t care! If I don’t do this, how will you let me marry him! Grandpa, you will agree, right?” Si Ya knew that her Grandfather would be the only one rejecting her. But soon after she finished, she noticed how gloomy and scary Grandfather looked at this time. Even her usually lighthearted father just stood still and didn’t say a word.

She got scared and didn’t say anything further. Ever since she told them what had happened, the atmosphere was just eerie.


Si Ya’s father turned to Grandpa and said, “father, this is my fault. Since Si Ya is still young, there are quite many things I haven’t told her yet.”

Grandpa was still having a poker face. Anger, frustration and helplessness were the emotions he was experiencing now. At this moment, Ye Wuchen suggested, “Grandpa, come with me, there is something I should tell you. Xueer, let’s get back.”

After that, Ye Wuchen returned to his house with Ningxue. In the past, he had always used a respectful tone when talking to Grandpa. At this time, he was in a tone of order. Grandpa was confused and furious, he didn’t want to look at Si Ya further. He gave a deep sigh and walked out.

After Grandpa left, Si Ya asked her father shaking, “dad, why did Grandpa get so angry? I just really, really want to…”

Her father shook his head and sighed, “Si Ya, in the past, no matter how you messed around, Grandpa would not really get mad at you. But this time, you’ve done something that can never be forgiven!”


“What?” Si Ya was shocked.

Ye Wuchen and the old man went to the house one after the other, and he tried to sit down on his wheelchair with the help of Ningxue. He was facing the old man at this moment. The old man said, “I know that I can’t blame you for this. I know how Si Ya is and I guess you’ve been forced to do it. However, things are not as simple as they seem to be. You didn’t belong to here before and so you had no idea.”

The old man had said it all. And all so accurately. Ye Wuchen did not continue this topic but he just said what was on his mind, “I have been here for some time. And I am literally a useless man. However, I have been feeling very comfortable here every day, and people are really nice to me. I am really grateful to each of you. Even the wheelchair that I am sitting on now, I will still cherish it if I have the chance to recover one day. Actually, I have always been wondering what had contributed to the formation of this pure and innocent place. When I fell from Duanhun Cliff, why was there a mysterious force protecting me, preventing me from dying? Grandpa, can you tell me why?”

His voice and look were so calm, and it gave Grandpa a different impression. He doubted a little, then frowned, “that time, when my grandfather fell, there was also a magical power protecting him. No one knew what it was, not even him.”

“Well, I know what it is.” Ye Wuchen smiled and said.

The old man’s eyes flashed, reflecting his surprise, “do you?”


Ye Wuchen kept playing with Ningxue’s fingers, he looked at Grandpa straightly, “since the first day I got here, I have been having some doubts. When time goes by, something has become quite clear to me. And my questions then got answered. Yesterday, I formed a summary myself.”

“A long time ago, there was an immense power on Tianchen Continent and everyone knew about its existence. No one ever tried to offend this immense power. Despite being powerful, it has never tried to hurt anyone, it hasn’t even tried to intervene in anyone’s business. This power was not led by a human, but a mission inherited from previous generations. It has always tried to look for a particular person and before it does, it cannot, and will not intervene in any business of ordinary people.”

Ye Wuchen looked at the old man and found that he was amazed at what he’d told.

“However, although they have been looking for a hundred, thousands and even tens of thousands of years, they still didn’t find a single trace of this immense power. They began to wonder if this was simply a rumor. They doubted if they had been fooled by an old saying for many generations. Therefore, this group of people began to split in itself, one part of it was still trying to hold on to its initial belief, another part was starting to look for ways to dominate the world, and to conquer it.”

“This decision was totally in contrary to what was taught and passed down. And although half of the power was going to take action, another half still opposed. This formed a vital contradiction. There was a war between the two split forces. The part that was trying to oppose was the minority, and the part that was trying to dominate the world still could not get rid of this opposing power. What happened was that the two forces fought with each other ever so violently and without holding back, even though they were once united brothers.”

“The fight might have lasted for a long time. The opposing power was trying its best to hide and to minimize casualties. One day, they were forced at the edge of Duanhun Cliff. The force was exhausted and only a few people had survived. Under desperation, and since they didn’t want to be killed by their brothers, they jumped off the Duanhun Cliff. That happened about a hundred years ago.”

The old man frowned and looked at this young man who was telling him a story, he finally interrupted, “did Si Ya tell you this?” Then he denied immediately, “it couldn’t be her. I don’t think she knows all of this. Did Sanwa, or Er Ya tell you this?”

“Since everyone thinks that they can never get out, they wouldn’t treat it as a secret. But no, no one has ever told me, it’s just my own guess. However, from the way you reacted, I assume what I’d said was true then?” Ye Wuchen smiled lightly.

The old man didn’t understand how Ye Wuchen could come up with such an accurate assumption.

“I think you would be more interested by what will follow.” Ye Wuchen continued, “those who jumped thought they would die, but when they were halfway in the air, their bodies were guided by a magical force, and were led to the place where we are now. This magical force was protecting them and when they landed, they didn’t get hurt a bit. When they were thrilled, they discovered instantly that what was surrounding him was an unbreakable barrier. Therefore, they had been stuck there ever since. They were very grateful, and firmly believed that their strong faith had been protecting them. Although they had been isolated from the world by the barrier, they had never given up their mission and insisted that this mission had to be inherited by their descendants.”


“Everything happens for a reason and you cannot fight against your destiny. They were right to think that their persistence and faith had saved them. What was protecting them, and still protecting your people now, is what the Northern Emperor has been looking for – the Disaster Bow!”


Ye Wuchen extended his right hand and there was a bloody light shooting from his eyebrows, forming a sharp red, bloody bow in his hand. “At that time, the Disaster Bow which was dormant at the bottom of the Duanhun Cliff could feel the existence of the Northern Emperor and its people, it therefore used all its strength to try to save them all, even including those who did not have the pure blood of the Northern Emperor. At the end, it brought all of them, including itself, to the world inside the barrier.”

The old man’s body went stiff, his stare was fixed at the bloody bow in Ye Wuchen’s hand. Unconsciously, he tried to stretch out his trembling hands, as if he wanted to get closer. His eyes were soon filled with tears. Even though he didn’t remember it all, it was impossible for him to forget that his ancestors spent a thousand years looking for the Disaster Bow. He remembered exactly how it looked like. In the family history, it was clearly indicated that the Disaster Bow gave a hint of killing that could make you shiver. And now, it was right in front of his eyes, its appearance, its scent, and the way it appeared…it was undoubtedly the Disaster Bow.

There was no one who knew about the existence of the Northern Emperor. They had been looking for generations and generations, yet no one ever succeeded. Right at this moment, it was in front of him, so real, and so vivid. Words could not describe how emotional he was. Although he was in tears, he did not lose his sanity, he hurriedly put his hands in his body and took out a piece of jade that he had always brought with him. This was an arched-shape jade, its size was as big as a palm. When this jade met the Disaster Bow, there was suddenly a harsh red light coming right from the piece of jade.

The pure blood of the Northern Emperor was flowing inside this piece of jade. It marked every generation of the Northern Emperor, and could form a sharp and strong echo with the Disaster Bow. With the harsh red light, all of the old man’s doubts disappeared. He took away the jade and kneed down suddenly. He bowed, “the descendant of the Northern Emperor, Yan Tiwei, is now worshipping you!”

He knocked his head on the floor. His whole body was still shivering, he just couldn’t help feeling emotional.

Ningxue was shocked for a long while, she was trying to support the old man but was stopped by Ye Wuchen. He smiled and said, “Grandpa, I am now a useless man. Why would you worship me?”


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