Heavenly Star – Chapter 242 – The Real Northern Emperor

The old man didn’t rise up. He was still trembling, but he tried to say firmly, “the person who is recognized by the Disaster Bow is naturally someone we should respect and protect! We have to follow him until the end, and we should never betray him! Looking for the Disaster Bow and its master was the only reason why we, as the descendants of the Northern Emperor, exist today. We’ve been blessed. When my grandfather survived, he had been blessed as well. Therefore, we will never betray what my ascendants had promised! I, Yan Tianwei, will swear to serve the Master of the Disaster Bow until the end. If I think differently, I shall be destroyed! I believe that your current state is just temporary. For sure, you will be guided the way out to the ultimate summit!”
Every word out of the old man was so firm and heartfelt. Ye Wuchen nodded slightly. When facing the Southern Emperor, he didn’t take out the Star Sword. And now, he had showed the Disaster Bow. He knew very well that if he took out the Star Sword, it was quite possible that they’d try to kill him. And now, with the Disaster Bow, they were doing the completely the opposite – follow him until the end.

“Grandpa, get up.” Ye Wuchen said, satisfied. Afterall, Ye Wuchen was a crippled guy. It really would not be difficult for the old man if he wanted to kill Ye Wuchen. However, here he was, kneeing in front of him to show that he was loyal. Nothing phony was found in this chain of action – and that was exactly what Ye Wuchen expected as well.

“Thank you, Master.” The old man seemed as loyal as an Emperor’s personal assistant. He slowly rose himself, but he couldn’t hide the fact that he’s still emotional, “I didn’t realize that you’re the Master…it’s our destiny. God sent us our Master, God had really witnessed our grit and loyalty…”

Ye Wuchen asked, “are you sure that you’re willing to be loyal to someone you’ve just met, just because of a bow?”


“Forever and after! No betrayal ever! Otherwise I will be destroyed!”


“Even if I ask you to kill another sect of the Northern Emperor, you would accept?” Ye Wuchen was half serious, half testing the old man’s reaction.


The old man replied calmly, “yes, even without the Master’s order!”


“Oh? He once forced you and your grandfather to jump off the cliff. Even though he didn’t own the blood of the Northern Emperor, he’s still part of your family.”


“No!” The old man shook his head and he had a sharp look, “they…they are in no way from the real sect of the Northern Emperor. The people that I’m leading are truly people carrying the blood of the Northern Emperor!”


The old man said, “in our Northern Emperor Sect, those who have a direct blood relationship of the Northern Emperor are all inherited only by the sons. It’s always the case, that they have several daughters but only one son. And the sons having a direct blood relationship would be the leader of the sect. I have seven daughters but only one son, Yan Duancang. My son has three daughters and only one son, Yan Gongluo. The other people with the family name Yan were all born out of a mother who has another family name. Therefore, there is only one person having the pure blood of the Northern Emperor in each generation. The one you’re talking about is a…bastard! He has no qualifications to lead the sect. And the sect that he’s leading is in no way the sect of the Northern Emperor!”

Ye Wuchen’s frowned even more, his eyebrows were squeezed together. After a long time, he nodded slightly, “now I understand.”


Currently, the people with the family name Yan who lived on the Tianchen Continent owned only a small part of the Northern Emperor’s blood. This did not hinder them to practice several powers like the spells of Yan Spirit and Qiankun over the top. They didn’t fail just because of the non-pure Northern Emperor blood inside them. However, there was still a crucial difference between having pure and non-pure blood of the Northern Emperor. Only God knows how powerful this old man was.

“My master, I am not sure if this Disaster Bow is…?” When looking at the Disaster Bow, the old men was full of faith.

“It was right under your feet. I found it when I was called upon.”

“Under the feet?” The old man was a bit lost. He laughed, “my grandfather, my father, even myself…how are we supposed to know that the long-awaited Disaster Bow was right under our feet? It has been for us for so many years! If my father and grandfather knew, how would they feel…” He breathed a sigh of relief and said respectfully, “Master, don’t you worry, even if it means that I will have to sacrifice my own life, I will help you fully recover.”

“Then…about me and Si Ya…” Ye Wuchen asked and smiled with embarrassment.

The old man was stunned, then he laughed and said: “Ha ha ha ha, a female who is born with the blood of the Northern Emperor will naturally be my Master’s woman. Before they reach the age of twenty-five, they can’t get married. Actually, Si Ya didn’t make such a big trouble after all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do…now come in, you all.”

Ye Wuchen was slightly surprised, only to find that a few people were already standing at the door. When the old man called, they couldn’t hide themselves anymore, they pushed the door open and came in.

“The descendant of the Northern Emperor sect, Yan Duancang, is here to see you!” The only son of the old man, the middle-aged man, who looked a bit silly, was kneeing down in front of Ye Wuchen. His wife followed.

“Yan Qiusha, from the Northern Emperor sect, is here to see the Master!”

“Yan Gongluo, from the Northern Emperor sect, is here to see the Master!”

“…Yan Gongyue is here to see the Master.”

When seeing that his parents and his siblings were all kneeing down and bowing in front of Ye Wuchen, Si Ya found it kind of fun.


The old man was at first smiling. Then he said seriously, “we are all people owning the blood of the Northern Emperor. Therefore, the Master is one of us. You all have to respect him.”

“But Grandpa just said that I am the woman of the Master.” Si Ya, who was scared before, was now very happy. She got up excitedly and approached to Ye Wuchen, she got down and held his neck with both hands, “Hehehe…Master Bro, I am your woman now…I am so happy…”

The old man opened his eyes widely, he was actually happy as well but didn’t say anything else. Ye Wuchen didn’t show any sign of discomfort either.

“Come get up, you all. We’re a family now. Don’t act as such strangers to me. I would feel uncomfortable if you do.”

Soon after they got up, Yan Duancang resumed his original character, he laughed loudly, “hahaha…I really didn’t know that the guy that Sanwa picked up on the street happened to be our Master…this is really something…”

Before he finished, someone hit on his head. Yan Qiusha, who was in her usual rough village clothing’s, scolded him, “what did you just say…picked up? Our Master is a godsend. Look at how handsome he is, there are not a lot of men like him.”

Yan Duancang pat on his head and laughed. Just when Yan Gongluo was about to say something, Yan Qiusha stopped him, she laughed widely, “see how lucky our son is! Our ancestors spent their lifetime and still they didn’t find the Master. And our son found him without paying any effort. And so did our daughter.”

Er Ya, alias Yan Gongyue was red all over her face, she kept looking at Ye Wuchen secretly.

Si Ya, alias Yan Gongruo grabbed the Disaster Bow from Ye Wuchen’s hand and yelled, “wow! So this is the Disaster Bow that you all have been talking about? This looks so cool and scary!”

Seeing how unruly Si Ya was in front of the Master, Yan Tianwei and Yan Duancang looked at each other and smiled helplessly. Si Ya was still very young, she only knew a little bit of everything. Her sense of loyalty was not yet cultivated. Yan Tianwei shook his head, “Si Ya, except the Master, no one can use the Disaster Bow. Although you also own the blood of the Northern Emperor, you are not allowed to use the Bow either.”
“What?” Gongruo felt even more interested. With a doubt, she tried to pull the string of the Bow. Her fingers hurt slightly and there was no reaction from the Bow. Therefore, she tried for a few more times. Suddenly, the Disaster Bow formed itself again as a stream of bloody light and disappeared into Ye Wuchen’s eyebrows.

Yan Gongruo was dissatisfied. She said softly, “whatever.”


Yan Tianwei said with a lot of respect, “my Master. We are 339 people here. And we all belong to the Northern Emperor Sect. We are all going to obey you from now on. I wonder what’s your next plan?”

Ye Wuchen thought for a moment and said, “I want to visit the forbidden place in the north.”

“This… okay, as the Master has an order. We will do as instructed.”

Ye Wuchen nodded, “I will go with Gongluo Bro alone.”


Yan Gongluo panicked, he said with a hurry, “no…you must not call me Bro. You are the Master. Our mission is to follow you and obey all your orders…by all means, please don’t call me Bro.”


Ye Wuchen sighed lightly and said with a smile, “I have been feeling comfortable calling your Bro. And now you are all calling me the Master. I’d rather not have this title.”


Yan Duancang laughed happily, “Sanwa, see how open-minded our Master is! Don’t insist anymore. We’ll just do as what he tells us. Now, let’s not waste any time, take the Master to the north, and remember not to get him hurt!”

End of chapter

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