Heavenly Star – Chapter 243 – The Forbidden Place

Ningxue pushed Ye Wuchen, heading to the north. Yan Gongluo was accompanying and guiding them. Initially, he had wanted to help Ningxue to push the wheelchair. Since Ningxue insisted, he could only give up.

“My Master, it is really dangerous there. You will get hurt even if you get a little closer. What we will do is just to have a look, but please, don’t get close to it.” Yan Gongluo sounded very serious.


Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and did not answer. No one knew what he was thinking about.


After a long walk, they’ve finally arrived this little forbidden space. What was in front of them was a completely bare area. No grass grew there, even the ground was plain and flat, like a mirror. There were no objects and not a single sound. Anyone who got here for the first time would never realize that this was a dangerous place.


“My Master, here we are. Someone fell down there accidentally and not even his dead body was found. Since then, no one has ever dared to go in.” Yan Gongluo bended down and picked up a fist-sized rock, he threw the rock over the area that he was talking about.

A horrifying scenario appeared. The rock that was just here, had now become powder after Gongluo threw it to the forbidden area. In just one moment, it had become small particles.

Ningxue stood there with a blank stare, she said with a low voice, “it’s scary…it’s too scary…brother, let us stay far away from here, shall we?”


Everything happens with a reason. Ye Wuchen stared at the bare area in front of him for a long while, then asked, “what is it in there? What sort of power can be so destructive and horrifying?”


Yan Gongluo shook his head, “there has been more than once that my grandfather tried to look for the answer of this question. But in the end, nothing was found. No one knew the answer. Soon enough, people just gave up and they had then all stopped from approaching here. This has been like this for many years. Therefore, this has become the only forbidden place. Honestly, everyone of us wants to know as much as you do about how this place is formed.”


Ye Wuchen gave it a long thought, then suggested, “Xueer, push me over there.”

Ningxue was shocked, and so was Gongluo, he got near him in a panic, “My Master! Don’t! What is ahead of you is even more horrible than what I’ve told you! Even my grandfather wouldn’t dare to get near it. Please…I am not kidding!”

“My brother, it’s a dangerous place. We have to stay back.”


The Sword Ring on Ye Wuchen’s left hand flashed. Then, a sharp knife appeared. He cut a chunk of his hair and put it onto Gongluo’s hand, “throw it over there.”


Gongluo doubted for a while. He turned over and stretched out his hand. The chunk of hair was led by an unknown force and flew straight toward. It was so unbelievable.


His chunk of hair flew into that horrifying area and didn’t disappear itself like what they had expected. Instead, it tried to land itself on the ground. On the bare, flat ground, Ye Wuchen’s hair was lying there.


“This…this…” Gongluo’s jaw dropped. He didn’t believe what he had just seen. He kicked a rock into it and it dissolved in just one second, nothing was left.

In awe, Gongluo asked, “Master…what is happening? Your hair…it…”


Ye Wuchen smiled lightly. The test that he did came up with an expected result. He said, “this is wind.”




“Yes, it’s the wind, the utmost horrifying wind. A slow wind is soft and a rapid one is like a sharp knife. And when all kinds of wind are densifying, they form this sort of horrifying wind. And once you’re swirled into this wind, of course you’d be shattered.” He smiled and explained.


He had lost all his strength, yet the nature of his body would never change. Even the strongest, the most densified wind couldn’t harm him.


“Then why your hair didn’t…”

“Because I am not afraid of wind.” Ye Wuchen got up from his wheelchair and Gongluo tried to support him quickly. He thought carefully of what Ye Wuchen just said – not afraid of wind? What does this mean exactly? And is this ever possible?


Ye Wuchen tried to stop Gongluo from helping him, “don’t worry. This place can’t hurt me.”


“But, brother…” Ningxue knew what her brother was going to do. Feeling anxious, she quickly grabbed his clothes and shook her head.

Ye Wuchen lowered his head and said softly, “don’t you remember? Half of my life belongs to Xueer. How can I afford to hurt myself? Believe what I told you, I am not afraid of water, fire or wind. I am afraid of nothing.”


Ningxue let go of her hand and nodded slightly. She still held herself tight and was looking at him nervously.


Gongluo felt uneasy. He didn’t believe it – how could a person not be afraid of anything at all?


“Master, even though you’re not afraid. But what if…see, there’s nothing in there, I see no point getting in. It’s just no point to take such a risk.” Gongluo was trying his best to stop as everyone knew what this place was all about. And although Ye Wuchen’s hair didn’t get shattered, he still felt uneasy. Ye Wuchen, however, insisted to continue with his steps.

After these days of being together, Gongluo felt that Ye Wuchen was a stable and calm person. Seeing how persistent he was right now, he was sure there must be a purpose. Gongluo let go and he could just stand by and look at Ye Wuchen with Ningxue, both of their hearts were pounding heavily.

Ye Wuchen took a step and got into that horrible area. Ningxue and Gongluo were so nervous that they almost screamed. Then, Ye Wuchen made a further step and his body was completely inside the area. He was not even hurt a bit.

“This…this is just incredible. No wonder you are the Master!” Gongluo couldn’t believe it and said with his eyes widely opened.


Ye Wuchen continued walking and stopped after he was about ten meters away from them. He tried to sit down carefully. Then, he closed his eyes.


After a long while, he opened his eyes again and said, “brother Gongluo, don’t wait for me. You get back first. This will take quite long. Nothing will hurt me here, don’t worry.”

His voice was distorted by the wind inside the horrible area. Ningxue couldn’t hear what he said. Even Gongluo could only hear his voice faintly. After doubting for a while, he nodded to Ye Wuchen and said to Ningxue, “Sis Xueer, the Master said he’s going to be here for a long time. Let us just get back first.”


Ningxue shook her head strongly. She sat on the grass and looked firmly at her brother, “there is no way I am going back. I am going to sit here and wait for my brother to get out.”

Yan Gongluo knew very well that Ningxue would not leave as she highly depended on her brother. He didn’t insist further, “ok then. If Master does not get out before the evening, I will deliver you some food.”


“Yes…thanks, bro Gongluo.” Ningxue said with a grateful smile.


After a glance again at Ye Wuchen, Gongluo left with quick steps.

Yan Gongluo was still full of doubt. After getting back with an anxious look on his face, he saw his grandfather Yan Tianwei, who frowned and asked, “why are you alone? What about the Master?”


“Grandpa, I am going to tell you this…” Gongluo approached hurriedly, “the Master entered the forbidden area…”



Yan Tianwei dropped his frying pan on the floor. He grabbed Gongluo’s clothes and his voice trembled, “what…what did you just say?!”


Gongluo knew that his grandfather had completely misunderstood. He tried to explain, “Grandpa, it’s not how you think it is. Master insisted to go inside, and nothing happened after he did. He was sitting right inside now. And he told me it’s going to take long before he gets out. I am just guessing – he’s trying to let the horrifying power inside the area heal him…”


Almost having a heart attack, Yan Tianwei breathed a long sigh of relief, he pushed Gongluo away, “next time, be more precise! You just almost shocked me to death!” Very quickly, he got serious again, “obviously, Master isn’t afraid of the forbidden area. Why is that?”


“Master told us, what is inside is a very densified wind. But he’s not afraid of that wind. Grandpa, what kind of people are not afraid of wind?”

Yan Tianwei didn’t reply immediately. He thought in silence for a long moment. Then he tried to explain slowly, “if we don’t take anything else into consideration, just by judging the current state of the Master, even with the greatest power infused into him, it’s impossible for him to recover, it might even make things worse. I don’t think that’s the reason why he got in.”


“It might be impossible for a human being, but possible for the nature?” Gongluo made a guess.

Yan Tianwei was suddenly inspired. Hell, Gongluo might be right after all. He might have been mistaken at the first place when he took Ye Wuchen as an ordinary person. Gongluo might be right when he assumed that Ye Wuchen was trying to recover himself.


“I am sure the Master is working according to his plan. We, as the Northern Emperor Sect, have spent millions of years looking for the Master. How can he be an ordinary human being? I am sure he will find his way out.” Yan Tianwei said with faith.

End of Chapter

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