Heavenly Star – Chapter 244 – Make Tianchen Continent Fear Us!

One day, two days, three days have passed…

Three days later, Ye Wuchen still hadn’t come out. He had been sitting there for three full days and had not moved a bit. Ningxue had also been waiting for him for three days without leaving for one second, Yan Gongluo continued delivering her three meals at different times.

On the fourth day, when Yan Gongluo came again, he was surprised to hear a subtle but sharp wind. The wind was coming from the forbidden place where Ye Wuchen was located. He also vaguely heard that the wind was getting stronger.

On the fifth day, when Yan Gongluo arrived, there was a huge tornado forming on top of the forbidden area. The place where Ye Wuchen was sitting at was on the edge of the strongest spot of the tornado, yet he didn’t move a bit.


Previously, the elements of the wind were too dense and rapid and none of them could hear it nor see it. Now, they had felt the actual presence of the wind. That was because the elements of the wind had become thinner, to the extent that they could sense and perceive.

“It’s really the wind.” Yan Gongluo mumbled to himself. He wondered why the wind had become smaller at this time. All these must have something to do with the Master. But the Master was just sitting there…so why? Yan Gongluo picked up a leaf and threw it to the forbidden area, the leaf didn’t turn into powder instantly like before. Instead, it was taken away by the tornado, then crushed by the wind after a while.


Although the wind had become significantly smaller, such a storm was still terrifying, at least for Yan Gongluo, he still didn’t have the strength to touch it. But since it’s becoming smaller, he’d rather stay there and wait together with Ningxue.


At noon, the storm had become more bearable. Yan Gongluo picked up a leaf again, and this time, he had the courage to step further. This time, nothing has happened to him and he’s standing there firmly, unharmed. Even the tornado couldn’t harm him. The elements of the wind seemed to be controlled by another force, it never got leaked outside the area.


The power of wind was decreasing. It had turned from a tornado to a storm, then from a storm to a gusty wind. Slowly, it became only a strong wind. At this time, Ye Wuchen suddenly opened his eyes and smiled softly at  Ningxue. He tried to support himself with his hands and stood up slowly.

“Brother!” Ningxue ignored the wind that still was prevalent. She ran over and supported his brother with her shoulders. The wind was still strong and her dress was blew up. She didn’t find it very easy to breathe.


“Master, how are you feeling right now?” Yan Gongluo hurried himself to support Ye Wuchen, and asked with care. He touched Wuchen slightly to test how he was. It seemed that there was no difference, his body still felt as ‘empty’ as before.


“Let’s go back first.” Ye Wuchen said with a smile.


Yan Gongluo stopped asking, he took Ye Wuchen to his wheelchair and the three finally headed back.


The next morning, everyone stayed inside, as they were all summoned by the old man, Yan Tianwei, and everyone attended.


This day, the old man looked very bright, as if he has encountered something that had brought him great happiness. Just when people thought that he was going to announce the marriage of Ye Wuchen and Er Ya after so long, he looked up and said in a deep voice, “destiny didn’t forsaken us!”


Such an opening remark made everyone quiet at once. They held their breath and looked at him all differently. There were various ways to interpret this sentence, each of which made them very nervous.
“A hundred years ago, our ancestors fell from the high cliff and fell here, yet no one was injured. From then on, they were convinced that their persistence and loyalty had saved them. And so our ancestors told us, that although we have been isolated, there must be a way out for us one day.  They also instructed us that we may leave everything behind, but we must never abandon our mission and cultivation which are deep in our blood. Our ancestors had a far horizon, and throughout these years, I am glad to see that none of us have betrayed our mission, nor our ancestors’ words. God finally gave us his grace, he has given us our Master, whom we have spent generations and generations looking for…”


He said with much enthusiasm, and everyone looked stunned.


“From today onwards, forget about your name and your identity here. Just remember that, our family name is Yan. And the blood of the Northern Emperor is flowing in ours. We are the descendants of the Northern Emperor! And we will always follow our Master and be loyal to him!”


Everyone’s heart began beating quickly. They had sensed something different. And that feeling told them that something in their lives were about to change.
Ye Wuchen, who was in his wheelchair, went forward to the old man. He said with a smile, “Do you all want to go out? If so, leave here and go to the Tianchen Continent.”


When he said this, there were a lot of noises among the crowd. The Third Donkey was the first to jump out and shout, “Yes! I do! I do! And even in our dreams! Wuchen Bro, now you’re telling us, is there a way to get out?”


“I did find a way out. If you’d like, you’d be getting out with me very soon. And if you want to come back one day, it will still be possible.”


The crowd got even noisier, and on their face, you could see hope and excitement. It was almost the most captivating moment in their entire life. The old man’s smile and Ye Wuchen’s determined look confirmed to them that this was not a lie, and they were not in a dream. The blood of the Northern Emperor was flowing in each of them, and this filiation can never be broken. Although their lives here were quiet and peaceful, it was also a torture for them as it was just like imprisonment.

Ye Wuchen raised his hand and tried to calm the crowd. He said, “however, the world outside is not the same as here. It is full of misery, conspiracy, sin, intrigue. When you get there, it will be quite hard to have a peaceful life, like what you’re enjoying here. And…in order to get there, you might need to go through a lot of killings, and your hands will be stained with different people’s blood…even if you have to face these, are you still willing to leave?”


Yan Duancang broke out in laughter, “this kind of worry is completely unnecessary. We, as the sect of the Northern Emperor, have been looking for the Disaster Bow. And since we own the blood of the Northern Emperor, we naturally have the blood of murder as well. No matter how many peaceful years have passed, our fighter nature will never change. We have no fights here, and that’s only because we are surrounded by our relatives and not our enemies. Of course, we are nice to our friends and family. But when an enemy is in front of me, I would know no fear and mercy.”


“Yes! What uncle said was right. If I ever see the guy who hurt Wuchen Bro, I will use my fist to blow his head!” Black Bear waved his fist, there was suddenly a hint of killing on the humble look on his face. You could almost see blood faintly through his small eyes.


Yan Duancang’s speech and Black Bear’s standpoint represented everyone. With a deafening shouting and cheering noise, everyone stood in front of Ye Wuchen. They all cried loudly to express their will to leave. No one ever hesitated or back down. That is all because they all own the blood of the Northern Emperor.


Ye Wuchen held the hand of Ningxue tightly and he nodded with determination, “so, we will leave here. But our departure is not merely for the sake of finding our home, but also to let Tianchen Continent…” In Ye Wuchen’s gaze, there were resentment, hatred and coldness, “fear because of us!”

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