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Heavenly Star – Chapter 247 – The Meeting of Magic Force in Tianchen



Time flies. After Autumn, comes Winter. At this time, it has been three years since Ye Wuchen fell from Duanhun Cliff.


In the western part of the Tianlong Kingdom, there was a desolate land, where there were wild grasses, and it was difficult to see a single human being. At this time, a large, uniform team approached. There were about 10,000 of them. On the flag, it said “Zhu Ge”.


In the middle of the team, Zhu Ge had no intention to scare people with his eyes, and he just looked forward coldly. Since the beginning of this year, the number of attacks launched by the Big Wind Country has become less and less. People have been saying that the Big Wind Country has been continuously bothered and tortured by the “Evil Sect”. There were too many internal troubles. However, Zhu Ge still chose to pay close attention. He repeatedly went to battle himself, just so that the Big Wind Country would be wholly defeated.


Speaking of “Evil Sect”, it was a mysterious force that suddenly appeared a year ago, and in just one year, people could remember about its prestige and its mysterious force. Its power can only be described in one word – chilling. This force was initially created in the form of an organization that specialized in receiving various killing missions and selling intelligence. In the year, none of the assassination tasks they received had left completed, and for the information they sold, they could be sold at the requested price. What made the Evil Sect so horrifying was someone who was willing to pay a high price to accomplish a task to eliminate the Huangpu family in the Big Wind Country. In just one night, everyone in the Huangpu family, totaling 300 people, were all slaughtered.


The Huangpu family was one of the five greatest magic force families in the Big Wind Country. There were so many masters, everyone knew how powerful it was, yet they all died overnight. What was even more daunting was that no one heard a sound that night. Things didn’t stop there – the person who had planned this big-scale assassination must have paid a high price to the assassin. The one who authorized the Evil Sect to kill the Huangpu family happened to be Baili Family, also one of the five greatest magic force families. No one had ever expected the Evil Sect could accomplish such a horrifying mission, and no one could afford to pay the same price either. Therefore, everyone in the Baili Family was killed overnight, and there were about 500 of them.


Since then, no one knew about the Evil Sect in Tianchen Continent anymore. Whenever someone mentioned the name of the Evil Emperor, he would shiver. There were even people who compared the Evil Emperor with the Northern and Southern Emperor. Although no one would think that the Evil Sect would be more potent than the Northern and Southern Emperor, it was far more horrifying. At least, the Northern and Southern Emperor never intervened in the society’s business, and they would never do things like murdering a whole family.


However, there was news that the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect have thought about catching people of the Evil Sect and verifying who they were – all without success. No one had a clue about where they were, and how many people the Evil Sect had. No one had ever seen a single person from the Evil Sect either. There was just a rumor about someone called the “Evil Emperor”, who was as frightening as a demon. He would hang around in Big Wind Country. It was reported that whoever saw him would shiver – no matter how brave that person happened to be.




Those with intention could see that the Evil Sect was quite hostile to the Big Wind Country. Whenever there was an assassination that involved the Big Wind Country, they would always accept. For the other three countries, they couldn’t care less. Whoever they killed always seemed to be someone evil or wicked.  The small army that was stationed outside the Big Wind Country was inexplicably annihilated. On the ground where the corpses were lying, there were two bright red characters written in blood: Evil Sect.


People in Big Wind Country felt wrenched. When they marched, they’d lost a lot of motivation. The pace of invasion in Tianlong Country had also slowed down. In the past three years, the biggest reason why Big Wind Country hasn’t invaded was the Southern Emperor. And now, the three-year deadline was approaching.


“Dad, what are you thinking about?” Zhu Ge didn’t realize that a short soldier in his shield was near him. The soldier was whispering. From the voice, it was apparently a woman.


And that was the woman who had been following Zhu Ge to the battlefield all along. Her name was Zhu Ge Xiaoyu. She was twenty years old. On her face, you could find wisdom and determination and not innocence or childishness. She was once a self-centered girl. After the first time, she went to a battlefield, where she ended up very scared and sick, she gradually became accustomed to the bloody war scene. She was growing up rapidly because of what happened to her. She had beautiful eyebrows and sharp eyes; the massive shield looked exceptionally handsome on her petite body.


Everyone in the army did not know that she was a woman and that she was the daughter of Zhu Ge, yet no one talked about it. Even Long Yao knew it, and he never mentioned it. It was because of her fantastic performance in these three years had impressed everyone, and no one wanted her to take off her armor and leave the battlefield.


Zhu Ge did not intend to look at the front, and he sighed, “I haven’t been home for three months. Your mother must be worrying about you to death. Oh, if I had known better, I shouldn’t have taught you to fight.” He laughed again and said, “but you know, even Dad  can’t live without you now.”


Listening to Zhu Ge’s compliments, Zhuge Xiaoyu danced around and smiled, “I’m afraid of nothing. After this battle, they’ll be all out. Then we can go home. Mom will cook me so much delicious food just like before!”


Zhu Ge pat on her head with humor, “look at you, you’ve always made it look so easy. Aren’t you afraid? If you don’t pay attention for one second, you’ll die. And if more serious mistakes are made, the whole army will be killed.”


“Hey! What is there to be afraid of? Everyone has been saying that the army of Big Wind Country is mighty. And it turned out that it’s not! Every time, I succeed in winning them.”  She replied with delight.


Zhu Ge had no intention to refute. Zhuge Xiaoyu seemed to be born with instincts, fit for the battlefield. She could always quickly determine the overall plan of her enemy. Then, she would use all kinds of tricks to catch her enemy off-guard.


“Dad, wait a minute!” Zhu Ge Xiaoyu yelled suddenly. She frowned at the front. Zhu Ge immediately waved his hands, “the whole army, pause!”


The large team stopped in an orderly manner. Zhu Ge trusted her daughter entirely, and he said with caution, “Yu’er, did you discover something again?”  



Zhu Ge Xiaoyu looked around and said, “let the archer enter the front, prepare the rocket on the spot, and the cavalry to be placed at the center. We will also pull out 3000 people from the rear army to bypass the steep slope to two miles, and they have to move fast. I remember the small road is marked on the map.”


Zhu Ge Wuyi nodded and waited for her to explain.


Zhu Ge Xiaoyu pointed her finger forward and thoughtfully, “on the small slope 100 meters away from us, there’s grass everywhere, and the grass is as tall as a person. There should be countless insects. However, our army has arrived here, and we haven’t even seen a bird. There must be an ambush in the grass. We must be careful if someone is hiding there. But I am confident that they are not in a favorable position, as on our right side, there is a small road leading to their backside. We will use a rocket to burn it and make them nervous. After that, our soldiers will attack them from every direction. Things should be fine, I reckon.”


Zhu Ge Wuyi thought for a while, then he smiled and nodded, “Yu’er, it seems that you have been planning for this all along.”


“Dad taught me this long time ago. You told me that the battlefield is ever-changing. Only the terrain does not change. We have to be familiar with the terrain before coming to the battlefield. That’s why I read the map many, many times before I start. And on my way, I still look at it to remind myself. Dad, even without me, you should’ve thought about this too. Now give your order.”


Zhu Ge Wuyi smiled. After thinking about it for a while, he turned around and said, “please announce the order…”


The team suddenly began to move in an orderly manner. There was a large team of archers at the front, and everyone took their bow behind their back. They held a rocket tied with sulfur. A team at the rear quickly left.


The army continued to move forward, and there was a small slope with a height of fewer than five meters. Zhu Ge Xiaoyu had been thinking deeply. Just as what she’d expected, once the army continued forward, they would be ambushed. At this time, she waved her hand, and her Dad Zhu Ge Wuyi gave the order, “get the rocket ready!”


The rockets were ignited and were ruthlessly shot forward. The burning arrows slashed across the small slope with a burning arc, flying far away, then fell on the overgrown grass. The fire then spread rapidly through the wind and soon enough, there was a massive fire.


The voice of panic was mixed with the screams of misery. The army that had been trying to ambush in the grass suddenly became chaotic, they were fleeing around, and such a small effort was enough to break them.


Zhu Ge Xiaoyu smiled, “Oh, sure enough, let’s go!”


When the cavalry was leading them, it rushed forward without holding back. Just after a confrontation, it was enough to break the army. Behind them, the Tianlong army suddenly appeared. The enemy was being surrounded. They knew that death was waiting for them.


From a long distance, two figures stood on the high slope. The figure standing in front was tall and straight, full of silver clothing, and there was a very bright silver light. His face was covered by a silver mask, which seemed to be made of sterling silver, including the entire face, leaving only two eyes that made people shiver. He turned his back and quietly stood there watching the chaotic battlefield. Occasionally, the wind was blowing, but his clothes stayed still. The man standing behind him was in black, he was wearing a black mask, and from the slender figure and the bulging chest, one could easily see that it’s a female.


“She has grown up.” The silver man sighed softly. He didn’t have to watch further. Turning around, he said plainly, “continue to protect her.”


After that, the man in silver flew away like a big bird and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The woman in black looked at the direction of the man in silver, and only after he had left far away did she start to realize that she had to save Zhu Ge Xiaoyu whenever she’s in danger.






Tianlong Country, a forgotten place.


“It’s been 25 years. Finally, we’re here again.” Chu Cangyan was half raising his head, and he was talking to himself.


“What 25 years?” Chu Jingtian scratched his head and asked with doubt. At this time, he was stronger and taller than three years ago, and his eyes widened with eagerness. On his back, he was carrying a long sword. The casing was in dark blue. On his side, Cold Cliff appeared to be much shorter and yet he had a different character. Three years ago, he was like a sharp knife, ready to kill always. And now, he looked so dead-hearted. He couldn’t care less of what’s been happening. Still, his half-closed eyes had a sense of murder.


“It has been twenty-five years since the last Tianchen Magic Force meeting happened. 25 years…it’s relatively peaceful on the Tianchen Continent. There are rarely any disasters. It’s also because of this reason that the magic force is disappearing. We, the old guys, remain the strongest.” Chu Cangyan muttered to himself.


“Tianchen Magic Force meeting?” When hearing the name, Chu Jingtian’s eyes became wide, and he became very interested, “Will there be a lot of masters? And is it possible for anyone to join?” ,


“Tianchen Magic Force meeting is held every twenty-five years. It is the competition of the greatest power in Tianchen. There, the most powerful man will be chosen. Together with Feng Chaoyang, Wu Qiaocui and Snow Girl, we were known as the “Dragon of Heaven”. And we obtained the name at the Tianchen Magic Force meeting. There are not many 25 years in your life. Anyone who has the potential would not miss it. There are so, so many powerful men in the competition.” Chu Cangyan said deeply.


“Yeah, yeah,” Chu Jingtian nodded hard, he said with excitement, “Grandpa, as you’re now mentioning this, do you want us…”


“In the past three years, I have seen your amazing progress. This contest is the best time for you to test yourself. I hope that you will not let me down.” Chu Cangyan replied seriously.


“It won’t be, I won’t disappoint you.” Chu Jingtian was very excited. He couldn’t wait to join the competition. Even in his dreams, he wanted to fight.

“Then grandfather, would you go to the competition?” Chu Jingtian asked again.


“No, I am tired, and I don’t want to go.” Chu Yu waved his hand. “It’s too late, go to sleep. Leave here tomorrow, the world is big, and no one will bind your freedom.”


“Great!!” Chu Jingtian went home with excitement.


“I want to go back to Tianlong City first.” Cold Cliff, who had not said a word, suddenly replied. For three years, he missed his mother more and more every day.


“Oh, you can rest assured that time is enough.” Chu Cangyan smiled.


“Oh! I want to see Bro Wuchen and Sis Ningxue. I haven’t seen them for so many years. I miss them a lot.” Chu Jingtian smiled.


Chu Cangyan heard him, he sighed, “Ok, go… but you have to remember, you will often encounter unexpected circumstances, you must have enough preparation.”


Chu Jingtian listened with confusion. He knew he had to accept the reminder. Then, he returned home to sleep.

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