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Heavenly Star – Chapter 248 – Reunion

Xiangyun City was located in the north of Tianlong Kingdom and was only separated from Tianlong City by Changqing City. After a few days, two strange faces appeared in Xiangyun City.


Among the two, one of them was tall and stout, and he was with a long sword and a thick cloth. After entering the city, he was looking everywhere. One could easily tell he’s someone from the countryside and this must have been his first time in the city. If he ever saw a pretty girl, he would keep staring, and many people looked at him strangely. If he saw something new, he would come forward and touch it. When the hawkers saw him, without even trying to sell him anything, they just pushed him away.


The other person was skinny, and his face looked stiff. He didn’t say anything on the whole way. Whenever someone met his gaze, they would uncontrollably feel chills down their spine. People avoided having eye contact with him, and all left quickly.


“Hey! Cold Cliff, are you sure of the location of Bro Ye? We have been walking for many days, and there’s still no sight of him. Is it possible that since you haven’t been here for three years, you have forgotten about it?” Chu Jingtian asked in doubt. The two pairs of eyes were still looking everywhere with fascination. It’s true that they were in a world that they’d dreamed of.


Cold Cliff snorted as an answer. The scale of the Tianlong Kingdom was tremendous, and it’s nothing that these few stupid cows could figure out.


“Oh…wow! What is this nice smell?” Chu Jingtian’s nose arched and followed the taste to the restaurant on the side of the road. He has lived so long, and he still had no idea what a delicious meal was like. Cold Cliff didn’t care to reply. He took a few steps and brought him back. There was an old man in the restaurant who was talking. He was talking about someone whom everyone was already so familiar of, and that was about Ye Wuchen. At this time, the story was about to come to an end.


“Sigh! After Ye Wuchen’s death, there was heavy rain in Big Wind Country for three whole days. Even the God had been crying for this hero…”


Such a short sentence made Chu Jingtian and Cold Cliff all stunned. Cold Cliff didn’t hesitate to approach forward and grab the old man’s collar, he threatened, “who did you say…had died?”


Cold Cliff’s action was swift, people thought there was a shadow passing through. When they saw someone grabbing the old man’s collar, they became all tensed up.


The old man was scared. He was shuddering at the eyes of Cold Cliff who was like a hungry wolf. Anyone who saw this pair of eyes would think of themselves having met a murderer. He answered while trembling, “yes…yes…Ye Wuchen is dead. Everyone knows that he is dead…”


Cold Cliff’s hand further tightened, he lifted the old man and threatened the old man also with a horrible look, “repeat it. Which Ye Wuchen?!”


“Well… of course, the one from the Ye Family, the most powerful Ye Family in Tianlong Country, the grandson of General Ye, the son of General Weilong…” The old man did not dare to struggle any further, and he explained while he was still trembling.


Cold Cliff felt like he had just been drenched with cold water. And he felt cold in his heart. He let the old man go helplessly, and mumbled, “he died…so, he died…”


Chu Jingtian, who was behind him, was leaning on the door. He cried loudly after hearing the old man, “Bro Ye is dead. How could it be?! No…no way…if I knew this, I should have come with them all…”


The old man stroked his throat a bit and took a few steps back. Like everyone else, he looked at these two people as if they were idiots. This incident was known by everyone three years ago. Where did these two guys come from…stone cracks?


“…What about Ningxue? How is she?” It was like Chu Jingtian suddenly thought of something. Like Cold Cliff, he rushed forward to lift the old man, “how is Ningxue? Where is she now?”


“Ningxue…I don’t know, and I don’t know about her.” The old man hurriedly waved his hand.


“It’s a girl with two scars on her face!” Chu Jingtian shouted in a hurry.


“Oh! I knew it…back then, Ye Wuchen was holding a girl while jumping off Duanhun Cliff. They died together.”


Chu Jingtian let go of the old man and once again burst into tears like a poor child.


Back then? Cold Cliff suddenly realized something and asked in a deep voice, “when did they die? Tell us!”


“Three years ago. In Big Wind Country.”


Three years ago? That’s exactly when he followed the advice of Ye Wuchen to leave the Tianlong City and to find Chu Cangming. How is it possible that he died three years ago…?

Cold Cliff felt incredibly confused. It’s so ironic, since he had always wanted to do something to pay Ye Wuchen back. He even tried to follow him, and he died already. What’s the use of his persistence and practice all these years?


“Who killed him?” Cold Cliff held his fists tightly. He tried to utter every word out of his mouth with much difficulty. His anger and his urge to kill instantly froze the atmosphere of the restaurant. Those who only wanted to watch a drama were now shivering out of fear. No one dared to breathe or make a sound. Even someone without basic martial skills knew clearly that Cold Cliff could be destructive if he wanted to.


The poor old man was like being stared at by a poisonous snake, and he could be bitten to death with a slight movement. Seeing that no one dared to say anything, he cleared his throat and tried hard to explain the very well-known cause of Ye Wuchen’s death.


He was initially a storyteller. He couldn’t even count for how many times he had told people about the battle of Ye Wuchen in Big Wind Country. He could not be more familiar with the incident. In the beginning, he dared not speak loudly. Soon enough, he was into the story, and Cold Cliff was brought into it as well. He knew that Ye Wuchen broke into the Big Wind Palace to kill Feng Chaoyang, and more than 10,000 soldiers…the old man was good at telling the story, and everyone felt as if they were in the scenario.


When Chu Jingtian and Cold Cliff left Xiangyun City, their hearts felt as heavy as a stone. The excitement of Chu Jingtian had lost and what replaced it was an unbearable bitterness.


“Before we left, Grandpa said, ‘when you walk in the world, you will often encounter unexpected circumstances. You must be prepared.’ Grandpa has already known that Ye Wuchen is dead, but in order not to distract us, he had never told us.” Chu Jingtian sighed, “I missed the times when I was hanging out with Wuchen and Ningxue…I didn’t expect that they had passed away so soon…”


Cold Cliff, “…”


“Hey, Cold Face, are we still going to Tianlong City?”


Cold Cliff, “…”


“Forget it. Pretend that I never asked. I suppose you miss your mother, right? She must be fine, rest reassured. By the way, we might as well worship our brother Ye Wuchen. It was already quite fortunate that he found his family before his death, and now everyone knows about him. I suppose he has no regrets. However, I didn’t expect him to be able to find his parents so soon. When my grandfather picked him up, he was only seven years old. I was with him all along while he was growing up. What enabled him to find his parents? Also, I didn’t expect that he became so powerful, even Feng Chaoyang was…”


Speaking of this, Chu Jingtian suddenly felt alert and he immediately shut his mouth. He tried to check out the reaction of Cold Cliff, only to find out that he was as emotionless as usual.


“Cold face, what do you think actually?”




“Hey, say something!” Chu Jingtian rubbed his body twice with his arm.


“Go to Tianlong City!” Cold Cliff stared at the front and finally said these few words.  He had already got used to the way Chu Jingtian called him “Cold Face”. Of course, he only allowed Chu Jingtian to call him “Cold face”, if it were anyone else, Cold Cliff would surely make him know the feelings of regret.


“I know that we’re going to Tianlong City. But what then? You have a mother to turn to, and I don’t even have my brother anymore! I was even planning to follow Bro Wuchen everywhere, as my grandfather said. And now…”


Chu Jingtian’s voice was disrupted relentlessly. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth opened even more widely. Cold Cliff had stopped walking as well. His body turned stiff. He stared at the front without moving a bit.


They had already been far from Xiangyun City and got close to Changqing City. Although the road ahead was flat, in the wilderness, it was difficult to come across with people. The farther they walked, the fewer people they saw. And now, who’s in front of them was someone with a warm, gentle smile and it was a smile out of the joy of reunion. He was not standing there, he was on a wooden wheelchair, and his two hands were casually placing on both sides. A young girl was standing on his right side, and she was about ten years ago. She looked petite, and she had white hair, pale skin, and purely white clothes. She was wearing a bright smile. On her face, there were two fiercely looking scars. On his left side, there was a girl who looked very different. She had dark hair, dark eyes and she was wearing a black dress. Her clothes only showed how pale her skin was as if a coat of cream covered it. She had the face of a doll, and although she was only about 12, 13 years old, she looked fascinating. Anyone would be shocked at how beautiful she was.


“Brother Da Niu, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” The girl in white clothes smiled happily and her eyebrows raised. Aside from Ye Wuchen, Chu Jingtian was the first one who’s nice to her. And this girl was…Ningxue!


This sweet voice woke up Chu Jingtian from his daydream. His mouth was still wide open, and he was still looking at the man on his wheelchair, while he was still shocked. He stuttered, “you…you are Bro Wuchen…and Sis Ningxue? Well…I…”


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