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Heavenly Star – Chapter 249 – Home Again (I)

After three years, the man on the wheelchair looked much more mature than before. His temperament had also changed enormously. Back then, he looked deep and mysterious. And now, he seemed so warm and light, as if nothing would bother him anymore. He looked much more at ease. But it was still Ye Wuchen, Chu Jingtian recognized him at first glance. And for him, Ningxue hadn’t even changed a bit.


If they didn’t enter Xiangyun City, Chu Jingtian would scream out of joy right now. But at this moment, since he had learned about Ye Wuchen’s death from the old man, he had to rub his eyes a few times to make sure that he did not have an illusion. He even had to pinch himself so that he could confirm that he’s not in his dream.


“We haven’t seen you for three years. Now we finally see each other, and you think I’m a ghost?”


“But…obviously you and Ningxue died.”


There was a naughty smile on Ningxue’s face, “Brother Da Niu, there’s no way my brother and I had died!”


Ye Wuchen also laughed, “did you see me die with your own eyes? Or did you see my corpse? Get closer, and you’ll know for sure whether I’m dead.”


Chu Jingtian made a few steps forward and put his hand on the shoulder of Ye Wuchen. Up to this moment, he still thought that the spirit of Ye Wuchen had been there to see him. After a short while, he yelled out of excitement, “Bro Wuchen, it’s you! You’re not dead! And both you and Ningxue are okay! Didn’t you know that…Cold Face and I learned that you were dead today, and I even cried. It turned out that you’re fine! It’s really…haha…haha…”


Chu Jingtian could not speak properly when he was too excited. He laughed continuously, “it’s great that you both are alright…”


The joyful expression of his sent much warmth to Ye Wuchen. He smiled lightly“, “although I’m not dead, I’m very much dead in people’s eyes.”


“Then what had happened?” Chu Jingtian stopped laughing, but there was still a joyful expression on his face. He asked with amazement, “we asked a lot of people, they all said that you died three years ago in Big Wind Country, together with Ningxue, you were both forced to jump off the…Duanhun Cliff.”


“Yeah, we did jump down. And we made a tour in Hell and here we are again. It’s time for me to go home now.” Ye Wuchen said plainly, and he did not have expressions on his face, as if he was talking about someone else’s story.


“That is, you weren’t killed as what they’ve told me, and you’re back? ” Chu Jingtian thought again, and he was suddenly shocked, “did you return now? Otherwise, given your fame, everyone else would have known by now that you’re still alive.”


Ye Wuchen smiled, “you can say so. Since Xue’er and I jumped down, you’re the first person who has seen ‘me’.”


“The first one? ” Chu Jingtian was stunned, and he patted on his head, “brother Ye, is it possible that you have been waiting for us since you got out? Did you already know that we would leave Grandpa and come here?”


Ye Wuchen laughed, “Brother Chu, don’t you think that this is our destiny?”


Chu Jingtian, also laughed, ” no matter what, it’s great that you and Ningxue are fine. I don’t care for the rest.” Suddenly, he frowned and asked, “what about your body?”


Ye Wuchen smiled and shook his head. He did not reply. Chu Jingtian frowned, he stepped forward and placed his hand on his chest. He used some of his power, then suddenly retrieved and said in shock, “your body is so empty. Has all your power…no wonder you’re sitting on this thing.”


“These are not important anymore. I am already grateful that I’m still alive. I will not ask for more.” Ye Wuchen said without a care.


Chu Jingtian nodded hard, then patted his chest, and vowed, “yes, rest assured. As long as I am here, no one will dare to get close to you. Me, Da Niu…Chu Jingtian is a lot different now!”


Ye Wuchen smiled and nodded lightly. Ningxue smiled gratefully, “thank you, brother Da Niu. You’re just as nice as before.”


“Hehe…” Chu Jingtian laughed, then he turned his gaze to the little girl next to Ningxue, “hmm, who’s this girl?”


“Her name is Tongxin; she’s my younger sister. Tongxin, this is brother Da Niu. He is a very kind person.” Ningxue said.


Chu Jingtian quickly said hello, “Hello, little sister. You may call me Da Niu as well.”


Tongxin glanced at him and tried to remember his look. Then, she turned her gaze to Ye Wuchen again. That day, she felt his appearance when she was utterly desperate, and she ran toward him. She vowed that she would never leave him again.

Seeing that she didn’t want to talk to him, Chu Jingtian laughed twice.


Ye Wuchen looked at Cold Cliff who was standing there and didn’t say anything. He smiled, “it’s been three years, and you haven’t changed a bit. However, I know clearly that you haven’t let me down.”


The corner of Cold Cliff’s mouth slightly moved, yet he didn’t make a sound.


“Your father, Feng Chaoyang, died under my sword. Do you hate me?” Ye Wuchen asked with a slight sigh. At that time, if Feng Chaoyang didn’t die, it would be him and Ningxue who got killed. The ending got everyone surprised.


It was all quiet at once. Chu Jingtian looked at all possible sides and finally chose not to say anything. He couldn’t persuade Cold Cliff, and he wouldn’t allow him to hurt Ye Wuchen either. What interested him more was that, in what ways Ye Wuchen defeated Feng Chaoyang. He was the God of War – he’s as powerful as his grandfather Chu Cangming!


“Why should I hate you?” Cold Cliff stepped forward and stood in front of Ye Wuchen with Chu Jingtian, “none of you were enemies. He fought for his promise, and you fought for your life. No one’s at fault. And one of you had to die…” He took a long breath, “at the end, he did. And I can accept that. You took his life away, yet you saved me. My life for my father’s life – it’s all worth it! It’s only because I am destined to become an even powerful person than he was!”


“Do you mean that we don’t owe each other anymore?” Ye Wuchen asked.


“No! I still owe you…I owe you my mother’s life, and my mother’s eyes.” Cold Cliff said coldly and earnestly.


Ye Wuchen’s eyes were half-closed, he shook his head slightly, “don’t try to convince yourself. You look cold, yet you’re such a righteous person. You’re a real man. Can a person like you face someone who killed your father?”


The look of Cold Cliff was the same, he replied calmly, “he died for his promise, he did not die out of hatred or conspiracy. There is no remorse. He is the God of War, and he should have the pride of the God of War. If I take revenge for him, then I’ll be stepping on his dignity. I am his son, and that is why I cannot hurt his pride.”


“That’s really well said! Cold Face, I didn’t realize that you could be so loveable.” Chu Jingtian, who was so nervous before, took a long sigh of relief. He admired the determination of Cold Cliff.


“Cold Face?” Ye Wuchen was stunned and couldn’t help but smile.


Cold cliffs snorted, he whispered, “stupid cow.”


Ye Wuchen, “…”


The five people accompanied each other and strolled to the Changqing City. After passing through Changqing City, they arrived at Tianlong City. All the way up, Ye Wuchen told them everything – including that he had left the sealed land, pretended to be the son of Ye Family and jumped off the Duanhun Cliff in Big Wind Country. Chu Jingtian was so into the story. At this moment, Cold Cliff also loosened himself up, and he looked excited by Ye Wuchen’s story. He also complained to Ye Wuchen how he bitterly went through the past three years.


Tianlong City.


This day, the atmosphere in Tianlong City was vivacious. The streets were crowded with people, and everyone looked delighted. In some places, people were even dancing and singing, as if something big had happened. In some streets, people were holding paper flowers and long banners, they were looking at the west, like they were anticipating something with joy.


This day marked the triumph of General Weilong. In the past year, all the battles of General Weilong, Ye Wei had been victorious. He had beaten away from the army of Big Wind numerous times. His prestige and reputation had been built up gradually. People were saying that one day, he would grow even stronger than Ye Nu.


It was past noon; there was a loud cheering noise at the west gate. A big troop with horses slowly entered, and the cavalry led them. Countless people from Tianlong City welcomed them. Ye Wei was in gold armor, and he was holding a spear. On his horse, he smiled at the crowd. People put flowers on him, and they all shouted the General’s name in excitement.


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