Heavenly Star – Chapter 250 – Home Again (II)


Ye Wei had experienced this kind of scenarios too many times. In the past year, he had been sent to the military, every time for a short period. As the communication with Big Wind Country had always been so smooth, and sometimes they could get even so smooth that it’s inexplicable. Slowly, he began to realize that this mysterious Evil Sect began to appear a year ago. Sometimes he’d suddenly encounter a large dead army, and the words “Evil Sect” were marked on the ground.


He did not obtain this honor with a peace of mind. Therefore, he would not easily slack off or act arrogantly. Over the years, he began to increasingly admire a young lady who’s at her twenty’s. She had a quick sense in battlefields, and she’d always come up with smart strategies. He always wondered why she could win every time. She’s the daughter of Zhuge Wuyi – Zhuge Xiaoyu.


On the top of the Mengyan Inn, a dark curtain was pulled apart. Afterward, a bright beam of light stayed on Ye Wei’s body for a while. Ye Wei seemed to have realized something. He quickly looked at his side, there was a pair of beautiful eyes on the top floor, and they quickly moved away. Someone gently closed the dark curtain. Ye Wei stopped looking that way, and he sighed. He realized that the only daughter of the Southern Emperor, Shui Mengchan, was living there. After some time, she would enter the Palace and become a concubine. Many people knew about this. Although he hadn’t seen the real person of Shui Mengchan, but from the glance that he just had, he knew for sure that she must be drop-dead gorgeous. Also, she was described to be even more beautiful than his daughter Ye Shuiyao, who was the first beauty in the whole of Tianlong City.


Shui Mengchan walked back to her desk with her elegant steps, and asked lately, “what shall we do with the Ye family?”


The door was pushed open, and her maid, Shui Ling’er walked in with quick steps. She looked like she’s in a hurry. Shui Mengchan asked, “what is it?”


“There’s news from the North! Ye Wuchen suddenly appeared in Changqing City. And he’s walking toward Tianlong City!” Ling’er addressed to Shui Mengchan hurriedly. Her anxiety grew continuously.


“Who?” Shui Mengchan stood up.


“Ye Wuchen! Ye Wei’s son – Ye Wuchen!”


“…it’s not possible, he died three years ago, countless people witnessed. And if he wasn’t dead, why would he wait until today to appear? It must be someone looking similar.” Shui Mengchan spoke gently.


“They also thought so, but the girl next to Ye Wuchen…the one who had white hair and with a scar on her face. It couldn’t be someone else. And it mustn’t be a coincidence. Also, the daughter of Tianfa was beside her too. Aside from the two, there were also two other people. One was Cold Cliff, who disappeared three years ago, and another tall man. From their conversation, we knew that his surname was Chu. He was unknown, and he never appeared. What’s strange is that he was having the sword of God, Cangming on his back.”


Shui Mengchan, “……”


“Princess, then it should be Ye Wuchen. However, from his appearance, we assume that he’s disabled. He must commute in a wheelchair. It’s hard to tell what the actual situation is.” Ling’er continued.


The elegantly-looking room could block noises well. They couldn’t hear the loud noises outside, nor could the people outside listen to people talking inside. After Ling’er finished what she had to say, there were no more sounds in the room. Even the breathing became undetectable.


Shui Mengchan sat down. After a pretty long while, she sighed lightly, “then I think it’s him. It is good news for me, but also a bad one. Before, we used to look down on him. This time, he came back in such an open manner, I don’t think it’s solely for the sake of coming back. It’s a critical moment for us to act, even though he’s disabled, there’s no way I am not worried.”


She met Ye Wuchen briefly twice. After Ye Wuchen “died”, what he’d revealed made her unbelievably scared. She didn’t expect him to come back.


“Where did he appear?”


“I don’t know yet, and I am going to find out. It is certain that he appeared at the north side of Chang’an City, south side of Xiangyun City.” Ling’er replied.


“Then, what about the daughter of Tianfa, when did she leave exactly?” Shui Mengchan asked. Is it possible that Ye Wuchen only gained back his power to come back that day? She didn’t believe so.


“The daughter of Tianfa is powerful. Our guys dare not to monitor her. Even if we get close, we have no way to know where she’s heading to.” Ling’er replied.


“What about Ye Shuiyao, the girl who’s always with the daughter of Tianfa?”


Ling’er shook her head after thinking for a while, “she still rarely goes out. If ever she did, that was a year ago, when she started interfering with Ye Family’s business. She might have foreseen what would happen, and she didn’t want the family business to be taken over by Ye Wuyun. That’s why she started learning herself.”

Shui Mengchan stood up and opened the curtains. She found that Ye Wei was heading to the Palace for the celebration party, and the streets were not as noisy as before. She mumbled, “Ye Family, you’ve been saved once again. I can see that thanks to your loyalty, God has chosen to be on your side.”


“Send a letter to my father and tell him about everything in detail. Leave alone the others first. We’ll see what we will do about them later.”



The Tianlong Palace was full of joy, hundreds of officials were waiting at the front gate. After some greeting and praising, Ye Wei was led inside to the celebration party. People were dancing, drinking and laughing. Zhuge Xiaoyu, as usual, left in the middle of the event for her mother.


“Haha, this war drove away countless enemies, and it lost less than 10,000 men. I thought of how Big Wind Country threatened our Tianlong Country many times and boasted about how powerful they were. It was all so overrated. What’s the use of being more numerous than us? In the end, we trounced them.”


“You’re wrong. It’s not that the army of Big Wind Country is weak. It’s because ours is too strong! Our General Weilong is powerful and clever. He always knows everything ahead of his enemies. No wonder he wins every time!”


“You’re so right! Haha…”


At this time, no one spared his words of compliments to Ye Wei. Over the years, he has become the main focus among all the ministers. In Tianlong Country, everyone knew of him.  In peaceful times, of the ministers again and again, as today, no one knows the name of the general. In peacetime without war, Lin Family could still compete with Ye Family. But during turmoil wartimes, all the hopes, expectations and compliments lied on Ye Family. The Lin Family seemed weak when comparing to them.


At this point, Ye Wuchen had killed the God of Wind, and crushed the army of Big Wind Country. Together with the charisma of General Weilong, even a 3-year-old child knew about Ye Family. The power of the Lin Family was more concentrated on internal affairs. Their reputation was not comparable with that of Ye Family at all.


Long Yin had been in a good mood. On that particular day, he was even happier. He drank a lot, and his face was all red. When the celebration party had reached its peak, Ye San ran in nervously. He quickly rushed to Ye Wei and whispered a few words in his ears.


There was suddenly a loud noise. And it’s like lightning hit Ye Wei, he quickly stood up, without paying attention to the dishes in front of him, which were then broken into pieces. Without saying anything to Long Yin and the other ministers, he stormed right out of the door and almost stumbled.


The ministers were looking at each other. They wondered what had made the usually calm Ye Wei so nervous. Long Yin raised his hand, and the singing stopped. He asked, “what happened?”


Ye San kneeled on the ground, and he said respectfully to the Emperor, “to the Emperor. Someone saw our family’s first son in Changqing City. It turned out that he didn’t die. And he’s now coming to Tianlong City.”


“What?” Long Yin stood up fiercely. Every minister was stunned. They were in awe, as they had received the most shocking news ever.

He stormed out as fast as a rocket. Aside from Ye Wei, only Hua Zhentian could be as anxious as him.





When the Tianlong Palace was chaotic due to the news, the man who’s everyone was talking about was still heading to Tianlong City at his usual speed. Although he was disabled, he did not have the look of frustration, as most of the disabled people had. On the contrary, he looked like a prestigious person on his throne. Anyone who had seen him would feel being more inferior instantly. It’s quite rare to see a person who could make such an impression to the others.


“The people behind us have been hiding for quite some time. I guess they’re coming for Bro Wuchen.” Chu Jingtian yawned and smiled. He didn’t feel being in danger at all.


“Do you want me to kill them?” Cold Cliff asked briefly.


“Let them follow. It will be abnormal if no one is following us.” Ye Wuchen waved and said without worrying.


Chu Jingtian rubbed his hand and said, “I have been out for quite some time. Except killing two bears, I have never fought for real. I do feel like fighting now. By the way, how far is it are we from Tianlong City? Brother Wuchen, do you want me to carry you? I think this wheelchair is a bit slow.”


Chu Jingtian looked at the two girls who were pushing the wheelchair. No matter what he said, the two girls didn’t want to let him push the wheelchair as if it was something only they could do. They didn’t let anyone touch it.


“It’s not going to take long. Someone is coming to pick us up.”


After Ye Wuchen said so, they saw dust rising from a far distance. What followed was the sound of horses. There were hundreds of them. When they were approaching, they saw that Ye Wei was leading them. He slammed the whip, making the horses running fiercely.


Chu Jingtian stood immediately in front of Ye Wuchen as he tried to protect him. Anyone who dared to hurt Ye Wuchen had to first try with Chu Jingtian. But then he was quickly pulled back by Cold Cliff.


“…did I do something wrong again?” Seeing that Ye Wuchen was smiling, Chu Jingtian finally understood, “I know. These are the people who are picking up brother Wuchen. Here they are.”

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