Heavenly Star – Chapter 251 – Home Again (III)

Across the distance, Ye Wei’s gaze fell on Ye Wuchen. After he calmed himself down, he looked at Ningxue at his ride side and Tongxin at his left hand. All his doubts disappeared. Before coming here, he didn’t have the nerves to tell his wife. He didn’t tell his father either. He’s so scared that it would turn out to be a misunderstanding and everyone would be disappointed. He slammed on his horse, and he was overwhelmed with emotions and tears were forming in his eyes.


How would you feel when you have a surprise?


Three years ago, his world crumbled. He had suffered for three years. The whole Ye Family was living in despair. Even though he won in numerous battles, what did they mean to him? He had lost his son, and there was no one left in his next generation. Three years later, a big surprise reappeared, this time a hundred times more surprising. When he thought of all these times, his father became hopeless, and his wife was crying every day. Seeing Ye Wuchen again, he wanted to laugh, yet he wanted to cry even more.


But as a father, how could he cry in front of his son? He tried to control himself while letting the wind drying his tears.


When the horse got close, he couldn’t wait for the horse to stop. He jumped from the horse and rushed to the front of Ye Wuchen, his hands on his shoulders, and he was looking straight at Ye Wuchen, “Chen’er, is it really you?”

“It’s me, and I am back.” Ye Wuchen smiled and raised his left hand with the Sword God ring. “No one in this world can pretend to be me.”

“Chen’er…” He forcedly controlled the emotions. At this time, his eyes were blurred by tears. There were too many words to say, but in this situation, he was silent. His arms placing on Chen’s shoulders trembled vigorously, showing how emotional he felt.


“Three years ago, I was very close to Hell. And I was told that even if I died, I had to die on a battlefield. That’s the reason why I’m sent back.” Ye Wuchen smiled. He was moved by the man’s tears and his expression. For his son, he couldn’t spare his tears.


Maybe, in Ye Wuchen’s life, he could never say that he was just pretending to be the son of Ye Wei. Ye Wei, as a father, had given him too much love and he could not find anything as a return.


In turn, he could only be “his son” in another way.


“Father, these are my friends. He is called Cold Cliff, and he’s called Chu Jingtian, the grandson of the Sword God, Chu Cangming. We have known each other since forever.” Ye Wuchen introduced his friends warmly.


In the past, if Ye Wei heard about “grandson of the Sword God, Chu Cangming”, he would be in shock. But now, he didn’t even look at Chu Jingtian. His eyes were all focused on Ye Wuchen and the way he called him “Father”. What he was saying didn’t catch his attention.


“You…finally called me father.”


“Well, you are my father.” Ye Wuchen replied. He thought of that particular night, when he and Ye Shuiyao vowed to be a married couple under the moonlight. At that moment, he told himself, her parents would be his parents as well. And he could finally call him father without any doubt.

Ye Wei nodded, and the two smiled at each other.


Ye Wei stood up straightly and looked up. It’s like he was waiting for his tears to dry, but it’s more like he was thanking God for his mercy. He saw very clearly that Ye Wuchen was very weak. But it didn’t matter for him. It’s already good enough that he came back.


A carriage finally chased up on the bumpy road. Ye Wuchen said, “father, let’s go home. I miss home.”


Ye Wei nodded heavily. Home…without Ye Wuchen, that place can hardly be called his home.


Ye Wuchen sat in the carriage under the help of Chu Jingtian, Ningxue and Tongxin also stepped forward. Ningxue turned back and said, “brother Da Niu, that wheelchair is critical to my brother, you must not lose it.”


“Rest assured, and you can count on me, it’s just a piece of wood.” Chu Jingtian patted on his chest, and there was still a little moist in the corners of his eyes. Ye Wei and Ye Wuchen only said a few sentences to each other, but he had already felt a lot of emotions in them. Between two men, nothing much has to be said. They naturally knew from each other’s eyes and expressions. For someone like him who does not have a father, his feelings could be described as sour, awkward, bitter and jealous.


“You both are friends of Chen’er, and you are the guests of the Ye Family, please get onto the horse.” Ye Wei let the two followers dismount, and politely greeted Chu Jingtian and Cold Cliff.


Chu Jingtian said while waving his hand, “that’s too nice of you, uncle. But it might be faster if we walk.”


Cold Cliff nodded slightly.


Ye Wei no longer insisted. He nodded, and he got on the horse. He yelled once and went off.

After they had gone, Chu Jingtian took the wheelchair and said with surprise, “Oh? What kind of wood is this? It’s so hard, it feels like steel and iron.” He didn’t overthink and said seriously to Cold Cliff, “Cold face, do you know why I can never be faster than you? I now know why, that’s because I’m heavier than you. Do you want to compete? Why don’t you try carrying this wheelchair?”


Cold Cliff raised his right hand and took away the wheelchair swiftly. With ease, he grabbed it without having to spend any energy. He said plainly, “I already gave way to you for 10 seconds.”


“Remember this is what you said.” Chu Jingtian did not delay, he took a deep breath, pulled out the sword behind him and slammed forward, then said lightly, “Sword God – light sword without shadow!”


As soon as he finished, his body leaped, and his feet stepped on the blade. His tall and stout body stepped on the sword and flew away. In the blink of an eye, he had already gone, and a blue line was drawn behind him.


Cold Cliff waited for ten seconds, and then his body turned into a grey light and shadow, he disappeared instantly.


There was a sound of “Pu”, while a figure with a blue light flashed from the side, and the horse that was a little stunned.


It didn’t take long for another “Pu” sound to appear. Another grey wind was blowing from the side.


Looking at the two figures chasing after one another, Ye Wei praised him, “he is certainly the son of the God of War, the grandson of the Sword God! He is young and yet already so powerful.”



The news of Ye Wuchen’s return had not been spread widely, yet everyone in the Ye Family was gossiping to each other, without bothering Ye Nu. Wang Wenshu was standing in front of the door and nervously walking back and forth. Her hands were at times across her chest, at times placed at her back. In the end, she didn’t know where to put them. She felt so nervous her heart was beating very quickly. She could hear them beating very fast.


When she got the news, she almost fainted.


At this time, what she had was a strong expectation and a stronger fear. Every second of waiting was a tough one for her.


She had been suffering a lot as a mother. She had been taking care of her son who was weak and got sick easily. Then, she lost two of her sons. She was calling at the bottom of her heart. If her son could come back, she was willing to bear the most potent pain ever, to make him come back.


The sound of the horses was approaching, and here came Ye Si, who went with Ye Wei. He jumped off from the horse at the door, without waiting for Wang Wenshu to ask, he said right away, “Madam, Sir. Let me tell you that – Ye Wuchen is fine. Both he and Ningxue are fine. They are coming here. Sir does not want you to worry, and he wanted me to come here sooner to tell you in person.”


Wang Wenshu’s tears instantly dropped. She hugged her maid, Xiaolu, and started crying. Soon, Xiaolu’s clothes were soaked by her tears.


“Madam, our young master is back, you should be happy.” Xiaolu’s eyes reddened as well. And she tried to comfort Wang Wenshu.


Wang Wenshu did not say a word, and she just kept crying, she couldn’t say anything.


While they were waiting anxiously, Ye Wuchen’s carriage finally arrived at the door of Ye Family. When the curtain was pulled open, Ye Wuchen saw the big word “Ye” marked on the door. He felt complicated. He held Ningxue and Tongxin tightly and said in a low voice, “it’s been three years, and we’re finally home.”


Wang Wenshu’s face was full of tears. Ye Wuchen said, “mum, I am back.”


Wang Wenshu’s whole body trembled. She stumbled across and got onto the carriage to hug Ye Wuchen tightly. She cried loudly, without caring where they were,


More people were coming to watch. Everyone found it shocking and unbelievable. Starting from that moment, the news of Ye Wuchen’s return had been widely spread.


Hearing the sound of crying, Chu Jingtian was jealous, “it’s fortunate to have parents.”


When he had just finished, Cold Cliff rushed into the Ye Family’s house without a word, Chu Jingtian just wanted to pull him, and when he reached halfway, he retracted his hand. “Cold Cliff is someone with a mother. I guess he’s looking for his mother as well. And I am now all alone.”


He shook his fist and whispered, “in my next life, I must reincarnate into someone with a mother!”


When Chu Jingtian helped Ye Wuchen, his clothes were all soaked by his mother’s tears. He was enjoying this purest love. When he got back on his wheelchair, and supported by Ningxue and Tongxin. Wang Wenshu was shocked, and she asked while her voice was shaking, “Chen’er, your legs…”

Ye Wei patted on her shoulder and shook his head, “not only his legs. All his power has lost and cannot be recovered. He is very weak, and he will be weak. Just like before he was sixteen.”


Wang Wenshu didn’t know what to say. She was sad, “well…maybe that’s also a good thing. It means he doesn’t have to bear so many responsibilities, and he will also stay at home. I will take care of him every day, and no one can hurt him.”


Ye Wei nodded. It’s been twice. They cannot take the third time.

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