Heavenly Star – Chapter 253 – Shui Rouxin (I)


“It’s been a long time, and the setting of my sister’s room has not changed at all.” Ye Wuchen moved away from his gaze and looked at the appearance of his sister’s room that stayed in his head.


“Indeed! Sister’s room looks the same as before. It has been a long time, but it feels like yesterday.” Ningxue was also staring at it, and there was a little excitement in her eyes. And for the past few years, Tongxin has been staying with Ye Shuiyao all along. Wherever she went, she would accompany her. She spent most of her time with her in the bedroom, and she could not be more familiar with the place.


Looking at it, the small table in front of Ye Shuiyao’s bed, there were piles of thick books, as if she was doing bookkeeping. Ye Wuchen shook his head, “sister, you don’t have to work so hard.”


Ye Shuiyao arms wrapped around his neck, and she said softly, “your goal is my goal. This is the only thing I can help you with. Since I wanted to marry you, I need to give you the whole of Ye Family. Including all the things that have been controlled by Ye Wuyun during these years, there will be no less.”


Ye Wuchen no longer persuaded. He was merely enjoying her presence, her warmth. He closed his eyes slightly, “when I came home, I brought with someone who can prove that we’re not real sister and brother. I will bring you to him later. Ok?”


Whom he meant was, of course, Chu Jingtian. During his ten years of coma, Chu Jingtian looked after him and cared for him while he grew up. They had a powerful bond. He could very well prove that he’s not the same Ye Wuchen that Ye Family lost four years ago.


Ye Shuiyao shook her head, “no, I am all yours now. How can I not believe you? For me, it’s not even important anymore whether we’re real siblings.”


Ye Wuchen felt a lot of warmth in his heart, and he nodded.


“Xiao Chen, have you seen the sister of Hua Family? In the beginning, everyone thought that you were gone, and she was still infatuated with you. To resist the emperor’s engagement, she swore that she would not marry anyone but you. If it were not to take care of our family, she would have followed you long ago. Xiao Chen, please don’t betray her. And please take care of yourself for her sake.”


When thinking of Hua Shuirou, Ye Wuchen felt pain in his heart, but more like pity, ”I’ve seen her many times. But I dared not let her know that she is different from my sister. She is like a snow flower that deserves to given the most delicate care. It’s misfortunate for her to have met me.”


“Xiao Chen, you are wrong.” Ye Shuiyao shook her head and hugged him, “you don’t know about women. For Hua Shuirou, as long as she had decided whom to get married with, she would stick with him forever. Whether he turned out to be a good or bad person, she would not turn back. The cruelest thing that will happen to her is abandonment and separation. Even if you become an enemy of everyone, she will always be on your side.”


There was a brief silence of Ye Wuchen, “in this case, and I dare not see her. I owe her too much.”


Just after he had arranged with her to get married, he went far south. After returning, she gently wrapped a scarf around his neck, urging him to go home early and say hello to his parents…Then, she waited for him to come back. She waited for a long time, and in the end, she had the news of his death.


He didn’t dare to think – how painful this delicate girl would feel? Plus, it hurt for three years, this was enough to destroy her. She vowed not to marry anyone else for the rest of her life.


“Then, you should do more to compensate her. Your biggest compensation for her now is to tell her immediately that you’ve returned, maybe she will faint in happiness. It will be a sin to make her suffer for one more second.” Ye Shuiyao said softly. At this time, she had a huge change compared with three years ago. She changed herself for Ye Wuchen.


Ye Wuchen nodded gently.


Stepping out of Ye Shuiyao’s small courtyard, Ye Wuchen found that Chu Jingtian was holding a branch, and he was dancing in the yard. He was using the branch like a sword and shaking it fiercely in the sky. It was like there was not only one branch, but thousands of them. Many people were surrounding him, cheering. And although Chu Jingtian didn’t use his inner strength, he still seemed a master in these people’s eyes.


However, if he fully activated the “Sword God Spells”, it was estimated that everyone in Ye family would be stunned.


Chu Jingtian had never performed in front of so many people, and he was beyond thrilled. He moved faster and faster. Since he had an open character and he liked making friends, when he first left his family, he did not have this concept of people being ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ than him at all, and he quickly made friends with these servants.


“Da Niu brother, you are so powerful.” Ningxue waved her hand and yelled.


When Chu Jingtian heard her, he stopped. He smirked. The excited servants also went forward. They were all here to greet Ye Wuchen. They’ve heard that Ye Wuchen didn’t even have the strength to stand up now, and he used to kill tens of thousands of soldiers on his own.


Ye Wuchen went forward and asked, “brother Chu, where is Cold Cliff?”


“He went to accompany his mother. Since they haven’t seen each other for three years, they must have a lot to tell each other” Chu Jingtian said with an envious look.


Ye Wuchen slightly nodded and smiled, “if you are hungry, someone can take you to the restaurant. Feel free.”


“Hey, your family is mine. Of course, I will feel free” Chu Jingtian replied loudly.


Ye Wuchen smiled and nodded, and left with Ningxue and Tongxin. When they just left, the servants went all around and asked, “so your name is Da Niu?”


“Who said so? My name is Chu Jingtian. Listen carefully, Chu Jingtian!” Chu Jingtian was a bit stunned and raised his chest to tell people his name.

“But Ningxue just called you Da Niu. This is a nice name.”


“Ningxue can call me Da Niu, but not you! Da Niu is my nickname. My Grandpa told me that I had to use my own name and never be called as Da Niu.”


“Oh! Who is your grandfather?”


“My grandfather is called Chu Cangming!”


“Hey! You dared to tell people that your grandfather is Chu Cangming, just because your surname is Chu?”




Ye Wuchen went to the door, he thought for a while, and let Ningxue push him back. Wang Wenshu just walked out and asked, “Chen’er, where are you going?”


“I want to go to the house of Hua family. Mother, can you help me prepare a carriage?” Ye Wuchen replied.


When it comes to Hua Family, Wang Wenshu showed a distressed look, “you should have gone there. I will, immediately…”


Wang Wenshu had not finished talking, and the Ye Family’s door was already slammed open.

The guard at the door looked helpless and smiled. Hua Zhentian broke into the door and saw Ye Wuchen. When he saw the real person of Ye Wuchen, he could not move. He was staring at him with his eyes widely open. Ye Wuchen greeted him politely, “my father-in-law, long time no see.”


Hua Zhentian shook his head and finally reacted. He opened his eyes widely and walked to Ye Wuchen with big steps. Then he started shouting, “you ba*tard! I will kill you!”


Seeing his impulsive manner, Ye Wuchen knew that his father-in-law was ready to beat him up. Tongxin tightened her eyebrow, and a momentum locked Hua Zhentian’s body. It froze instantly, and he also stopped his footsteps.


Ye Wuchen said with helplessness, “My father-in-law, I am not a disabled person. I won’t survive your beating. How about sparing me once?”


Wang Wenshu rushed over and blocked in front of Ye Wuchen, “Mr. Hua, I know that you have complaints, but what kind of parents don’t love their children? You cannot blame Chen’er. He just came back, and he’s still frail. He cannot even walk. Even if you’re angry, you can’t beat him up.”


Because of Hua Shuirou, Wang Wenshu couldn’t let her temper out on Hua Zhentian. Also, Hua Zhentian only wanted to scare him. Whoever dared to touch Ye Wuchen, she would undoubtedly slap the person.


Once the momentum that locked Hua Zhentian disappeared, he didn’t care to find out what had just happened to him. He frowned, “what happened to him?”


Seeing the wheelchair on which Ye Wuchen was sitting, his brows were getting tighter and tighter. He stepped over and grabbed his wrist. After a brief test, his facial expression suddenly changed.


Of course, he almost jumped up with joy after seeing that Ye Wuchen survived, but once he thought about how much his daughter had suffered in the past three years, he really felt like giving Ye Wuchen a few punches. He tried to control all his complicated feelings. And he ordered everyone not to tell Hua Shuirou about this news yet. Otherwise, once she knew, she would definitely run all the way to Ye Family. In any case, Hua Zhentian wanted Ye Wuchen to give an apology to his daughter personally.


As a result, after so much waiting, Ye Wuchen didn’t come at all. In the end, he had to visit the Ye Family personally, only to find out how weak Ye Wuchen had become. He looked like someone dying. Let alone running, Hua Zhentian thought that Ye Wuchen could not live for many more years.


But when he thought that Ye Wuchen jumped from the horrifying Duanhun Cliff three years ago, and he that miraculously survived, what more could he expect? He let go of Ye Wuchen’s wrist. Even if Ye Wuchen begged him to hit him, he couldn’t really do it. Otherwise, his daughter would just suffer from more emotional pain.


He raised his voice and yelled, “I don’t care about your body, but you have tortured my daughter for so many years. After returning, you didn’t even bother to go and see her?!”


“My father-in-law, please don’t be angry. I was actually about to go. And just when I did, I met you.” Ye Wuchen smiled.


“Right. Chen’er was going to see Rou’er. Sigh….how pathetic these two kids are.” Wang Wenshu said pitifully.


“Okay, then I will spare you.” Hua Zhentian muttered, he gradually let go of his anger, and he became increasingly worried.


“Ye San, get ready for the carriage!”

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