Heavenly Star – Chapter 254 – Shui Rouxin (II)


Ye Wuchen and Hua Zhentian traveled by carriage and headed for Hua Family. If they went on foot, the onlookers would surely occupy the entire street.


On the carriage, Hua Zhentian glanced at the wooden wheelchair that Ye Wuchen refused to leave. He couldn’t help but ask, “boy, how did you survive? Did you really kill Feng Chaoyang with your sword back then?”


When the news spread throughout the mainland, countless people witnessed it. Now, when he thought about it, he still found it quite unbelievable. Hua Zhentian still knew about Ye Wuchen quite a bit. He just found the whole incident too incredible.


“It’s good to be back. As for how I came back, it doesn’t really matter.” Ye Wuchen replied casually, then looked up and sounded worried, “I did kill Feng Chaoyang, he died and I survived. Since I wasn’t destroyed, then I will let the sky change as well.”


Let the sky change?!


The clear voice of Ye Wuchen made Hua Zhentian’s heart sink.


Just like Ye Wei, the impression that Ye Wuchen gave to people had tremendously changed when comparing to three years ago. He had become extremely weak, yet he had this temperament that scared people. Everyone knew that Ye Wuchen didn’t want to explain too much. The answer that he had just given was already the maximum. Hua Zhentian stopped himself from asking further. And he answered angrily, “whatever you do, you must retain your life. Did you know how many people you had tortured back then? If you weren’t so weak now, I would surely crush you!”


“I understand.” Ye Wuchen smiled and nodded, “please be reassured. No one can take away my life in the future.”


His sound was still dull, yet it revealed a lot of confidence. This only made Hua Zhentian even more confused. What had happened to him during the past three years? Did he understand something important about life and death?


Ye Wuchen didn’t let Ningxue and Tongxin follow. Instead, he allowed them to stay with Ye Shuiyao. He got off the carriage, and Hua Zhentian was pushing the wheelchair with one hand. Of course, he was not as gentle as Ningxue and Tongxin. When they first got into the Hua Family, everyone’s eyes were naturally on Ye Wuchen. They got all their jaws dropped. Since Hua Zhentian was there, nobody dared to make a sound.


Hua Zhentian continued to push Ye Wuchen near Hua Shuirou’s bedroom. He knocked on the door. And he whispered, “my dear daughter…”, Then, he pushed open the door, and he closed the door in a hurry. He sneaked away after Ye Wuchen entered the bedroom. He breathed a long sigh of relief and said to himself, “this is great. My dear, have you seen this? God has sent us again our daughter’s happiness…”

Hua Shuirou had turned 19 this year. She no longer was the same childish and shy girl. She had even begun to tie up her hair. Her casual look made her look like a young housewife, instead of someone waiting to get married. She still seemed delicate and soft, and yet so petite.


At this time, she was embroidering her favorite pattern on a thick coat that had already been done. Her technique was skillful, and her eyes were focused, there was a soft hint of sadness, accompanied by complicated sentiments. When she heard the noise, she looked up and met his eyes which were full of guilt and pity. She got confused and instantly dropped the knit from her hands. And it fell off from her legs.


She was dumbfounded. Her mind became blank. In her sight, she could only see Ye Wuchen now. Even his figure became blurred, and there was no color left in the world.


In front of such an overwhelming scene, she fainted.


When she woke up, she was lying in the arms of a person, and it was the smell of a man. When she raised her head and looked at his eyes, she extended her hand and touched his face, and she whispered, “am I in my dream…even if I am, I become the happiest person if I can see my dear in my dream. I only wish that I will never wake up from this dream.”

Ye Wuchen placed his hand on her face, and he felt both pitiful and painful. He said gently, “of course you aren’t in your dream. I couldn’t let my Xiao Rou go, so I had to come back. It’s only that I came back too late, and I made you suffer so much. In dreams, we can’t feel or smell. Now, you must be able to touch me, and smell me, right?”


In the bedroom of Hua Shuirou, there was an overwhelming crying sound. She cried so loudly, and almost everyone in Hua Family could hear it. They thought, this delicate girl had tried so hard to control her pain all these years. That’s why she cried so frantically. Hua Zhentian felt so much pain when he heard her cry. Even when she got the news of his death three years ago, she didn’t cry as much. Then, he looked at all the other people and yelled, “what are you guys staring at? Just continue to work! Xiao San, take one hundred Heaven Shaker Bombs for Ye Wuchen. See who still has the nerves to harm him!”


After he finished, he walked to the inner court in a hurry, because he couldn’t bear to listen to his daughter’s crying.


“Okay, don’t cry anymore. Do you want to see me in more pain?” Ye Wuchen softly touched her face and tried to wipe away her tears. He smiled gently, “my Xiao Rou has always liked to cry. You must be made of tears.”


Hua Shuirou had been crying. She had too much sadness and grief to release. She couldn’t even talk properly to Ye Wuchen while she was crying. For a long while, he was just holding her while she cried. Then, she slowly got tired, and her sound of crying subsided. Her shoulders were still trembling from too much crying.


Her eyes became red, and her face was full of tears. Even her clothes were soaked with tears. She now got so tired that she just collapsed in Ye Wuchen’s arms. And she never wanted to separate from him again.

“The one who makes you cry is the evilest person in the world.” Ye Wuchen endured the pain in his heart. He wiped the tears on her face with his sleeves.


“No, it’s not that.” She sobbed and whispered to him, “he is the best person in the world.”

“If he is a good person, then how can he let you cry?”


“As he’s back, I am really, really happy. I feel so blessed…” she pressed her body against him tightly. Although she was not sobbing anymore, tears kept coming from her eyes. “This is really great. It’s just like I am dreaming. I thought I would never see you in my life again.”


“How could this be? I haven’t got married to my Xiao Rou, why would I let myself die like that?” Ye Wuchen was so grateful that he had survived. He could have destroyed the life of Hua Shuirou, and she would left alone all of her life.


And that would be a huge sin.


“My husband…”


“Yes, I am here.”


“My husband…”


“I am here.”


“My dear husband…”


“I will never leave you again, and I will make you the happiest wife in the world…”


“Well… my husband, I really want to call you like this every day.”


“Three years, my Xiao Rou has grown up, but she still loves crying, like a child.”


“I… only my husband can make me cry.” Hua Shui softly twisted her body and said in a low voice.


“So, your husband is the worst guy in the world.”


“Of course not……”


Ye Wuchen smiled lightly, and his eyes fell on her bed, next to her pillow, there was a doll which was half the size of a human body. From his view, he could clearly see the characters embroidered on the doll “my late husband, Ye Wuchen”.


Ye Wuchen’s heart tightened again. Perhaps, this little doll had become a little comfort for her the past few years.


Hua Shuirou looked up, she subconsciously followed his gaze, and suddenly saw the doll that she had embroidered in the past. She was holding it to sleep every night. Her face slightly reddened, as if she suddenly thought of something. Then, she quickly got up and hid the doll under her quilt. She nervously said, “I…I am so stupid. It’s clear that my husband is alright. And I…I…”


She couldn’t help but panic. The words “late husband” had become now a disrespect to Ye Wuchen.


When she finished, she ran to her bed quickly, and took a wooden sign on the table and put it in the drawer. Although her motion was swift, Ye Wuchen could still see that it wrote “The position of my late husband, Ye Wuchen.”


She actually put this in her bedroom.


Her actions always brought him some warmth. Previously, she refused to get married to anyone else. And her father swore on behalf of her to the Emperor, that she would not marry anyone else except Ye Wuchen. This was not an act of an immature lady, but out of someone who’s extremely loyal and stubborn.


“Xiao Rou, don’t throw them away, okay?”


“But they…I…”


“You can’t throw them away,” Ye Wuchen shook his head gently. “As my beloved Xiao Rou makes them, and they can prove how much she loves me. I don’t want to see them leave. Will you keep them still? I want to see them often so that I will be reminded of how much you love me.”


Hua Shuirou thought for a while, then she nodded hard and wore a big smile. She looked so beautiful, like flowers blossoming after the rain.


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