Heavenly Star – Chapter 255 – Shui Rouxin (III


Ye Wuchen bent over and picked up the clothes that had slipped from the hands of Hua Shuirou. This was a man’s outfit. When Ye Wuchen looked at it for the first time, he knew instantly that she didn’t make this outfit for her father, but for him. Its size perfectly matched his figure of three years ago, even the color and style of it. He asked, “did you make this for me?”

“Yes…” Hua Shuirou lowered her voice, “I still need to finish making it…It’s only that my husband has grown taller and I need to adjust it a bit.”

He had been “dead” for three years, yet she was still making clothes for him. Ye Wuchen asked, “in the past, did you often make clothes for me?”

“Every time I missed my husband, that was what I would do. My dear, have a look.” Hua Shuirou went to the biggest wardrobe and opened it, “I’ve made all these for you.”

The wardrobe was more than one meter wide and nearly two meters high. It was filled with neatly folded clothes, they came in white, grey, light blue…and there were outerwear, bottom wear, cotton, and even fleece, underwear, shoes and socks. Each one of them came with the color and style that he favored.

“And here as well.” Hua Shuirou hurriedly opened the wardrobe next to him, and she showed him how happy she had made all these for him.

“There is this…this…and something is also inside here…this box contains all the shoes that I’ve made for my husband…my Grandpa had asked me to move all these to somewhere else, but I didn’t want to let them go. I always dreamt of my husband coming back. Then, he could wear the clothes that I made for him. And today, he did come back…”

“My dear never likes wearing very thick clothes. That’s why during winter, I tend to weave a lot of scarves, and I made a lot of cotton clothes and shoes so that I could burn to him…otherwise he’d freeze and suffer. I didn’t expect that he’s fine. And these clothes and shoes will go to waste. What a pity.”

After crying, she had released all her accumulated sorrow. What came after were pleasure and joy. Ye Wuchen’s eyes also became wet, as he was too overwhelmed by all the warmth that Hua Shuirou gave him. All the mixed and complicated feelings were intertwined in his mind. He swore to himself, and he would never do anything to hurt Hua Shuirou again.

“It’s just that…” She looked depressed, “now that my husband has grown taller. I don’t think these would fit you anymore.”


“Don’t be silly, how could this be? I just grew up a little bit, and my size has stayed the same. I’m sure they still fit me. It seems that I no longer need to worry about not having clothes to wear in my next 18 years.” Ye Wuchen said with a grateful smile. He felt spoilt.

Hua Shuirou didn’t look so sure. She whispered, “however, these are all hand-made clothes. My husband should be wearing something more luxurious. How could he…”

Ye Wuchen interrupted her, “you repeated silly things. These are all lovingly hand made by my Xiao Rou. They can’t even be bought by gold. They’re priceless.” He raised his arm and smiled, “the clothes that I’m wearing are a little old. Do you want to change them for me?”

“Yes!” Hua Shuirou felt joyful. She happily changed his clothes for him.

Hua Zhentian sat in his room for a long time, and he couldn’t think of anything to do to pass his time. He was going up and down, and he couldn’t sit still. After a long while, he couldn’t hold it anymore. He was planning to eavesdrop the conversation between Ye Wuchen and his daughter. He thought to himself, as Ye Wuchen had become disabled, there was no way for him to discover his presence.

In the eyes of the servants, Hua Zhentian was looking like a thief when he approached the bedroom of his daughter. Before even getting close, the door was already open, and Hua Shuirou was pushing Ye Wuchen slowly out of the gate. When they discovered Hua Zhentian who was having a weird look on his face, she whispered, “Dad.”

Hua Zhentian was feeling guilty, and he couldn’t adjust his mood so quickly. He wanted to cover up himself by explaining, “I just walked by…hmm…look, my dear daughter, I was sure that this guy wouldn’t die so easily. You have to keep an eye on him from now on. If we lose him again, he won’t be so easily found.”

Hua Shuirou’s face became slightly red, and she bowed, “yes, Dad.”

“Hey, kid, catch it!” Hua Zhentian threw a handful, a large bag of things on Ye Wuchen’s leg. Ye Wuchen immediately noticed something which smelled like gunpowder, and he knew for sure what it was. He slightly twitched his mouth, and if this thing exploded, the entire Hua Family could be killed.

Hua Shuirou softly exclaimed, she hurriedly stepped forward to pick up the package containing Heaven Shaker Bombs, she said carefully, “hey, Dad, he is not in good condition now. How can you throw such a heavy thing to him?”

Ye Wuchen smiled lightly, “it’s okay, my father-in-law only wants the good of me.”

Hua Zhentian didn’t feel exactly thrilled. When the husband came, the father’s position instantly lowered. Even throwing something at him could hurt his daughter this much. He was helpless, “kid, these are 100 Heaven Shaker Bombs. Whenever someone tries to offend you in the future, throw one of those at him. I am not doing this for you, but for my daughter…if you dare to die so easily again, I’ll even dig you out from the grave!”

Hua Zhentian went on by reminding the couple a few more things. Then, he looked at Ye Wuchen with his eyes widely opened, “kid, it looks like you want to leave. How long have you stayed with my daughter? There is no way you can leave tonight! You must at least spend the night with her. I will tell your parents.”

Hua Shuirou became nervous, and he flushed, “Dad…what…what are you talking about?”

Hua Zhentian patted her head and said, “why are you nervous? Everyone knows that you will only marry this kid. What’s the big deal of sleeping together?”

“Hey…” Hua Shuirou covered her face and ran away. Then, she instantly realized that Ye Wuchen needed her care and she couldn’t just walk away. She returned and lowered her head. She dared not to say anything else.

If possible, Ye Wuchen wanted to stand up and slap his father-in-law. With Hua Shuirou’s personality, even if she was willing to sleep with Ye Wuchen, how could she handle it if it was said in such a direct way? Her father didn’t understand his daughter.

He smiled helplessly, “my father-in-law, today is my first day arriving home. I still have a lot of things to take care of. From now on, I will come here every day to see Xiao Rou. I will marry her in Spring next year the latest.”

“Oh, okay, I will spare you then.” Hua Zhentian was not persistent. He lowered his voice after a slight glimpse, then he reminded Ye Wuchen, “I know that you are planning something big, and I won’t stop you. But you have to remember the deadline that you set for yourself, and that is next year Spring!”

Ye San, who drove them over, hurriedly ran over. Before getting close, he shouted reverently, “Lord Hua, and my Master, there’s just news coming from home. The Emperor wants to see my Master. He is at home now. Please, master, you need to go back now.”

Ye Wuchen nodded to Hua Zhentian, and said to Hua Shuirou, “Xiao Rou, send me out.”

Hua Shuirou pushed the slightly large wooden wheelchair. Unwillingly, she sent him out of the house of Hua Family.


When he was back to Ye Family, Long Yin was waiting for him in the yard with a few people. He looked no different from three years ago. He didn’t age much. Instead, he looked even more in shape. It seemed that he had been living well in the past few years. Who was beside him was a 16-year-old boy who still looked childish. He seemed a bit chubby, with brown skin and a thick body. Both his arms and legs seemed very thick, and it was hard to imagine what kind of power he had in them.

Behind him, Li Lao and Liu Lao, who were rarely seen, were there too. They were standing behind the chubby boy, and it made people wonder who this boy was. There were also Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan. Besides these people, Long Yin didn’t bring anyone else.

When Ye Wuchen appeared, the number of eyes all fell on him. Ye Wuchen’s gaze was first on the black and strong boy. When their gazes met each other, they both flashed for a moment.

Ye Wuchen approached Long Yin with the help of Ye San. He shouted, “Wuchen is not capable of bowing. My Emperor, please forgive me.”

After checking him for a while, Long Yin laughed happily, “Ye Wuchen, you’ve made him too surprised! No wonder you’re the descendant of the Ye Family. The God of War couldn’t kill you, and yet you killed him. Even the Duanhun Cliff failed to kill you. I am so glad to see you back.”

“Haha…thank you, Emperor, for your care. I am not sure what you’re coming here for?” Ye Wuchen said with a smile.

Long Yin did not respond. He looked at Ye Wuchen’s legs and his weird-looking wheelchair, and asked with doubts, “I’ve heard that although you didn’t die in Duanhun Cliff, you’re now disabled. Is this real? Li Lao, go and check to see if there’re any methods to make him walk again.”

Without waiting for Ye Wuchen to agree, Long Yin made a sign to Li Lao. Li Lao nodded his head and rushed toward Ye Wuchen. He placed his palm on Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen didn’t move, he just smiled lightly, “Thank you, Emperor, for your care. But I perfectly know how I am. It’s a miracle for me to survive. I won’t complain, even though I am crippled now.”

Li Lao retrieved his hand and returned to Long Yin. He breathed a long sigh, as for him, it was such a pity to lose such a gifted person. He shook his head, “his condition is much worse than I had expected. Imagine after killing the God of War, he fell from the cliff. It’s a miracle that he had survived.” Then he continued with a much lower voice, “not only that he will stay disabled. It’s nearly impossible for him to do anything big from now on. And I reckon he’ll at most make it ten more years.”


Ye Wei and Ye Nu became emotional instantly. However, it was already a great relief for Ye Wuchen to come back. Long Yin thought for a long while, then doubted, “is there absolutely no way for him to recover?”

Li Lao shook his head with much determination, “absolutely no!”

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