Heavenly Star – Chapter 257 – Threat

Lin Kuang, who had kept silent for a long time, couldn’t help but respond coldly, “Ye Wuchen, you’re so daring! How could you say such things to the Emperor? Do you still respect him?”

When Long Yin raised his hand and interrupted him, he didn’t show any anger, “Wuchen, do you feel resentful toward the fact that I arranged your sister to get married in Big Wind Country? Indeed, that was my mistake. And fortunately, you survived from the crisis. But you have to know that the iron sword is very important to us. As you said, it does not bring you any benefits but catastrophes instead, but it is the gem of Tianlong Country, something extremely precious left by my ancestors. With this, we won’t need to worry about Big Wind Country anymore. Although you’re frustrated, you must treat this matter seriously.” He paused for a while, then said again, “be honest with me. Is the iron sword with you or not?”

Long Yin was still trying to resist from getting furious. The impression that Ye Wuchen gave him had changed. Three years ago, when Ye Wuchen was as blunt, he would at least be respectful. This time, although he still sounded welcoming, there was no respectfulness on his face. All the time, he talked to the Emperor with his head up and looking casually. He didn’t take the Emperor as the head of the country. He was just talking to him like he was any other ordinary person. And the way he looked at the Emperor…it was just plain arrogance.

At this time, although he was sitting on a wheelchair, and both Li Lao and Liu Lao could say with certainty that he had been disabled, but he felt a strong momentum from Ye Wuchen. When he thought of what he did in Big Wind Country, and the horrifying woman in black, he wasn’t sure whether he could go as far as he wanted. To see where the iron sword ended up in, he had to endure.

“What about it’s with me or not with me? What differences can it make?” Ye Wuchen seemingly laughed. He wasn’t worried about how people looked at him. At this moment, it was as if he was the one more superior than the Emperor.

“If it happens to be at your possession, then you’d better surrender it. Then, I will pardon you for your offensiveness today. If it’s not there…then it means you lost an important item of the Emperor Taizu, and that is a big sin! You have to reconsider.” Lin Kuang said with anger.

“Did I hear you correctly? Is that a sin? Did you also know that the Emperor had promised me to take any item from the treasury, and after I took the iron sword, the Emperor didn’t object. From that moment onwards, I got hold of the iron sword, and it belonged to me. And since it’s mine, then why I should hand it over? If you keep saying that I lost something that belongs to Taizu, how about seeing it as something that the Emperor gave me? Then, it would be his fault, not mine. Therefore, shouldn’t you blame Taizu and not me?” Ye Wuchen said carefully yet casually.

Lin madly shivered, “you, the kid from Ye Family, you’ve got such nerves! You really think that you can be so disrespectful to us, just because you had killed Feng Chaoyang?”

“That’s enough!” Long Yin finally roared, the atmosphere instantly froze. At this moment, Long Yin looked at his right side subconsciously and saw a small black figure at the courtyard. He could only see half of the figure. She was secretly looking at Ye Wuchen. Although this pair of eyes didn’t release any hint of killing when they met the Emperor’s, he did feel an imminent threat, as if he was spot right on by a devil.

Three years ago, he was stuck in the momentum of Tongxin and was very close to death. For the past three years, he never retreated his fear of Tongxin. She was frightening. Just her glance was enough to suffocate him. And he instantly lost control over his body – it’s a horrible feeling when you feel like your life can be taken away anytime. Also, he had never forgotten what Li Lao and Liu Lao reminded him. He never wanted to see Tongxin again. And he also remembered how Li Lao and Liu Lao calculated her potentials. If she tried to enter the Palace alone to take away his life, chances were that he wouldn’t be able to survive. If she ever wanted to, unless someone like Feng Chaoyang guarded him, it would be pretty simple for her.

People who are really afraid of death in the world will always be those who possess great power and wealth. Long Yin feared death more than anyone else.

He controlled his anger, snorted and hurried away. Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan did not expect Long Yin to be so angry, and quickly followed up after a sigh.

“Wait a minute! Wu Chen has something to ask the Emperor.” Ye Wuchen stopped them.

Long Yin turned around, and said with a low voice, “what else do you have to say?”

“The emperor seems to have forgotten an important matter.” Ye Wuchen’s mouth twitched, he had a wide smile on his face, and he totally ignored the anger on Long Yin’s face, “three years ago, the Emperor gave an order to Princess Feifeng to marry me, in front of all the officials. It has been three years and Princess Feifeng is now sixteen, when will this marriage take place?”

Long Yin frowned and said, “I’ve already appointed the marriage of Feng’er to Lin Xiao. Why did you bring this up again?”

“Why did I bring this up again?” Ye Wuchen became more seriously looking, “what do you exactly mean, Emperor? Since you appointed the marriage in front of so many people, Princess Feifeng is my fiancé. And now you married her off to somebody else, and you don’t want me to bring this up?”

Long Yin took a heavy breath and pressed down the smoldering fire inside him. He tried to say calmly, “on the day of your death, none of us thought that you would come back. I could not let my daughter wait forever and stay single. What’s wrong with me marrying her off to Lin Xiao?”

“Haha…that’s a good explanation. May I ask if the Emperor has ever witnessed my death? Or did you ever see my corpse? If no, then why were you so sure of it? From what I heard, soon after you had the ‘news of my death’, you married her off to Lin Xiao. Imagine, if you have the news of the death of Lin Xiao tomorrow, will you marry her off to somebody else then?” Ye Wuchen said sarcastically.

As Tongxin was beside him, Long Yin, who was beyond scared, had to control himself as best as he could. Ye Wuchen, on the other hand, did not seem to care about his relationship with the Emperor anymore. Even Ye Nu and Ye Wei wondered what had happened to him. None of them dared to intervene.

The tanned-skinned, strong boy standing behind Long Yin finally stepped out and yelled, “mind your manner! If you continue this attitude, me…Black Bear, will not spare you!”

His voice sounded childish, and there was no vulgarity in it at all. He also stuttered and failed to scare people with his words. This boy who had called himself “Black Bear” stared angrily at Ye Wuchen. He lifted his incredibly strong arms. Even Li Lao and Liu Lao needed to hold their breath.  Both were scared of the atmosphere.

“Come back!” Long Yin snorted. Black Bear instantly retrieved his arms and stepped back. He didn’t move any further, yet his eyes were still full of anger.

“You are right, what I did was indeed too sloppy. But since you missed it once, you should not miss it the second time. If you still have resentment, how about getting married to my youngest daughter, Fei Yu?”

Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang thought they had misheard something. No matter how they felt, they failed to know why the Emperor made this concession with Ye Wuchen’s offensiveness. If Ye Wuchen were still the same person as three years ago, the one who had killed the God of War, then they’d understand. But now, he had become someone who couldn’t stand up. So why did the Emperor give way to him?

Ye Wei and Ye Nu were also looking at each other, feeling more puzzled than ever.

“If the Emperor wants me to get married to Princess Fei Yu, of course, I won’t have any complaints. But Emperor, please don’t forget that the marriage between Princess Feifeng and I was already appointed. Therefore, I cannot even touch any other woman, let alone marrying them. I hope the Emperor can consider about this matter more thoroughly.”

What Ye Wuchen not only gave Princess Feiyu approval, it also showed that he’s a man acting according to his words. Of course, there was a hint of a threat as well.

Long Yin was furious, ad he held his fists tightly. Just when everyone thought he’s about to explode, he just sighed heavily and walked away.

Lin Zhan, Lin Kuang and the boy named Black Bear quickly followed. After walking out of the Ye family for a long time, Lin Kuang said, “The Emperor, look at how Ye Wuchen offended you. Why did you let him go? Although he killed the God of War and tens of thousands of soldiers three years ago, he’s no longer the same person. Look at him; he’s a disabled person. Even though you feel guilty to him, you don’t have to…”

Lin Kuang stopped, he wanted to see how the Emperor would act first. He had no idea that Tongxin guarded Ye Wuchen.

The reason why Emperors are called Emperors is that they are supposed to be at a supreme position in one country, they have the most distinguished status, hold the highest rights and have the right to kill people. No one can disrespect them. No one does not disrespect them. Otherwise, what takes the Emperor to take away one’s life is only a few words. Since long ago, countless people killed and betrayed each other to get to the throne…

On the contrary, Long Yin, as the Emperor of Tianlong Country, was offended in front of his officials, and was even threatened. And he couldn’t also do anything about it. That’s because what Ye Wuchen was relying on happened to be something he’s most scared of. After Ye Wuchen returned, it’s clear that he no longer had any intentions to hide this threat.

“The kid from Ye Family has really gone too far!” Long Yin gritted his teeth.

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